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Architect-technology Resume

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  • About 16 years of software lifecycle experience in architecting and developing Web - centric, Object oriented products and applications using Java/J2EE, Servlets, Hibernate/EJB 3.0/2.0/1.2, SOAP and REST, Mule ESB, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Struts Framework, Web Works, Stripes, JSP, XML, Schema, XSL/XSLT and Oracle 10g/9i/8i, DB2, SQL Server 2000, 2005 as back end database servers.
  • Worked on application servers like VMware Tomcat Application Server, WEBLOGIC 7.x/6.1, WEBSPHERE 6/5.x and JBoss 5.x Servers with IDE tools STS (Spring Tool Suite), Eclipse, NetBeans 6.0, RAD 6.x, WSAD 5.x, JDeveloper 9.0, IntelliJ 3.0 and JBuilder 4.
  • Experienced in architecting integration projects between java and other systems using SOA architecture.
  • Expert knowledge of HTTP, XML-RPC, SOAP,REST(Spring MVC and Apache CXF)
  • Expertise in Writing Stored procedures, Packages, Database triggers for Oracle 8.0/7.x
  • Experienced in investigating/researching issues, determine impact, and provide solutions.
  • Experienced in developing ORM components using EJB 3 and Hibernate
  • Experienced in using case tools like ERWIN, Microsoft Visio and Rational Rose for database designing and system specifications using UML.
  • Experienced in environments requiring direct customer interaction such as user specifications, design, implementation and product support phases.
  • Proficient in the field of Web services, XML, JSON, XML Schema, XSLT and XPath.
  • Experienced in using javascript libraries like JQuery, DOJO and EXT JS
  • Worked in multiple projects involving development methodologies like Agile and RUP.
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA)
  • IBM’s OOAD with UML certified Professional
  • IBM’s certified professional in XML and related technologies





  • Responsible to discuss and understand the requirements from client BAs.
  • Provided technical solutions for integration and authentication with external systems like DocuSign and SalesForce.
  • Lead a team of 13 developers to track the development tasks and help them complete their tasks on time.
  • Worked with QA team, discussed the requirements, reviewed test cases and helped them throughout.
  • Prepared Architecture documents for Travel Guard application and technical specification documents for integration solutions with SalesForce and DocuSign.
  • Worked/helped infrastructure team to setup required tools/softwares on AWS cloud boxes and troubleshooted network issues with network team.
  • Designed database persistence components using Spring JDBC/data repositories. And, setup Spring MVC for the project.
  • Did POC for log file storage and analysis using Elastic Search, Kibana and Cassandra.

Development Environment: Java, HTML, JSP, Servlets, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, Websphere Application Server, Talend ESB, Open Auth, DocuSign, SalesForce, REST Webservices, SVN, Maven, Apache CXF, Soap-UI, Angular JS, Jackson, Oracle, STS, Elastic Search, Kibana, Cassandra.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Application Architect


  • Worked as an application architect to help the team in design, workspace setup and development.
  • Did code reviews and mentored the team with development of web services (REST ful) using Spring MVC.
  • Responsible to lead a team of five and help them with development and design skills.

Development Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, WMQ, Websphere Application Server, Webservices, SVN, Maven, Apache CXF, Soap-UI, AJAX/JQuery/JSON, Jackson, DB2 Database, Eclipse.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Technical Architect


