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Android Application Developer Resume

Houston, TX


  • 7+ years of experience as Software developer using Java Web technologies.
  • 5+ year of experience as Android Developer working with 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 4.4 (KitKat) and 5.0 (Lollipop).
  • Highly experienced in banking companies and tourism companies.
  • Proficient in object - oriented design, data structures, problem solving, complexity analysis, and debugging.
  • Keen eye for front-end development and skilled in the usage of new and powerful technologies to improve performance.
  • Proactive interest in latest technology and industry topics / self-learning such as Android Wear, Android Beam (NFC), Android TV, and Google Chromecast.
  • Expertise in the usage of third party libraries for better performance loading images or HTTP requests.
  • Developed applications that need the usage of multithreading and asynchronous processes.
  • Incorporated methodologies of development such as Scrum and RUP
  • Highly skilled in the implementation of external libraries (APIs) like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.
  • Proactive interest in the usage of sensors and Sensor framework provided by the Android SDK.
  • Advocate learn the data transfer with Bluetooth and NFC with Android frameworks.
  • Helped identify constraints and requirements of different projects in order to create proper documentation
  • Conceptualized, designed, and implemented Android mobile projects
  • Modeled project’s architectural diagrams and created their specific document elements (roles, activities, events) and behavior implementing UML methodology. I elaborated class diagrams, component diagrams, activity diagrams, use case diagrams, and sequence diagrams
  • Extensive debugging skills and eye to improve code performance, identify security risks and spot required validations
  • Experienced testing applications, deploying projects using different containers like jboss, glassfish and tomcat servers at local and remote locations.
  • Advocate of TDD and promoter of the testing of applications in both simulators and devices before releasing the final version
  • Skilled in writing and running tests for Android applications using Robotium and Robolectric
  • Able to use the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) to install or uninstall APK’s, to access databases; also to use the Android log console
  • Knowledge of the most famous version control systems like Git, SVN and Tortoise
  • Highly experienced with technologies and procedures to promote the continuous integration of the projects
  • Able to communicate effectively, accurately and clearly to express or debate any technical requirement
  • Planned and executed detailed manual (Gantt charts), and fixed duration (time is known) project plans and creation of detailed activity documents for collaborators
  • In charge of the configuration of servers (logic perspective): domain, DMZ firewall, web servers, application servers and DB access.
  • Regarded as a mentor by my junior teammates. Someone who is always motivated and cares about personal and team performance and is always helping others during difficulties
  • Skilled in problem solving, understands complexity and finding ways to benefit of the project
  • Responsible and committed team member
  • Upgraded spring security implementation to a latest version in order to mitigate risks
  • Knowledge of code obfuscators to preserve the security of development
  • Worked with cipher algorithms to improve security while manipulating data such as LDAP, SHA-1, SSL, RSA, DSA.
  • Designed web pages with new trends taking advantage of the most recent user interface patterns
  • Developed responsive web pages to be used by browsers at desktop, tablets or phones
  • Created mobile-friendly versions of existing websites using responsive design
  • Skilled in the creation of friendly user interfaces for Android applications
  • Experienced developing and consuming java web services such as JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (RESTful).
  • Able handling JSON and XML HTTP requests from web services and parsing responses using native implementations and third party libraries
  • Worked with stored procedures, triggers, and schemas of Database Management Systems
  • Expertise with SQLite implementation for Android applications
  • Managed MYSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MongoDB


Languages: Android, Objective C, Java J2SE, J2EE, C, C++, C#, JavaScript

Markup Languages: HTML5, HTML, XML and XHTML, CSS3

Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle 12g, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Frameworks: Struts MVC, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSF, JQuery, Hibernate, JQuery Mobile

App/Web Servers: Jboss 4, Jboss 5.1 EAP, Jboss 6, Apache Tomcat, Glassfish 3

Web Services: Restful, SOAP, JSON, GSON

IDES: Android Studio, Eclipse Android, Spring Android, Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net beans, Visual Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA

Libraries: KSoap, Bootstrap, Universal Image Loader, Picasso, GSON, Http Client, Volley, Angularjs, Facebook API, Twitter API

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Google API’s: Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google AdMob, Google Cloud Services

Change Management Tool: Tortoise, Git, Subversion

Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, RUP

Testing Tools: JUnit, Robotium, Robolectric, JMeter, Test Fairy

Others: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project Manager, Apache Ant, Apache Cordova, Phonegap

Analysis and Modeling: UML, MVC, Singleton, Delegates, TDD, OOP, OOD, Dependency Injection

Office Tools: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Project, Outlook

Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista; Ubuntu


Confidential, Houston, TX

Android Application Developer

Environment: Android 5.0, Eclipse, MVC, JSON, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, DOJO, Photoshop, Flash, REST, GitHub, agile, SQLite and Windows.


  • Participated in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for proper analysis, development, testing, deployment and enhancement of the code.
  • Design screens using MVC pattern for the application with Android Studio IDE.
  • Used Android NDK to create the library files to be used by Services.
  • Played a key role in writing application logic using Eclipse IDE and Android SDK.
  • Worked with Android 5.0 API’s for a few tasks including simple activity transitions and Recycler Views.
  • Worked on the Android AsyncTask service to update List View Screen.
  • Implemented the Google Map and Place API to get the JSON data by restful protocol which shows the nearby restaurant in a specific location.
  • Involved in integrating SQLite database for android applications and worked on the LAMP server on Amazon EC2 server.
  • Designed & develop the xml layout with Android MapFragment to View particular bar locations on the map.
  • Involved in graphic design, audio and video features and handling various kinds of media using Photoshop, Flash.
  • Added AJAX-JSON communications for certain use cases to get data from cloud server and rendered the data onto views and layouts.
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Utilized Dojo for JavaScript components.
  • Designed the SQlite database to store the event information including name, place, time and date, etc.
  • Used GitHub as project version controller.
  • Followed the agile methodology for implementing the project.
  • Analyzed and fixed the defects for various modules in the QA stages.
  • Involved in requirement gathering, UI design and development.

