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Sr. Microstrategy Developer/administrator Resume

Dayton, OH


  • Over 7+ years of IT experience in MicroStrategy Development/Administration, Database Administration.
  • Over 6 years of experience in Business Intelligence(BI) Project Development and Implementation Using MicroStrategy 10.x/9.x/8.x Product Suites including Desktop/Developer, Web, Architect, Intelligence Server and Report Services, Object Manager, Command Manager, Integrity Manager, Enterprise Manager.
  • MicroStrategy Certified Developer (MCD)
  • Excellent Performance diagnostics/troubleshooting experience all MicroStrategy products Proficient in Snowflake/Star schema design techniques, logical and physical modeling. Expertise in Data Warehousing, Data Marts, Dimensional Modeling.
  • Exclusive knowledge in creating and integrating MicroStrategy objects - Attributes, Facts, Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Templates, Consolidation and Custom Groups, Drill Maps, Grids, Intelligence cubes, Documents and Dashboards.
  • Experience with Visual Insight Dashboards & Prime Cubes in MicroStrategy v10.x
  • Strong working experience on relational databases like Teradata, Netezza, DB2, SQL Server
  • Strong experience in developing dynamic dashboards and scorecards using new features like Widgets and Selectors.
  • Designing Data Mart using different multidimensional modeling techniques such as Star Schema and Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimensional tables, Logical and Physical data modeling and Security and deployment.
  • Hands on Experience in Creating Documents from multiple Datasets like Map Application Diagram, Grid & Graph.
  • Have Good understanding of Intelligence cube (I-cube), custom group and consolidation in Microstrategy.
  • Experience in integrating Big Data systems with MicroStrategy & developing VI dashboards.
  • Efficient work experience in creating complex reports in MicroStrategy Developer and Web user interfaces using key features like Templates, Filters, Prompts and advanced Metrics.
  • Extensive knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL programming and worked on very large databases like Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, and SQL Server 2005/2008, Teradata V2R5/V2R4.
  • Experience in Upgrading MicroStrategy, Configuring Intelligence Server.
  • Experience includes but not limited to implementing all phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Business Requirements Gathering, Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation of Client-Server, Multi-tier, Web, Data Modeling and Data Warehousing/OLAP/Business Intelligence Applications. Solid working experience in Agile project methodology.
  • Extensive Knowledge in Developing Interactive PDF’s in MicroStartegy Developer & schedule to Business Users.
  • Strong experience in understanding Business Applications, Business Dataflow and Data relations. Ability to quickly master new concepts, problem solving skills with a strong technical background and perform well in a group or individually.
  • Designing Documents in Flash mode using Hyperlinks, Grouping, Sorting, Panel stack and Panels.
  • Designed interactive and Dynamic Dashboards using Report Services objects like Waterfall, Graph Matrix, Gauges, Micro charts Widgets and Grid/Graph combinations.
  • Adept at driving full project lifecycles and collaborating with internal, 3rd-party and off-shore IT teams.
  • Strong DB tuning experience. Install, upgrade and configure MicroStrategy environment in both Windows and Linux environment.


Operating System: z/OS, Linux, UNIX AIX, Sun-Solaris, Windows NT/7/8/10

Database: Teradata, DB2 UDB, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, Netezza, MS-Access

BI/OLAP/Reporting: MicroStrategy 10.x/9.x/8.x (Desktop/Developer, Architect, Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, Report Services, Enterprise Manager, Integrity Manager, Object manager, Visual Insight), Tableau, Power BI, OBIEE.

ETL Tools: Informatica, Data Stage

Job Scheduling: AutoSys, Control-M, Windows Scheduler

Languages: UNIX Shell Scripts, JAVA 2.0, C/C++, HTML, XML, JAVA Script, JCL


Confidential, Dayton, OH

Sr. MicroStrategy Developer/Administrator


  • Worked closely with business users and application owners to understand and prioritize business goals and information needs.
  • Translating the business requirements into functional and technical design documents and conceptual design into technical design
  • Developed schema and public objects- attributes, facts, hierarchies, metrics, filters, transformations, custom groups and consolidations, intelligence cubes, report grids and dashboards using MicroStrategy Developer, Web and OLAP services
  • Developed Report Service Documents, Scorecards, Visual Insight Dashboards.
  • Unit testing of MSTR reports and troubleshooting the production issues.
  • Coordinated with the testing team regarding the test plans and assisted them to understand the business functionality and in creating test cases
  • Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy prompts, filter, template, consolidation, and custom group objects in an Enterprise Data Warehouse team environment.
  • Tested report layouts, validated the SQL queries, prompt ordering prompt defaults, security filters, export/print functionality and drilling options. Created Events and Triggers for nightly runs;
  • Worked on SQL queries and reports to address the performance issues.
  • Created ad-hoc reports in grid & graph mode consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters using MicroStrategy developer and web.
  • Extensively worked on creating various metrics including simple, compound, derived, smart metrics, with various Level dimensionality.
  • Played an active role in development of Data Quality framework project; closely involved in discussions with business team on in-stream data and reporting requirements.
  • Acted as Liaisons, resolved License key issues and bugs related to 10.4 MicroStrategy installations
  • Actively involved in design/plan ETL, staging table creation, work breakdown sessions; created individual stories in work flow management (Agile methodology).
  • Worked Closely with SDK Developer in Finding Issue on CSS files and Suggested Code Modification required.
  • Developed Linux shell and SQL scripts for data extraction, transformation and loading process.
  • Worked on implementing single sign on from WebSphere portal environment to MicroStrategy using out of the box portlets.
  • Configured and administered MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, Scheduler, Server Administrator, Object Manager and other administrative tools.
  • Implemented end-user security via web using database security views.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4/10.3/10.2/10.1/9.4 (Architect, Developer, Web, Enterprise Manager, Integrity Manager, Object Manager, Report Services), Teradata/Netezza/SQL Server, Shell Scripts)

