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Java Application Development Resume Profile

Software Engineer

Java Standard Edition Java Enterprise Edition Java Micro Edition

Detail-oriented programmer with 14 years' success devising and maintaining innovative, tailored solutions to meet ever-changing business requirements within diverse industries. Aggressive researching skills, excellent people skills with experience developing comprehensive database driven, multi-language applications and custom development tools. Technical proficiencies include

Platforms :

Windows XP/Vista/7 , Linux RedHat, SUSE, Mandrake , Solaris,


Servers :

Window Server 2003/8, Apache/Tomcat


NetBeans, Eclipse, .Net, Notepad , Textpad, VI, VIM, Emacs, Komodo

Databases :

MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2

Languages :

Java, C, C , JavaScript, Perl, SQL, T-SQL, HTML, Bash/Bourne, K-Shell, C-Shell, PostScript, XML

Development :

Object-Oriented Design OOD , Object-Oriented Programming OOP , Technical Documentation, Code Reviews, Debugging, Quality Assurance, Requirements Gathering, Test Driven Development, Unit Testing, Agile methodology.

Version Control:

CVS, Sub-Version SVN

Professional Experience


Java Application Development Team:

Responsible for:

  • Designed and built .Net database driven windows service using C .
  • Designed and built four separate Java batch data driven applications and a fifth common
  • components object to reduce rewrite and increase efficiency within the four applications.
  • Designed and built a standalone Java batch application for parsing xml and csv files inserting
  • data into database and reading new data from database creating xml files and sending them
  • to customers after verifying xml against definitions file.
  • Designing and building multi-threaded listener driven proof of concept application for parsing
  • files and storing data in database tables.
  • Working well with others in both waterfall and Agile methodologies, Usually working with lead developers on multiple projects at once. Assist in requirements gathering, build, performance/load unit testing, writing test scripts and application summary documentation. Currently developing on a windows 7 platform and porting to application server in a virtual Linux server environment. Tools set: SQL Server, Eclipse Juno IDE, SVN, and Java 7. Also creating Stored Procedures for SQL Server automated reports.

Application Support Analyst Confidential

Technology Operations Support Team:

Responsible for: operations technology solutions, Anticipating problems and analyzes ways to mitigate risk, Articulates the business value and impact of advanced technical and non-technical information. Provides guidance and acts as a resource to less experienced team members, Identifies when issues need to be raised to management and/or vendors for assistance, Accurate problem identification, recommendation of system or design fixes, and resolution of incidents, Applies technical knowledge to determine the best course of action to resolve technical issues that pose a significant risk to the firm and/or affect a large number of users, Ensures information controls, back-up and recovery strategies are in place across all environments. Conducts issue resolution, root cause analysis and remediation, capacity planning and Disaster Recovery planning and execution. On-call 24/7/365.

Application Development and Information Analyst Confidential

IRMS IT Run Team:

  • Maintain, install, apply route setups, and worked production support for proprietary C and Java based database driven applications for safe file transfers, tracking and error alerts globally between all types of platforms.

OptiFrieght IT Support Team Confidential

  • SalesForce.com cloud application Administrator and Java development support for application maintenance and upgrades and production support for cutting-edge financial, package transport, and sales transaction SaS cloud application. Assisted in Access to MS SQL Server data transition to accommodate requirements for new salesforce.com cloud SaS system.

OptiFrieght IT Support Team Confidential

  • Maintain, install, upgrade and production support for cutting-edge financial, package transport, and sales software. Collaborated with support team, solving application and data errors, creating reports for business management, and interfacing with build team for future releases for .NET/ SQL Server database driven system.

Confidential Perl Scripting Team

  • High volume data management, using Perl scripting, Perl::DBI, SQL Server, and Oracle databases through a Cygwin UNIX emulator on a Windows XP platform.

Software Engineer / Consultant Confidential

Development Team

  • Perl scripting in Cygwin Environment on Windows Vista OS, Setup and install Eclipse IDE and Java SDK with Ant on Windows Vista in a VMware server environment, check-out and check-in java version changes using Sub-Version version control, Debug and test java application classes.

Perl Developer / Consultant Confidential

Development Team

  • Perl development on Fedora 6 Linux, Solaris UNIX, and Windows XP implementing database programming Oracle 10g and information parsing development incorporating: bash, k-shell, sed, awk, Perl languages. Tools used: Komodo, Perl::POE, CVS, SVN, SSH, FTP, Putty, VIM and XP remote desktop. Researched, designed and implemented solution for local to remote server communications and file transfers for daily management reports in over 400 servers while working as a team in minimally supervised environments. Active participant in peer code reviews.

Quality Assurance Engineer II Confidential

Perl Development and customized Application regression testing

  • Design, create and run Perl custom module based regression testing application against newest versions of main information parsing product in Unix/Linux environment.

Perl Development Data Processing

  • Perl Development for fast on the fly data parsing of large text/binary data files using Perl::DBI for Oracle 9i and 10g database access. Create new product test scripts for information product uses. Preformed on call duty and contributed to weekly status event meetings.

Quality Assurance Engineer / Consultant Confidential

All in One ASIC Development Team

  • Developed custom regression test application using a Java graphical user interface, Perl scripting middleware and K-Shell test modules to run and test verilog output through LSF batch processing. Other tools used for this application: CVS, GhostScript, PDF, postscript, Bash, SendMail, VI, and Emacs. This application allowed us to speed up our regression testing by nearly 30 times faster. The year after this application was put into use the HP All in One Printers won best of the year.

Software Engineer Confidential

Development Research and Development Team

  • Contributed to Java Enterprise application design, development and maintenance catering to customers' needs. Contributed to Website development in the areas of JavaScript, HTML, and XUL. Contributed to in house business application development in the areas of J2SE/J2EE and C-Shell scripting. Actively programmed in UNIX and Linux environments. Used additional tools such as SSH and FTP for porting applications from development platforms to kiosk platforms.

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