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Sr Java J2ee Developer Resume

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Charlotte, NC


  • Over 7 + years of experience in Enterprise Application Development, Web Applications, Client - Server Technologies and J2EE,JSF, JSP technologies with AGILE Software Development processes.
  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases which include Requirement analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment.
  • Expertise in J2EE technologies like JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, JDBC and JNDI.
  • Experienced in developing Web Applications with various Open Source frameworks: Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate ORM
  • Extensively worked on implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) using Web services (Soap/Rest).
  • Good Experience in Server side Business Logic Development using Session, Entity and Message Driven Beans and Java Messaging Service (JMS).
  • Proficient in various Web based technologies like HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax.
  • Good knowledge exposure & experience on IBM SOA Technologies, Web Services with SOMA Methodology application development.
  • Experience in working with Web/App servers like Tomcat, Embedded Tomcat Glassfish, WebSphere, JBoss.
  • Extensively used logging frameworks like log4j.
  • Strong in Agile/Scrum, and Test Driven Development.
  • Experience with various J2EE design patterns like Model View Control, Data Access Object, Session Façade, Singleton and View Object in the development of Enterprise Applications.
  • Experienced in working with databases like IBM DB2, SQL, Oracle and MYSQL.
  • Extensive experience with Java complaint IDE’s like Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Groovy Grails Tool Suite, IntelliJ, MyEclipse.
  • Worked with XML parsers like JAXP (SAX and DOM) and JAXB.
  • Worked on unit test frame works like JUNIT Framework, Karma and Jasmine.
  • Articulate in written and verbal communication along with strong interpersonal, analytical, and organizational skills.
  • Highly motivated team player with the ability to work independently and adapt quickly to new and emerging technologies.


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++,SQL,PL/SQL,GROOVY.

Scripting Languages: Ant, JavaScript, VB Script, Perl, UNIX shell.

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, DHTML.

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, EJB, JSTL, JMS, Applets

Frameworks: Grails, Struts, spring, Hibernate, Junit, Spock, Chef, Log4j,Twitter Bootstrap.

Software Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall and Test Driven Development

Web services: SOAP,REST, XML-RPC, WSDL, UDDI, Axis

Platforms: Windows 8.1/7/XP /2000, Linux (Red Hat 6.1, 7.2, 8.0),MAC OS X

Design Patterns: Singleton, Value Object, MVC, Session Façade, DAO

Web Design Tools: Bootstrap 3.0, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page 2003

UML Tools: Microsoft Visio 2003, Rational Rose Enterprise

IDEs: Eclipse 3.x/4.x, MyEclipse 6.0, Netbeans 4.1/5.0, JBuilder 2005/2006, Spring Tool Suite, Hibernate Tools, Groovy Grails Tool Suite, IntelliJ

Database IDEs: MS SQL workbench, MYSQL query browser, SQL developer (Raptor), Toad, DB Visualizer, Teradata SQL Client

Web/App Server: Apache Tomcat 6.0/7.0, IBM Web Sphere 6.1/7.0, WebLogic, JBOSS7


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr Java J2ee Developer


  • Used Agile Software Development for developing the application with clear, efficient workflow.
  • Used JMS & MQ for messaging and Websphere server as application server.
  • Used Jenkins with maven for Build and Deployment.
  • Implemented Spring MVC, which includes writing Controller classes for handling requests, processing form submissions and performed validations using Commons validator.
  • Integrated the application with Spring framework for implementing Dependency injection and provide abstraction between presentation layer and persistence layer.
  • Deployed business components into BEA Web logic Application Server and involved in transaction management and security management.
  • Designed and developed Application based on Struts Framework using MVC design pattern.
  • Used Web Services for transferring codes between carriers and the application.
  • Developed services which involved both producing and consuming web services (WSDL, SOAP and JAX-WS). Also published the WSDL to UDDI registry using the SOA architecture.
  • Developed RESTful web services including JSON formats for supporting client requests.
  • Updated the scrum in and JIRA for issue tracking.
  • Developed a fully functional prototype application using JavaScript (jQuery and Backbone.js) andBootstrap, connecting to a REST-ful server on a different domain.
  • Wrote various queries using Hibernate(ORM) and hibernate criterion queries to execute queries against database.
  • Developed Struts Action classes using Struts controller component.
  • Worked on reading from and writing data to excel files using Apache POI interface.
  • Involved in wrap-up meetings and in estimating the timeframe for each story and helped in deploying the application on the server for each iteration of the agile software development.
  • Involved in weekly code walk through.

Environment: J2EE 1.7, Hibernate 4.1, Spring 3.1, GGTS 3.1.0, MySQL, BEA Web Logic, Apache POI 3.9, Maven, JSON, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery 1.8/1.9, HTML5, CSS3, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Velocity, Junit, Log4j, Gradle 1.11, Bootstrap 3.2, Spring Boot.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Sr Java J2ee Developer


  • Involved in different phases of the risk management application development like Requirements gathering, Design, and Analysis, Code development Testing, Systems Integration, Installation, and Deployment
  • Developed DAOs (Data Access Objects) to access data from the database
  • Involved in writing the Gradle and ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Used Log4J extensively for logging purposes into the application.
  • Developed the front-end web pages using HTML, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript,JQueryfor presentation layer and AJAX for the asynchronous communication to the server.
  • Extensive used different spring framework features including Spring IOC, Spring AOP and Spring Templates.
  • Extensively Used Hibernate 3.0 for Persistence.
  • Created process in Eclipse for developing each component of the application.
  • Created triggers and stored procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Used queries to get the data from the Oracle database using SQL.
  • Developed unit test cases using Junit and used Jenkins build for project deployment and build process.
  • Created and maintained the configuration of the spring application framework’s IOC container.
  • Resolved performance issues and participated in code reviews
  • Involved in unit testing and system testing, and smoke testing while deploying the application to Quality assurance (QA).
  • Extensively used Spock and JUnit and defined Various TestSuites and TestCases.
  • Designed and developed logging components using Apache Log4J to log messages and errors

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.1, Tomcat 6.0, Eclipse 3.6, Windows XP, SQL Server 2008, Putty, Linux, Autosys, Jenkins.

