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Atg Architect/atg Tech Lead Resume



  • Pursue a challenging career opportunity that draws on extensive experience in Oracle ATG Commerce and e - commerce technologies that includes architectural, lead and development roles that leverages 17 years of software delivery experience across different domains (Retail, Telecom, and Healthcare and Government).


  • 17+ years of experience and technical proficiency in software development, design, maintenance, testing and support of client/server applications, single tier products, e-commerce applications and 3-tier architecture applications across telecom, retail and healthcare domains wif the technologies ATG Commerce, Java, J2EE and Oracle
  • 10+ years of ATG B2C Commerce, B2B platform experience which includes architectural and development experience of applications in commerce (DCS), personalization (DPS), BCC( CMS), CSC modules
  • 6+ years of application architecture experience specializing in ATG Commerce and Java application solutions
  • 6 years of experience as a ATG/J2EE Tech Lead
  • Exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts and capable of working in group as well as independently wif excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional experience in delivering the projects from small to mid-size ecommerce projects
  • Lead teams of size ranging from 5 developers to up to 40
  • Subject matter expertise on designing e-commerce site functionality, scalability and operational capabilities
  • Excellent client facing skills and expertise in translating business requirements to technical architectural requirements.
  • Expertise in project estimation, breaking down project tasks and resource planning for successfully delivery of the projects
  • Experienced in reporting project status, risks and mitigation plans to senior management
  • Strong leadership skills, sharing noledge and mentoring team
  • Created POCs on the new emerging digital technologies i.e. microservices, AWS, ATG Rest services
  • Provided architecture on e-commerce transformation projects to optimize streamline and improve capabilities across content management, payment, promotions and fulfillment
  • Expertise in ATG Commerce (DCS, B2C, DPS, BCC, CSC), J2EE technologies (Java, JSP, Servlets, JMS, XMLBeans, EJB, Webservices), XML and XSLT
  • Proficient in developing applications wif the technologies Java Tiles, Struts, AJAX and Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), implementing design patterns and deploying applications to the application servers (Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere and Tomcat)
  • Proficient in deploying applications in Weblogic clustered environment,JBoss and configuring IBM MQ Series
  • Knowledge base and practical exposure of AWS services AWS EC2 instances, AWS S3, AWS EB, AWS CloudFront, AWS ELB AWS CLI, AWS EB CLI, AWS EB CLI (wif GIT, AWSCodeCommit, AWSCodeDeploy),AWS IAM
  • Proficient in Oracle Endeca and Open source technologies( Spring framework, Spring MVC, Spring Boot)
  • Knowledge base of Oracle Endeca, OSGI Framework, Teamsite and JSF
  • Exceptional ability to deliver applications in Waterfall and Agile software development models
  • Strong analytical and trouble shooting skills


Object Oriented: Java, Servlets, Java Beans, and C++, COM

Frameworks: Struts, Spring,ATG 7.1 /7.2/2006.3/9.1/10.0.1/10.0.2/11.1 Dynamo Application Framework (Personalization, Commerce (B2C &B2B), BCC and CSC modules), JUnit, Oracle Endeca

Oracle Products: Oracle 8.x/10/11, Oracle 7.x, Oracle 6.x, SQL, PL/SQL and SQL Loader, SQL Navigator, Developer, Oracle Endeca

Frameworks: Oracle ATG Commerce, Spring Framework, SpringBoot

Databases: Oracle 8i, Sybase, SQL Server, Access

Distributed Technologies: J2EE, RMI, EJB, CORBA, MTS, DCOM

Messaging: JMS, IBM MQ, TIBCO

Web Servers: Java Web Server 2.0, Tomcat Server, Apache

Application Servers: BEA Weblogic 4.5/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1/8.1 , Web sphere and Jboss Server 4.2/5.1/6.1

Web Tools and Languages: XML, HTML, DHTML, CGI wif C, CGI wif PERL, JSP, JSTL, ASP, and JavaScript, Macromedia Dream Weaver, FrontPage, XSL, XSLT, Xpath, Xpointer

