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R D Software Engineer Resume Profile

Professional Summary

  • A result oriented IT Professional with more than 7 years' experience in Requirement Analysis, Design, and Development of various applications. Deep understanding of object oriented analysis and design with extensive experience in building software in C , VB Cache mumps technologies. Cache version used is 2011.1. Self-motivated with positive attitude, excellent grasping and problem solving skills. Also, have history of building and maintaining software systems with improved functionality and productivity consistently meeting critical requirements.
  • Experience working in all stages of the software development lifecycle including requirements, analysis, design, development, system/integration testing and post-production support.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.
  • Experienced interfacing with key business units in a multi-cultural global arena.
  • Consistently noted for picking up new tools/technologies and functionality rapidly and produce results.
  • Expertise in mentoring leading small teams and produce results.
  • Actively participate in group analysis and design of use cases, technical discussions and code reviews.

Technical Skills


Intersystems Cache, Mumps ,C, Perl, CGI, Visual Basic, C , JavaScript, Ajax, Java, Html

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows

Web Services



MySQL, Oracle, Chronicles NoSql


Visual Studio, SVN, Git, Design Sync, Jira, Gdb, Valgrind, Splint, Gcov, Gprof

Work Summary


Position: R D Software Engineer

Working on all layers of application using C and Visual Basic for business logic, Intersystem Cache for database programming and VB forms for front end. Involved in various stages of the development processes including design, development and testing. Undergone 3 month classroom training focusing on healthcare essentials and various regulations and associations related to Healthcare such as HIPAA, HITECH, ABMS, AMA, HL7, HCFA, ESRD.

Application overview:

Willow Ambulatory is Epic's prescription pharmacy system. With this integrated module, pharmacies can electronically receive orders entered by physicians in EpicCare Ambulatory, discharge prescriptions from EpicCare Inpatient and ASAP, E-prescriptions from external EMRs starting in 2012, via Surescripts and process refill requests from MyChart patients or IVR requests. Pharmacists can also register patients and/or fill paper prescriptions from outside organizations. To most efficiently review and fill prescriptions, the system can prioritize them based on different criteria. The system also supports real-time adjudication and error handling during charging.


Role: R D Software Engineer


  • Involved in requirement discussions with business teams.
  • Involved in requirement analysis translation of business requirements to technical specifications.
  • Involved in proof of concept to evaluate reusability of existing code in Cache.
  • Created high level design specifications including critical Cache queries that need to be invoked from components.
  • Implemented WPF Framework encouraging application architectures based on the Model View Controller design paradigm.
  • Developed code as per application specifications.
  • Mentored developers in the project team, performed code reviews and unit tested the application.
  • Closely involved in functional and business user testing.
  • Developed in mainframe environment in Healthcare setting.

Technologies used: XAML, C , VB, Intersystems Cache, Mumps, Chronicles, Mainframe


Role: R D Software Engineer

database for large data which is accessed through cache.


  • Gathered business requirements and wrote functional specifications and detailed design documents.
  • Architected a VB, Cache based application.
  • Built and deployed Java applications and produced both unit and functional test results along with release notes.
  • Involved in coordinating the communication of the module with the external system.
  • Performed unit and integration testing. Coordinated business testing with business users.
  • Provided post production support.
  • Developed using mainframe environment in Healthcare setting.
  • Payment and Delivery Admin configurations are accessed/processed using SOAP/WSDL based webservice.

Technologies used: VB, Cache, Mumps, Chronicles, Mainframe, SOAP, WSDL, Webservice


Role: R D Software Engineer


  • Performed requirement analysis based on business requirements.
  • Created detailed design test plan specification documents based on the use cases.
  • Designed and developed prototype solutions.
  • Involved in various deployment phases like DEV, QA, Staging and Production Environment.
  • As a part of this project, client can access/process labels using SOAP/WSDL based web services.

Technologies used: VB, Cache, Mumps, Chronicles, Mainframe, Webservices, SOAP, WSDL


Position: Engineer

  • Worked closely with the design team to enhance existing projects, create new tools and automate different workflows and processes. As the point of contact person, responsible for handling any requirements of the design team and assigning the work amongst the team members.
  • Joined the CAD team as the second team member. Involved in building the team from very beginning, mentored new CAD members helping them with the existing workflows, tools and guiding them through the new developments.
  • Worked in Qualcomm Life products as CAD member. Qualcomm Life is Healthcare product provided by Qualcomm.

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