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Sr. Java/j2ee Developer Resume Profile


  • 6 years of extensive experience in design and development using J2EE Technologies.
  • Experience on complete Software Development Life Cycle SDLC in enterprise, web based, Service Oriented Architecture SOA , client/server and distributed applications with models like Waterfall, Rapid Application Development RAD , Agile Methodology.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD and Object Oriented Programming OOP from designing UML diagrams using IBM Rational Rose and Microsoft Visio tools to development phase.
  • Expertise in development and deployment of web components such as Servlets 2.2/2.3/2.4, JSP 1.1/1.2/2.0 and business layer components that include EJB 2.0/2.1/3.0, Web Services, RMI, JDBC 2.0/3.0, JNDI and Java Messaging Services JMS .
  • Expertise in MVC 2 architecture using Jakarta Struts framework 1.x/2.x with features like Validator framework, Tiles framework and Internationalization i18n , Java Server Faces JSF framework with component libraries such as RichFaces and ICEFaces and Spring MVC.
  • Well versed with core Java concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Remote Method Invocation RMI , Serialization, Java Beans.
  • Development deployment of JEE/J2EE web components on IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.x/6.x/7.x, Oracle WebLogic Application Server 9.x/10.x/11g, Jboss 4/5/6, Apache Tomcat 5/6.
  • Developed front-end using AWT, Swing, JSF, JSP with Custom Tag libraries, JSTL, Struts Tag libraries, AJAX, HTML, CSS.
  • Strong expertise with Object-Relational Mapping ORM framework such as Hibernate using XML mapping and annotations.
  • Experience in producing and consuming Web Services XML Services and REST Services .
  • Exposure to Service Oriented Architecture including Universal Description and Discovery Integration UDDI lookups, Web Services Description Language WSDL using SOAP protocol and Extended Markup Language XML and java XML parsers such as JAXP.
  • Exposure to XML concepts, JSON format and technologies including XML parsing using DOM and SAX, STAX, JAXP parsers, validation of XML using XSD and DTD, XML transformation using XSLT and retrieval of information using XPath and XQuery.
  • Extensive experience in SQL, PL/SQL programming, stored procedures, function, cursors, views, triggers and Query optimization with Oracle 8/9i/10g/11g, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS-SQL Server 2005/2008 and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Good working knowledge of Ant/Maven for project build/test/deployment, Log4j for error logging and Debugging, JUnit for unit and integration testing and XMLSpy for XML validation.
  • Experience with version controls like CVS, Subversion SVN and Rational Clearcase.
  • Experience in IDE tools like MyEclipse, NetBeans and IBM RAD.
  • Experience in working with operating systems like Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, UNIX and LINUX
  • Strengths include good team player with excellent communication, technical, interpersonal and analytical skills, flexibility to work with new technologies.


Programming Languages

JDK 1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5,1.6, C, C ,Perl

Client Scripting

Javascript, VBScript,

Server Scripting



Windows 2003 Server, AIX, HP Unix 3000, Sco Unix, Solaris 4.1, Linux Redhat Enterprise Server 5.0.

Version Control

Rational Clearcase, Tortoise SVN, CVS, PVCS, SCCS


SQL Server 2000,2005,2008, Oracle 8i,9i,10g, MySQL 4.1,5.0, PostgreSQL, Teradata, DB2.

Database Tools

Toad for SQL Server, Toad for Oracle, Toad for MySQL, Connect/J for MySQL, DB2Connect, Teradata-Connect Assistant, ERWin, Altova Database Spy, T-SQL

ORM Frameworks

Hibernate,3.0, iBatis, JDO, TopLink

J2EE MVC Frameworks

Struts 1.1,1.2,1.3.8, Struts 2.1, JSF 2.0, Spring 3.0 MVC, Spring Web Flow


Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBuilder 2005,2006,iRAD, NetBeans, WSAD, JCAP

Webservice Specifications


Webservice Tools


Webservice Implementations

Axis 1.0,2.0, JWSDP, Jersey, Metro, XFire, CXF

Middleware Technologies


Design Patterns

Session Fa ade, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Service Locator, Singleton, Observer, DTO, DAO, MVC, Iterator, Factory, Abstract Factory

UML Tools

Altova UML Spy 2009,2010, MS Visio, Rational Enterprise

HTML Editors

MS Frontpage 2003, Adobe Dreamweaver MX CS4.