Confidential, North brook, IL

MicroStrategy Developer/Architect


  • Experienced in large-scale, high availability, end to end MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Application development through user interaction to gather business requirements.
  • Handled development of Logical & Physical data Models, Metadata repositories and Statistical tables.
  • Using MicroStrategy Architect developed schema objects like Attributes, Facts and Hierarchies.
  • Prepared Documentation and User Guides to identify the various Attributes, Facts, Metrics and multiple Grid & Graph Report objects embedded in HTML Documents needed by business users.
  • Created dynamic Dashboards, HTML dashboards/Scorecards, Cross-tabs using Report Services Documents.
  • Created Derived Metrics, Complex Metrics forcing Dimensionality and Conditionality.
  • Responsible for creating Metrics, Filters, Custom Groups & Consolidations, Compound metrics, Prompts, Transformations using MicroStrategy Desktop and Web.
  • Created Complex Filters (Relationship Filters, Dynamic Filters, Embedded Filters, Custom Filters), Compound Metrics with dimensionality.
  • Developed Forecasting Reports, Documents and Transformed reports by optimizing Query Performance using VLDB settings.
  • Created Services, Schedules and Subscription Sets in Narrowcast Server. Involved in ETL team and worked on Informatica Power Center Designer & Server Manager to ensure efficient Transformation, Extraction, Loading of data sets, data conversion logics and mappings
  • Developed various mapping using Transformation components like Expression, Aggregator, Filter-by-Expression, Sorter, Joiner, Rank, Router, Rollup, Replicate, Demoralize and Redefine.
  • Implemented ETL scripts using Data Transformation services to move data from tables in Oracle database to SQL Server database.
  • Performed Unit testing and Validating, resolving data issues processes and efforts of the results to meet functional requirements.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.x (Architect, Desktop, Web, Enterprise Manager, Integration Manager, Object Manager, Report Services), Teradata, SQL Server 2008/2005, Linux Shell Scripting, SQLCharter

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Developed reports implying complex filters with advanced qualifications involving the ‘Apply simple’ and ‘Apply comparison’ functions.
  • Developed MicroStrategy schema objects to support new reporting requirements.
  • Extensively worked on creating Application Objects like Metrics and Compound metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Performed administration tasks like tuning, Caching, specifying Query Governing Thresholds, and Report optimization
  • Governing and monitoring job performance as an administrator.
  • Created new users, roles, privileges, shared folders, access controls Lists by using security roles in MicroStrategy.
  • Extensively used Micro Strategy Administrator, Architect, Desktop and Web.
  • Involved in Data Modeling and Data Warehousing using Multi-Dimensional Model, Star and Snow Flake Schemas.
  • Involved in generating and implementing Micro Strategy Schema objects and Application objects by creating facts, attributes, hierarchies, reports, filters, metrics, prompts and templates using MicroStrategy Desktop and Architect.
  • Created transformations to-do time series analysis and to compare the values at different times such as sales at this year versus last year, or month-to-date.
  • Used Drill maps in the project to allow the documents drilling from one level to another both drill up and drill down.
  • Maintained the metadata repositories and taking up regular backups of the metadata.
  • Involved in migrating the objects from Development to Test and then to Production Environment in Micro Strategy.
  • Configured the Enterprise Manager for statistical reporting purposes.
  • Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy Web Reports, optimizing the SQL using the VLDB Properties.
  • Created Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards and utilized the new features to convert the dashboards into Flash mode.
  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation and Implementation of the project.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.x/9.x (Hotfix 2), MSTR Intelligence Server, MSTR Web Server, Object Manager, Integration Manager, Enterprise Manager, SQL 2008, Erwin Data modeler 7.2.3, Windows and Linux.RJ

