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Senior Software Engineer/architect Resume

Cincinnati, OH


My objective is to leverage my 17 plus years’ experience while continuing to be challenged in architecting, designing, building and developing JEE based enterprise systems. These 15 plus years of experience in designing, and developing both the front - end and back-end JEE enterprise systems applications for various global fortune 25+ industries. I have the drive and determination to consistently achieve success as a technical and solutions architect, tech-lead and lead developer for local and off-shore teams in all of the organizations that I have worked with in the past.


  • Over seventeen years of extensive experience in the front and back-end enterprise level software development, architectural design, object modeling, and software development life cycle.
  • Experienced in application servers such as JBoss, Weblogic, OC4J, Websphere and web servers like Tomcat and Jetty. Leading frameworks and technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JEE, EJB, JDBC, JMS, Servlets3, XML, XSLT and secure SOAP and Restful Web Services.
  • Experienced in the design and development of front-end development using RIA frameworks like Flex3 along with jquery, HTML5, CSS3 and technologies like AJAX, JSON, JFC/Swing and JSP/Servlet based GUIs.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • Worked in various roles as Lead Architect, senior developer and Tech Lead.
  • Good knowledge and experience in developing Restful JAX-RS and secure SOAP based JAX-WS interoperable web services following the WS-I guidelines.
  • Have architected, developed, and performed the tuning, configuration and design of applications which handled millions of messages per hour at the peak load over clustered application and message servers for a fortune 25+ companies.
  • I am a senior software engineer with over 15 years of professional experience in the JEE back-end and front-end development and technical plus solutions architectural roles.
  • My experience covers the Web Development with very good working knowledge of HTML, Javascript (also of Frameworks like jquery), CSS, struts1 & 2, Spring MVC etc., 6 years in C# and DotNet.
  • My previous employment includes work with a number of major U.S. corporations.
  • At Confidential one of the fortune 400 companies with 29000 employees worldwide I provided technology leadership as an architect, tech-lead and lead developer to all the J2EE development teams for 9 years for the USA and offshore based development teams.
  • I mentored software engineers, coded, and oversaw development of software solutions for J2EE product line applications for Confidential ’s global businesses.
  • A letter of reference can be provided from vice president of Confidential (the largest makers of ATMs in the world). At SRA I worked as a senior J2EE software engineer and developed secure SOA, XML and Web Services.
  • Since I have quite a few years of experience as architect, technology lead and lead developer for JEE and has worked closely with over a dozen development teams I was able to acquire experience and knowledge to the following technical skills:


Java Technologies: JSP, JSTL, JAXB, JMS, Servlets3, EJB, Web Services, Axis, JFC, JSF, JPA, JUnit, RMI, JavaBeans, JNDI, JFC/Swing, AWT, Applets, JavaMail and JMX, MBeans, Multi-Threading, Executor

Web Services: Restful, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS, JAX-WS, OASIS WSS, WS*, XACML, Token/SAML, UDDI, PDP, PEP, JAX-RS, RestEasy, Wink, Jersey, Apache CXF and XFire

Object Persistence Tools: Hibernate, Toplink, EclipseLink, JPA, Castor JDO

Java Widgets: AWT, SWT, Swing, JFace

Presentation Frameworks: Struts1&2, Spring MVC, Tiles, Tapestry, Grails

Web/Application Servers: JBoss, Glassfish, WebLogic, OC4J, WebSphere, Tomcat and Jetty

Development Tools: STS, Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, IBM-WSAD, SoapUI, NetBeans

RIA JS Frameworks: JQuery, MooTools, Dojo

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

XML: XQuery, XSD, XSL, XSLT, DTD, XPath, XForm, DOM, SAX, StAX

Source/version Control: SVN, Visual SourceSafe

Software Development Processes: Software development life cycle and Agile methodologies

Software Engineering: OOAD, Design Patterns, UMLCASE Tools etc: IBM Rational suite of products, WithClass

Production Profiling Tools: JProbe, JMeter, JProfiler, Borlands OptimizeIT, Lisa

Other: LDAP, LLDP, Maven and ANT, Scripting with Shell, Perl, Python and JythonWebSockets, BlazeDS.


Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Senior Software Engineer/Architect

Technologies: Multithreading, Executor, Restful WS, Mbeans, JMX, IBM Integration bus

Environment: Java, J2ee, Linux, MQ, MQTT with enterprise level IBM Integration Bus Messaging systems, Large scale retail, WebSphere, RF messaging.


  • Lead developer, tech lead and architect.
  • Worked with QA team for regression and load testing


Atrchitect, Techlead and Lead Developer

Technologies: XSLT, Servlet3, Maven, Tomcat, jQuery and jqPlot (a plotting and charting plugin for the jQuery) ETL Parallel Search Engines.

