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Java Developer Resume

Columbia, SC


  • 6+ years of experience as a quality Java/J2EE Developer in Telecom, Satellite Broadcasting, Pharmaceutical, HealthCare, and Financial domains.
  • Experience in large scale Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in enterprise level, web based, SOA and client/server applications. Experience in Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile Methodology (AUP) and Scrum Software Development processes.
  • Expertise in OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) and OOP (Object Oriented Paradigm) from designing UML diagrams using Microsoft Visio, Altova UModel tools to development phase.
  • Exposure to XML concept, JSON format and technologies including XML parsing using DOM and SAX parsers, XML Binding using JAXB and Castor, validation of XML using schema and DTD, XML transformation using XSLT and retrieval of information using XPath and XQuery .
  • Experience in ICAN Enterprise Integration Framework dealing with creation of middleware web - services.
  • Exposure to Service Oriented Architecture including Universal Description and Discovery Integration (UDDI) lookups, Web Services Description Language (WSDL) using SOAP protocol, and Extended Markup Language (XML) and java XML parsers such as JAXP, and JDOM.
  • Extensive experience with design and development of J2EE based applications involving technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).
  • Developed front-end using AWT, Swing, and JSP with Custom Tag libraries, Struts Tag libraries, JSF Framework, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Strong exposure with Hibernate ORM framework, using annotations with Hibernate and iBatis.
  • Extensive experience in SQL, PL/SQL programming, stored procedures, triggers and Query optimization with Oracle, MS-SQL and MySQL databases. Written queries for insert, update and modification operations. Performed database normalization and optimization using database tools.
  • Implemented transactions in databases with database recovery and maintenance.
  • Performed unit testing using JUnit, integration and deployment of applications done using tools ANT and Maven. Conducted performance testing using tools JMeter.
  • Configuration and version control using VSS, WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, and CMVC & PVCS.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design Patterns including singleton, command, object pool, session façade, Model View Controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), and business delegate. Well versed with core Java concepts like collections, multithreading, serialization, Java beans.


Languages: Java(JDK 1.1, J2SE 1.3/1.4/5.0, Java SE 6), SQL, PL/SQL, CPHP,C++

UML Tools: Altova UModel, MS Visio, Rational Rose


Design Patterns: MVC, DAO, DTO, Front Controller, Session Façade, Business DelegateObserver, Singleton, View Helper, Decorator etc

Frameworks: IC AN, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSF

XML Technologies: XML, XSD, XSLT, DTD, DOM parser, SAX parser, XPath, XQuery

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL 3.x/4.1/5.0, SQL Server 2000/2005

Dist. Object Mgmt: EJB, RMI, SOAP

Scripting/GUI Tools: HTML, DHTML, DOJO, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, Shell Script, DreamweaverZend Studio

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Sun Solaris 9/10, Red Hat Linux 9

Application Servers: WebLogic 7.0/8.1/9.1/10.0 , JBoss 4.0, Apache Tomcat 4.x/5.x

IDE: Enterprise Designer, Eclipse 3.x, RAD 6.0, NetBeans 5.x/6.0, JBuilder 5/6/7/8

Build and Test Tools: SOATest, SoapUI, JUnit 3.8/4.0, JWebUnit, HttpUnit for Junit, Ant, Maven

Misc Tools: Altova XMLSpy, SubVersion, CVS, TOAD for Oracle, Castor, ClearCase, Crystal Reports


Confidential, Columbia, SC

Java Developer


  • Designed web-services according to the technical specifications using the Enterprise Designer with SOAP, WSDL, XSD, XML, XSLT standards.
  • Used XSLT to transform XML documents as required for the Dynamic Transformation Framework(DTF) which manipulates SOAP requests and response messages
  • Implemented the web-services using the ICAN Integration framework which provides flexible adapters to communicate with Soap Requests, Message Queues, and Databases etc.
  • Enterprise Designer was used to create, edit links between different components which communicate with each other through Object Type Definitions (OTDs), compile and generate ear files.
  • Marshalling and Un-marshalling of XML data between the different layers of a middleware webservice.
  • Used DTF to implement light-weight web-services which have simpler business logic.
  • Created RESTful services, which internally send SOAP requests to other services and extract output from the results.
  • XPath was used to manipulate XML data that was part of SOAP requests
  • Used SOATest to write Unit Test Suits, Smoke Tests and Regression tests and test them in different environment.
  • Used SoapUi to create test suites, mock-services and test the web-services
  • SubVersion was used to checkout/check-in code and commit to release branches.
  • Used XMLspy to edit xml, execute xpath, and test webservices
  • Created database tables using TOAD for MySQL
  • Other responsibilities include writing the Detailed Design Documents, creating configuration files, XML validation, using Hudson to automate builds, creation of OTDs from XSDs etc.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Java Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design and implementation and testing phases of SDLC.
  • Contributed to the system design by developing Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams and Class Diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Used JSTL Tag Libraries for JSP pages.
  • Used tiles framework to design the JSP pages.
  • Implemented the application using Struts framework that uses MVC design pattern. Form beans, Action classes and Action Mapping coding performed. Validation performed using Validator XML file and Message Properties Resource.
  • Performed Struts-Spring integration for achieving the application requirement.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript with DOJO Framework support.
  • Developed interactive modules using JSP and Servlets.
  • Business Logic was developed using POJOs and Session EJBs.
  • Designed business tier with Session Beans using EJB 2.0 standards.
  • Implemented SOA architecture with web services using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML using Apache Axis 2.0 framework tool/Apache Commons.
  • Used Web services (SOAP) for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Integrated Hibernate ORM with Spring-Hibernate framework to facilitate DML and DQL queries and represent object-database mapping.
  • Developed Data Access Object (DAO) pattern in persistence layer using JDBC.
  • Write Stored Procedures, Sequences using PL/SQL. Performed query optimization to achieve faster indexing and making the system more scalable.
  • Implemented Messaging using JMS and Message Driven Beans to get information from different departments using ActiveMQ.
  • Castor used for binding XML documents to Java objects and supporting Java XML conversion.
  • Implemented the logging mechanism using Log4j framework.
  • Designed and generated reports using Crystal Reports for reviewing the sales for the company.
  • Maven was used for build automation and project management.
  • Created unit tests using JUnit framework in test driven development approach.
  • Used Shell Scripts to create Cron jobs.
  • Used JMock for integration testing.
  • Involved in regular code review sessions with the whole developer group.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Java Developer


