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Technical Lead Resume Profile


  • Expertise in Web Services technologies like XQuery, XML, DTD, XSLT, and XPath.
  • Technical Lead/Architect experienced in design and development of complex, large-scale, Service-Oriented and Portal driven enterprise java applications using Fusion Middleware Stack ADF, WebCenter, SOA, OSB, BPM and Identity Management .
  • Functional knowledge of Retail Ecommerce, Pricing, Promotions, Personalisation, Merchandising, Order processing Customer Service.
  • Functional knowledge of Mortgage Origination Servicing, Trading/Settlement of Fixed Income Derivatives.
  • Excellent development skills in Oracle Application Development Framework ADF Business Component, ADF Taskflow, ADF Faces and ADF Mobile.
  • Excellent development skills in Oracle SOA and BPM Suite 11g having worked with components such as BPEL, BPM, BAM, Business Rules, Human Workflow, Spring Context, Technical File/DB/JMS and Application/Industry Adapters.
  • Expert level knowledge of Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g, Spaces 11g and Content 11g Universal Content Management /Stellant .
  • Expert level knowledge of integrating with Salesforce.com, Business Objects, JSR 168/286 Portlets and .Net application using WSRP and SAML.
  • Performance Tuning /Caching experience using JVM, Weblogic and Coherence cache.
  • Work experience with Rule Engines: ILOG JRules and Oracle Business Rules JESS .
  • Excellent knowledge of development methodologies, specifically, Agile and Test-Driven.
  • Experienced in developing high-volume, load-balanced, fault-tolerant services for enterprise applications.
  • Excellent grasp over Design Patterns and Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Excellent Java development skills using Core Java, Spring, JEE and JPA
  • Expert level knowledge of database development using stored procedures, functions, triggers and views.
  • Expert level knowledge in unit testing applications using JUnit, HSQLDB and EasyMock.
  • Expert level knowledge of setting up of Release Management Process and Disaster Recovery Practices.
  • Proficient in setting up Continuous Integration Environment using Hudson.
  • Expert in Function Point Analysis for effort estimation.
  • Individual Excellence Award Winner Innovation during Q4-2004.
  • Received IT Recognition Award from the client Ameriquest Mortgage Company, USA.
  • Worked with several CMM 5 level organizations.


Programming Language

ADF, Java, Javascript

Web Technologies

ADF BC, ADF Taskflow, ADF Faces, ADF Mobile, JSR 168/286, Spring MVC, Struts MVC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL

Application Servers

Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, Oracle AS, ATG Nucleus

SOA Technologies

BPEL, OSB, Technical Adapters File, Database , BPM Workflow, BAM, Business Rules, Human Workflow, Spring Context

Service Bus Technologies

ALSB, OSB 11g, SOA Mediator 11g, SAP XI 3.0

Portal Technologies

ADF, Webcenter, WebCenter Spaces 11g, Webcenter Content 11g UCM/Stellant , SAML, Aqualogic Accelerator, WSRP Producer, Business Objects SDK/ Portal Integration Kit

Component Technologies

ADF BC, ADF Data Controls, EJB 3.0, Spring, Service Composite Architecture SCA , SOA Suite Components BPEL, Mediator, Rules, Workflow Spring Context

Content Management System

Webcenter Content UCM/Stellant 11g Imaging /Workflow/Forms Recognition/Site Studio/Rights/Desktop Weblogic Portal CMS

RDBMS ORM Technologies

Oracle, Sybase ASE, Hibernate 3.1, ADF BC, JPA, TopLink, SOA DB Adapter


SAML 2.0, Java Policies, Oracle IDM, Oracle HTTP Server, Weblogic Entitlement


Object Oriented Design/Programming, Domain Driven Design, Agile, Test Driven


JDeveloper, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, Visual Studio, WebLogic Workshop, Flex Builder