GUI: AWT, Swing 1.1, Visual Basic, Visual C++

IDEs: JBuilder, Visual age for Java, Eclipse

Languages: C, SQL and PL/SQL, MFC, Win32API Programming, ASP

Testing Tools: Winrunner 5.0, Test Director, Silk, SQA Suite, Load Runner

Wireless: WML, WMLScript


Operating Systems: Windows NT/95/98 and Unix/Linux, Solaris

Designing Methodologies: UML using Rational Rose


Version Control: Rational Clear Case, PVCS

Data Modeling/UML Tools: Visio, Enterprise Architect


Confidential, TX

ATG Architect/ATG Tech Lead


  • Designed solution on bringing the legacy promotions to ATG platform
  • Customized the promotion content messaging based on page and channel
  • Provided POCs on utilizing the scenarios to personalize the content and add promotions to user profile
  • Mentor developers in the team
  • Worked on User Segments for personalization
  • Worked on integration wif POS system and external promotion engine
  • Worked on design and development of customizing the pricing calculators
  • Design and implement ATG REST services
  • Code reviews
  • Worked wif architecture group to research Play/AKKA framework

Environment: ATG 11.1 B2CCommerce,Endeca, BCC, Weblogic 10.3, jdk1.7, UNIX, Oracle 11g, GIT, Stash, JIRA

Confidential - TX

ATG Architect/ATG Tech Lead


  • Worked on optimization and automation solution for product availability to the site
  • Provided POCs on the solutions
  • Worked on design and development of categorizing products based on the product attribute rules
  • Worked on BCC customization
  • Worked on auto assignment for images to products
  • Code reviews
  • EPIC and User story sizing estimates
  • Mentor junior developers
  • Requirement analysis and identify technical user stories

Environment: ATG 10.2 B2CCommerce, BCC, Weblogic 10.3, jdk1.6, UNIX, Oracle 11g, GIT, Stash, JIRA, TIBCO

Confidential - TX

Techno Functional Architect/Tech Lead


  • Provided architectural solutions on product catalog management, API services
  • Analyzed requirements and provide technical design and implementation solutions to the Dev
  • Lead the Agile development teams ranging the team size from 10 to 40
  • ATG development against product catalog and custom repositories
  • Developed custom repository to manage change requests
  • Developed droplets
  • Worked wif the business stakeholders in understanding the business requirements and translated them to functional and system specifications
  • Worked wif enterprise architects and technical architects and defined scalable solution
  • Created application interface agreement design wif impacted back and front end systems and provided high level design including technical framework mapping and assisted development leads and developers wif feature and solution clarification
  • Solution ordering and mobility back end APIs and provided data mapping from front end to back end
  • Designed and reviewed process flows
  • Worked in Agile software development model delivering user stories per sprint
  • ATG Rest Services integration wif OSGI
  • Performed code reviews

Environment: ATG 10.2 B2Commerce, B2B, BCC, Weblogic 10.3, jdk1.6, UNIX, Oracle 11g, OSGI Framework

Confidential - TX

ATG Architect/ATG Tech Lead


  • Provided architectural solutions on product catalog management, image management processing and third party integrations (Payment Gateway, Order Management and Fulfillment)
  • Led the teams in near shore (Mexico) and onsite (Dallas)
  • Configured BCC, CSC and Staging environments
  • Analyzed requirements and provided technical design and implemented solutions to the Development
  • Troubleshoot BCC and CSC issues
  • Designed and implemented custom content repository to manage content on the sites
  • Implemented data import/export scripts using startSQLRepository
  • Customized the credit card processor to integrate wif speed payment gateway
  • Executed performance tuning and configured cache settings
  • Customized ATG Search - added search start end date, showed on site constraints to filter products and configured SearchUpdateAdapter to filter out of stock products
  • Extended product catalog and order repositories
  • Developed Catalog Feed job to import the catalog data programmatically and auto deploy the BCC project
  • Extended TaxProcessor and TaxProcessorTaxCalculator components to calculate taxes based on the tax rates from taxrates.com and based on tax exemption rules defined in repository
  • Worked on site vulnerabilities, Google product feed integration and Loyalty member integration (configured new payment processor)
  • Triaged tickets opened by testing team, assigned to developers and worked wif developers in resolving the issues