  • Developed Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams & Class Diagrams in UML using IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) software.
  • Designed the application by implementing JSF Framework based on MVC Architecture with EJB, simple Java Beans as a Model, JSP.
  • Used AJAX for the asynchronous communication to the server.
  • Spring MVC used for building web application. Worked with Velocity for providing support to UI.
  • Spring Framework used for dependency injection for Action classes using ApplicationContext xml file.
  • Involved in writing Application config xml file for Spring MVC framework.
  • Extensively used standard design patterns MVC, Session Façade, Business Delegate, DAO, View Helper etc in various stages of the project development.
  • Designed Web Services to get rate information and stock information of drug inventory for clients.
  • Exposed existing Session EJBs to Web Services and implemented Web Services using JAX-WS API.
  • Used Apache Axis 2 to create WSDL descriptor files for Web Services using SOAP protocol.
  • Implemented various XML technologies like XML schemas, XSL style sheets and XSLT.
  • Developed Business logic using Session Beans to implement the functionality.
  • Implemented Messaging using JMS and Message Driven Beans to get the overall customer catalog information from different departments.
  • Oracle 10g was used as the database and required database was designed, normalization was achieved, created and populated using Insert queries.
  • Queries written in PL/SQL to implement complex join operations, invoked stored procedures using CallableStatements in JDBC API.
  • Graphically designed data connections and report layouts including Excel spreadsheets for analysis using Crystal Reports.
  • Developed and Deployed EJBs and other Components in the JBoss Application Server.
  • Developed the building components of application such as JSPs, Servlets, and EJBs.
  • Used Log4j to capture the log.
  • Performed unit testing of the application using JWebUnit.
  • Used APACHE ANT to compile and generate EAR, WAR, and JAR files.

Confidential, Turlock CA

Java Developer


  • Development, enhancement and testing of the Web Methods flow services and Java services.
  • Used web services for interaction between various components and created SOAP envelopes.
  • Created web service Connectors for use within a flow service, while also making the URLs abstract so as to change them at runtime without redeployment.
  • Created a Front-end application using JSPs and Spring MVC for registering a new patient and configured it to connect to database using Hibernate.
  • Created standalone Java programs to read data from several XLS files and insert data into the Database as needed by the Testing team.
  • Ant Build tool configuration for automation of building processes for all types of environments - Test, QA, and Production.
  • Developed and provided support to many components of this application from end-to-end, i.e. Front-end (View) to Web Methods and Database.
  • Provided solutions for bug fixes in this application.
  • Created queries & triggers in the database.
  • Used Tortoise CVS as a version-controlling tool for managing the module developments.
  • Prepared code documentation for future reference and upgrades.
  • Conducted code review for team members, involved in smoke testing.


J2EE Developer


  • Created the Mock-ups using HTML and JavaScript to understand the flow of the web application
  • Used Struts framework to develop the MVC architecture and modularized the application
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML and JavaScript for views and to interact with the end users
  • Developed interactive modules using JSP and Servlets
  • Developed the Business Logic using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) and Session EJBs
  • Designed Stateful Session Beans for maintaining user sessions
  • Integrated and used Hibernate framework for database persistence logic
  • Created set of classes using DAO pattern with generic database related methods to achieve functionalities such as create, update, delete and select to make the database operations reusable
  • Used JUnit testing tool to perform unit testing on individual classes
  • Developed the action classes and form beans using JSF framework
  • Used JSTL Tag Libraries to generate JSP pages and achieve faster response
  • Implemented the search mechanism using Stored Procedures, Sequences in PL/SQL
  • Involved in coding, maintaining, and administering EJBs, Servlets, and JSP components to be deployed on a WebLogic application server
  • Implemented Axis web services for the extended search
  • Performed integrated testing using different test cases
  • Used SVN version control to maintain the different version of the application

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