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Front End Developer / Ui Developer Resume

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Rolling Meadows, IL


  • Having7+ yearsof experience in software designing and development of dynamic web solutions.
  • Proficient in web based GUI development usingHTML5/HTML, XHTML,CSS, XSLT, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery.
  • Experience and strong understanding of the all phases of SDLC and Agile development methodologies including SCRUM.
  • Extensive experience in Cross - browser HTML5, CSS & JavaScript coding to offer responsive website layouts to modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Extensive experience with CSS and leveraging best practices, modifications of existing CSS files to enhance the user experience.
  • Intermediate experience with Advanced JavaScript (including prototype-based inheritance, AJAX, JSON) and familiar with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, and Angular JS.
  • Excellent skills in building elegant professional websites while adhering to W3C standards.
  • Hands on expertise in front-end development utilizing JavaScript frameworks such asAngular JS, jQuery as well as front end technologiesHTML5,CSS, and Ajax.
  • Familiar withAngularJSfeatures MVW pattern, Templates and Two way data binding.
  • Experienced in debugging and troubleshooting the existing code.
  • Various Charting/UI tools like JQplot, High Charts, Google API, jQuery UI.
  • Proficient in writing and using SOAP and Restful Web services.
  • Excellent working knowledge thorough exposure on compatibility issues with different versions of browsers likeIE, Mozilla FF, and Chrome.
  • Expert at creating functional specifications with visual design mockups in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash.
  • Worked on IDE’s like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio to build HTML pages.
  • Worked in various version control systems- SVN& TFS.
  • Experienced in designing Using Web Standards and in developing table-less layouts.
  • Good Understanding and hands on experience with iFrames.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills coupled with good inter-personal skills, Self-motivated and quick learner who is willing to adopt new challenges & technologies.


Web Technologies: HTML 4.0/5, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, DOM.

Scripting languages: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS

IDE & Tools: Eclipse IDE 3.x, Net beans, Visual Studio, Dream weaver, Notepad++, Edit plus.

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Junit 3.0/4.x

Languages: C, C++, Java

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X.

Web Services: SOAP, Restful

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x, HTTP Web Server, web logic 9.2

Database: SQL Server, Oracle


Confidential, Rolling Meadows, IL

Front End Developer / UI Developer


  • Contributed as key resource of the “Angular JSFramework Team” in conversion of existing (XMI) UI screens of the application toAngular JSbased UI.
  • Involved in development of commonly used angular components across teams such as directivesfor grid, pagination, conditional validations etc.
  • Involved in development/conversion of numerous existing UI screens toAngular JSfor the Admin and Task UI modules.
  • Development of customAngularJS directives, which are used for DOM manipulation along with HTML5 components.
  • Designed UI screens using JSP,CSS, Angular JS Framework and HTML5.
  • Responsible for the creation and execution of the Unit Test Cases using TestNG for each coding assignment.
  • Involved in code reviews and mentoring the junior team members.
  • Extensively used SOAP based web services. Responsible for Coding, Unit Testing and Functional Testing and Regression Testing of the systems.
  • Participate in wireframe reviews with UX team to understand the requirements.
  • Convert the wireframes toHTML5/CSSthat are fluid in nature which will fit in varying resolutions for Mobile & Tablet
  • Developed all the UI pages using HTML5, XUL, DHTML, XSL/XSLT, XHTML, DOM,CSS, JSON,JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax.
  • Created XHTML PageswithCSSand the Box Model
  • Used jQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree. Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery framework.
  • Used jQueryplugins for Drag-and-Drop, Widgets, Menus, User Interface and Forms.
  • Developed Date Time Picker using Object OrientedJavaScript extensively.
  • Designed Pdf, Excel and Print previews for all the reports in the application using HTML,JavaScriptand SQL Stored Procedure.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Involved in developing XUL, HTML, andJavaScriptfor client side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Involved in writing and modifying Procedure, Queries, Views and Triggers and calling them fromJavaScriptusing the Tempnet Framework.
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test cycles.

Environment: HTML5,CSS,JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, JSP, Dreamweaver CS5, AJAX, JSON, ECLIPSE, MS Office and SVN.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Front End Developer / UI Developer


