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Sr. J2ee Architect Resume Profile


  • He has 13 Years of extensive experience in the IT industry with diversified exposure in Software Process Engineering, Programming in Client/Server Web architecture using Java/J2EE Technology Open source technology.
  • Extensive experience in Telecom and Finance Domain with end-to-end exposure in Project / Programme management, E2E solution design and Component design.
  • Exposure in coordinating efforts to scope, schedule, deploy software and manage timelines.
  • Exposure in Technical design and delivery alignment.
  • Experienced in tracking, managing and delivering milestones requirements/functionalities .
  • Experienced in the SDLC model with hands on experience in Development, Design, and System Test and Support phases.
  • Experience in Agile and waterfall delivery mechanism.
  • Work closely with Project management, Development and Production teams to align project deliverables, dates and report issues/concerns.
  • Conformance to metric goals SLA's and target dates with a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Java technologies include Core Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB 3.0, Java Mail, JDBC 4.0
  • Good Hands on frameworks like Struts 2.0 MVC architecture, exception and error handling, action mapping, resource bundles , Spring 3.0 MVC/DI/AOP/Integration/Scheduling , JSF 2.0 and Richfaces 4.0
  • Experience on ORMs like Hibernate 3.2 and JPA.
  • Used Web technologies like XML, JavaScript, HTML, XSL and DHTML.
  • Worked on databases Oracle 11g, DB2.0.
  • Experience and knowledge of Web Services - JAX-WS,JAX-RPC, SOAP, SOAPUI, AXIS 2,Spring JAX-WS Integration and Apache Camel Framework.
  • Done deployment, security realm, installation, configuration and issues with Application servers: JBoss, Weblogic 8.1, Websphere 7.0 and Tomcat.
  • Worked on testing frameworks JUnit 4.0
  • Real time experience in application development/support on Windows platforms using IDE Eclipse 3.5.1.
  • Used the tools like ANT 1.7 for the development and deployment.
  • Used data modeling tools like MS Visio 2K.
  • Developed projects and products using Agile Methodology from initiation, planning, designing, execution, implementation and Maintenance.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills.


JAVA 1.6

JAVA Technologies

Core Java 1.6, J2EE, JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, JMS, JDBC,JavaMail 4.0, EJB 3.0


Struts 2.0, Spring 3.0 MVC/DI/AOP/Integration/Scheduling/JAX-WS/Security , JSF 2.0, Richfaces 4.0


Oracle 8i/10G, DB2


Hibernate 3.2, JPA


JAX-WS,JAX-RPC, AXIS2, Spring JAXWS Integration, WSDL, SOAP 1.2,Apache Camel

Web Technologies

HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet CSS


XML Schema, DTD, SAX and DOM Parsers, XSLT, XSD, DTD, JAXB

Application Server/Webserver

JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic 8.1, Websphere 7.0


Eclipse 3.5.1

Other Tools

Log4J, Ant 1.7, JUnit 4.0, XML Spy, HPQC

Version Control Tools


SQL Tools


Project Planning Tool

Microsoft Project Plan, Excel

UI Design Tools

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Front Page

Operating Systems

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX


SDLC-Waterfall, Agile Test Driven, Scrum




Sr. J2EE Architect


  • Creating Low Level Design Document based on Requirements document.
  • Extensively used the Spring Integration, Executor framework to achieve performance objectives.
  • Utilized Apache Camel framework to integrate with disparate systems.
  • Used Spring JAXWS webservice to expose the functionality of Static Data to the User through UI. Secured access was provided using Spring Security.
  • Spring / hibernate framework was used to interact with Oracle database.
  • JSF 2.0 and Richfaces 4.0 was used for UI/Front end part.
  • RAD was used as development tool and to integrate with WAS.
  • Used Mockito framework for unit testing.

Environment: Core Java 1.6, Spring 3.0 AOP/Scheduling/DI/Integration/Executor/Security,Webservices ,Camel Framework, Ajax ,JSF2.0, Richfaces 4.0 , HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSTL 1.2, Eclipse, Ant 1.7, WAS,RAD, Log4j, JIRA, SVN, Oracle 10G,Mockito,SOAP,JAX-WS.