Confidential, IL

Sr Java J2ee Developer


  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG 2.0 standards for HTML and XHTML and W3C standards for CSS as well.
  • Developed CSS3 style sheets to give gradient effects. Developed page layouts, navigation and icons. Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements were lagging.
  • Created prototypes in HTML, JavaScript and CSS for different UI pages.
  • Designated UI architecture for the internal web application and worked with designers to constructs conceptual Wireframes and Mockups.
  • Developed the application using the Spring 2.0 Framework.
  • Reconfigured code for Composition rather than for Inheritance
  • Developed a web-based reporting for Credit Monitoring System with HTML, JSTL 1.2, custom tags
  • Developed user interface on Jakarta Struts 1.2 Framework using Tiles plug-in, JSF tags and JSP.
  • Used Java/J2EEDesign patterns like Session Façade and Data Transfer Object (DTO) in the project extensively, which facilitates clean distribution of roles and responsibilities across various layers of processing.
  • Used Rational Rose for the Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams to represent the detailed design phase.
  • Configured Spring based Batch processing and Spring Security.
  • Developed Session Beans to perform user authentication (EJB 2.0).
  • Used EJB Message Driven Bean for sending and receiving messages (asynchronous) used by applications on different platforms.
  • Used Web services for transmission of large blocks of XML data using SOAP.
  • Used XML and SOAP with SAX parser to transfer data between applications.
  • Used SQL stored procedures with JDBC API for storing, updating user request.
  • Used IBM WebSphere application server for deploying various components of application.

Environment: J2EE 1.4 specification,J2SE 1.4, Spring 2.0, Struts 1.2, Hibernate 3.0, Rational Rose, XML, SOAP, SAX, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0, JSTL 1.2, HTML, JDBC, JavaScript, Servlets 2.3, IRAD 6.0, Confidential 2.0, Oracle9i, IBM WebSphere application server 6.0, Unix.

Confidential, Buffalo Grove, IL

Sr Java J2ee Developer


  • Developed custom JSF converters and Validators, customized default error messages by creating message resource bundle.
  • OO Analysis and Design using UML including development of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, State diagrams and implemented these diagrams in Rational Rose.
  • Extensively used Web Services - WSDL and SOAP for getting the credit card information of third party.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed EJB components (Session and Message Driven beans).
  • Employed Hibernate (ORM tool) for communicating with database.
  • Used Spring Framework to integrate with Hibernate.
  • Used MQ Series for insurance claim reports and status information exchange between current and legacy system.
  • Developed the User Interface using Java Server Pages utilizing Custom Tag Libraries and XSLs.
  • Designed web pages using JSP, XSL, HTML, DHTML and performed client side validation with JavaScript.
  • Added Ajax functionality to Java Server Faces using Ajax4Jsf framework.
  • Involved in design and developing re-usable web services using SOAP, XML, WSDL, UDDI, XML Schemas, JAXP, and XSL.
  • Used the JDBC API for database manipulation
  • Used DB2 as the backend database using UNIX as operating system.
  • Used AJAX for the asynchronous communication to the server.
  • Extensively used Eclipse 3.0 while writing code.
  • Involved in writing the ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
  • Used XSL/XSLT for transforming and displaying reports. Developed XML Schemas.

Environment: J2EE, J2SDK 1.4, Java Script, AJAX, Confidential, XML, JAXP, Servlets, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0,Spring 2.0, JSF 1.2, JMS1.1, Hibernate2.0,Weblogic Application Server 8.1, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, DB2 8.2, JUnit3.8.1, UNIX, Eclipse 3.0.


Software Engineer (Java)


  • Designed and developed the UI using Struts view component, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Used Web services (SOAP) for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Extensively worked on XML parsers (SAX/DOM).
  • Used XSL/XSLT for transforming common XML format into internal XML format.
  • Apache Ant was used for the entire build process.
  • Implemented the database connectivity using JDBC with Oracle 8i database as backend.
  • Used Confidential for version controlling and JUnit for unit testing.
  • Deployed the application on WebLogic Application server.

Environment: Java, J2ee, JDBC, MVC, Struts, WebLogic, Apache Ant, XSL, XSLT, HTTP, JDBC, SOAP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


Jr Software Engineer


  • Participate in creating application architecture document to provide deliverables in line with architectural requirements.
  • Implemented user sessions using Session Tracking API of Java Servlets.
  • Designed and developed Servlets and JSP.
  • Struts framework is used as MVC.
  • Client side validations done using the java script.
  • Create low level & high level design artifacts and supports prototyping through creation of POCs.
  • Perform root-cause analysis of any issues that arise post-implementation and work on solutions related to issue fixing.
  • Participate in activities related to estimation of work product to provide inputs for overall project estimation.
  • Perform high and low-level design, provide pseudo codes, implement the prototype and conduct design reviews.

Environment: Java, Servlets, Struts, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, XML, XSL, CSS,HTTP, JDBC

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