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Sr. Full Stack Consultant Resume

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Palo Alto, CA


  • 10+ Years of IT industry experience in developing web applications
  • Possess exceptional analytical and problem solving skills along with design and development.
  • A team player with excellent communication, mentoring skills and self - motivated to implement next-generation paradigms.
  • Good knowledge of OOAD and database designs concepts with extensive experience in practical implementation of design patterns
  • Excellent knowledge in Java, J2EE and Object Oriented technologies
  • Experience in XML Technologies developing XML based data transfer and Web Services
  • Experience in developing effective enterprise applications using HTML, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) using AngularJS and Node JS.
  • Experience in JavaScript MVC frameworks using Angular JS for creating dynamic web applications.
  • Good Experience in implementing Restful Web Services using XML, JSON and JERSEY.
  • Handled wide variety of roles including team leader, developer, analyst, support Engineer.
  • Extensive experience working with business to analyze enterprise requirements, scenarios and design scalable solutions
  • Experience in Agile methodologies with SCRUM, Waterfall Model and Test Driven Development.
  • Ability to lead teams and effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions with team members
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner, team player with a strong desire to succeed.
  • Excellent academic records.


Programming / Scripting: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Dojo, Angular JS, Node JS

Frameworks: Struts 2.0, Spring 2.0, iBatis


Database: Oracle 10g, MS SQL SERVER, MySQL, MongoDB

Tools: and Utils Junit, Eclipse, WebLogic, Git, SVN, Sublime text, Webstrom

Spend Management: ARIBA 8.2


Sr. Full Stack Consultant

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA


  • As a technical analyst worked with functional business teams to understand business requirements, define business needs, timelines and expectations
  • Contributed to application architecture, framework design, DB Design, design of web services API
  • Designed and Developed User Interactive (UI) Web pages with the help of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, Bootstrap and AJAX.
  • Used AngularJS to create maintainable and testable single page application and Implemented 2-way data binding, used ng-filters, custom directives across the applications.
  • Work with the business, development team, and technology team on an ongoing basis
  • Track progress, initiate reviews at necessary stages to identify gaps if any and come up with an action plan
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking and also to check the work flow.
  • Agile Iterative Development Model with prioritized features were implemented

Application Environment: JAVA Spring Framework(Backend Layer) for IOC & Security, MongoDB, Hibernate for Data Access, BitBucket for version control, RESTFUL API (Jersey), HTML, CSS3, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, LESS, Bootstrap and AJAX

Sr Full Stack Consultant

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA


  • Business requirements analysis and developing user stories.
  • Implemented the website based on the Angular framework to display the Sensor data, Alarm condition(s), and other data corresponding to the Weather station data received via the above described communication platform.
  • Designed and implemented the Communication Platform to transmit and receive data over the Cellular network and in certain scenarios via Iridium Satellite network using RUDICS & SBD Protocols.
  • Designed & Implemented the Gateway (Conduit Device) application to aggregate the Sensor data, Alarm condition(s) and other data corresponding to the Weather station from hundreds of nodes.

Application Environment: HTML5, CSS, XML, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Node.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Maven, MySql, Web Services, RESTful, SOA, GitHub, Eclipse.

Sr Full Stack Developer

Confidential, New Braunfels, TX


  • Developed dynamic features for a healthcare application supporting thousands of users.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, JSF with AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS.
  • Providing a responsive single page rich application, AJAX-driven design using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, AngularJS, Rest Services, and Bootstrap.js.
  • Used SAX and DOM parser to parse the XML documents and XSLT for transformations.
  • Used Web Services for creating rate summary and WSDL and SOAP messages for getting insurance plans from different module and XML parsers for data retrieval.
  • Worked on stored procedures, triggers, cursors, DB scheduler, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server and SQL queries
  • Wrote unit testing of various components layer with JUnit framework. .
  • Contributed to testing and quality improvement process (JIRA, Confluence).
  • Created Maven build file to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Developed automation test cases using Java and Junit on Eclipse for web 2.0 Ajax application.

Application Environment: HTML, CSS, XML, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Dojo, Node.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Maven, MySql, JDBC, MongoDB, Apache CXF, Web Services, SOAP, SOA, CVS, Eclipse

Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Belmont, CA


  • Developed the tool using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, angular.js and require.js
  • Used JSP’s for loading the web page and JSON structure for the rendering from the backend.
  • Used various jQuery and Bootstrap plugins like date picker, bootstrap select etc.
  • Implemented a Single Page Web Applications (SPA) based front end for displaying user requests, user profile records and security settings for Authentication profiles of various users.
  • Implemented AngularJs mvc architecture.
  • Involved in daily scrum calls with client.
  • Used Node JS for interacting with server and network applications.
  • Wrote unit test cases for JavaScript code using Jasmine.js.
  • Used Firebug, Firebug Lite, IE Developer Toolbar, for debugging and browser compatibility.

Application Environment: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery 1.9.3, angular.js 1.4.0, Node.Js 0.11.13, require.js 2.1.8, JSP, Bootstrap 3.0, JSON, AJAX, SVN .

Full Stack Developer/ Lead



  • Analysis, Design & Development of various enhancements in the IDM application
  • As a technical analyst worked with cross functional global business teams to understand business requirements, timelines and expectations.
  • Performed AS-IS and TO-BE analysis to determine system gaps. Outlined and wrote high level technical design document
  • Used JavaScript and HTML, CSS code in designing the UI application.
  • Used Webservice API to develop web service client/server component using JSON data formatsfor the application
  • Lead the development effort with a team of 3 developers and 1 QA. Planned deliverables, conducted design reviews, code reviews and reviewed unit test plans.
  • Worked with the QA engineer to design test scenarios, test cases to provide high quality deliverables

Application Environment: LINUX, Spring2.0, iBatis 2.2, Dojo 0.4.3, Oracle 10g, Weblogic 8.2, CVS

Full Stack Developer / Lead



  • Analysis, Design & Development of ‘Multiple Currency support’ feature for the business team, a feature in Confidential that will allow configuration of multiple accounts by currency which can be used worldwide with the local currency specifications
  • Reduced the cost to HP by having the claims in local currency reducing the overhead of the Dollar conversion
  • Used Caliber RM, Borland Quality Center, Star team for Requirement Management, Testing, code repository respectively
  • Performed Integration, Regression testing

Application Environment: Unix, Struts 2.0, Oracle 10g, Weblogic 8.2

Full Stack Developer



  • Participated in Analysis, Design & Development of the application
  • Applied best design principles known, to design simple solution using apache POI, JDOM
  • Designed and coded a generic utility to connect to Archive DB and transform data to application standard format. This promote code reuse among team member of the project
  • High quality code complete with comments and thorough Unit testing, Delivered with ZERO defects
  • Performed Integration testing

Application Environment: LINUX, Spring2.0, iBatis 2.2, Dojo 0.4.3, JavaScript, Oracle 10g, Java, XML,XSLT,JMS, JDBC, Servlets and JSP, Web Services, jquery, Weblogic 8.2

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