  • Developed Web applications using JavaScript, MVC, OOD, OOP, client side validation using JavaScript.
  • Designed and implemented Java engine and API to perform direct calls from font-end JavaScript.
  • Fixed critical issues when calling the differentWeb services.
  • Implementation of Web Design based onCSS,HTML5, andAngular JS Framework.
  • Developed and used Angular bindings for various scripting tasks in AngularJS
  • Involved in complete Software development lifecycle including Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance employedSCRUMmethodology ofAgilemodel.
  • Developed the code usingSpring Framework,JavaScript, JMS, JNDI, XML, XSLT and HTML5.
  • Expertise in implementingService Oriented Architectures (SOA) with XML based Web Services (SOAP/UDDI/WSDL)
  • UsedEclipsefor writing code, UsedTomcatfor deploying various components of application.
  • UsedLog4Jfor logging and tracing the messages.
  • UsedSVNfor version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Functionalities include writing code inHTML5,CSS,JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON and Angular.js with Oracle database as the backend.
  • Web application development for backend system using Angular JS with cutting edgeHTML5and CSStechniques.
  • Built HTML templates for high traffic and complex data driven website.
  • ImplementedJavaScriptsource code and embedded nested event handling logic usingJQuery event handlers and call back functions.
  • Used Selectors in JQuery for updating content on DOM nodes.
  • Experienced on implementing Rich Internet Applications i.e., RIAs usingJavaScript, JQuery, AJAX calls and JSONdata from the server.
  • DevelopedJavaScriptcode using XML Http Request Adapter to send AJAX request to the server side code and also implemented a callback function to handle the results.
  • Programmed standards complaintHTML5andCSSworking with jQuery library modules and JavaScriptframework libraries.
  • Worked through cross browser compatibility issues with layout and styles for all newCSSthat was implemented.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers including IE6.
  • Made changes to variousCSSproperties to enhance the UI as per client requirements.

Environment: Eclipse, Tomcat, Ajax, Angular JS, JMS, XML, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Log4J, JUnit, Ant, Maven, JavaScript, Microsoft Script Editor, Scrum,HTML5,CSS, SVN, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, Rational Rose, Windows XP.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Front End Developer / UI Developer


  • Developed the front-end featuring rich web interface implemented using JavaScript libraries like jQuery and used Mustache tempting system.
  • Developed huge multi-advertisement layout engine that was cross browser compatible.
  • Used the Mozilla Firefox extension, Firebug, to view and debug HTML, DOM and JavaScript.
  • Provided production level code to the engineering team for product development, including cross-browser support, and CSS optimization.
  • Redesigned and implemented complete web application to meet web and industry standards.
  • Designed web pages using with HTML5/HTML, CSS and jQuery based on the W3C standard.
  • Developed and improved application using MVC Framework
  • Developed CSS page layouts, styles and table less coding for efficient design.
  • Proficiency in implementing the design to meet web standards (W3C), SEO and worked on various browsers for cross-browser implementation.
  • Used CSS selectors for condition based styling and pseudo-classes to add some special effects to selectors.
  • Developed UI, Virtual Objects (VO) and models by using Flash, Ajax, and Action Script 3.0.
  • Implemented jQuery based accordion styles and handled complete jQuery in showing Rich Internet Application (RIA).
  • Used JSONto fetches the data from Web Services.
  • Used to interact with Business Analyst and Business owner to give up the best designing features for the product users.
  • Worked with success driven models, and participated in beneficial revenue projects, using E-commerce methods.
  • Provide the Secured digital certificates and maintained the performance through secured socket layer.
  • Translated market and product requirements into UI designs in the form of conceptual models, wire frames and prototypes.

Environment: HTML, DOM, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVN, Adobe Flash CS, Adobe Dreamweaver CS and Web Services, Mustache, REST Services

Confidential, Newark, NJ

UI Developer


  • Deep understanding ofJavaScriptand the JQuery framework
  • Elegant implementation of page designs in standards-compliant HTML andCSS.
  • Designing and implementing functionality using technologies includingJavaScript, AJAX, andJavaScriptframeworks such as JQuery; Analysis, design and development of Application based on J2EE and Design Patterns.
  • Developed user interface with JSP,JavaScript, DHTML, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Developed interactive and dynamic web pages usingJavaScript.
  • Converted the Photoshop mockups in to hand-written HTML andCSSpages.
  • Developed web pages applying best standards.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML,CSSandJavaScript.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Applied jQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • DesignedCSSbased page layouts that are cross-browser compatible on all the major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for form validation and implemented custom validation controls withJavaScriptvalidation controls.
  • Responsible for fixing all bugs encountered and communicating them back over to the QA team.
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers, views for backend database access.
  • Wrote SQL stored procedures, used JDBC to connect to database.
  • Used JSP’s HTML on front end, Servlets as Front Controllers and JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Used JSON for data transfer between front end and back end.

Environment: HTML,JavaScript,CSS, Eclipse IDE, Java (JSP), MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Oracle, SVN, AJAX, SQL, PL-SQL, JDBC, MS Excel, UML, Apache Tomcat.


UI Developer


  • Involved in the Analysis, System study and designing of the project.
  • Developed front-end screens with HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP's. Extensively did client side validations using JavaScript and developed the required Servlets.
  • As a developer, coordinated with onsite team and client in understanding the business process and requirement understanding.
  • Developed stores procedures, triggers, functions and database tables in Oracle database.
  • Worked on developing a suitable GUI for ATM locator.
  • Participated in daily meeting for enhancing the features for the portal.
  • Participated in Code review and Quality Assurance.
  • Used JDBC, application server provided transaction API for accessing data from the Oracle the using standard statements.
  • Preparation and review of Unit Test Plan, Unit Testing, Test Results review and other quality related work.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, DOM, DHTML, JSP, JDBC, Oracle database, Eclipse, SQL, Windows XP/07 and MS Office.

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