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Senior Java Consultant Resume

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  • More TEMPthan 12 years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Support.
  • Knowledge in Application Design and Development using OOA, OOD, OOP, MVC, SOA and J2EE.
  • Extensive experience and expertise in developing applications using Java, J2EE, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate and XML.
  • Experience in developing and consuming Web Services using RESTFul API, WSDL, SOAP, and HTTP.
  • Efficient use of various design patterns such as MVC Model View Controller, Singleton, Service locator, DAOData Access Object, DTOData Transfer Object,andBusiness Delegatein the development of distributed Enterprise Applications.
  • Proficiency in application servers such as IBM Web sphere application server 7.x/6.x/5.x, BEA WebLogic10.x/8.x, Jboss 4.0.5, Apache Tomcat 6.x/5.x/4.x and process servers such as Web sphere Process Server 7.x
  • Advanced noledge and extensive hands - on experience in TestNG, a testing framework used to unit test the code developed and mock testing using Easymock, Mockito.
  • Experience in designing and developing Java based rules Drools.
  • Highly proficient in source code management tools like SVN, GIT, CVS, RTC and continuous integration (CI) tools like Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo.
  • Experience in Web Scripting languages Javascript, XSL and XSLT.
  • Experience in Fisheye and crucible tools which are used extract information from source code repository and performing and managing the code reviews.
  • Used Splunk, a cloud based log viewer to retrieve the log files generated by various services
  • Certified Scrum Master (2012).
  • Experience in the use of agile approaches like Test-Driven Development and Scrum.
  • Extensive experience in different IDE’s like Eclipse, WID, IBM rational tools (Rational Rose 2002, RAD 7.0, RSA 7.0).
  • Experience in Project Co-ordination and management skills.


Languages: Java 1.5/1.6/1.7

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, XSLT, SAX, DOM, JavaScript


Distributed Technologies: Rest Web services, SOA, BPEL, EJB

Application/Web Servers: IBM WebSphere Application Server6.0, Websphere Process Server 7.0, BEA WebLogic 7.1, Jboss Application Server, Apache Tomcat 4.1/5.0.

Testing Framework: JUnit, TestNG, Easymock, Mockito, Spring-test-dbunit,RestAssured

Dependency Injection: Guice2.0

Rules Engine: Drools

Databases: Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server 2000, MySQL, DB2

IDE Tools: RAD 7.0, RSA, WID, Eclipse, XML Spy, Stylus Studio

Apache tools: Tomcat, Ant, Log4J, Maven

Deployment & Testing: JMeter and SoapUI

CI Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson

Version Control: GIT, RTC, Mercurial, CVS, Subversion

Frameworks: MVC, Hibernate, Spring

Design Skills: UML, J2EE Design Patterns

Agile Tracking Tool: Rally, JIRA, RTC

Bug Tracking Tool: JIRA, Bugzilla

Other utilities: SONAR, Fisheye, Crucible, Rhode code server, Clicktale, Heap, Splunk, Adobe Target


Confidential, IL

Senior Java Consultant


  • Designed and implemented the services for responsive application using RESTful web services and JSON.
  • Develop Mediation Module that performs protocol mediation, dynamic endpoints routing and complex data transformation.
  • Implement BPEL short running process using WebSphere Integration Developer (WID).
  • Deploy BPEL module, Mediation Module into WebSphere process server 7.
  • Created the presentation layer workflow using the Drools, rule based engine.
  • Enhanced the performance of recalculating the rate logic by 50% by breaking down the dependencies of the presentation layer wif the service layer.
  • Use ALM for referring the business requirements and use cases.
  • Utilize RTC for sprint planning, story management and scrum and showcase better productivity thru agile practices.
  • Write mock tests and integration tests for the developed code using the EasyMock.
  • Web Service Performance Testing using SOAP UI and SOAP UI PRO.
  • Created Heap reports to monitor the flow, trend, and behavior of new campaigns based on business needs.
  • Created new A/B testing campaign using Adobe Target for multiple tests.
  • Created queries in Splunk to monitor abnormal behavior in the applications such as fatal or business errors.
  • Responsible for the full software development life cycle (SDLC) and resolved performance issues, post production bugs, participated in code reviews and mentored junior developers.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum concepts of Agile Methodology to produce high Quality application.