Confidential, Monroe, LA

Android Application Developer

Environment: Android, Photoshop, Flash, CS5, JSON, Rest API, Google Maps, XML, HTML, GUI and Windows.


  • Involved in entire software development process for all assigned Android application development projects
  • Worked on an Android service to download and upload content from back end web server via REST API.
  • Worked on an Android Service to implement the Push Notification.
  • Developing mobile apps that fit into their CPU, memory and battery constraints, while making sure the code is efficient, maintainable, reusable, and extensible.
  • Integrated location based services using Google Maps API to display locations of the nearest stores.
  • Used Android content providers for implementing features like integrating the customer details into the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Used Android content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Designed the web services to communicate with the Android application by using RESTful web services with the Spring 3 API, and JSON Parsing for the received responses.
  • Extensively used XML documents to translate the content into HTML to present to GUI.
  • Used Photoshop CS5, Firework CS5, and Illustrator CS5 frequently for editing images, altering photos, and customizing look and feel of client's applications.
  • Used the GIT as version control management tools to control the versioning of the application.
  • Created integration between Google Map API with the parking mobile application using GoogleMap V2.
  • Implemented the XMLPullparser class for feeds from various sources and displayed the parsed bar deals data in the customized Listview.
  • Tested functionality of the application.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Android Developer

Environment: Android SDK, Eclipse, Java, Web service, HTML, XML, Windows and MS SQL server and Google maps API.


  • Analyzed the project features, designed the application architecture and database, and implemented server back end.
  • Collected and constructed numerous vehicle specification information.
  • Extensively utilized AsyncTask, Thread, handler, services to provide smooth UI experience.
  • Implemented auto-sync feature to allow users use the app completely offline and to synchronize the app data with the cloud when the network becomes available.
  • Participated in constructing the specification documents including Unified Modeling Language diagrams: Use Cases, System Features, Data Flow Diagram, Class Diagram, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, State Transition Models
  • Participated in constructing automated unit testing, performing usability testing on UI, ad hoc testing based on test and fault models
  • Integrated Support Library to make the app compatible from API 2.3 up to 4.0.4
  • Integrated with web service and mobile device to share information with each other
  • Debugged and tested the application on different android devices.

Confidential, West Boylston, MA

Android Developer

Environment: /Tools: Android SDK, HTML, XML, JDK5.0, Eclipse, Google Maps, Android API, Android 2.3+, java, Apache Tomcat, SQLite, MySQL, JDBC,JAX-RS, Eclipse, Amazon AWS, XMPP Server, Google Maps, Geo Fencing.


  • Full life cycle experience including requirements analysis, high level design, detailed design, data design, coding, testing, and creation of functional and Technical documentation.
  • Reviewed business requirements, functional designs in order to gain a deep functional understanding of the application.
  • Extensively participated in user meetings to gather the requirements of the application.
  • Followed agile methodology for the application development.
  • OO Concepts and UML were immensely used for modeling.
  • Developed the UI for the app using edit boxes, buttons, 9-patch images, time picker, date picker, dialog boxes, alert boxes and spinners using various layouts.
  • Worked on styles, colors, and fonts and using images for the entire application.
  • Context and Options menu were handled in a dynamic fashion to display counts for the menu items.
  • Worked with Android UI components such as Layouts, Menus and Action Bars.
  • Created new features to support application development in union with team.
  • Google APIs have been used to integrate map feature into the application.
  • Used KSOAP for web service calls.
  • Implemented logic to store and retrieve data related to latest deals in a SQLite database.
  • Worked as a team to support the app for different Android API levels, like location, memory management and wi-fi.
  • XML parsing was implemented using SAX parser to parse the data and access the services.
  • Time constraint issues, exceptions and errors were effectively handled for the app.
  • Involved in unit testing with eclipse debugger and USB debugging as well as in post-production support and change request process to fix the bugs.
  • Also, tested the app consistency on multiple screens and mobile devices.
  • Involved in packaging, signing and provisioning.


Software Developer

Environment: JDK1.4 /J2EE, Eclipse IDE, JSP 1.2, Servlets 2.3, Struts 1.2, Applets, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, JDBC, SQL Server 2000, Web Logic 8.1, Bootstrap, Database Spy, JBuilder 8 Enterprise Edition, Window NT, PHP 5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Tomcat, Oracle 9i.


  • Responsible for development, modification and maintenance of Invoice Management System (IMS) which is used to streamline invoice processing, tracking and reporting.
  • Developed the GUI in JSP using HTML/DHTML and CSS.
  • Extensive use of HTML/PHP for the presentation layer along with JavaScript for the client side validations.
  • Achievements include faster vendor payments, efficient tracking of invoices, management reporting functionalities, transparency in processing and establishment of a platform to enable automation.
  • Development & enhancement of Business Components for order processing application.
  • Developed Servlets and Java classes to communicate with the Database using JDBC.
  • DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP was used for designing the screens and validation of front-end.
  • Worked with the users to gather requirements and worked in Analysis and designing part.
  • Trained and assisted other members of the team to support Invoice management system.
  • Participated in project planning, documentation, testing and validation procedures.
  • Client side layout using custom made bootstrap UI and JQuery.
  • Developed Web-tier authentication consisting of HTTP basic authentication, form-based authentication, and HTTP mutual authentication.
  • Created database including tables, views, functions, constraints etc.
  • Used Tomcat as App server and Oracle as the database to develop and deploy the application.

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