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Ios Developer Resume

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Eagan, MN


  • Over 8 years of experience in Information Technology, experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of native and mobile applications using Objective - C, Swift.
  • Strong knowledge using iOS API's and frameworks like UIKit, AVFoundation, Map Kit, Core Location, SQLite, Media Player, Foundation, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Text, Core Animations, Address Book, EventKit, CFNetwork, Social, etc.
  • Expertise in iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X application development lifecycle from application creation to deployment in App Store.
  • Expertise in using XCode, Interface Builder, Storyboards and XIB's for developing applications on iOS platform.
  • Proficient with native iPhone application development using Objective-C, Swift, iPhone SDK, Media, Core Service and Cocoa Touch framework.
  • Expert knowledge in Web Services of type REST, SOAP, HTTP POST, HTTP GET and parsing data using AFNetworking, JSON and XML parsers.
  • Good understanding of Manual Memory Management and Automatic Reference Counting.
  • Strong knowledge in using local storage options in iOS like User Defaults and Core Data, writing predicates to fetch the data.
  • Good knowledge in applications integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Google+ with OAuth token handling and make API requests.
  • Proficiency in writing code for Asynchronous and Synchronous calls, multi-threading, P-list.
  • Experience in application distribution to App store and maintaining provisioning profiles and certificates.
  • Expertise in developing applications for android operating system using Eclipse IDE, SQLite, Java, XML, Android SDK and ADT plug-in.
  • Extensive experience in building mobile applications using Android framework APIs such as (Location, Camera, Animations, Maps).
  • Experience in developing applications using Social Networking APIs such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Experience in using Fragments, Activity workflow, Action Bar Navigation, Menu designs and view controls, And Loaders.
  • Experience on Android UI components such as Text View, List View, Customized List View, Menus, Edit Boxes, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dialog boxes, Alert boxes, Action bars, and Spinners for various layouts in Application development.
  • Used TDD (Test Driven Development) to get better version of deliverable and to reduce the testing phase time.
  • Strong knowledge Software engineering practices like Agile methodology and Water fall models of software development.
  • Managed full software development life cycle (SDLC), System Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and End User Training.
  • Hands-on experience on Collaboration tools like Trello.
  • Good experience in Version Controls like SVN, Team Foundation Server, Bitbucket and GIT.
  • Used bug tracking / issue tracking tools like JIRA.
  • Involved in Object Oriented analysis/ Design & Design patterns including MVC across the apps.
  • Strong commitment to organizational work ethics, value based decision-making and managerial skills
  • Highly motivated enthusiast, fast learner, eager to meet new challenges and quickly grasp new technologies, skills, concepts, and ideas.


Programming Languages: C, Objective - C, Swift, C# and Java

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, JSON, AJAX

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat and IIS

Databases: SQL server 2005/2008/2012, SQLite, Core Data

Operating Systems: MAC OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/9/10, LINUX, UNIX

Tools: XCode, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual studio 2005/08/10/13, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver


Confidential - Eagan, MN

iOS Developer


  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa Touch frameworks.
  • Responsible for designing an Intelligent Asynchronous Cache Manager to separate the UI code from Service call Code.
  • Responsible for Creating Models and Services in conformance with the WSDL's provided.
  • Used NSOperationQueue and NSURLSessionDataTask to integrate with the backend web server.
  • Worked on Web Service calls XML and JSON parsing included in the project.
  • Used NSJSONSerialization in getting requests from the server and also parsed the response objects.
  • Web services deployment and testing on rest client.
  • Wrote Database manager classes using CoreData.
  • Worked with Core Animation, Core Text, Core Graphics.
  • Implementation of TDD (Test Driven Development) for the Unit Testing with the use of XCTest assertions.
  • Used Atlassian tools such as JIRA and Stash for code reviews, manage and keep track on progress of project.
  • Created View controllers both programmatically and through Storyboards.
  • Worked on Proof of Concept using Swift programming language. Developed prototypes of the same application using Swift.
  • Fixed issues with web services using AFNetworking and parsing XML, JSON responses
  • Implemented latest development technologies like Blocks, GCD, Auto Layout.
  • Starting migrating the project into Swift 2.
  • Designed the complete MVC flow for the application with UI components and controllers to be used for iPhone.