Confidential, NC

MicroStrategy Developer


  • Coordinated test plans, and provided feature/functionality/usage scenarios for the Managers.
  • Created Metadata Repository and Statistical tables in the data warehouse using the Configuration Wizard.
  • Used MicroStrategy Project Builder in creating different Reports to meet the in-house Business Requirements.
  • Generated and implemented advanced MicroStrategy Reports concepts by creating projects, attributes, hierarchies, facts, metrics, filters, Scoreboard, Dashboard and templates using MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Agent.
  • Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy Prompts, Filters, Templates, Consolidations, and Custom groups in an enterprise data warehouse team environment. The project was connected to Data warehouse and Metadata Repository through a 3-Tier Architecture through MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.
  • Performed studying the existing system and analyzing the requirements and identifying the gap items.
  • Did converting the gap items into technical design documents and code specifications.
  • Designed and customized reports in development and production to supply the business with improved flexibility and functionality.
  • Created complex metrics with different level dimensionality, condition and transformations for user and business specific reporting needs.
  • Extensively used filters, prompts, custom groups, consolidations and transformations to generate reports for Business analysis.
  • Used table based Transformation objects created for comparative metrics analysis like this year last year and year to date analysis.
  • Created free form and grid based reports services documents and optimize the same for Excel and HTML.
  • Created Advanced Reports in grid mode and graph mode using MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Used PL/SQL procedures in different places.
  • Used analytical and governing settings in VLDB properties to tune the SQL and for calculating the metrics in dealing with the Nulls and Zeroes in data.
  • Developing Auto prompts to give end users a choice of different filtering criteria each time they run the report.
  • Implemented Narrowcast Server Services to send reports to files and users via E-mail, based on Schedules and static and dynamic subscriptions

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.1.1 Desktop, Intelligence Server, Narrowcast Server, Web, Office, Object manager, Integration Manager, Enterprise Manager, SQL Server 2005


Strategy Developer/ Administrator


  • Successfully installed and administered the MicroStrategy application on Unix platform.
  • Gather and analyze the user requirements specifications of group members and business users.
  • Facilitated requirements gathering & coordinated IT Support for data analysis.
  • Design the logical data model and upon approval of the design by the user requirement group members.
  • Developed Operational reporting system using MicroStrategy OLAP/OLTP reporting tools.
  • Manage and administer different projects for our business users - CMS managers, Fraud Managers, Internal users Adhoc, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly analysis requirements. Getting feedback from group of power users; suggested and implemented several modifications to either individual project or several reports’ objects after providing proof of concept.
  • Define, design and modify 150 + different reports for our business users. The primary reports are Enrollment, Fraud Analysis, Law enforcement and Payment Analysis reports.
  • Configured and administered MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, Scheduler, Server Administrator, Object Manager and other administrative tools
  • Implemented end-user security via web using database security views.
  • Monitored report performance and ensured most efficient SQL joins used in reports to run quickly.
  • Extensively used Object Manager in duplicating, migrate objects from development to QA to production.
  • Interacted with business to Analyze requirements, and DBA's to get required information for report design processes and implemented optimization techniques to enhance performance.

Environment: Oracle, SQL Server, MVS/UNIX, Windows XP, MicroStrategy 8.0.0/8.0.1BI Tool (Architect, Desktop, Intelligence Server/Scheduler, Server Administrator, Object Manager, Web)




  • Installed SQL server 2005 on the servers according the requirements.
  • Performed Upgrade of SQL server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Performed Side by Side Installation of SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2.
  • Configured SQL server 2005 according the requirement.
  • Performed the hardening on the SQL server2005.
  • Changed SQL directories owner to the Administrator account.
  • Implemented Audit policy in the system registry for SQL Server 2005
  • Performed Full backup and Restored on the SQL 2005.
  • Transferred the logins, jobs, linked servers.
  • Upgraded DTS packages to SSIS packages.
  • Created SQL admin accounts and dropped the Built-in- Admin.
  • Changed all jobs owner from SA account to administrator account.
  • Created maintenance plan for user databases and system databases.
  • Implemented data base mail.
  • Created operator and assigned the operator to the jobs.
  • Implemented database mirroring.
  • Implemented Fail over Clustering for Instance - I and added Instance-II (Active/Passive).
  • Implemented Log Shipping and Replication (Snapshot/Transactional/Merge).
  • Performed the Full backup & restore operations in Full Recovery mode.
  • Supported on call on rotational basis and supported the data bases 24\7.
  • Created the script to find all SQL server version, license type, service pack.
  • Monitored the Performance of SQL Server using PERFMON, ranTraces using SQL Profiler, used Query Execution Plan (Table scan / Statistics). Identified the slow running queries and tuned the long running queries/SPs. Database Engine Tuning Advisor is used and tuned the indexes of the Tables to make more efficient. DB comparison Tool is used for comparing the Objects available in two Servers.
  • Created the script to monitor the all server’s logical disk free spaces.
  • Transferred the data base objects from dev to QA to prod.
  • Revoked the public role object level permissions.
  • Changed the SQL and SQL Agent account to domain accounts.
  • Integration Services, Analysis Services & Reporting Services are performed using SSIS, SSAS& SSRS for different Requirements of the Client.
  • Developed several SSIS Packages, extracted data from multiple Data Sources like Oracle, DB2, Excel-Flat Files, MS Access, Teradata, Cleansed//transformed data using control flow task/data flow task elements and loaded on to SQL server Databases by configuring the Connections and Deployment of Packages

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