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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

San Diego, CA


  • Manage team of configuration management experts in agile software development environment focusing on customization and integration of SDLC tools to support Software and Hardware development teams. To work wif state of the art operating systems and networks to insure the smooth running of an organization's information flow.
  • In - depth noledge of Configuration management best practices, framework and methodology.
  • Proven track record of oversight development tools for approximately 1800 geographically distributed engineers at 11 different sites.(USA, APAC, Europe).
  • Dedicated team leader and experienced in managing multi-cultural teams.
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills and ability to work wif multiple contexts and prioritize multiple projects. Excellent soft-skills.
  • Vast experience in deploying/customizing various configuration management tools including version control tools (ClearCase GIT, Perforce), auto-build/auto-test infrastructure (Jenkins and Electric Commander ), code review tools (Gerrit), defect management tools (ClearQuest), static code analysis (Coverity), Open source license compliance (Blackduck), build management tools (Ant), OS and App configuration management (Puppet), Documentation ( Confluence), Infrastructure(ISCSI, NetApp) and Requirements Management (Jama Contour).
  • Well versed in scripting - including GNU make, ksh, sh, bash, csh, Perl, tcl, awk, sed, c, c++.


Manager, Software Engineering

Confidential, San Diego, CA


  • Ensure effective operation of configuration management services and supervise a staff of 8.
  • Select top technical talent and nurtures them according to Broadcom's high standards of technical competence.
  • Lead deployment of continuous integration auto-build and auto-test infrastructure by grouping incoming Gerrit commits based on user/cross-repo dependency and build them using Electric commander based system. Successful builds are processed through auto-test system as well. 12,000+/month of build/test iteration supported spanning 5 active chipset and 23 build variants.
  • Lead the Renesas acquisition SCM process by defining processes/plan to merge 1000+ engineers in to Broadcom way of software development. Define/plan/execute Perforce, GIT and Gerrit migration, auto-build setup in aggressive timeline.
  • Rollout concept of Hybrid Auto-Build System (HABS) by creating Perforce-GIT connector and building both the android + modem from one build command. dis system allows easy identification of android/modem dependencies and provides one build output.
  • Define branch naming/aging and archiving policy for large scale android project. Define code check-in guidelines and enforce process through automated monitoring.
  • Deploy pre-submission auto-build infrastructure using Perforce version control tool for modem builds. It made branch locking redundant/improved overall quality of the code.
  • Enhance C/C++ and JAVA static code analysis environment by providing reliable infrastructure, timely scan of platform or customer release source codes, defect assignment, provide JAVA based API to connect to other SCM tools, (i.e., ClearQuest, Confluence).
  • Performed tool version upgrades, financial management, ARM license management and quarterly Infrastructure forecast management, WebSense data mgmt., Win-Citrix, Proxies/replica mgmt., mirroring tools mgmt., ClearQuest administration.
  • Manage all incoming SCM requests using JIRA and also created tool infrastructure to distinguish between support and feature request and prioritize based on business needs. dis system allowed faster response/resolution time and provide data on resource utilization.


Confidential, San Diego, CA


  • Enhance defect management processes by implementing required business processes in to ClearQuest/JIRA and automate various work-flows. Create (JIRA<->CQ) and enhance (CQ <-> Customer Portal) defect connectors. Used Perl and OSLC REST API. Also performed all duties of ClearQuest administration.
  • ClearCase administration including VOB/view administration, assist users wif issues related to views, branching and merging, integration of ClearCase to ClearQuest, ClearCase license management, meta data management, upgrades, patching, performance management.
  • Deploy SLA build scripts, Excel based macros, packaging scripts, check-patch, system Release automation scripts, branch creation scripts, daily CL-CQ summary report scripts, Perl-Critic based Gerrit checker using either of ksh, sh, bash, csh shell scripting or Perl.

Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, Libertyville, IL


  • Managed software builds and perform Configuration management activity for various mobile device components activities include administer, maintain, and support the configuration management tools.
  • Created and maintained software application named SIM-Reader, which is developed using Visual C++. The application is based on Common GSM/GPRS Handset Specification and it read/write SIM values from the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. dis application reduced the response time to 2 second compare to the 5 min. of third party software.