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Mobility Architect / Xamarin Dev Lead Resume


  • An accomplished IT professional with over 25 years of experience including all aspects of technical department and team management, project management and delivery, solution design, and hands - on development.
  • Has strong leadership skills and a natural aptitude for foreseeing technical issues and identifying successful solutions.
  • Highly trained with notable field experience in cutting edge technological areas such as Mobile Applications Development (including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone), BPM products including Confidential ’s Teamworks and Blueprint, and many others.
  • Experienced in a wide variety of business and system application areas, both from a developer and a leadership perspective.
  • Has led or developed many end-to-end applications using Microsoft technologies (C#, VB, .NET, VC++, ASP, etc.) and has worked extensively in Java and C/C++, and Objective C.
  • A highly dedicated consultant motivated to the success of each project.
  • Prepared to work as team member or assume a leadership role.
  • Learns new technologies readily, and thrives on technical challenges.
  • Worked for over a year on a project for a major Investment Banking company to provide the bankers quick access to data while working with HVC clients via their mobile devices.
  • During this project, I did both client and server side development in Xamarin / Dot Net (C#), including both integrating with the required corporate frameworks and with the Good Dynamics API for client and server interaction.
  • Additionally, I lead several coordination efforts at the New York branch of our project team and interacted with teams in London, Poland, and Latvia as well. In addition to multiple types of development work, I administered our Good Dynamics server for our development environment and provided development support in association with the Good Dynamics API (using their Xamarin interface and C#).
  • Primary developer on a very aggressive Xamarin project using C# and Xaml for a customer who provided credit information to clients. Performed primary development lead and primary client contact. Also charged with leading a team of 4 offshore developers during development.
  • Worked as lead Xamarin developer for full project life cycle on the redesign of a major utility company monthly inspection process using iPads in place of paper forms. Served as primary client liaison, project manager/lead, and technical / development lead until successful delivery.
  • Assistant Director of Mobility Group for a major consulting firm where I performed full-time field work in on-site C# development, Mobile Project Leadership / Mobile Project Management, Mobile Technical Leadership, Client Liaison, Account Management, Mobile Architecture and Mobile Application and Solution Design, and Mobile Development.
  • Principle, hands-on (as lead Xamarin develoepr), Mobility Architect (Director / Senior Manager level) performing roles of Mobile Idea Generation, Research and Direction Planning to assist major financial clients in determining future direction in mobility, presentation of technical and user / business concepts to corporate decision makers, and technical functions from hands-on development in native code for iOS and Android to high-level application and system architecture.
  • Lead developer and trainer (BPMC) at several clients who were learning and implementing Confidential Teamworks products using Java and C# for customization and integration.
  • Technical Lead and Architect on several internal Enterprise iPhone development projects including website customization as well as numerous custom iPhone native applications.
  • Successfully led as technnical lead and lead developer on a high-profile project at a major insurance company that would allow complex outgoing correspondence to be generated and populated automatically, including populating internally and externally designed legal compliance forms. System was enterprise oriented and needed to be platform neutral to work identically across desktops, laptops, mobile devices (including embedded systems), and web applications.
  • Co-architect for a mobile application on an imbedded device platform to allow efficient collaboration between field and office personnel.
  • Project required research and development into custom-modified devices to support the company’s primary business objectives effectively and to reduce costs of previous methods of inter-team communication.
  • 5-year Development and Project Lead at a major manufacturing company on a multi-million dollar FileNET initiative.
  • Parts of this system were accessible via multiple mobile paths including cellular phones, hand held devices (primarily Palm OS), and laptops loaded out for this specific purpose.
  • Responsibilities included project planning, development, system and network planning and design, data analysis, problem analysis, management of a team of up to 12 people, training, cost analysis and reduction.
  • In one project, I initiated an effort to develop a software replacement for an aging hardware system that saved the department over 7 million dollars annually.



PhoneGap / Cordova

PC / Windows

Mac / Cocoa / Touch

Good Dynamics

Xamarin / Mono

XNA / Monogame



Windows Mobile / Windows Phone

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern

SOAP Messaging

REST Services iPhone XCode

Cocoa / Cocoa Touch

IPhone / Cocoa Touch

Mac OS X

Android SDK / ADK

Xamarin / Mono

PhoneGap / Cordova

Android (up to 4.2)

Business Process - Management (BPM)

Visual C++ / C# / VB.NET

Elasticsearch / Nest

Windows 3.0 - Win 7 Mobile / Win CE



Sun Java JDK


Palm OS


NUnit / NMock

Eclipse / Netbeans


Several Embedded


Obj-C / iPhone / Mac

Java / J2EE / J2SE



Confidential Teamworks

Visual Basic .NET




C / C++ / C# / Obj-C

Microsoft Access

Palm PDB

Visual Basic (3 - 6)


XBase / DBase

SQL Server



Fox Pro





BPM / Process automation

Financial / Banking


Satellite Communications

Imaging / OCR / ICR

Virus Protection


Compression / Encryption

Time Management

Image Enhancement

Stock / Broker Trading



Mobility Architect / Xamarin Dev Lead


  • Worked with Good Dynamics to set up full server access for securing applications with their security platform.
  • Worked on several Good secured apps that use the Good platform as well.
  • Advised project owner on technological direction for project under tight deadlines and significant budget constraints while providing value-added capabilities to the business user.
  • Spearheaded effort to build out back end services for Good Dynamics infrastructure in order to update aging VPN system and increase end-user satisfaction of software experience.
  • Provided face-to-face liaison for U.S. Local management decisision makers and disparate team leads in order to drive project forward for London-based project owner.


