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Advisory Architect, Consulting Architect Resume


  • 14+ Years track record from advisory Architect role to oversee implementation of central in - memory/ off-memory distributed systems for organizations.
  • Proactive and forward looking at potential road blocks and friction points, bringing them into table as early as appropriate.
  • Engagements at large client organizations with frequent interaction in an advisory/ consultation role with Project stakeholders, Enterprise and Application architects, Devs, Infrastructure specialists, Security experts, Network engineers and Project managers.
  • Leadership and management 7+ years in driving solution architecture, distributed application design, leading development concepts.
  • Distributed Grid capacity planning and hardware sizing and recommendation advice before hardware procurement.
  • Customer facing travel for Domestic and International key projects upto 20%.
  • Detail oriented and forward thinking in solution architecture and design level extensibility for future requirements roadmap.
  • Mentored customer organization architects and senior developer on key decision points on distributed grid computing/processing.
  • Solid background in OOAD UML diagrams (class, state, sequence, collaboration, component etc.) and design techniques using GOF, JEE patterns.
  • Extensive design/development in Distributed data grids, SOA using Central Web Services (Message, SOAP, REST)
  • Good experience in AGILE development methodologies including Iterative and Test Driven development as well as traditional waterfall methodologies.
  • Own, Manage applications in Sizing, Architecture, Design and Development standpoint.


  • Web scalability for high Response and Performance
  • UML Diagrams (Class, Collaboration, Component, State etc.)
  • Prior Development/ Technical experience
  • Core Java (11+ years)
  • Multithreading, Reflections, Recursions, Linked list algorithms, RMI, Serialization
  • Distributed Computing (6+ years)
  • Fast data / Big Data
  • SOA, Java RMI (JRMP), Distributed Cache
  • Active MQ, MOM JEE (9+ years) XML
  • NUX for XOM, XPath, XQuery, JAXB, SOAP
  • Presentation Tier
  • Struts 2(AJAX, HTML), Spring, JSTL, JSON
  • Other Languages (2 years)
  • C++, C#, VB .net, Perl
  • Database/ Integration tier
  • DML / DDL using SQL, HQL, PL/SQL
  • Hibernate 3.x, Spring-JDBC Middleware
  • Tomcat, TcServer, IBM, Oracle (Weblogic)
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • EMC Teamsite, Mediabin, Documentum
  • Source Control
  • Maven, SVN, CVS, ANT, PVCS
  • Platforms & IDEs
  • Linux, Unix, Eclipse, Mac OSX, IntelliJ
  • Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ



Advisory Architect, Consulting Architect


  • Product deployment capacity planning/ Sizing before purchasing hardware for implementation of distributed grids
  • Constantly working and advising multi facet teams in client organization from Product stakeholders, Enterprise architects, Application architects, security consultants, developers to network engineers as well as QA leads
  • Multiple industry exposure from financial, aviation, hotel, pharmaceutical (retail), telecommunication and software.
  • Guided teh high impact Production Gemfire Grid Architecture for an airline client
  • Recommended topologies and fast compact-data access patterns to achieve optimum performance and resource mix
  • Actively engaged in pre-sales phase on feasibility & delivery timeline estimates
  • Designed distributed data solutions for in-memory and MPP databases (i.e. Netezza and Greenplum) integration, potential Pivotal HD(Hadoop) extensibility.
  • Establish rules for mapping Risk department’s teh conventional data model for Gemfire object (key-value) model to provide high speed data access and ability to perform critical business logic parallel at teh in memory data level
  • Advice on JVM heap/ non heap tuning on Gemfire JVMs due to certain client requests/queries.

Confidential, Shelton, CT

Development Lead / Manager


  • Lead and manage development actives of teh Annuities (variable/fixed rate) Product Systems
  • Establish development estimates and technical specifications for project cycles
  • Lead onshore and offshore development teams
  • Primary key contact point for projects at teh delivery cycle for Requirements, QA and Operations teams
  • Provided technical approach to improve performance on large Annuities web application by means of transient data caching between servers

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Sr. Lead/ Software Developer


  • Led and responsible for teh Gartner Secured x.509 Web Services framework’s architecture and implementation.
  • Architectured and implemented framework for Gartner marketing sites facilitating entire user registration module.
  • Introduced new technologies such as Spring WS, Web Service Security standard for Gartner applications.
  • Implemented dynamic logging module for applications dat can be used to change teh logging level runtime.
  • Tuned permgen memory space for applications eliminating non-essential static references and depending on newer byte generator libraries.
  • Architectured and led development of middle tier modules responsible for multi-dimensional analysis of article search results such as trending of article volumes and sentiment over time, queried via ticker symbols (opt exchg filter).
  • Provided technical recommendations to CTO and brainstormed requirements


Sr. Lead Developer/ Application Dev. Manager


  • Owned and led application in development standpoint.
  • Architectured and developed teh Java/ JEE application from teh ground up to migrate from teh outdated poorly performing application.
  • Responsible for implementing enterprise caching layer for all teh external data/ content processors to improve performance, reliability and stability of teh application.
  • Architectured and fully implemented a module to inter-communicate between JVMs using Java RMI subsequently deployed in multiple clusters.

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