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Senior Android Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • Highly motivated professional wif 5+ years Commercial Software development experience and in depth noledge of developing consumer friendly, high - performance Android applications wif ability to multi-task, work independently and as part of multiple teams.
  • Direct involvement wif 5 published apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Expertise in computer science fundamentals - data structures, algorithms, multi-threaded programming and networking concepts.
  • Exposure to Android UI development supporting variety of layouts and screen sizes/orientation.
  • Experience in building enterprise mobile apps wif server side integration using REST services wif JSON & XML data formats.
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently and as part of multiple teams wif strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience working wif teams in source code controlled environments using Git, SVN, or other popular systems.
  • Working noledge of third-party APIs like Google Maps, Social networks APIs & barcode scanning.
  • Understanding of testing tools and unit test and integration test scripting, and testing methodologies. Experience working wif unit test frameworks such as Expresso & Robolectric.
  • Experience wif formal software delivery methodologies and understanding of the Principals & Patterns of Agile and Scrum Software.
  • Comfortable wif Android performance tuning (memory, speed, networking, thread management) and extensive experience using performance analysis tools.
  • Experience in Analyzing and evaluating existing or proposed systems, prepare charts and diagrams to assist in problem analysis, submit recommendations for solution, prepare program specifications, develop coding logic flowcharts, encode, test, debug, and maintain code.
  • Lead/mentor developers and share expertise through noledge-sharing presentations.


Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, XML, .NET, JavaScript, HTML5

Database: SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

Methodologies: Microsoft Solutions Framework, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Use Case design methodology, Object Oriented Design TEMPprincipals, Agile and Scrum

Testing Tools: Robolectric, Robotium, JUnit, Calabash and Cucumber

Third-party API: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Dropbox, YouTube, Google Maps V2, Places API

External Libs: Retrofit, Butterknife, Android Annotations, Google Play Services. Picasso, Volley, Flurry, Amazon Web Services, HelpShift, Icepick, Bolts, Hugo, Fiksu, Yozio, Kochava, Bugsnag, Nine Old Androids, Localytics, GreenDAO, ORMLite, SQLCipher, Robolectric, JUnit, SQLite, ORMLite, Timber, RoboGuice, Glide, LeakCanary

Continuous Integration: GIT, SVN, Jenkins, JIRA

Analysis Tools: Check style, FindBugs, Lint, New Relic, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Crashlytics, Flurry, Facebook Analytics


Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Android Developer


  • Android Studio: Design and built an advanced application for the Android platform using latest Android SDK, Android Studio and APIs
  • Material Design: In corporate new material design features into the app for efficiency on new Android 5.0 Lollipop version like recyclerview, cardview, improved actionbar wif backward compatibility
  • LeakCanary: Manage the memory leaks wifin the application using LeakCanary and avoid ANR, Out of memory exceptions.
  • Parsing: Efficient use of external libraries like Retrofit, okhttp and GSON for serialization and deserialization of JSON data returned from the external API
  • CI: Continuous code management implemented using bit-bucket
  • Analytics: In corporate Google Analytics for tracing the app users for the application and data-mining related to the app
  • Bitmaps: Use Picasso for the efficient handling of caching, recycling, and displaying the final bitmap
  • Custom Views: Create Custom Views and animations as per iOS app prototype, implement Android components to specifications that are preformat and stable
  • Unit Test: Use Robotium to write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps.
  • Teamwork: Interact wif graphic designers and cross-functional teams for the improvement of the app.
  • JIRA: Bug-tracking the application using JIRA for team planning, and building great products to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity
  • App-Compatibility: Optimization of the code bases, wif respect to development speed, application speed and consistency across multiple devices
  • Include dependency injection library like RoboGuice to reduce boilerplate code and loose coupling
  • Mentored junior developers during the application building process
  • Agile: Use Agile and Scrum for project management and development.
  • MVP: Follow and integrate MVP design architecture for clear separation of UI and business logic.
  • Team Work: Use Slack, Trello, Confluence, Google Hangouts for team communication

Confidential, Beverly Hills, CA

Senior Android Developer


  • Flexible UI: Develop reusable components using Intents, fragments and advanced UI design techniques.
  • GCM: Integrate Google Cloud Messaging for sending notifications to registered users about new hot deals, gift coupons and exiting offers.
  • In-App Payment: Integrate PayPal for effective payment mechanism and other financial methods.
  • RESTful, SQLite, JSON: Synchronization of the backend database wif the frontend UI using SQLite by implementing RESTful web services and JSON parsing,
  • Asynchrous Callbacks: Use Retrofit to post data from HTTP request to the server and retrieves the JSON data, parse it and cache it on file system or SQLite data base
  • Code Refinement: Use MVC design patterns, Checkstyle, Lint, dependency injection libs like RoboGuice.
  • TDD: Implemente Unit testing using Robolectric, UI testing using Robotium, and other external testing tools.
  • Compatibility: Develop a responsive user interface that adapted to a wide variety of Android devices having screen size and resolutions.
  • Lollipop: Create custom animation to improve the user experience following the material design principals
  • Views: Extensive use of compound views to show custom items in RecyclerViews
  • Memory Leaks: Handle ANR, issues to memory leaks using heap analyzer, leakCananry library.
  • Agile: Effective Project Management executed using Scrum.
  • Bug fixing: Use advanced bug-fixing tools like Crashlytics, JIRA, bug-sense for refining of the old app, smooth functioning and optimization.
  • Google Play Services: Incorporated third-party APIs like Google Maps for geo-store location feature and barcode scanning.
  • MixPanel: Analyze the actions people take in the application for someone uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post
  • Design Pattern: Implement MVC, Singleton and Factory Design pattern
  • Multithreading: Apply multithreading techniques like threads, handlers, Intent Services, AsyncTasks, Loaders for background operations
  • Implemented a navigation drawer and ActionBar for quick access to different activities and for the better experience of the user.
  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.

Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Senior Android Developer


  • Designing/Architecture functional modules for communication wif web services, UI and external devices communication via set of standard and proprietary protocols.
  • Built the application using the latest Android SDK, Google Maps API’s V2 and advanced UX and UI design architecture.
  • Maps: Implement Google Maps API V2 for displaying the registered users depending on their current location and the nearby available taxis.
  • Payment Gateways: In corporate In-App payment mechanism using PayPal and Stripe
  • CI: Use BitBucket to pragmatically write detailed commit messages, rebase branches, use bisect to track down bugs, and tag releases.
  • Social Networking: Integrate third-party social-media network API like Facebook, Google+ for user profile creation.
  • Screen Support: Support multiple screen resolutions implementing different layouts for portrait and landscape.
  • Views: Work wif the design and user experience team when creating custom buttons, menus and toolbars.
  • Backward Compatibility: Develop a Flexible UI building framework using Android Fragment, app-compact library and Action-bar Sherlock
  • Project Management: Work wif agile development using the SCRUM methodology
  • Push Notifications: Deploy GCM for sending real-time information to the users.
  • API Communication: Use Retrofit to make asynchronous HTTP requests, handle responses in anonymous callbacks
  • JUNIT: Developed Unit Test Cases, employed TDD testing techniques and used automated testing tools.
  • Design Pattern: Implement MVC, Singleton and Factory Design pattern
  • Contribution in requirement analysis & gathering, defining & delivering road maps for projects, creating internal technical documents.
  • Work wif test and operations teams to troubleshoot, resolve issues and bug-fix
  • Dynamically involved in application design, making it more robust and user friendly.
  • Manage ongoing maintenance to fix bugs, add features and functionalities, and improve User Interface

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Developer


  • Built mobile and tablet compatible applications wif appreciation of Android user experience implementing dynamic, smooth, mobile UIs, presenting real-time data.
  • Leverage beautiful mobile app design practices when crafting the application user interfaces wif the best possible UI experience.
  • Smooth integration of Google Maps API to browse listings in multiple neighborhoods and cities.
  • Follow Confluence for collaborating on documents and flexible noledge management.
  • Implement JIRA Agile rich features to enable flexibly plans and adopt the best agile practices for the project.
  • Customization of the markers on the Maps for pinning the relevant properties on the map.
  • Handle the loading of bitmaps and images wif the application and avoid OutOfMemory Exception.
  • Work on the Powerful filtering feature wifin the app to narrow the search by location, price, and even pet-friendliness to find exactly what user is looking for.
  • MVP: Integrate MVP design architecture maintainability of UI and create almost no dependency on business logic.
  • Implement Shared Preferences and SQLite for data persistency.
  • Multithreading: Apply multithreading techniques like threads, handlers, Intent Services, AsyncTask, Loaders for background operations.
  • Proficiently work wif REST APIs using best practice networking.
  • Efficient and clean code integration and backup using JIRA and GIT.
  • Author and execute test plans for mobile solutions and configurations using automated testing tools.
  • Facilitate an agile methodology aimed to insure that re-usable patterns, components and methodologies are implemented and adopted.
  • Collaborate wif team in release execution cycles & manage the implementation of suggested module independently.


Android Developer


  • Independently design and develop native mobile applications for Android platforms according to specifications handed by design team or clients.
  • Server side integration using REST services wif JSON & XML data format to get the list of the currencies using Android AsyncTask.
  • Help in signing, versioning and publishing the application on the Google Play Store.
  • Follow daily Scrum and work in the ever changing agile environment.
  • Implementation of essential MVC designs pattern for conversion calculator and external libraries for app optimization.
  • Implement asynchronous processing and multithread the application using threads, handlers and Async Task.
  • Implement complex and responsive UI's utilizing the native frameworks including animations.
  • Develop and maintain set of unit tests to support application testing.
  • Use Nine Old Androids for using the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) animation API on all versions of the platform back to 1.0
  • Apply problem-solving skills to technical issues using various bug-tracking tools like JIRA.
  • Implement social networks and communities connectivity applications.
  • Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  • Program efficiently using OOP principals.
  • Work wifin project teams, and customer service teams as a technical resource and contributed to successful implementations and customer satisfaction.

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