Modelling Tools

Visio, Sybase Power Designer, Rational XDE, Enterprise Architect

Rule Engine


FTP Server


XML Tools

XML Spy, Xerces, Xalan, Castor

Scripting languages

Ant, Unix Shell, WLST

Code Generation Tools

Ejbgen, XDoclet, AndroMDA

Continuous Build

Anthill, Hudson

Bug Issue Tracker

Rational ClearQuest, Bugzilla

Version Control Repository

Rational ClearCase, CVS, VSS

Code Review Tools

Hammurapi, Checkstyle, DependencyFinder, JavaNCSS, JDepend, PMD, PMD-CPD, XSource

Code Coverage Tools

JCoverage, Cobertura

Reporting Tools

XRadar 0.99, TideWatcher, Crystal Reports X, Business Objects XI R2

Unit Testing

JUnit, EasyMock, HSQLDB

Integration/Performance Testing

HP Load Runner, Quick Test Pro

Performance Monitoring Tools

Dynatrace, Introscope, InfraRED

DB GUI Client

TOAD, SQL Developer, Squirrel SQL, DBArtisan


Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows 2000/NT

Others Libraries Frameworks

Coherence, Autosys, Quartz Scheduler, Log4j, Apache Commons, Apache POI, JExcel, Backport Util

Project Profile:


IPMS Integrated Pool Management System: The purpose of this project was to modernize the existing mainframe application to scale it to handle the increased volume that the business experienced after the economic recession of 2008. The current 30 year old system was not able to interface with open standards like web, and Service Oriented architecture SOA was proposed as the solution. Integrated Pool Management System IPMS of Ginnie Mae handled the origination, certification/rectification of Issuers and Mortgage Pools originated by the issuers and used as collateral for the issuance of Mortgage Backed Security MBS in capital markets. IPMS consist of modules to handle Issuer Status, Master Agreements, Commitment Management, Request for Pool Numbers, Pool Origination, Pool Certification/Recertification, Pool Transfers, Customer Service etc.


Role: Technical Lead/Architect

  • Led development effort for Master Agreements and Customer Service modules, by providing guidance to team members on ADF best practices and performing code reviews.
  • Developed ADF application artifacts used commonly across the application, such as page layouts, taskflow templates, navigation UI components.
  • Designed the integration touch points with third party applications like Salesforce.com, Business Objects, .Net application, UCM, etc.
  • Designed the Service Layer components of IPMS in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
  • Designed a unified approach for both high and low volume application processing, by mandating built-in bulk mode approach for all Service APIs, and wrote the BPEL that implements this approach.
  • Designed the exception handling methodology to handle exceptions on bulk operations, by running it serially and marking the error object.
  • Setup metadata, security, workflow, applications and searches for UCM with Imaging to capture on-boarding claims documents as part of Master Agreements and Customer Service modules.
  • Created Process and Work spaces for business users to collaborate on day-to-day activities.
  • Developed ADF Mobile interface to present task list and documents to end users.
  • Setup Oracle Identity Access Management to provide SSO between Portal, Spaces, Content and BPM Spaces applications.
  • Setup Coherence Cache Framework to improve performance in both Portal and SOA side.
  • Extensively used industry standards like JSR286, Spring and JPA/Hibernate as required by client.
  • Implemented several of the security features that makes the application go live in an internet environment with sufficient protection against most security vulnerabilities.
  • Designed detailed solutions for complex WebCenter Portal integration with Salesforce.com, Business Objects, .NET Applications, SFTP, etc
  • Implemented SAML 2.0 with Salesforce.com as Service Provider and GMEP as Identity Provider.
  • Created a completely Rules Driven Application using Oracle Business Rules Engine by structuring the services into 7 different aspects Security, Data Enrichment, Business Validation, Business Logic, Persistence, Audit/Trace Events, Emails all working under the same business context.
  • Wrote a Controller BPEL that controlled all service layer invocations that invoked each of the 7 aspects.
  • Made heavy use of Oracle Database Adapter to for persistence and Stored procedure invocation.
  • Made use of Business Events to integrate with BPM Workflow and BAM.
  • Managed groups of personnel in a project environment, evaluating performance and providing performance feedback.
  • Influenced customer management on process direction/decisions
  • Advised project manager about project risks and offering corrective recommendations.
  • Setup Development, Integration, User-Acceptance and Production and Disaster Recovery environments.
  • Communicated project goals and objectives, status and deliverables with senior executives on a day-to-day basis.
  • Resolved complex customer issues by recommending and implementing solutions.
  • Worked to resolve critical project issues by working effectively with Oracle support and client stakeholders.
  • Enhanced Shell script used to shift files uploaded into SFTP server to other servers for further processing.
  • Assisted Project Manager in developing training materials.