Mobility Architect / Mobile Dev


  • Short term project under a very aggressive deadline to deliver a mobile solution on both iOS and Android that would provide detailed credit history and status data to customers of our client.
  • Worked in Xamarin using C# and Xaml including development of customized screen display components to provide precise look and feel based on client request.
  • Worked as development lead over a team of 4 offshore developers and handled client change requests, interaction with the UI Designer, quality assurance, and change requests.
  • Developed multiple UI candidates for a weapons control system under contract for the U.S. Marines.
  • Provided technical advisory services for cost efficiency of app development based on numerous criteria and under a limited budget.


Enterprise Mobile Solutions Architect


  • Hired by a previous manager from Cognizant (see below) to build out a mobility department for the newly formed Confidential, Inc
  • Worked primarily as technical and development lead with additional heavy focus on the business from presales and sales to design, architecture, project management, client interaction, team lead, and delivery.
  • Delivered solutions to several different clients including a major commercial food supplier, a major utility company, and a major online real estate company.
  • Worked on a Windows Mobile contract for an online real estate company that was paid for by Microsoft as part of their initiative to bring notable apps from iOS and Android to Windows Phone
  • Provided onsite training and assistance to a client in moving from traditional Waterfall and desktop development into Agile/Scrum and Mobile development as well as training them and helping them ramp up in Xamarin and C#.
  • Lead speaker in a two day seminar provided to a client to help them determine their direction for moving forward with mobility (this led directly to us gaining another project)
  • Attended multiple training and conference sessions with Xamarin as well as worked on multiple Xamarin projects.


Practice Director, Mobility


  • Contracted to help in planning and establishing a mobility group within the company.
  • Kicked off development effort on a project for specialized inter-company communication using Xamarin and C#.
  • Received direct training in MobileForce software from Fonemine in order to support their growth in that business area.
  • Performed in a development, presales and presentation role of MobileForce to clients and potential clients.
  • Provided introductory training to MobileForce for internal personnel.


Principle Mobility Consultant


  • Technical Lead, Development lead, or Architecture Lead on a numerous projects writing banking and credit apps, both client facing and internal use by leveraging onsite and offshore personnel (as many as 40 at a time) to provide fast change turn-around and high client satisfaction.
  • Led or guided numerous Mobile Initiatives, often with multiple simultaneous and at disparate locations, by traveling to each location and working with each onsite team for both management and development / technical work.
  • Assistant Director reporting directly to VP (primarily in a technical / architectural capacity). Work involved project planning for Mobile initiatives as well as presentation to C-Level execs, architect / project / technical lead to mobile platform development teams and account managers for these accounts, and hands on technical work as an architect, lead developer, and mentor for mobility project work.
  • Heavily involved in business development by assisting clients in determining future mobility direction as well as being involved with numerous accounts around the country in a technical capacity on live projects.
  • Responsible for application design recommendations, architecture planning, high-end development, and in-depth familiarity with the current mobile market place in order to provide on-hand information to clients as needed.
  • Directed and participated in projects to provide proof of concept work for clients attempting to determine future mobile direction as well as product evaluation of a wide variety of mobile development and cross platform development options.


Lead Consultant / Program Manager


  • Performed in multiple significant roles on Confidential Teamworks and iOS (iPhone / iPad) development efforts. Roles include offshore Team Lead, Program / Project Manager, Developer, Technical Lead and Architect and Trainer.
  • Also Functioned as Architect, and Technical Lead, and Team Lead to an offshore development team in India for the development of a major pharmaceutical subscription, billing, and tracking application. Provided front end development on urgent client needs while managing offshore team for longer development efforts as well as handling growth and development training to both offshore and on site personnel (both client and TCS).
  • Prepared for the release of the iPad prior to its official release date by studying the new O/S and hardware capabilities using the SDK pre-release in order to respond as businesses began to adopt the new platform.
  • Acquired an iPad on initial release day and began work on development on the new platform.
  • Familiarized with several iPhone / iPad development Environments including XCode, Interface Builder, Objective C, Unity, Cocos2d, OpenGL, OpenGLES.