Content Management


White box Testing Functional, Load

JUnit 4.1, JwebUnit, HttpUnit, DBUnit, LoadTest, TimedTest

Black box Testing Functional, Manual, Load

Jmeter, BadBoy, LoadRunner 9.1, Quality Center, WinRunner,QTP.

Ajax Frameworks

Dojo, GWT

Javascript Frameworks


Profiling Tools

Together4J, Jprobe

Batch Scripting

ANT 1.4,1.5,1.6, Hudson, Maven


Rational Unified Process, Agile, Scrum, Test Driven Development

Messaging Technologies


Transaction Control

JTA, Hibernate Transactions.

XML Tools

Altova XML Spy



Role : Sr. Java/J2EE developer


JDK 1.6, J2EE, Spring 3.0, Apache Maven 3.0.4, Agile, SVN, XML, XSL, SOAP-UI, WSDL, JSP 2.0, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, JDBC, UNIX, Log4j, JUNIT, Apache Tomcat 6.0.35


  • Primarily focused on the spring components such as Dispatcher Servlets, Controllers, Model and View Objects, View Resolver.
  • Developed the application using Eclipse as the IDE and used standard features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation and version control SVN .
  • Actively involved in design, analysis, development and testing.
  • The entire application was developed in J2EE using an MVC based architecture with help of Spring MVC .
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations and other dependent objects declaration.
  • Developed spring Controller classes, Command classes and configured dispactche-servle.xml for Spring MVC .
  • Used Apache Maven 3.0.4 as build tool.
  • Experience in writing Maven scripts for project development and deployment.
  • Used Data Access Object DAO pattern to introduce an abstraction layer between the business logic tier and the persistent storage tier.
  • Developed complete Business tier with Session beans.
  • Used Web services SOAP for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Created dynamic web pages, used JavaScript and JQuery to create interactive front-end GUI.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Worked in Testing and Production Support environments for identifying bugs and fixing it.
  • Involved in Bug fixing of various modules that were raised by the testing teams in the application during the Integration testing phase.
  • Written JUnit test classes for unit testing.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts for processing applications and wrote shell scripts for FTP files from one location to another.


Role : Sr. Java/J2EE developer


JDK 1.6, J2EE, JSP 2.0, JDBC 4.0, HTML, CSS, JQuery, EJB 2.1, Servlets, Rational Rose, Weblogic Application server 9.0, WSAD 5.0, UML, Struts 1.3.8, Hibernate 3.1, JDBC, Spring 3.0, JSF 2.0, Swing, CVS, XML, XSL, Oracle 10g, Agile, CXF JAX-WS , SOAPUI, ALtova XML spy, AJAX Dojo


  • Involved in all phases of the Software development life cycle SDLC using Agile Methodology.
  • Developed the application under J2EE architecture using JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate.
  • Involved in designing components with design patterns like Factory, Singleton, DAO, DTO, Fa ade.
  • Implemented MVC 2 architecture using Struts 1.3.8 framework.
  • Designed and implemented the Dynamic Web Pages using JSF 2.0
  • Developed the action classes and form beans using JSF 2.0 framework to generate rich UI.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations and Struts Validation framework for server side validations.
  • Implemented ORM framework using Hibernate for persistence of objects and data retrieval and used Spring dependency injection features.
  • Deployed maintained the EJB, JSP, Servlets components on Oracle WebLogic Application Server.
  • Involved in designing and coding of business logic using Spring IOC and AOP features.
  • Implemented message notification service using Java Messaging API JMS .
  • Consumed Webservices using Apache CXF JAX-WS and SOAPUI.
  • Performed regression testing, unit testing using Junit and performance testing using JProbe.
  • Used JNDI for Naming and directory services.
  • Used Concurrent Versioning System CVS to keep track of all the implementations and modifications done in the project, allowing several developers to collaborate.
  • Used Weblogic Application server to deliver a new class of enterprise applications that enhance business interactions and transactions between a company and its key constituencies.
  • Implemented PL/SQL procedures and views in Oracle database using Toad tool.
  • Responsible for Logging functionality of application using Log4j technology and used components like loggers, appenders.
  • Prepared functional documents and reports during the development