Environment: ADF, ADF BC, ADF Taskflow, ADF Faces, ADF Mobile, WebCenter Portal 11g, WebCenter Spaces 11g, UCM, SOA and BPM Suite 11G, Salesforce.com, SAML 2.0, BPEL, BPM Workflow, BAM, Business Rules, Coherence, JMS/File/Database Adapter, Business Events, SOAPUI, Business Objects SDK/PIK, WSRP Producer, AL Accelerator, SFTP, JSR 286, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle 10g


Role: Technical Lead

  • Designed and delivered a web based module that delivered fixed income analytics using Flex/BlazeDS as the front end.
  • Assisted Project manager in coming up with the effort estimates for the assigned module.
  • Conducted code review for the module, and ensured that all documents related to quality process are in place.
  • UI design using Flex, BlazeDS, Cairngorm, Javascript and Ajax.
  • Improved existing infrastructure
  • Monitored shell scripts in Unix environment
  • Maintained scripts written in Perl.

Environment: Java 1.5, ORACLE Weblogic Portal 8.1, Java Page Flow, Spring, Hibernate 3.0, Flex, BlazeDS, Cairngorm, Flex Builder, Sybase ASE, UNIX, Perl, Shell scripts, Weblogic Workshop, Apache CXF, XDoclet, EJBGen, XDE, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ant, JUnit, JCoverage, XRadar, PHP


Role: Technical Lead

  • Assisted Project manager in coming up with the PMP Project Management Plan by giving effort estimates for the assigned module.
  • Conducted code review for the module, and ensured that all documents related to quality process are in place.
  • Used hibernate APIs to load and store complex tree structure objects from Oracle database.
  • Conducted extensive unit testing of the application for the DAO layer by mocking the database through HSQLDB Persistence Testing.
  • Developed stored procedures and functions for data intensive search operation and invoked them through Hibernate.
  • Single person responsible for setting up AntHill server and ensuring the nightly builds happen regularly.
  • Set up cluster using Weblogic Server and deployed the application on a cluster with load balancer.
  • Set up the XRadar server for generating the weekly Code Quality Review Report and integrated it with TideWatcher.
  • Single person responsible for the security authentication and authorisation modules of the application.
  • Used the Weblogic Portal Entitlements feature to show and hide portlets based on the access rights of the logged in user.
  • Took several training sessions for other team members in both the functional FC/BK AS IS Process and technical XRadar areas.

Environment: Java Page Flow, EJB, Hibernate 3.0, WebLogic Portal Server 8.1, Oracle9i, Weblogic Workshop, XDoclet, AJAX, EJBGen, PowerDesigner, TOAD, XDE, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ant, JUnit, JCoverage, XRadar


