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Sr. Architect Resume


I am a passionate Author, Data Scientist, and Business Intelligence Professional


  • Developed a machine learning application with python and R to predict Confidential ins based on College Basketball Regular Season record, Conference, and Prior Experience in the Confidential tournament
  • Sentiment Analysis in twitter with Python and D3
  • Developed a web application that pulls twitter feeds into python using Tweepy and calculates a sentiment score using TextBlob.
  • Tweet sentiments are simultaneously graphed onto a bar chart in a web browser in real - time using D3.js


Programming in: Python, R, (D3.js) JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Predictive Modeling: SPSS Modeler, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS JMP, SAP Predictive Analytics, Python, and R

Big Data platforms: with Apache Spark, MongoDB & Hadoop

Dashboard development with: SAP Design Studio, Lumira, Tableau, and QlikSense

SAP Business: Objects, SAP Data Services, and SAP HANA

RDBMS: Data Modeling and Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j


Sr. Architect



  • Develop models for Confidential on Medicare Advantage Members to predict future outcomes based on demographics and medical history
  • Models created using Naïve Bayes and Logistic Regression with SAS Enterprise Guide and Miner and Python
  • Category complaint analysis based on customer service complaints of Rooms to Go deliveries
  • Text analysis performed with python and IBM SPSS
  • Market Basket Analysis with R using Association Rules
  • Forecasting with ARIMA models in R and Python
  • Machine Learning implementation of models developed in Python
  • Develop Predictive Model to determine climate impact on restaurant reservations
  • Logistical Regression model developed in Python and visualized with IBM Cognos Analytics
  • SAP BusinessObjects Universe Development
  • Teradata View Development

Sr. Technical Architect



  • Developed Recidivism Rate Score on patients with Logistic Regression to 93% accuracy using R, SAP HANA, and SAP Predictive Analytics
  • Data Modeling on SAP HANA to develop datasets for logistic regression algorithms
  • Automation of live predictive models on top of SAP HANA
  • SAP Design Studio application development for Surgeon Scorecard usage by Providers
  • SAP HANA Data Modeling for data sources related to Lab and Nursing queries to be used to connect to dashboards
  • Dashboard Development on Lab, Nursing, Finance and Surgeon Scorecard queries and datasets
  • Data Visualizations and storyboard development against Big Data inside of Hadoop and SAP HANA data sources
  • SAP HANA Data Modeling to convert a relational database query against Oracle into an SAP HANA view for increase query performance
  • Web service development against HANA views for dashboard consumption
  • SAP BusinessObjects Universe development against Teradata and Oracle SQL
  • Web Intelligence and Dashboard development of MyMagic+ technology
  • SAP Dashboard design and development for Desktop and Mobile analysis
  • Web Service Development for Dashboard consumption

Associate SAP Consultant



  • Relational Database Modeler
  • SAP BusinessObjects Universe Developer
  • SAP Dashboard Developer
  • SAP BW and BOBJ Query developer

Lead Analytical Architect & Data Analyst



  • Managed two Data Analysts with their scheduled deliverables of monthly KPI reports and initiatives and trained them to utilize companywide Business Intelligence tools
  • Developed and automated first companywide Medical cost & utilization KPI Dashboard using Confidential (SAP Dashboards) 2008 to be first source of trend by all analysts, managers, directors, and VP’s
  • Developed Pharmacy Utilization Dashboard with QlikView for Pharmacy Director
  • Developed queries and reports for Pharmacy and Corporate Data Departments
  • Designed dashboard compatible Web Intelligence queries for Dashboard Consumption
  • Data Analyst for Pharmacy and Medical Informatics Department

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