Role : Sr. J2EE Developer


Java EE, IBM RAD 6.0, IBM WAS 6.0, Struts 1.2, Tiles, Spring 1.2, Servlets 2.4, JSP 2.0, EJB 2.1, Spring IOC, JSF 2.0, JDBC,EXT-JS, JNDI, WebServices JAX-WS, Metro , Lotus Script, IBM MQ Series, HTML, XML, IBM RSA, DHTML, XSL, JMS 1.1, XSLT, Log4j, ANT, JWebUnit, UNIX, AJAX.


  • Involved in the analysis, design and implementation and testing phases of SDLC.
  • Developed Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams Class Diagrams in UML using IBM Rational Software Architect RSA .
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP and JSF framework.
  • Developed the application using JSF 2.0 MVC Framework.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Used AJAX for the asynchronous communication to the server.
  • Spring IOC used for dependency injection for Action classes using applicationContext.xml file.
  • Involved in writing web-application-config.xml file for Spring framework.
  • Extensively used standard design patterns MVC, Session Fa ade, Business Delegate, DAO, View Helper in various stages of the project development.
  • Expose existing Session EJBs to Web Services using WebSphere Application server.
  • Consumed Web Services using CXF implementation of JAX-WS, SOAP protocol, WSDL descriptor file and Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Registry UDDI .
  • Implemented various XML technologies like XML schemas, XSL style sheets and XSLT.
  • Used JSON for data exchange between application modules along with XML.
  • Implemented Messaging using JMS and Message Driven Beans to get the overall customer catalog information from different departments using MQ Series.
  • Designing, normalization, creation and populating data were performed on SQL Server 2005.
  • Wrote queries to implement complex join operations, invoked stored procedures using Callable Statements in JDBC API.
  • Used rssutils.jar and rsstaglib.tld to extract information from Data Feed documents.
  • Developed and deployed EJBs and other Components in the IBM WebSphere Application Server.
  • Build components of application such as JSPs, Servlets, and EJBs using IBM RAD.
  • Used Log4j to capture the log.
  • Performed unit testing of the application using JWebUnit.
  • Used APACHE ANT to compile and generate EAR, WAR, and JAR files.


Role : Sr. J2EE Developer


J2EE Java 1.5 , Web Services JAX-WS , TDD, Spring2.5, JDBC, MyEclipse 6.0, Oracle WebLogic 10.1, Oracle 10g, Sybase, iBatis, Test Director, SOA, Spring, Source Forge SVN, ANT, SQL Developer, JUnit, Windows XP, SOAP UI, AspectJ


  • Involved in requirement gathering and modeling the requirements into design document such as Use Case diagram, Activity diagram and class diagram.
  • Developed business logic using Stateless Session EJB Beans and POJOs.
  • Used Web Services to acquire/send data to other existing applications.
  • Developed front end using Spring MVC framework along with Spring tag library, JSP, HTML and CSS.
  • Implemented cross cutting concerns using Spring Aspect Oriented Programming AOP .
  • Used AspectJ in order to write the weaving rules with joint points declaration that will be applied to subsequently loaded aspect classes by performing just-in-time aspect weaving.
  • Implemented logging mechanism using Log4j.
  • Used WebLogic application server to create, debug and deploy application modules.
  • Designed, normalized and created database tables, worked on the backend databases Oracle 10g and Sybase with iBatis used for implementing complex DQL and DML queries.
  • Used Stream Based approach Source Forge SVN for source control of the project documents and code
  • Developed Ant build scripts for generating the deployment files that is not IDE dependent and that is scriptable for continuous integration
  • Responsible for code evaluation and deployment of latest version of code to DEV.
  • Implemented TDD methodology for software development.
  • Deployed the EJB modules, web modules, jar files in WebLogic application server and built the EAR
  • Performed manual testing using Test Director for analyzing the code.
  • Wrote XML parser using STAX, SAX, DOM to parse request and response between client and server data files.
  • Developed client for services hosted in SOA platform. Web Service security is used to pass the user credentials.

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