Confidential - Richardson, TX

Android/iOS Developer


  • Implemented Relative and Table Layout and Splash screens.
  • Designed custom Action Bars and Listviews to display menu action items efficiently.
  • Implemented Slideup drawer and Tab Views to make effective use of the layout.
  • Employed Handlers, AsyncTask and Services to improve the application performance.
  • Involved in developing SQL statement to create tables, views, store procedures, functions, triggers, and indexes in the database for the server side.
  • Used AsyncTask to invoke web services in the background thread, and retrieve data in XML.
  • Applied web services to receive audio data from the server and buffer images and audio files for future use.
  • Implemented SearchView to lookup stations Worked in all phases of the project including design, development, testing and deployment.
  • Designed the features for the database interface relevant for the mobile application from the existing system.
  • Worked on location nearby agents with respect to the customer with the ability to navigate to the agent and call the agent location directly by using Google API’s.
  • Worked with the UI team to design the appropriate icon and display for the screens.
  • Developed the database wrapper functions for data staging and modeled the data objects relevant to the mobile application.
  • Used Eclipse IDE to develop the screens for the application using MVC design pattern.
  • Tested the application on multiple android targets and debugged the issues that were found
  • Worked on the system landscape including development, testing and production and set up and configured the Linux, PHP and SQL database.
  • Successfully deployed the app on the Android Marketplace and supported the app for different releases of Android OS.
  • Implemented Core Data for persistent storage of user data
  • Created of various views, table views, customized views and popovers
  • Redesigned several screens including default application landing screen as per newer wireframe
  • Used Restful Web Services with JSON and JSON serialization to parse the data
  • Created custom checklist and sharing them with selected app users by calling web services through JSON libraries and connecting SQLite database with Objective-C interfaces
  • Implemented NSOperationQueue and NSURL connection to integrate with backend web services
  • Custom UI implemented with XIBs and Manual Retain/Release and Auto Release memory management
  • Developed Navigation between views was mixture of using UINavigation Controller, UI Gesture Recognizer and UIPopoverController
  • Worked with CoreLocation, MapKit and MKAnnotations for MapView implementation to display store locations on map.
  • Performed all tasks from UI design and implementation to writing code for various features

Confidential - Rocklin, CA

Android Developer


  • Involved in full life cycle of the application including prototyping, design, and development, and testing.
  • Designed application with an android framework, which includes Activity Manager, Content Providers, Resource Manager, Notification Manager, View System and Package Manager.
  • Implemented fragments and layouts to provide a more intuitive user interface.
  • Using Bluetooth APIs, the application can scan other Bluetooth devices and query the local Bluetooth adapter for paired devices.
  • Developed the application with Gradle build which has unified cross platforms to build, integrates with
  • Everything, robust dependency management, faster build tool to enterprise and build reporting.
  • Implemented Web Views to provide easy and seamless access to website.
  • Refactored the code base to optimize start-up time and memory usage.
  • Key resource for layout and UI work utilizing xml, Views, List View, Menu Item, Activities, Fragments, Frame, Animations, Notifications, etc.
  • Writing Unit test cases using Robotium Framework.
  • Used full Android Life Cycle front-end to back-end development and publishing.
  • Worked on debugging the application using Log cat, DDMS.
  • Tested the application on various Android devices.

Confidential - Newark, NJ

iOS Developer


  • Used AV Foundation Framework to record audio from the device.
  • Implemented Dropbox API for sharing and backup.
  • Implemented Core Data framework to store user Data.
  • Implemented NS Operation Queue and NSURL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Implemented using Storyboard and ARC.
  • Adapted this app interface on iPad and iPhone.
  • Developed unit tests for testing specific functionality and logic.
  • Fixed bugs as documented by QA team.
  • Used Instruments to fine tune the app performance and memory management.
  • Formatted the Data as per Business rule to display in UI.
  • Used Mapkit and Core Location framework to help user find the nearest Hospital which displays direction in graphical view as well as table view.
  • Followed a work data flow principle for design and development.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of testers and developers.
  • Debugging issues Confidential onsite whenever required.
  • Worked with GDB and Xcode for debugging.
  • Worked with Subversion to checkout and update the codebase changes.

Confidential - Princeton, NJ

UI/Mobile Developer


  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa frameworks
  • Project modeled using MVC (Model-View-Controller Architecture) framework.
  • Worked with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch Framework that includes UIKit, Foundation, UINavigationVIew, UITabBarController, UITableView and StoryBoard to build the App.
  • Front End Development using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, and XSL.
  • XML transformation using XSLT and XPATH.
  • Redesign and implementation of Form System for easy configurability.
  • Worked on Web Service calls, XML parsing included in the project
  • Worked with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance
  • Added animation between UI Views for smooth transition and better user experience
  • Enhancement implementations in Report module.
  • Customized report implementations for various protocols.
  • Integrated a web-based content made with HTML5 on a Native application using UI Web View
  • Debugged issues onsite whenever required.
  • Worked with GDB and XCode for debugging.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Fixed bugs as documented by QA team.


Java Developer


  • Developed user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML and JSP.
  • Developed the middle tier using Java Servlets.
  • Entity Beans used for accessing data from the Oracle database.
  • Developed session, entity beans and message driven beans.
  • Developed the JAVA classes to execute the business logic and to collect the input data from the users.
  • Prepared high and low level design documents for the business modules for future references and updates.
  • Deployed the application in Web logic application server in development and production environment.
  • Participated in discussions on selecting Design Patterns and implementing them.
  • Implemented CVS as Version control system.
  • Code walkthrough /test cases and test plans.

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