Environment: ATG 9.1, ATG 10.0.1. ATG 10.0.2, B2C, BCC, CSC, Search, Jboss 5.1, jdk1.5, UNIX, Oracle 11g


ATG Architect/ ATG Tech Lead


  • Worked on design and development of subscriptions module (subscribe stamps) using ‘ATG Scheduled Orders’
  • Customized/Extended ATG ‘ScheduledOrderService’ to schedule and process subscriptions (recurring orders)
  • Mentored junior developers and led a team of developers
  • Provided programmatic data import of Products, SKUs and Price Lists to BCC
  • Designed and implemented custom repositories for application, peer review and award modules
  • Configured ATG environment - created development environment, setting ATG commerce database
  • Designed the catalog solution by proposing ATG sub catalogs for meal plans
  • Triaged tickets opened by testing team, assigned to developers and worked wif developers in resolving the issues
  • Worked on the solution to extend the ATG Payment Processor and tuning the application for performance issues (improved queries and configured caching solution)
  • Assisted production support in resolving BCC and ATG server configuration issues


ATG Tech Lead/ Sr. ATG Developer


  • Mentored junior developers and led a team of developers
  • Mentored interns and performed code reviews
  • Developed ATG Droplets to ‘find the missed installments for a subscription, ‘display projected shipment dates’ and ‘to process modified payment update’
  • Created versioned repository for product catalog and custom content repository
  • Worked on customizing add to cart functionality to add subscriptions to cart by extending ‘CartModifierFormHandler’
  • Worked on implementing the interface wif third party USPS PCI Payment Service.
  • Developed ATG Payment Schedulers to ‘REPROCESS’ payment failed orders and orders in ‘SERVICE UNAVAILABLE’ state (due to payment service being down) and
  • Developed commerce pipeline Payment Processor to integrate wif the USPS PCI Payment Service
  • Extended the commerce pipeline ‘processOrder’ pipeline
  • Created scenario's to send emails like order confirmation email based on ‘SubmitOrder’ event
  • Defined idspaces (idspaces.xml) for user profile, product catalog and order repository item descriptors
  • Developed 'CollectionFilter' components to get featured products
  • Extended ShoppingCartModifer and B2CProfileFormHandler form handlers
  • Worked on Campaign Optimization
  • Implemented ATG merchandising services - Promotions, Coupons
  • Created ATG campaigns and A/B split test scenarios
  • Worked on ATG Schedulers for creating financial reports and Scientific Reports
  • Worked on DPS module includes extending user profile
  • Fixed the performance issues (improved queries, configured cache settings)
  • Created/Personalized Content Targeters for displaying content on home and product pages
  • Developed ATG Schedulers for refreshing currency exchange rates
  • Extended the ATG product catalog and Order repository
  • Triaged tickets opened by testing team, assigned to developers and worked wif developers in resolving the issues
  • Designed and developed programmatic Data Import of Products, SKUs and Price Lists to BCC
  • Developed MDBs to post messages to external systems and Webservices (ATG and Java)
  • Created use case, class, activity and sequence diagrams for the technical design


Sr. J2EE Developer/ATG Developer/Developer


  • Developed JSPs (using ATG DSP tag libraries), Droplets and custom SQL repositories
  • Mentored junior developers and led a team of developers
  • Mentored interns and performed code reviews
  • Developed Webservices using Axis
  • Migrated applications from JBoss to Weblogic Server 9.2
  • Developed MDBs to post messages to external systems and Webservices (ATG and Java)
  • Created use case, class, activity and sequence diagrams for the technical design
  • Wrote Ant build scripts and developed simulators to simulate provisioning system messages
  • Coordinated UAT and QA teams
  • Resolved issues reported by UAT and QA teams
  • Published ordering schemas to external systems
  • Developed Webservices using Axis

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