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Build & Release Engineer Resume


  • Overall 8+ years’ experience in hosting different applications and services in AWSCloud platform for different customers by estimating growth patterns, storage and bandwidth costs, backup, and disaster recovery and LINUX administration.
  • Practiced Agile Methodology for a long time and worked on various DevOps tools and techniques.
  • Worked on various version control repositories like GitHub, SVN,ClearCase.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Helped QA team to integrate automation tests with nightly builds and check the build success through Jenkins.
  • 2 years experience in Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins.
  • Configured Jenkins to SVN and Artifactory. Managed plugins to various tools.
  • Granted access to multiple developers to Jenkins and SVN.
  • Created Process, policies, Procedures and Release Notes for migration of SCM and CI Environment.
  • Ability to write deployment, build scripts and automated solutions using scripting languages such as Bash/Shell, Ruby, Power Shell, Perl and Python.
  • Understanding of Wi - Fi standards and Mpeg and other AV standards.
  • Good knowledge in managing various application servers like WebSphere, Tomcat.
  • Design roles and groups for users and resources usingAWSIdentity Access Management (IAM).
  • Installation and maintenance of software infrastructure including application servers (JBoss), clustering, load balancing (F5, JBoss).
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and also automated the whole process.
  • Hands on experience on cloud infrastructure and Ansible.
  • Good experience on implementing Puppet to convert Infrastructure as code.
  • Worked on creating various modules in Puppet and automated various facts.
  • Added multiple nodes to enterprise Puppet master and managed all the Puppet agents.
  • Created module for VMWare log tool LogInsight and installed LogInsight through Puppet on various nodes.
  • Experience in Design highly available, cost effective and fault tolerant systems using multiple EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balance.
  • Use Amazon RDS to manage, create snapshots, and automate backup of database.
  • Installed, Configured, Managed Monitoring Tools such as Splunk, Nagios, for Resource Monitoring/Network Monitoring/Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Automate application development and deployment procedures with Linux container technology using Docker.
  • Document system configurations, Instance, OS, and AMI build practices, backup procedures, troubleshooting guides, and keep infrastructure and architecture drawings current with changes.
  • Used SQL to perform basic database administration and had good BMC
  • Worked with different Bug Tracking Tools like Jira, Remedy,Clear Quest and Service Now.
  • Good understanding of infrastructure automation tooling (terraform, cloud formation, others…).
  • Hands-on-experience with monitoring tools like Cloud Watch and Nagios.
  • Create modules designed to assist and train on boarding new employees.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, including the ability to foresee problems before they occur.


Operating Systems: Linux and Windows NT/2000/2003 Server.

Data bases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MySQL.

Application Servers: Oracle, WebLogic 9.0/10.0, Apache Tomcat and JBOSS AS 7.x/6.x/5.x.

Cloud services: AWS (EC2/SQS/SNS/S3/IAM)Config Management tools: Puppet,Ansible and chef

Build Tools/ CI servers: Maven, Ant,Gradle, Jenkins, Docker and bamboo.

Programming Languages: UNIX Shells(sh, bash), Perl, Python,, SQL, Java

Scripting: Python, Perl, Java script, Shell scripts, Ant scripts

Virtualization: VMware, Oracle Virtual box

Tools: & Others: Jira, GIT, SVN, TestNG, Clear Quest, Junit, clearcase.

Monitoring Tools: Nagios,Nimsoft,Splunk



Build & Release Engineer


  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Participated in weekly release meetings with Technology stakeholders to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the releases.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into GIT. Good knowledge on other source control repos like SVN, CVS and TFS.
  • Administer and Maintain Source Code Repositories including GIT, Subversion, Clear Case and TFS.
  • Worked on continuous integration and continuous deployments. Worked Jenkins/Hudson as CI tools. Configured security, SSH, Gradle/Maven from Jenkins and managed various third party plugins.
  • Configured and deployed new Windows and Linux servers in a AWS Cloud environment.
  • Created EC2 instances in VPC and installed applications. Expertise in Identity Access Management. Created users, groups and assigned roles based on their duties.
  • Have good knowledge on S3 storage, enabled versioning. Configured security for the files stored in S3. Created multiple buckets based on the project requirements.
  • Working knowledge of MS-SQL Server including installation, configuration, maintenance, security, SQL scripting, Replication,error logs.
  • Developing procedures to unify, streamline and automate application development and deployment procedures with Linux container technology using Docker.
  • Involved in all projects that move to production and work closely with the Data Center, Development, Quality Assurance and Management teams to ensure cross communication and confirmed approval of all production changes.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and also automated the whole process.
  • Created and maintained the Shell/Perl deployment scripts for TC Server/Tomcat web application servers.
  • Worked on Installing Puppet master and puppet agents on multiple nodes. Added all the nodes to master and managed various node groups.
  • Good understanding of profiles, modules, Hiera, resources etc in puppet. Installed many modules from Puppet Forge, helped teams in creating basic modules.
  • Configured security in puppet, added users and groups. Helped team in creating puppet modules.
  • Worked on setting up and maintainingauto-scalingAWS stacks(preferred usingcloud formation and scripting).
  • Created triggers for efficient access control of the Clear Case operations, to invoke operations.
  • Automate private cloud launch process, including network configuration.

Environment: RHEL/CentOS 6/7, UBuntu 12.04/12.04, maven, git, svn, Clear Case, apache web server, apache tomcat server, Java/J2EE,, AWS (EC2, S3), Python, Shell Scripts, Perl Scripts, Jenkins, github, chef, puppet, ansible, maven, ant, Docker, Web Logic, Clear Case, elasticsearch, kibana.

