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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Omaha, NebraskA


  • 6+ years of experience in full life cycle development of commercial application using Object - Oriented Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Extensive working experience on multi-tiered server side component development involving Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Beans.
  • Used development editor tools like Eclipse IDE.
  • Experience working on database like Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, MySQL using Java API-JDBC.
  • Developed database PL/SQL programs for SQL Joins, Procedures, Functions and Triggers.
  • Experience with developing Intelligent Caching Solutions for providing responsive personalized experiences.
  • Experience with XML/JSON and developing SOAP and REST services using Apache CXF or a comparable framework.
  • Expertise in Core Java with knowledge of multithreading, concurrency, memory management
  • Good experience with JAX-WS and JAX-RS
  • Strong expertise in developing Front end with JSP using Servlets, Struts.
  • Proficiency in developing multi-tiered application using frameworks like Struts, Validations and Tiles and good knowledge of Hibernate 3.0 Framework and Spring 2.5 Framework.
  • Good exposure to XML technologies like DTD, XML Schema, XSL, SAX Parsing and Xpath.
  • Experience in web scripting technologies like JavaScript and HTML.
  • Working on various Web-Server s like Web logic 9.1, Web Sphere 5.0 & 6.0, and Tomcat 7.0
  • Solid knowledge of Java Design Patterns and J2EE Design Patterns like GO4, Session Façade, Front Controller, DAO, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Value Object, Value List Handler, and View Helper
  • Good concept in Test First Development and Refactoring
  • Worked extensively on testing troubleshooting, code review, preparing user documentation and post implementation support.
  • Experience in creating BRD, HLD, LLD and Unit Test Cases
  • Good knowledge of Extreme Programming using Agile Methodologies with iterative and Incremental Software Development process.


Programming Languages: JDK1.4,1.5,1.6,1.7

Client Scripting: CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery 1.8,1.9, Dojo

Server Scripting: JSP, Custom Tags, Struts HTML Tags, Struts Logic Tags, Spring Form Tags

XML Technologies: XPATH, JAXP, JDOM

XML Tools: Altova XML Spy 2008, 2009

Application Server/ Web Server: Tomcat 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0. Glass Fish 4.1, Websphere 6.1,7.0, Weblogic 8.1,10, JBoss 4.0,5.1

UML Tools: Altova UML Model, Rational Rose Enterprise

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, Incremental Development, Test First Development

Database Technologies: Oracle 8i, 9i, 12g, MySQL 4.0,5.1, MS SQL 2000,2005

Database Tools: Toad for Oracle, Toad for MySQL, Workbench, Altova Database Spy, DB

MVC Frameworks: Spring 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, Struts 1.3.10, Struts 2.1, JSF 1.2, 2.1, Stripes, Apache Wicket.

Testing API: Junit,, DBUnit, LoadTest, Selenium, JBehave

Testing Tools: Load Runner, eTester, JMeter

IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ

ORM Tools: Hibernate 3.0,3.1,4.3

HLTML Tools: MS FrontPage 2003, Adobe Dreamweaver MX

Platforms: Windows Server 2008, Linux RedHat Server 2005, Solaris 4.1, HP Unix 3000.


Confidential, Omaha, Nebraska

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Attended daily scrum to report the task of the assigned job, stand up meeting and weekly Sprints.
  • Developed the web view using Struts 2, JSP, JavaScript and CSS and JSP Tag libraries (JSTL).
  • Developed payment transactions using EJB for Debit and Credit Cards.
  • Developed the Junit Test Cases for complete code coverage.
  • Created high level design documents of the project.
  • Used Ant to build and deploy the application to development environment.
  • Used Soap Web Services to develop the web service using Scheme files.
  • Generated reports using iReport tool for historical transaction data.
  • Used Rational Application Development (RAD) for writing the code as an IDE.
  • Used SVN Repository 1.3.2 for versioning and revision control, and to maintain current and historical versions of files like source code, web pages, and documentation.
  • Used Oracle Database and Oracle JDBC to run billing job and send the statements to the actual clients.

Environment: Struts 2, Websphere 8.5, Unix, Windows 7, RAD 8.5, JSP, JavaScript, CSS, JSTL, JDBC, DB2, Oracle 11g, iReport, SVN, Soap Web Services, WSDL, Spring MVC 3.0XML

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Used Scrum Agile methodology that included iterative application development, weekly Sprints, stand up meetings and customer reporting backlogs.
  • Involved in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, designing, coding, testing and deployment of the application.
  • Used Struts framework to implement MVC2 Architecture.
  • Integrated Struts with Spring for delegating Struts action management to Spring framework.
  • Implemented Layout management using Struts Tiles Framework.
  • Used the Struts validation Framework in the presentation layer.
  • Used Core Java with knowledge of multithreading, concurrency, memory management.
  • Used Spring Security for customizable authentication and access-control
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSP Tag libraries (JSTL) to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Used Glass Fish 4.1 for server programming
  • Development with ORM solutions using JPA/Hibernate
  • Use HQL, Criteria queries to fetch data from the database.
  • The client-side batch frame made heave use of XML/XSL transforms.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4j and fixed the problem.
  • Used Maven/Ant script to fetch, build and deploy the application to development environment.
  • Implemented Dynamic search facility using AJAX/DWR-XHR implementation.
  • Used Oracle 10g to write Stored Procedures, Triggers and SQL queries.
  • Used Java, Spring, Hibernate, XML, JSON, REST & SOAP Web Services, Jersey for programming server side logic of Local Ads & Local CMS.
  • Used Eclipse Kepler (4.3) IDE for writing code.
  • Extensively used CVS for version controlling.