Environment: Tomcat, Oracle 10g


  • Lead developer, Architect and Tech Lead, for US based and offshore team.
  • Architected the code migration process and helped with the coding process.
  • Performed the tuning, configuration and design of an application which handled 7 million messages per hour at the peak load over clustered app servers on the Red Hat Linux platform.

Confidential, Dayton, OH

Senior Analyst, Architect, Lead Developer

Technologies: SOAP based Webservices, AXIS, JAX-WS, XML, JDBC, Struts2, Java, Ajax, MySQL

Environment: Tomcat, Eclipse


  • Lead developer, tech lead and architect.
  • Performed network security products research from practically all the major vendors to discover and evaluate what “best of breed” technologies were being used, and then made recommendations and provided guidelines to improve locally developed software based security products.

Confidential, Dayton, OH

Solution Architect

Technologies: Enterprise Java Beans, XML, JDBC, Struts, Java, Spring framework, Oracle 10g, Stored Procedures, Weblogic, OASIS WSS, WS*, XACML, Token/SAML and UDDI technologies

Environment: Solaris, CM Synergy, Clear Case and Weblogic Application server 8.0 with Oracle 9I on Windows NT, Borland Jbuilder, Eclipse.


  • My Role was a project lead to evaluate and test major SOA and XML security gateway products from major vendors including IBM’s Web Sphere DataPower XML Security Gateway and Layer 7 XMLGateways, and then I gave my final recommendations to Confidential . .

Confidential, Dayton, OH

Archiect and TechLead


  • Upgraded a network security enforcement product using C# and J2EE. The successful product was tested over Websphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, Struts, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Provided code improvements for iWebStar, an incident - tracking project using Websphere, IBM-WSAD, MS-SQL Server and STRUTS framework.
  • Developed an endpoint network security enforcement product using J2EE and C++ technologies. Communications between C# clients and the J2EE server were done via XML messages; XML parsing was done using SAX. Parsing of XML messages was done on both Java and C# sides.
  • I held J2EE technology and applications ownership for Confidential or 8 years. I defined and developed the technology strategy and roadmap to support J2EE projects and goals. Evaluated software products for Java based applications including application servers, performance analysis tools and techniques.
  • If any J2EE applications which were developed by either local teams or by contractors from USA and offshore would show problems, especially after deployments during heavy loads, I was called in to find and fix all type of issues such as synchronization and performance related issues along with isolating bottlenecks in an applications.
  • I worked closely with the main data center who managed the servers to justify from the application development and production teams point of view when and why systems be upgraded to achieve desired stability and performance of their business critical applications.
  • Developed technology strategy and goals to support applications and projects. Wrote guide lines to how to best use J2EE for Confidential applications, which were made available to all the Confidential J2ee local and offshore developer teams. What development tools and technologies to use for certain applications.
  • Conducted technology and product research about future technology trends and then presented my recommendations for the new technology adoption to the senior most Confidential s architectural steering committee meeting semiannually.
  • Confidential was large enough that not all the Confidential divisions switched to J2EE overnight. Whenever a division needed to go into J2EE, I was called in to define the goals, technology strategy and roadmap to support the project. Also defined what type of hardware, software and tools they would need to go into development and what would be required when going into production with scalability growth in mind..
  • Carried the role of Chief Registrar for J2EE component repository. Responsible for extracting reusable components from all Confidential applications, and making them available for newer applications and existing J2EE projects, saving Confidential thousands of development hours. This resulted in monetary savings amounting to several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Performed the role of Chief for J2EE applications load testing and performance analysis. Detected and resolved low-level coding issues, such as synchronization and deadlocks, that appeared during load testing. Ensured that all Confidential J2EE applications passed load testing (WebLoad and LoadRunner ) before the application entered production.
  • Evaluated best of breed J2EE technologies for cost effectiveness, ease of use, and compatibility and presented recommendations semiannually to Confidential s architectural steering committee.
  • Recommended and evaluated various open-source codes, such as eclipse, Tomcat, Axis, JBoss and Linux for new enterprise-level applications, which resulted in significant cost savings.
  • Performed as an architect while introducing J2EE technology to Confidential
  • Defined goals and evaluated software for Java-based applications, including application servers and performance-analysis tools and techniques. Guided and mentored all development teams during the design phases regarding where and how to use certain J2EE technologies. Wrote Confidential guidelines for best use of J2EE on Confidential enterprise-level applications.
  • Developed, architected and coded TCP/IP based C++ agents for reporting the status of backup jobs (e.g., Oracle and OS file systems) from individual UNIX boxes to the central manager. Deployed these agents to over 2,200 large UNIX production systems.
  • Developed architecture and provided C++ skeleton code for a TCP/IP-based, high-volume, transaction-transporting communication system.
  • Wrote a J2EE LDAP authentication EJB currently in use by all Confidential J2EE applications.
  • Did a few years of System Administration role was working with data center with over 2,200 Unix systems.

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