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Atg Tech Lead Resume



  • Over Twelve years of experience in IT, in developing software Applications using J2EE (JSP, EJB, Servlets, Core Java, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, XML, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss)
  • Over Five years of ATG (B2C Commerce Server, Content Administration, Merchandising, Application Server and Personalization Server) Implementation experience.
  • Experience in Installation and configuration of ATG Commerce Suite.
  • Experience in development of ATG e - Commerce Application involving Personalization, Merchandising and Content Administration Application.
  • Experience in Setting up Local CA Environment for ATG E-Commerce.
  • Worked Endeca Guided Search/Experience Manager.
  • Experience in Endeca Content Acquisition Framework (CAS)
  • Experience in Endeca Workbench and PageBuilder
  • Extensive experience with PCI Audit.
  • Exposure on HIPAA items for eCommerce Pharmacy modules.
  • Experience in complete software development lifecycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance and Support.
  • Experienced in internet/intranet application and client/server application development using Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, EJB, Oracle eCommerce(ATG), JavaScript, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Dynamo Servlets Bean, MS-Access, Oracle, ODBC with an exposure to different platforms and software systems.
  • Extensive Working experience in Core Java
  • As Production Support Lead/Manager was responsible for Resource Loading, Estimation and Delivery of eCommerce Work to IS Team.
  • Extensive Experience in Managing Development and Production Support Team while working on tight deadlines.
  • Worked as Build/Deployment Manager and Managed Releases.
  • Worked on PCI Compliance for eCommerce
  • Excellent exposure to Ajax.
  • Sound knowledge of RDBMS and good experience in Oracle & SQL Server
  • Experience in developing stored procedures, triggers and SQL statements
  • Performed extensive automated testing of applications functional testing, integration testing, system testing and regression testing using JUNIT and Watir
  • Developed Web applications using struts with Web Technologies likes JSP, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML and DHTML.
  • Excellent exposure to Git, SVN and CVS as Version Control
  • Good experience in providing quick fixes as Production Support Lead/Manager
  • Demonstrated ability to withstand and deliver under extreme pressure conditions.
  • Well-organized team player, attention to details, ability to multitask and highly result oriented.


Application Servers: ATG 2006.3, 9.0, 9.1.1, 10.1,10.2, 11.0 (DAS / DPS / DCS / DSS), Jboss4.0.3, 5.1.0, BEA WebLogic 9.1, 10.2 and IBM WebSphere 5.0

Internet Technologies: JDK 1.3/1.4, XML, Servlets, JavaScript, JDBC, Java Applets, J2EE, JSP, XSLT, JNDI, Dojo, SQL,AntHTML 4.0, JMS, Web Service, Ajax, Hudson, Jenkins Jira, Confluence.

Languages: JAVA, C, C++, SQL, UML, XML, XSL, VB6.0, VC++, ColdFusion ASP, ASP.NET, CGI/Perl, JavaScript

Web Server: Apache Server 1.3.12/1.3.14/1.3.20.

Operating Systems: Win 95/98/NT/2000, Windows XP, UNIX, Linux 5.6

Databases: Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, My-SQL, MS Access & SAS.

Testing Tools: JUnit, Waitr

Configuration Mgmt tools: Git, Subversion, CVS

IDE/Tools/Utilities: MS Office, Front Page, Visual cafe, MS Project, NetBeans, Jbuilder, Gel, Visual Café, JDK 1.4Tomact & XML Spy, JUnit, Eclipse 3.3.2, JBossIDE2.0


Confidential, Texas

ATG Tech Lead


  • Working as ATG Tech Lead at Amplifi commerce.
  • Worked on various ATG modules based on Business needs.
  • Created high level architecture design documents depending on business needs.
  • Worked on modules like Profile Management, Merchandising, Cart, Checkout and Order fulfilment.
  • Worked on Endeca Experience Manager.
  • Mapped Endeca properties using product-sku-output-config.xml
  • Experience inEndecaContent Acquisition Framework
  • Worked on Endeca for guided navigation.
  • Involved in Database Design and Modeling depending on Client needs.
  • Extended OOTB droplets and formhandler depending on client needs.
  • Performed Migration of ATG10.1.1 to ATG10.2.
  • Worked on Endeca3.1.1 and got involved in Installation of MDEX, Platform Services and CAS.
  • Coordinated with Offshore team for task assignment, development and testing.
  • Fixed high level and critical bugs in application for various clients.
  • Involved in Managed Services for various clients.
  • Worked with Oracle Support Team for implementation of Service Request and major deployments.
  • Contributed and assisted various clients with all development life cycle phases.