Environment: Java 1.7, Web Services API, WSDL, XSD, RESTFul webservices, WPS, Drools, BPEL, JUnit, Easymock, Mockito, TestNG, Json, RTC, JAZZ, Jenkins, WID 7, GIT, Adobe Target, Heap, Splunk

Confidential, Marlborough MA

Senior Java Consultant


  • Developed customer facing applications for initiating offcycle compensation event and created the RESTful web services for submitting the offcycle event.
  • Followed siren4j specifications for creating the json which is consumed by the UI side.
  • Converted Hivemind services to spring beans which could be consumed by the rest services.
  • Wrote rest controller unit tests using light weight Grizzly servlet server.
  • Created integration tests for the rest services using REST Assured and DBUnit framework.
  • Converted Easy mock unit tests to Mockito tests.
  • Developed n-tier Enterprise application wif J2EE design patterns like MVC, Business Delegate, Session Façade, DTO, DAO, Front Controller, Factory and Singleton
  • Developed a logging component using Apache Log4J to log messages and errors
  • Utilize Rally for sprint planning, story management and scrum and showcase better productivity thru agile practices.

Environment: Java 1.7, XSD, WSDL, RESTFul webservices, Spring3.2, Hibernate 4.0, Mercurial, JUnit, Easymock, Mockito, TestNG, Json, Maven, Jenkins, SONAR, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Rally, Rhodecode server, Eclipse 3.3


Team Lead


  • Involved in High Level Design, Development and Integration of MST.
  • Worked closely wif customer/business users, Product Managers, BAs and Tech Leads to gather data/information, and address possible issues so all requirements are met and delivered on time.
  • Involved in release planning, requirement understanding, estimations, resource/task allocation and process implementation.
  • Successfully delivered projects given demanding timelines utilizing Agile Methodologies and continuous integration.
  • Redesigned the file writing logic wif 200% improvement in performance and ability to extend, reuse and maintain through proper OO design.
  • Maintained Dependency injection manually in the code by using Guice framework.
  • Have unit tested the code using TestNG and Easymock.
  • Utilize Rally and JIRA for sprint planning, story management and scrum and showcase better productivity thru agile practices.
  • Utilized Fisheye and Crucible to extract information from source code and performed code reviews.
  • Developing, testing and maintaining of FireProtectionDataService, MultiName and AddressService.
  • Developed web services in Java using Apache Axis.
  • Designed and developed an improved J2EE/Java based framework (Multithreading, Axiom API) for Data Services which improved maintainability, security and performance.
  • Prepared Application Detail Design (ADD) documents, Technical Specification documents, UML design and checklists.

Environment: Java 1.5, Web services, Hibernate, XML, DB2,Log4j, Apache ANT, SOAP UI, XSLT, JUnit, Eclipse, Websphere Application Server, Design pattern


Senior Java Developer


  • Responsible for initial development and deployment of POC.
  • Designing reference implementation for domain manager which was base for other domain managers.
  • Preparing early development documents like HLD and LLD.
  • Generating the WSDL and XSD for the component services.
  • Reverse engineering the db using hibernate plugins.
  • Coding the important module Service Request Component which generates the service request number.
  • Provided BPEL implementation of Contact History Management Process and Call Communication Management Process using WID and WPS.
  • Initial development and deployment of POC.
  • Reviewed code and deployed J2EE applications to web sphere application server.
  • Created the user interface using Java SWING.
  • Implemented the services using Java and J2EE design patterns such as Session Façade, Singleton, Data Access Objects (DAO), and Business Delegate.
  • Developed the business layer logic and implemented EJBs Session Beans.
  • Used ANT automated build scripts to compile and package the application and implemented Log4j for the project.
  • Ensured defect free product by unit testing the code using Junit.
  • Created application design diagrams such as Class diagram, sequence diagram using UML.

Technologies: Java, Swing, Servlet, Oracle 9i, UML, JUnit, Eclipse, TOAD, Websphere Application Server, Subversion, MS Visio.

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