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Java Developer Resume

Naugatuck, CT


  • Extensive experience of 5 years in IT industry and Expertise in Software Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation andTesting of Object Oriented applications using Java.
  • Proficient Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming.
  • Experience in implementing web based projects using IDEs like Eclipse.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object Oriented Design (OOD) based on Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Extensive experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Requirement Specification, Design documents and Test cases.
  • Experience using Google Web Toolkit ( GWT ) - Certificate of extensive successful training.
  • Experience in HTML,JSP and GWT for developing web based GUI components.
  • Experience in SQL - Basic query writing.
  • Working knowledge of Servlets, Java Beans, Struts, Hibernate, Spring ( to some extent).
  • Expertise in JSP, Struts.
  • Experience in deploying applications on Web Servers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss.
  • Experience working with Databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server2005/2008,
  • Good knowledge in programming languages C, C++ and C# (.NET frame work).
  • Good communication and strong interpersonal skills to quickly adapt to new environment.


Languages: Java(JDK 1.3/1.4/1.6), C,C++, C#, SQL

Platforms: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Linux.

Databases: Oracle, PostGreSql, SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL

Database UI/Query tools: SQLDeveloper, pgAdmin, Penteho ( for writing jobs )

Application/Web Servers: Tomcat Apache, JBoss

Development Environment: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, HTML, CSS.

J2EE Frameworks: AJAX, Struts, MVC, Hibernate, Spring

Scripting, Build tools, Debugging tools: Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, Ant, Firebug

Version Control System: CVS Repositories

Extras: GWT, Putty, SSH, WinSCP


Confidential, Naugatuck, CT

Java Developer


  • Active Team Player in the project.
  • Design of UI.
  • Development using the web-standard framework built over struts framework.
  • Use of Apache Tomcat, Windows and IE - 6,7,8,Firefox for testing purpose.
  • Involved in designing JSP’s, configuring the struts-config file, interaction with the database using Hibernate.
  • Three different layers: user enters the data which is communicated to the form-beans form data is communicated to the Dialogs which in turn use the service layer. Service layer uses the business objects and data access objects to communicate with the database.
  • Involved in testing: Unit testing using JUnit.
  • Seminar on the Escape application to the team and support team.
  • Handing over the applications to the production support team when the application goes live.
  • Involved in building the application into .war and deploying it on development, test and production servers.
  • Committing and updating the code to and from CVS repositories.
  • Updating the corresponding wiki pages.
  • Getting trained in GWT ( Google Web Toolkit ).
  • Developing the application using GWT.
  • Changing the code according to the view-presenter-service model of GWT.
  • Building and deploying the application to the test and production server using the remote desktop.
  • Use of development mode to run the application locally.

Environment: JAVA 1.6, Eclipse IDE, IE - 6,7,8, JSP, Webstandard framework ( Struts )Oracle (Vendor Application ), PostgresSQL ( ESCape Application ), pgAdmin, Penteho, JUnit, Ant, Javascript, JQuery, JDBC ( needed in ESCape ), Hibernate, JBoss, GWT.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Java Developer


  • Active Team Player in the project.
  • Involved in technical requirement specifications, Analysis and Design.
  • Used Apache Tomcat for as a web server.
  • Used JBoss as the Application Server.
  • Extensively used J2EE Technologies - JSP/Servlets, Struts.
  • Developed the application using Struts framework ( MVC ).
  • Developed struts form and action classes and also the different ‘config’ files.
  • Used Hibernate for database interaction.
  • Used Firebug to debug the javascript.
  • Unit testing of each business component using JUnit.
  • Use of CVS to commit and update the code ( to keep consistency between the team members ).
  • Deployment on the development, test and production servers.
  • Ant as the building tool - for building .war files.
  • Interaction with different teams.
  • Interaction with the vendors in case of change of requirements.

Environment: JAVA 1.6, struts, Hibernate, HTML, Tomcat Apache, JBoss, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, CVS, Ant.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java Developer


  • Designed and developed User Interface tools to upload Rate Plans. Provided login and session tracking features in this application.
  • Used JDBC and SQL to access the database.
  • Developed file upload utility using servlets and html, to upload files into database.
  • Designed and developed web based application to upload user’s login information.
  • Developed front-end screens using JSPs, Customtags.
  • Development using Struts MVC framework.
  • Written JavaScript extensively, for form and other validations as well as for populating data.
  • Involved in integration and system testing.
  • Involved in a various software life cycle activities ranging from requirement analysis to releasing software on production servers.

Environment: Java, JDK1.6, Jsp, Servlets, JavaScript, JDBC, Struts MVC, HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Oracle

Confidential, Lincoln, AL

Software Developer


  • Reviewed requirements with the Support Group and developed an initial prototype.
  • Involved in the analysis, design and development of the application components using JSP, Servlets, and EJB components.
  • Developed Java Server Pages and Java Beans on the server side using the Model View Controller (MVC) and Struts.
  • Developed Entity and Session beans to access data from the database.
  • Responsible for backend programming which includes writing stored procedures and Database triggers using MySQL.
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports 8.5.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Java Servlets, JSP 2.0, EJB 2.0, JDBC, XML, WebSphere 5.1, Struts 1.1, MySQL, Crystal Reports 8.5.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed and updated the web tier modules using Struts Framework.
  • Implemented Struts Validator for automated validation.
  • Utilized Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping purposes for transparent persistence onto the SQL server.
  • Implemented Spring 2.0 framework for dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate and Struts.
  • Deployed the application on Web Sphere Application server.

Environment: J2EE, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, Spring 2.0, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, UML, HTML, Sql Server.


Java Developer


  • Involved in development of objects, classes, database transactions using Java, JSP, Servlets and EJB.
  • Worked closely with testing groups for unit and integration testing.
  • Used Java Script to perform Client side validations..
  • Involved in front end designing using JSP, HTML, javascript.
  • Created Database Triggers, Stored Procedures and functions using PL/SQL and used JDBC API to access the Database.

Environment: JAVA 1.5, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, Rational Rose.

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