Confidential, Redwood city, CA

Build & Release Engineer


  • Redhat Linux server and VM builds.
  • Automate infrastructure using puppet to manage and deploy private cloud instances.
  • Setup and Install Puppet workstation, Puppet Server and bootstrapping the Puppet Clients.
  • Experience working with AWS Cloud computing and involved in creating AWS instances and deployed Linux and Ubuntu on AWS environment and Expertise in migrating applications onto AWS.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using Subversion, Clear Case source control.
  • AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation AWS Config, Autoscalling, Cloud Front, IAM,S3..
  • Experienced in working on DevOps/Agile operations process and tools area (Code review, unit test automation, Build & Release automation, Environment, Service, Incident and Change Management).
  • AmazonAWS-EC2 VPC and Virtualization, VMWare server Infrastructure build design solutions.
  • Developing modules, manifests, Resources and Run lists, Managing the Puppet client nodes, and upload the modules to puppet-server from Git local repos.
  • Resource management like installing packages, manage services needed to run, user management, cron job setup etc.
  • Deploy Apache/Tomcat applications using puppet.
  • Manage Puppet server in pushing the configure changes to client nodes, monitoring the logs and security.
  • Work with Rackspace Cloud computing systems.
  • Redhat Kernel OS Patching.
  • Redhat kernel upgrades, storage provisioning/config and fix the boot issues using rescue mode.
  • Add/Remove Vmware disks using the Vmware datastores, scan/provision them to Redhat Servers.

Environment: RHEL 5/6/7, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04, AWS,EC2,RDS,S3,Ansible, Jenkins, Maven, GIT, Clear Case, servers, VMware ESX Server, Oracle.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL.

Build & Release Engineer


  • Primary responsibilities include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different environments like Dev, QA, UAT and Prod.
  • Integrated ANT with Shell scripts created in Bash to automate the deployments for the Java based applications.
  • Developed build scripts using ANT and MAVEN as the build tools for the creation of the build artifacts like war or ear files
  • Managed branching and Merging in a multi-project environment.
  • Managed the entire Release Communication and Co-ordination process.
  • Imported and managed multiple applications in Subversion (SVN).
  • Provided end-user for all Subversion (SVN) users to effectively use the tool.
  • Involved in backing up repository, creating folder and granting user access privileges.
  • Assist our Client in the centralized Build Farm which has responsibility of creating and maintaining build scripts required by the applications.
  • Automated the Build and Deployment process using JBoss Server.
  • Integrated CVS and Ant with Hudson to implement the continuous integration process.
  • Performed weekly and on-call deployments of application codes to production environments.
  • Created Ant, Perl & UNIX scripts for build and Release activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.

Environment: Java, SVN, Jira, Maven, ANT, Hudson, UNIX, Perl, JBoss Application Servers.


Build & Release Eng


  • Documented all build and release process related items. Level one support for all the build and deploy issues encounter during the build process.
  • Worked closely with the Development Team in the design phase and developed use case diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Used Maven and Ant scripts to build the source code. Supported and helped to create Dynamic Views and Snapshot views for end users.
  • Converted and automated builds using ANT. Scheduled automated nightly builds using Cruise Control.
  • Created and maintained documentation of build and release processes and application configuration to comply with audit requirements and industry best practices.
  • Analyze and create daily reports on the status of server backups on intranet and extranet.
  • Provide complete phone support to customers.
  • Setup and debug hard ware related issues for server builds.
  • Coordinated with developers, Business Analyst and Mangers to make sure that code is deployed in the Production environment.
  • Deployed JAVA/J2EE applications through WebLogic/WebSphere Application servers. Comfortable and flexible with installing, updating and configuring various flavors of UNIX and Windows.

Environment: Java/J2ee, Clear Case, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Hudson, WebSphere Application Server (WAS), CVS, Cruise Control.


LINUX Administrator


  • Managed AIX server’s backups, restores and general system administration.
  • Handled user and client security and access on AIX and Linux servers for remote access.
  • Wrote Perl and shell scripts for data mining and data integration solutions to reduce labor force and data entry.
  • Using Korn Shell, Shell and Perl I was able to develop scripts to automate.
  • Day to day processes that allowed for more time to be spent on developing new and improved ways of meeting the needs of our clients.
  • Patched Linux, Windows and Oracle systems regularly.
  • Assisted in security functions to make sure all servers were operating under PCI compliance.
  • Deployed new trading partners into production and designed the system architecture required for their specific needs.
  • Implemented new EDI standards and new mapping functionality to handle more in depth requirements.
  • Assisted in planning and testing new applications and operating systems.
  • Setup of Environments and Networks.
  • Installation of Linux, Unix and Windows Servers.
  • Administration of Linux, Unix and Windows Application Servers.
  • Supported Linux Oracle Servers In Terms of Troubleshooting and General Maintenance.
  • Scripting on Linux, Unix and Windows Servers.
  • Installation of Linux servers for Web Serving, File Sharing, Database, and Subversion.
  • Maintenance of a Linux Firewall System.
  • Management of Internal Systems and Hosted Systems.

Environment: Solaris 9/10, RHEL 4/5, Sun Enterprise Server, SunFire 6800/ E6500/ E4500 & E3500,AIX servers, SVN,Blade Servers. JBoss, Apache 2.x, 3.x.

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