  • Worked in “Auto Insurance” product as a Technical Architect. Prepared High Level Design for many of the SOAP based web services.
  • Worked with Lead Architects and Application Architects and collaboratively produced High Level Design documents for various pieces of work.
  • Responsible to drive/lead a “Reference Application” which proves the design patterns and provides examples for various functionalities of the system like “fine grained authorization”, “Spring webflow implementation”, “Skip Ahead”, “Event management” etc.(have about 50 different tasks under this project).
  • Lead a team of 55 people (25 at onsite and 30 offshore)
  • Had regular discussions with Associate Architects. Helped them build their skills by assisting with their decisions, presentations and design patterns.
  • Responsible to co-ordinate with Trainers to produce training materials/recording sessions for new comers.
  • Mentored core team members and guided them to present the design patterns and code walk through from the “Reference Application”.
  • Participated in reviewing/producing the ADDs (Architecture Decision Document)/SOWs (Statement of Work)/standards/guideline documents.
  • Did POCs for new technologies like “Mule and Tomcat integration”, “Event Bus implementation”, “Gemfire Caching”, desigining/developing Mule flows for one-way/two way communication, retry, transformations, orchestration of services etc.
  • Lead a POC team of 5 people to implement RESTful web services using Spring MVC, REST consumers, REST error handling and other related tasks. Produced a consumable framework JAR and guidance/standards documentation.
  • Responsible to produce documentation for design patterns, standards and guidance and enforce them through the build and development phases.
  • Participated in technical architecture meetings, identify SOWs and ADDs and drive them for solutions and lead the POCs resulting from them.
  • Hands on with running splunk queries to look at metrics and errors from log files.
  • Initiated and formed teams to build SOAP/REST web services. Did high level design and mentored/trained other designers/developers understand the requirements and helped them all through the development process.

Development Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring WebFlow, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, WMQ, VMWare Tomcat Application Server, Webservices, Mule 3.x (ESB Server), SVN, Maven, Apache CXF, Soap-UI, AJAX/JQuery/JSON, Jackson, VMWare Postgre Database, STS (Spring Tools Suite), Sonar, Jenkins, Checkstyle, Easy Mock, Emma, Open AM, RIAK, WODM, Splunk.

Confidential, Brookfield, WI

Technical Architect/Sr. Application Developer


  • Discussed requirements with Product analysts for ‘State Exchange’ and ‘Group Policy Admin’ projects. The requirements demanded a need for integration with different systems like Claims and eligibility system, MAXIMUS, Insure Advantage etc. Some clients wanted CMS for FAQ, page help and news pages implementation.
  • Investigated open source technology options for ESB implementation.
  • Did a POC project using FuseSource to implement ESB. Had camel as routing engine based and activeMQ for asynchronous/synchronous messaging and CXF for web services interface between MAXIMUS and ‘State Advantage’
  • Investigated open source projects for CMS systems. State advantage needed multi lingual features for their content.
  • Did a POC project using Hippo CMS. (Includes clustering setup). Designed a framework using JCR API to pull content from JackRabbit repository (part of Hippo CMS)
  • Implemented CAS (central authentication system) with LifeRay and Group Policy Administration System.
  • Worked on PCR Administration (Policy Change Request) module where consumers can submit a PCR online and the subsequent events like Agent approval followed by Underwriting.
  • Did architecture/high level design and low level design of CRM integration
  • Did high level design and low level design of CRM integration project (Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce). Developed architecture diagrams using Microsoft Viso and low level design diagrams (sequence and class diagrams) using ‘Amateras UML’ Eclipse plugin. Prepared presentations to demonstrate different architectural options for implementing the project.
  • Worked on design and development of integration work between Insurce Connect (java application) and SalesForce CRM using partner web services API. Helped the development team to get up to the speed.
  • Discussed with Business Analysts to understand the requirements and helped the QA team to fix the gaps between the requirements and test cases.
  • Investigated and developed a Proof of Concept work to access the WebServices of MicroSoft Dynamics CRM over different authentication methods.
  • Designed and implemented a Stateful Quartz Job to asynchronously integrate the CRUD operations of Contacts, Users, Agency accounts, Quotes, Applications and Campaigns between InsureConnect application and CRMs (both Microsoft and SalesForce).
  • Developed CRM Plugins to save the CRUD operations details within CRM temporary entities which will be picked up by the Quartz Job to sync up the data.
  • Did extensive customizations to CRM(both Microsoft and SalesForce) forms/profiles/custom objects to accommodate the existing data fields from InsureConnect such as adding new buttons on the tool bars to navigate to InsureConnect, adding new fields, modifying drop down values to match EZ values etc. Developed VF pages, apex classes and profile to record types mappings etc. in SalesForce. Developed and deployed CRM plugin code using C# for MS Dynamics.
  • Developed Hibernate Entities to save/read the data to and from InsureConnect DB tables.
  • Helped other team members to get up to speed on the application technologies, usage and understanding the architecture.
  • Designed and implemented a solution to handle distributed transactions involving the main product database and CRM-Staging database. Used three phase commit to handle distributed transactions.
  • Developed web pages using WebWorks, JSP and Ajax (JQuery and DOJO) technologies.
  • Did coding to import the “alternate plan mapping” information from a CSV file into the DB.
  • Developed Web Services using Apache CXF to allow the CRM plugin code to push the user data from CRM to EZ.
  • Implemented Google Analytics to track how many users visited the quoting pages and how many users left before “Apply” process etc…
  • Designed and implemented ‘Email and Lead Tracking’ project. ‘Plan Advisor’ module can recommend plans to consumers and consumers can email the plans information to them and they can start the apply process from within their HTML based email or they can return to plan advisor and keep working. These leads are auto-assigned to brokers/sales reps and can be exported to other CRMs. Lead the development team for the successful delivery of the project to the client.
  • Did a POC (Proof of Concept) to demonstrate benefits and implementation of Velocity technology for HTML email generation.
  • Did Research and POC on Jackrabbit technology (Repository implementation) for managing web content like images, html templates, attachments for quotes and applications etc.
  • Designed and Implemented ActiveMQ middleware for Gateway project. Gateway enables Broker Advantage applications to get insurance quotes from multiple carriers and to start the apply process for any carrier.
  • Presented the architecture to CTO and other technical team members to get their approval.
  • Used Soap-UI and Load-UI tools to load test the web services of Gateway.
  • These web services enable Brokers to get available produts and rates, to start the apply process and to find the rates for products.
  • Upgraded Gateway project from Jboss 4.x to Jboss 5.
  • Responsible to identify areas of the application causing memory leaks and provided solutions.
  • Helped project manager in identifying the development tasks, resource allocation and estimates.
  • Worked with J2EE administrator setting up new environments and new technologies.

