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Android Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


My objective is to utilize all my skills that I have obtained in the technical field in a way that it can provide a substantial effect in a technical firm.


PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Java Core and Advanced, Java - Android, PerlC, C++, Linux, Objective C, XML, JSON, OpenGL, SQL, SQL LiteHTML, .NETANDROID SKILLS Android SDK, ADT, Android NDK, DDMS, Logcat debuggingADB Logcat, SQL Lite, ADB Tools, Android Virtual Device Android Emulator, Google APIs, Google Analytics, GSON, Google Maps Location Services, Open Source Web APIs, Confidential GEAR(Wearable).

OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX.


IDE: Eclipse (Helios,Indigo), Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio, Android-SDK, Confidential internal tools

APPLICATIONS: Apache, Tomcat 5.0



Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Developed and released a module which deals with the live podcasting of College Football and Basketball.
  • Developed the UI for the sports guide to display all the live sports game on a particular day.
  • Worked on adding College Football as a new feature supporting music streaming.
  • Worked on a new feature called Sports Talk (upcoming: 24x7 sports station provided by CBS).
  • Supported Talk Back feature of the Android platform.
  • Worked on enhancing the app on Confidential s GEAR - S and Gear-S2.
  • Worked on enhancing the connection framework
  • Added new UI enhancements for upgrading to PREMIUM membership.
  • Worked on sending reports to MixPanel(Reporting Tool).
  • Worked on sending reports to Google Analytics for tracking some user specific events.
  • Modified the reporting structure of the app for sending the reports to MixPanel as well as Google Analytics.
  • Worked on casting the application by using Confidential One SDK on TV.
  • Worked on prototyping the cast using Chromecast.
  • Worked on the A/B test framework to release certain features of the app to selected users.
  • Writing parsers for handling the response sent by the server.
  • Debugging the bugs and making the product stable for preloading the app on Confidential devices.
  • Creating new prototypes and presenting the ideas to the marketing team.
  • Writing JUnit test cases.
  • Executing test cases to make sure the feature is thoroughly verified.
  • Monitoring the beacons on Moshpit/Logstash(Reports monitoring tool).
  • Active team member of Confidential MILK PLM(Product Life Management ) team, to resolve critical issues reported by the QA team.
  • Resolving issues related to UI on the latest Android binaries.
  • Resolving issues related to memory leaks.
  • Resolving issues related to widget and GEAR S2.
  • Resolving issues related to Bluetooth headphones and car kit.

Confidential, San Diego, CA



  • Creating new applications by implementing the core functionalities of the telephony system or the modem processor.
  • Worked on Remote Procedure Calls and Remote Method Invocation using the AIDL services.
  • Creating Broadcast Receivers to make use of the customized Intents.
  • Using most of the telephony and Network level APIs.
  • Using Location APIs for implementing location based GPS services.
  • Using SQLlite APIs to insert, delete and update the android database.
  • Using PERL to develop test scripts for testing the features that we develop.
  • Using PERL framework heavily to develop and maintain the automation tool architecture.
  • Heavy debugging of issues and blockers.
  • Take care of code review, code analysis and bug fixes
  • Using JIRA tool to handle and support other teams which use our automation tool.
  • Testing applications for Android (3.0 +), QNX, WM.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining test documents for the released applications.
  • SIM services and features on IoE.
  • Rich Capability Services like Image Transfer, File Transfer, and Group chat etc.
  • MobileAP features like firewall settings, NAT settings etc
  • Connectivity Engine on apps and Modem processor for the SnapDragon Chips (8960, 8974, 8926)
  • Implemented a code for sending SMS and MMS through an Android application.
  • Implemented new features on the architecture side of the automation tool using PERL.
  • Implemented an internal fuzzing tool based on PERL parsing.
  • Responsible for creating PERL scripts for testing the feautures.
  • Responsible for providing support for the released features and resolving/debugging any issues related to it.


Confidential, Culver City, CA


  • Working on applications related to music industry.
  • Did performance analysis and measurement of the existing applications using an open source tool of Flurry.
  • Integrate Facebook in the app.
  • Compete with your Facebook friends by inviting them to play the app.
  • Compare your high scores with your friends.
  • Post your scores/High Scores on your wall and notify your friends about that.
  • Maintaining a game Leader Board for CHORD MASTER.
  • Keep track of performance of the app like the chords which are played frequently, number of friends invited etcusing open source tool of Flurry.
  • Worked on different UI layouts like scroll View and list View.
  • Worked on local storage of data using Shared Preferences.
  • Worked on different layouts for different screen sizes.
  • Handled the network request and response to the Facebook server to post/retrieve data using AsyncTask.


Confidential, Long Beach, CA


  • Developing an Android application which is to be used by the citizens of Long Beach for registering their house hold appliances with the LB Police department.
  • The citizens can scan and register their appliances using a bar code scanner which is integrated in the application and store the information under their profile.
  • Each profile is uniquely described using mobile IMEI Number.
  • SOAP protocols are used to access the web services which are created in XML.
  • The data collected from the users is first encrypted using data encryption protocols and then stored on the database.
  • Use of KSOAP2 library to handle the web service methods.
  • Use of SOAPUI to test the web service response.
  • Created different UI layouts and incorporated bitmaps.
  • Data handling from the server done using AsyncTask.
  • Included an open source barcode scnanner in the project and used Implicit Intents to fetch the data from it.
  • Debugging and testing done with help of Log cat and DDMS.




  • Designed a Bus Routing project for a school with a team of 4 members.
  • I was responsible to design the project along with framing the project requirements.
  • The project dealt with deciding a bus routing system for students which will find an optimized path for the buses to pick up and drop students.
  • The project also included Google maps for displaying the bus routes on the website.

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