ATG Project Lead


  • Worked as a Project Lead thereby handling all sort of Development and Production Support Activity of the Application (www.heb.com)
  • Involved in full installation and configuration of ATG9.1 Commerce Suite.
  • Extensively Involved in ATG Content Administration, ATG Merchandising and
  • ATG Personalization Modules
  • Extensively involved in Infrastructure of the application, thereby maintained around 60 servers for the entire application (including pre-production and production boxes)
  • Managed Both Development and Production Support Team for enhancements and releases.
  • Worked on the process and procedures for PCI Audit.
  • Worked on the HIPAA items for eCommerce Pharmacy.
  • As a Change Management Manager was responsible for Managing Monthly Release, OS Patches, Host Scan and Application Scan etc.,
  • Used Eclipse IDE as a workspace for development
  • Used Git as a version Control System
  • Involved in the design Discussion for Re-Design of CA component
  • Extensively worked on ATG e-Commerce Application (B2C)
  • Designed the ER diagram for the CA redesign
  • Extensively worked on Commerce Catalog Repositories.
  • Involved in changing the Repository files for changing the relationship eg: from one - one to one - many (multi) ext.,
  • Created new Master Tables and Relation Tables for the CA redesign.
  • Extensively worked on ACC and BCC for fixing repositories relationship.
  • Extensively worked on developing RQL for different repositories.
  • Involved in debugging few of the defects for CA related issues.
  • Worked on PCI-Compliance for www.heb.com.
  • Involved in Incorporating OOTB (Out of the Box) product catalog tables into custom repository.
  • Created a local database (SQL Server 2005) for testing of CA component
  • Created a Local CA setup for testing the CA redesign component.
  • Used Toad Editor for SQL Server for connecting to database and restoring local test database for testing.
  • Designed the DDL’s for the new Tables for the new CA Redesign
  • Involved in Data Migration and Data Reload for the Application using ATG OOTB features like StartSQL Repositories ect.,
  • Involved in Diaster Recovery (DR) of the application.


ATG Commerce Developer


  • Involved in full installation and configuration of ATG7.1 commerce on different environment platforms.
  • Extensively worked on ATG commerce catalog repository.
  • Used & extended CartModfierFormHanlder for handling the Shoppingcart.
  • Extensively worked on Wish list.
  • Involved in writing various Form Handlers extensively to implement the functionality.
  • Extensively used the Dynamo built in droplets and Nucleus services and written server side components including Form handlers and Droplets.
  • Involved in UI Design. Extensively worked on JSP, Java Script, CSS, HTML, JSTL.
  • Involved in the entire lifecycle of the project from development stage till Content Adminstration stage.
  • Involved in Code Review for the Application.
  • Involved in design discussion for the Application.
  • Used Tortoise CVS for version control.




  • Involved in writing ED’s (External Design) and ID’s (Internal Design) for MWM (Mobile Workforce Management)
  • Involved in Technical Discussions for MWM Module.
  • Involved in Coding Browser Widget for interacting with the device.
  • Worked on Mobile tools like Windows Mobile 6.1.4, Active Sync, Device Emulator ext.,
  • Worked on J9 (Virtual Machine for Mobile devices ext.,)
  • Developed Servlets for Request and Response from Client to Server
  • Generated code for Business Layer Services.
  • Involved in the development of MWM Modules.
  • Written Document for Coding standard according the Oracle Norms.
  • Involved in writing Controller Classes and other class for MWM Module.
  • Used Oracle Lite as the database for the devices.
  • Used Weblogic as the application Server.
  • Used Perforce as Version control.
  • In support for testing, wrote unit tests using JUnit for the methods in the business classes. Also, made sure the test cases execute correctly with changes in any of business or the related classes.
  • Involved in coding, debugging and JUnit testing of use cases and also helped in executing the test cases of my use cases.
  • Checking the coding standards and analyzing, capturing all business needs.


Technical Lead


  • Involved in writing LLDs for MM4 (Meal Manager) Module.
  • Involved in Technical Discussions for MM4 Module.
  • Involved in converting JPEGs to JSPs.
  • Worked on Front End tools like Flex Data Grid and Dojo.
  • Developed JSPs using Flex Data Grid and Dojo.
  • Generated code for Business Layer Services.
  • Involved in the development of MM4 module.
  • Involved in writing Controller using Spring Framework.
  • Used SVN as a Version Control.
  • Involved in the development of the Helper Classes to use through out the application.
  • In support for testing, wrote unit tests using JUnit for the methods in the business classes. Also, made sure the test cases execute correctly with changes in any of business or the related classes.
  • Involved in coding, debugging and JUnit testing of use cases and also helped in executing the test cases of my use cases.
  • Checking the coding standards and analyzing, capturing all business needs.


Senior Java Consultant


  • Have been involved in analyzing the bugs, getting configuration data from customers, environment updating according to the new enhancement, monitoring entire lifecycle of the project and deploy the fix packs/releases on time.
  • Developed UI using JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML
  • Developed XML Templates for each XSLT page for validations and request processing
  • Used XSLT to transform XML pages to HTML Pages
  • Developed JBPM workflow for managing Application Flow.
  • Extensively used Agile Methodology for Sprint Planning and Scrum Processing.
  • Wrote Java Classes using Multithreading for Schedule Triggers.
  • Used Canonical Oracle Database to access the data.
  • Created Store Procedure for Data Modification.
  • Used Hibernate3.1 in mapping java classes to database tables and provide transparent persistence
  • Used DOM parser to modify XML files.
  • Used ANT tool for creating and deploying the .war files.
  • Developed the Data Access Layer using Hibernate
  • Written Unit Test Cases and Regression test suites using Junit.
  • Worked on multiple Configuration files i.e Custom.properties, Hibernate-cfg.xml, jbpm-cfg.xml for deploying into JBoss Server.
  • Used JBOSS as Application Server.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.
  • Involved in bug fixes, implementing enhancements and new requirements.
  • Worked with Log4J to store the logging messages
  • Involved in resolving technical issues with the team.
  • Participated and Conducted internal code reviews.
  • Used MyEclipse for IDE

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