Consultant / Project Lead


  • Designed, developed and implemented a tracking application for flight crews to track in-flight information concerning schedules, departure and destination location details, security information, emergency procedures, etc.
  • Guided and assisted in the development of the user interface as well as the architecture of the internal functionality of the more complex parts of the in-flight tracking application. These included details like the ability to store and display PDF data in a mobile format, keep track of mobile access to the server and provide updates as the data is available (while still providing the latest known version of the data if the server is not available), strategic planning with upper management, demonstration and speaking to upper management, etc.
  • Worked with crew and pilots to determine appropriate choices during development to provide optimum value to the end user. Also worked with Security and other external groups in preparing the application to be launched in a phased release.
  • Provided guidance for information concerning capabilities and standards for IOS applications and assisted in setting standard development practices for IOS development.


Consultant / Project Lead - iPhone / C# / Web developer


  • Assisted client in planning development direction to move current products to iPhone platform.
  • Designed and architected several solution options in order to provide maximum benefit to the business.
  • Developed both Application and Web App solutions to solve the business problem at hand.
  • Identified several ways of dramatically reducing development time while still providing full problem resolution.
  • Trained on-hand personnel in iPhone and OS X development technologies and industry standards for these platforms in order to allow them to continue to support the products I developed on-site.
  • Documented processes necessary to allow client to continue development other mobile products as the need arises.
  • Set up standards and practices for future iPhone support as well as for development using Apple technologies as this client had no experience in this area.
  • Developed training materials for formal classes in several different iPhone development technologies in order to assist the organization in preparing its own personnel to move into iPhone / OS X development.


Java Developer


  • Designed and developed several iPhone apps to support project in process - technologies included Objective C, X-Code, Dash-Code, and the current version of Apple's SDK for iPhone.
  • Designed and researched the details of an embedded systems application for Windows Mobile (to be developed using Visual Studio / Visual C#).
  • Senior Developer on a team to replace major mission-critical, legacy software solution with a Confidential Teamworks BPM solution using web services written in Java and C# for integration with local client data.
  • Developed several small, iPhone specific web site front ends to previously existing sites.
  • Developed several IOS applications in Objective C using Cocoa Touch, IOS SDK, and X-Code.
  • Served as technical advisor to existing team for general BPM and Teamworks specific details.
  • Developed custom Java tools that integrate with Teamworks to simplify and accelerate development
  • Worked as BPM Consultant and Teamworks knowledge expert to provide technical assistance to other developers during development cycle and to advise new directions for standards of development and quality control
  • Initiated policies and procedures to insure fallback options in case of catastrophic failures, code loss, data loss, etc.
  • Determined and implemented a solution for compatibility issues between Teamworks development environment and Windows Vista-Only PCs using Sun's virtualization software.
  • Taught Apple iPhone development using Objective C, XCode and the iPhone SDK
  • Updated skills in Windows mobile development


Business Process Management Consultant


  • Assisted in the creation of the Teamworks 7.0 Platform.
  • Worked as a BPMC for Confidential, maker of the popular Teamworks and BluePrint product lines. Received extensive training and field experience at several major clients.
  • Led a client team on a major initiative to replace a Workflow solution with a BPM based one.
  • Trained / mentored client developers in the use of Confidential products and procedures and the implementation of .NET web services integration points.
  • Designed and developed both major and minor BPM solutions.
  • Attended numerous seminars concerning the current and future state of BPM technologies.


Senior Developer / Architect / Mentor


  • Technical Lead on a major financial services trading and tracking application written in .Net
  • Introduced Agile development methodologies (including Test Driven Development)
  • Trained team in modern development methodologies including Object Oriented Development, MVC, Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Interface Decoupling, etc.
  • Enhanced existing trade application with modern development techniques including adding missing unit tests and preparing the code base to use Test Driven Development practices.


Senior Developer / Architect / Technical Team Lead


  • Worked with Business, Management, and in-house Technical Leads to gather requirements for a major project to replace critical software with updated, .NET equivalent.
  • Worked with in-house technical leads and architects to complete system-wide architecture for
  • Led a development team in planning, prototyping, and implementation of end-user UI and day-to-day administrative details
  • Developed web pages as the front-end of a full-scale AJAX enabled application.


Senior Developer / Technical Lead


  • During my final 7 months, worked with Objective C for OS X development on Apple hardware in preparation for the upcoming release of the iPhone platform and SDK.
  • Worked as developer and co-architect on a mobile project to allow field inspectors to wirelessly transfer on-site photographs to the main office for management approval in order to reduce the need for multiple trips onsite.
  • Led C# / .Net / XML project to automate outbound correspondence (external and internal forms as well as custom letters) by integrating with many enterprise-level applications.
  • Designed and built C#.Net utility software to simplify development and testing of MQ Series Queues accessed via proprietary Queue Management software - this software later became the basis for several other in-house software packages.
  • Developed several C# reporting systems to gather data on request or on schedule and deploy web-based reports
  • Developed both client and server (Web Services) based pieces of a major insurance tracking system including parts for tracking the details of a claim and generating and tracking repair cost estimates.

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