Environment: Struts 1.3 Framework, Hibernate 3.1, XML, JSP 2.2, JSTL, JavaScript, AJAX, Junit 4.1, Glass Fish 4.1, Oracle 10g, Toad, SoapUI, Log4J, JMS, Eclipse Kepler (4.3), Maven, JDK 1.7, Spring Security3.0, RDBMS/SQL, jQuery CVS, JSON, REST, Rational Rose, Unix, Linux

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developing, Junit testing and Integration of the project.
  • Used J2EE 1.4 guidelines with JSP, Servlets.
  • Ant build file creation and usage of Maven Ivy tool set, along with dynamic JUnit report generation in PDF (format).
  • Used SOA to design for supporting the connection of applications and the sharing of data.
  • Used Java, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, Java mail for programming service and DAO layers of the email proposal module.
  • Used Eclipse Juno for as development editor
  • Used Hibernate with ORM Solution for mapping objects to the relational database.
  • Designed and developed the user interface using Struts, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS3.
  • Developed and provided support to many components of this application from end-to-end, i.e. Front-end (View) to Spring Controllers & configurations to Model.
  • Used JSON for storing and exchanging data
  • Used Glass Fish to access in the server.
  • Used SQL Server for database Queries.
  • Prepared code documentation for future reference and upgrade.
  • Used Bootstrap for creating of web application
  • Conducted review for team members, involved in Unit testing.

Environment: Java 5.0, Hibernate 3.0, Struts 1.2, Spring 3.0, JSP 2.2, Servlets 3.0, JUnit 4.10, XML, XSLT 2.0, SOAP, J2EE 1.4, MS SQL Server 2012, Dojo 1.0, Rational Application Developer(RAD) 7, PL- SQL, Glass Fish 4.1, 10g, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse Juno, HTML, CSS, Linux, Unix

Confidential, Spring Valley, NY

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed Use Object diagrams and Sequence diagrams using UML with Rational Rose.
  • Worked on designing of Processing and Shipment modules.
  • Developed the application using Struts framework based on MVC II design paradigm.
  • Developed Action classes, Action Form beans to implement Struts Framework.
  • Developed Intelligent Caching Solutions to provide responsive experiences
  • Used the validation.xml and validator-rules.xml files to make use of the struts custom validators to validate the form bean fields.
  • Used SOAP Webservices for communicating with mediation layers.
  • Used JSPs, JavaScript, Ajax and HTML for developing UI (views).
  • Updated item location asynchronously using JMS Server.
  • Designed and developed message driven beans that consumed the messages from the Java message queue.
  • Used web services for sending and getting tracking information from different applications using SOAP messages.
  • For extracting information form XML messages developed SAX parser based XML modules.
  • Used Hibernate persistence strategy to interact with database.
  • Used Apache Ant for the entire build process.
  • Extensively Used JUNIT and defined various TestSuites and TestCases.
  • Used Log4J for logging server side message.
  • Used Apache POI for providing Java libraries for reading and writing files in Microsoft Office format
  • Developed the application using IDE tool WSAD and deployed on IBM Web Sphere Application Server

Environment: J2EE 1.4, WSAD, DB2, EJB 3.0, Struts 1.3, Hibernate 3.5, Servlets 2.5, JSP 2.1, JMS 1.1, JAX-RPC 1.1, SAX, HTML, JNDI, SQL, Log4J, Ajax, UML, XML, Rational Rose, Apache POI, Websphere 6.0.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Designing, Development, and Maintenance of the project.
  • Worked closely with the Business Analyst for requirement gathering.
  • Implemented Java Design patterns using Struts Framework.
  • Used Struts Tiles Framework.
  • Created tables in the DB2 v8 database.
  • Used Eclipse Indigo as development tool
  • Created EJB session beans for interfacing with the database.
  • Used CMVC as a version-controlling tool for managing module enhancements.
  • Configured WAS 4.0 applications in a UNIX environment.
  • Wrote UNIX (AIX) scripts for automated processing of certain functions that were performed weekly by connecting to the DB2 databases.
  • Maintenance and Support of the Front-end and Backend functionality.
  • Resolving production issues caused due to DB2 database downtime and Frontend configuration changes.

Environment: J2SE 1.4, J2EE 1.3 (Servlets 2.3, JavaBeans 1.0, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0), Eclipse Indigo, Hibernate3.3, Struts 1.1, DB2 v8, WSAD 5.0, CMVC, MS Visio 2002, UNIX (AIX 5.0)

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in complete life cycle of software development including designing, developing, testing, and deployment of application.
  • J2EEArchitecture was implemented using Struts based on the MVC2 pattern.
  • Implemented the different UI Components like Data tables.
  • Developed Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams &Sequence Diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed the user interfaces using JSP embedded with JSTL based on MVC2 architecture
  • ANT script is used to create WAR and EAR files.
  • Created and configured Queues and Topics for JMS.
  • Used Log4J for logging Framework
  • Used Junit for unit testing.
  • Used as development tool Eclipse Indigo
  • CreatedJavaServlets and other classes, deployed as EAR file, connecting to SQL server database using JDBC.
  • Built customer tag handlers and description library.
  • Developed Event Logging & Error Reportingapplication using Servlets.
  • Developed view pages and JavaBeans.
  • Developed system to access to legacy system database.
  • Designed dataflow system, divided dataflow to modules, defined function and interface.
  • Designed database tables, stored procedures and functions.
  • Developed procedures and functions, user interface and error handles for smart search, writing user manual and training user.

Environment: JSP 2.1, Servlets 2.5, Struts 1.2, Hibernate 3.0, XML, XSLT, XSL, Eclipse Indigo SAX, DTDs, Weblogic workshop 9.2, JBoss AS 4.0, JMS 1.1, JDBC 4.0,Oracle 9i, ANT, Log4js 1.1, Junit 4.5

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