Role: Technical Lead

  • Involved in preparing of design documents like class diagrams using Enterprise Architect, and database design using PowerDesigner.
  • Conducted code review for the module and ensured that all documents related to quality process are in place.
  • Involved in debugging and diagnosing several transaction related issues involving EJBs and the Workflow tool
  • Led the development effort for building a full-fledged home-grown alternative to Workflow tool being used in the project
  • Used Axis to create a web service that will invoke all three credit score agencies TransUnion, Equifax and Experian for credit score of a person and return a single consolidated report.
  • Involved in evaluating several open source and proprietary tools like, Eclipse, Quartz, Common Controls, XRadar, etc for use in project.
  • Developed a framework for describing the tasks to be performed in different steps of a workflow in an xml file
  • Used Xerces parser for reading from xml files in both DOM and SAX style of parsing
  • Conducted unit testing for the presentation layer using StrutsTestCase and EasyMock, and EJB/DAO layers using the principle of mocking enabled by use of ServiceLocator design pattern.
  • Involved in the release management process of this application, where in I laid down a process and the naming conventions for creating the landscape, and making the releases.
  • Set up cluster using Weblogic Server and deployed the application on a cluster with load balancer.
  • Written several ant scripts to automate the process of generating Microsoft Office Documents, such a Word and Excel.

Environment: Apache Struts, JSP, EJB Session , JDBC, Xerces, Axis, Castor, Weblogic Server 8.1, Oracle9i, JRules, EJBGen, CVS, Bugzilla, Enterprise Architect, PowerDesigner, TOAD, OakGrove System Reactor R5, Ant, JUnit, IDEA IntelliJ, Eclipse, Common Controls, Quartz, XRadar


Role: Senior Software Engineer

  • Involved in testing the application using SOA Workbench tool to test loosely coupled services and systems with asynchronous interfaces .
  • Suggested the use of the tool as a Proxy ESB Router where by the tool routes the messages to the services, without actually going thru the real ESB.
  • Involved in creating test suites for automated regression testing.
  • Used SOA Workbench for Robustness testing of the application to test for duplicate, lost or out-of-order messages.
  • Tested services and groups of services both end-to-end and in isolation, by using the concept of mocking, where in the responses from certain services are attached with some sample messages.
  • Validation of the steps in the sequence was done by comparing the actual messages in each step of the sequence with what was specified in the design time.

Environment: Java, EJB Session, Entity, MDB , Apache Struts, MQ Series, JMS/Fiorono, Axis, XML, Weblogic Server 8.1, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, TOAD, JUnit 3.8, IDEA IntelliJ 3.0, Oracle9, OAGIS BOD


Role: Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed a web-based Servlets multi-tier medical information system, key component of Aetna Online.
  • Oversaw development of prototype screens using HTML in determining business requirements
  • Directed Servlet layer code initiatives for handling page flow and support of Java Server Pages
  • Executed business logic applications in container-managed Entity and Session Beans.
  • Separated business logic from presentation layer utilizing model-view-controller architecture.
  • Designed and implemented a tree-structured parser.
  • Data interface engine consisted of visual data browser and C code generator in order to port legacy Windows applications to HL7 health care industry protocol
  • Deployed the application on production server.

Environment: Java 1.2/Jbuilder, C , JSP 1.1, Servlets 2.2, Entity and Session Beans, WebSphere 4.0


Role: Software Engineer

  • Wrote utility in Java to load data from Java classes to Oracle 7.
  • Responsible for design and development of an Internet based reporting application using Applet-Servlets model. Applet provided a user interface for the user to provide input parameters for the report. Applet makes an HTTP connection to the Servlets, which then fills the data in the worktables.
  • Developed an application for Trial Managers for storing and viewing data for expense sheets.
  • Involved in Java stored procedures and data mapping.
  • Worked extensively in developing base utility classes for the projects.
  • Involved in evaluating application servers and database.
  • Involved in the development of two Internet-based projects for Trial Managers to generate reports using front-end browser based interface under NT, Java, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Development of User Interactive forms using Java AWT, Swing, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Control-M was used for monitoring jobs involving Informatica and Crystal.

Environment: Java 1.2.1, JDBC, AWT, Swing, HTML, JavaScript, Apache, Informatica 6, Crystal Reports X, MS-Access, Oracle7, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Shell Script, Control-M, Putty, UNIX, Siebel Tools 6.0

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