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Java Developer Resume Profile

Senior Software Engineer

Dedicated to deliver quality software in the professional manner

GIS Experiences

I spent the past 10 years working full time as a software engineer for several companies to design and develop GIS applications. In the past 5 year, I worked for 4D Security Solution Inc as Senior Software engineer and GIS and Mapping expert responsible for the Uniform Situation Awareness Picture Module USAP . USAP displays all the information on a map. Last year, I design and implemented USAP with ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2.



Ms SQL Server 2008/2012, MS SQL Express, MS Access, and Oracle


C , C/C , Java, Java Script, UML, VB, SQL, DDL, XML, XSLT, XSD, HTML


Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, MS Prism Library for WPF, WPF, WCF.


MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012, NUnit, XUnit, Moq 4.0, NHibernate 2.0/3.0, Enterprise Architect, Windbg/SOS, Active Directory, Web Services.

Source Control

MS Team Foundation System / SVN


WinForm, WPF, Web Applications,


Windows XP/2003/2007


CMMI 3, ISO 9000, Scrum / Agile process.



  • Use Scrum / Agile Process and iDesign method to design, develop, test, and deploy applications at CMMI Level 3.
  • Wisdom GIS / WPF / WCF Application : a Command Control system consists of a client, a server Intrusion Detection Server , and an electronic, Optical, Magnetic Controller control the communication between devices and the client . It is implemented with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2, C , Microsoft Prism 4.0 library, WPF, WCF, C , .Net Framework 3.5 / 4.0, Multi-thread, Microsoft TPL, Visual Studio 2012, NHibernate 2.0, , MS SQL server 2008. The client is built with the MVVM/MVC/Command/State design patterns. The client is of a layered architecture. I designed and implemented The Unified Situation Awareness Pictures USAP module with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF 10.2. USAP shows moving, static targets, events, place marks, and various devices on a raster map. It also displays shapes such as different ignoring zones, alarming zones, the FOV Field of View , LOS Line of Sight , auto ruler zones, responsible areas and etc.
  • Use Active Directory for security.
  • Use Microsoft Team Foundation Server for process management, TFS / SVN / TSVN 4.1 for Source code control, Resharper 8.1 for productive coding, Microsoft Unity Container / Xunit / Moq for Unit Test, NHibernate for Data Access, WCF for communication, Microsoft Prism / Composite, Windbg / SOS for dump analysis.
  • Use Xunit and Moq to build unit tests.
  • Use Windbg / SOS for dump analysis.


  • Use Agile Process, Domain Driven Design DDD , Test Driven Design TDD , to design, develop, test, and deploy applications for the following clients:
  • WinForm application - DWG File Batch Processor for New York City School Construction Authority to automate the auditing, purging, and binding DWG files from contractors with C , Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0/3.5, Visual Studio 2008, XML, WPF, NHibernate 2.0, MS SQL CE 3.1, AutoCAD MEP 2010, AutoCAD ARX Com APIs, Windows User32.dll, and Multi-thread / Background Thread.
  • Web GIS Web site - Accident Analysis and Mitigation System AAMS for NY-NJ Port Authority Traffic Engineering Department to manage, analyze, and map traffic accidents on Port authority properties with C , Microsoft MVC, .Net Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.Net, CSS, XML, NHibernate 2.0, JQuery 3, MS SQL server 2005, AutoCAD Map 3D 2009, MapGuide Enterprise 2009, MapGuide Studio. 2009, IIS 6.0, WCF
  • Use Target Process for process management, Vault 4.1 for Source code control, Code Rush Refactor Pro for productive coding, and Rhino Mocks /TestDriven.Net / MbUnit / NUnit for Unit Test.


  • Implemented / released Web monitoring and statistical analyzing software to summarize daily activity of Banknet with MS SQL server 2005, MS Logparser, .Net Framework 3.0, and LINQ.
  • Provide daily support to banker document management.
  • Implemented and release authorization / entitlement system
  • Trouble shoot/resolve issues when transactions fail.
  • Monitor Production Web servers and COMs restart App pools, Web sites, or IIS server , system logs make sure that no exceptions are trigged and system comes up cleanly, run complete health-check procedures to ensure proper functioning of the platform . Monitor Business workflow applications and release new business workflow.
  • Evaluate and select new software systems such as entitlement, business workflow, and etc. for cross-platform and application.
  • Coordinate between users, client rep, developers who use business work flow server K2 server.

Project Lead / GIS Expert / Architect, Confidential

  • Designed and implemented company framework, application projects,
  • Use Design Pattern, Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture, and OO S.O.L.I.D principles and follow Test Driven Design to develop enfoTech Application Framework including all the common functions across all applications in C and .Net Framework 2.0.
  • Designed and implemented EPA GIS WinForm control that includes all the common functions across applications.
  • Design and implement Web sites with ASP.NET, C , MS SQL server, JavaScript, NUnit.
  • Interact with clients to collect business requirement, Write technical documents for open-bid projects, and Work with Sales managers and clients to document project deliverables and timelines.
  • Key Accomplishments:
  • Successfully Design and develop GIS demo Web application in ten days to help the company win 2.5 million contract from Los Angeles County, CA
  • Successfully Designed, Developed and released address locator for NJ EPA.
  • Successfully Designed and implemented WinForm GIS application for VA EPA.

Software Specialist, ISPV, Confidential

  • Technical support, software design and implement for statisticians.
  • Use Delphi Process to work with users to document and prioritize user requirements.
  • Designed, implemented, and tested Web Survey publisher and Survey web site for Justice Study and violence prevention.
  • Designed, implemented Geospatially-enable Internet Mapping for Policing Problem Solving.
  • Key Accomplishments:
  • Successfully released a geospatial data warehouse system - Geospatially-enable Internet Mapping for Policing Problem Solving.

System Development, Confidential

  • Lead system analysis and design team to develop accounting and financial related applications with Microsoft Visual C OLEDB.
  • Deploy accounting / salary management for clients.
  • System training and marketing.

Consultant, Confidential

  • Implement Bravo CAD/CAM system in C under HP UNIX.
  • Unit Test and User test Bravo CAD/CAM system.

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