Development Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, WebWorks, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss 4.x, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, SalesForce, XML, Eclipse 3.3, SVN, Maven, iText, Apache CXF, ActiveMQ 5.5, Soap-UI and Load-UI 1.1, JAXB, Web Services, DOJO (AJAX), Velocity, JavaMail, Google Analytics, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g.

Confidential, Brookfield, WI

Technical Lead & Technical Architect


  • Did the entire client interaction for requirements gathering and documenting.
  • Owned the requirements gathering, documenting, issue tracking and deployment and implementation at the client location.
  • Did the technical architecture using Visio diagrams to depict the different layers and tools/APIs used in the application.
  • Developed the high level design and low level design of all the modules of the application namely Contacts, Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Projects, Results, Invoicing, Pricing, Shipping and Reports.
  • Lead the development team of 8 members.
  • Helped the development team to setup their development environment, install the necessary IDE software, JBoss Server and Oracle 10g database. And also, helped them all through the development cycle when they had problems.
  • Developed the middleware components necessary to transform the ResultSet data from Oracle to JSON Data which is then passed onto the EXT JS API to display the data in the browser.
  • Developed complex components/API to provide interface between QuickBooks and the Oracle Database. This provides the necessary API to synchronize the accounting data from java application to QuickBooks and vice versa.
  • Developed the main layout of the application using EXT JS API and mentored the team members on this new API. Used EXT JS grid, modal windows, popup etc… which look very impressive.
  • Written interface API for creating PDF reports dynamically using iText.

Development Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, EJB3, Hibernate, JBoss 4.x, QuickBooks, XML, NetBeans6, WinCVS, iText, EXT JS (AJAX), Oracle 10g, Apache AXIS, Yahoo API, Google API, jMaki Palette.

Confidential, Middletown, New Jersey

Technical Architect, Technical Lead, Sr. Software Engineer


  • Worked with project managers to identify the work, do component and interaction diagrams and hence do the estimates in order to bid for a project at Siemens Medical Solutions.
  • Did POC using IBM RAD, Websphere application server, Struts, Spring.
  • Designed high level UML artifacts using RSA and low level design using RAD.
  • Designed solutions for distributed transactions for Confidential project where updates included multiple databases (DB2 and Oracle).

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