J2EE Web Application Architect


WebJava/J2EE architect for STARSS/CUWI application.

  • Analyze, Design and provide consultancy for Architecture / Technical framework and policies.
  • Designed/implemented various systems for Sirius XM like Credit card fraud detection, Address verification system, Account Consolidation, Omniture web analytics ,debit card verification and suggesting / implementing solutions for better user interface / customer experience. Struts, Spring, JQuery and JSON framework was the underlying technology.
  • Revamped the architecture for the way the web application interacts with Core database for transfer of business data between layers. Annotations, EHCache and Taglets framework was utilized to revamp the architecture.
  • Used various other tools such as Ant, Eclipse, CVS code repository .
  • Utilized cruise control for automated builds.
  • Webservices were developed and deployed in Axis 2.0. Bottom up approach was used to develop the web service. Used SOAPUI to develop the web service test cases.

Environment: Core Java 1.6, Struts 2.0, Spring 3.0, EHCache ,XStream, AOP, JQuery, Ajax , JSON, JSP 1.2,Web Services JAX-WS , JAXB, Selenium, Servlet 2.3, XSL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSTL 1.2, Eclipse, Ant 1.7, Apache tomcat, Log4j, JIRA, SharePoint, CVS , Windows XP ,Enterprise Architect/Objectaid, UMLet, Custom Annotations, Javadocs/Taglets/Doclets, AXIS2, SOAPUI, SOAP, JAX-RPC.


Java Programmer Analyst


  • Analyze project requirements and develop technical specifications.
  • Develop, test, debug and implement code for existing and / or proposed business applications and/or computer systems using Java 1.6, Struts 2.0 framework on WebSphere 7.0 application server.
  • Responsible for all procedural and code documentation on assigned projects.
  • Used various other tools such as Ant, RAD, SQL Developer and Perforce code repository .
  • Used Resource Bundle for screen labels.
  • Perform in the role of project coordinator for projects with limited scope / duration i.e. less than 12 months in duration .
  • Utilize my experience with all phases of application programming.
  • Used Cruise Control and Team City for preparing build.
  • Implemented security remediation in the application.
  • Implement demonstrated knowledge in the software implementation lifecycle and specific programming languages.
  • Develop Broadrige's system which manages the process of meeting notifications, voting, tracking, mailing, reporting, record maintenance as well as vote disclosure rules issued by Securities Commission.
  • Created queries, cursors and Stored Procedures in the Oracle 11G Database
  • Provided support by troubleshooting and identifying problems / bugs and implement the required changes as well as send the changes to production.

Environment: Core Java 1.6,Struts 2.0, JDBC, JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, XSL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSTL 1.2, Resource Bundle, Oracle 11G, Eclipse, Webservices, Ant 1.7, WebSphere 7.0,Log4j, Perforce, JUnit , Agile Methodology, Windows XP.


Java Consultant/Project Manager


  • Implemented standalone java data load programs using Core Java 1.6, Log4j and JDBC.
  • Developed front end data display UI using JSP, JSTL and Taglibs.
  • Used Struts 2.0 as MVC.
  • HTML, DHTML and CSS are used for front end designing.
  • Represented data in Oracle10g.
  • Hibernate 3.2 for ORM implementation.
  • Used Resource Bundle for screen labels.
  • Created Hibernate persistent and configuration files.
  • Defined Hibernate fetching strategies for optimization.
  • IDE environment Eclipse was used for development.
  • Used Weblogic 8.1 as server.
  • Used Agile Methodology throughout the project by developing the project on use cases basis and getting them validated by the business users.
  • Used various other tools such as Ant, JUnit, wiki, VSS and MKS Integrity Client 2006 as code repository.
  • HPQC is used for Defect tracking.


Java Team Leader


  • Implement Web Solution using ES framework.
  • Used DB2 as the database.
  • Development of POJOs, JSF.
  • Implemented Singleton, Adaptor, Abstract Factory, Chain of responsibility Pattern.
  • Followed Waterfall Methodology throughout the life cycle of the project.
  • Used MKS for version control.
  • UMLs are prepared using Rational Rose.

Environment: Execution Services Framework, DB2, JSF, Core Java 1.4, Eclipse 2.1, UNIX 5.2.1

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