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Full Stack Java/j2ee Developer Resume

New, JerseY


  • Around 6+ years of experience in designing and developing Java J2EE Webbasedand Enterprise Level Applications.
  • Participated in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - analysis, design, development, integration, testing and deployment.
  • Good knowledge in designing and developing Multi-threaded applications using Executor Framework.
  • Have experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design development and implementation of Web based applications.
  • Expert in Core Java with strong understanding of Inheritance, Multithreading, Generics, Event handling and Exception handling, Collections.
  • Good experience in design and implementation of Client/Server Web Applications using J2EE frameworksSpring, Hibernate, Rest, JDBC, Servlets, JSP.
  • Have expertise in Spring Framework as a container to help easy Transaction management, JDBC access and Hibernate integration.
  • Well experienced in Spring Framework such as Spring Core, DI, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC,Spring Rest,Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Cloudand Spring Transaction.
  • Experience in developing and supporting applications that consume and/or generate SOAP/Restful Web Services using JAX-WS, JAX-RS, CXF and apache AXIS.
  • Worked on Swagger API and auto - generated documentation for all REST calls.
  • Good knowledge on Java 8 new features like Lambda Expressions, Streams.
  • Good knowledge onHibernate and HQL, Criteria Query, SQL, PLSQL, Query Cache.
  • Used OAuth 2.0 tokens for secure access to server resources from external clients.
  • Hands on Experience in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) usingAngular2, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Worked on UI with JSTL, Java Script, CSS, XSLT, XHTML, AJAX, Custom Tags Libraries, JQuery.
  • Strong in Object oriented design/analysis, UML modelling, classic J2EE design patterns (Singleton, Factory pattern, MVC pattern, Façade. etc.).
  • Experience with Java 8 features such as Lambda Expressions, Streams and Parallel Operations.
  • Strong knowledge on continuous integration tool Jenkins.
  • Involved in Unit Test Cases writing and having good knowledge in Junit and also Mockito.
  • Experience in writing SQL, PLSQL programming, RDBMS database design, creation and management of schemas, writing stored procedures, functions, triggers, DDL, DCL, DML SQL queries.
  • Strong experience in database design in SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Good knowledge on AWS cloud formation templates and configured SQS service through Java API to send and receive the information.
  • Experience in developing applications on various web containers/application servers such as IBM WebSphere (WAS),Apache Tomcat, and JBoss.
  • Worked with different IDE's like Eclipse andIntelliJ IDEA.
  • Implemented log4j to validate applications and for having the logs stored for the application.
  • Hands on Experience in writing scripts for project compilation Build Management Tools using Maven, ANT and Gradle.
  • Experience in using JIRA for bug tracking and raising tickets.
  • Experience in version control tools likeGIT Hub, SVNand CVS.
  • Excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills and highly motivated team player with ability to work independently.


Confidential, New Jersey

Full Stack Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed application using Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, DI) and the persistent layer uses JPA
  • Rest architecture-based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers and used Postman to test the web service responses.
  • Spring MVC Framework IOC design pattern is used to have relationships between application components. It is also used to separate the application configuration and dependency specification from the actual application code
  • Produced and consumed centralized Spring Restful Web Services for Enterprise and web applications to consume in JSON format and in trusted client-server environment.
  • Experience in creating request response POJOs for JSON response through Data Transfer Object Layer.
  • Using Java 8 concepts like lambda expressions while loop iterations.
  • Used functional interfaces with default method implementations.
  • Used JPA with Entity Beans for interacting with Persistence Layer for CRUD operations.
  • Worked on Git as version control management and JIRA as Defect management for bug, issue tracking of application. Used Jenkins for CI/CD process.
  • Experience is designing sequence diagrams for REST APIs. Along with providing request response contract of API.
  • Hands on experience in writing unit test cases using Junit and Mockito framework.
  • Hands on experience in visual exploration and real-time analysis of data and application logs using Elastic Search tool Kibana.
  • Actively participate in team meetings and capable to complete given tasks in time.
  • Providing resolutions to production defects.
  • Maintaining the defect tracking summary during monthly code release.
  • Providing knowledge transfer about the applications and code walk through to new comers.

Environment: Core Java, Java 1.8, J2EE, Spring, Rest, JPA, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Oracle, CRUD, Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven, GIT, Tomcat, STS

Confidential - Irving, Texas

Sr Java/J2EE Developer


  • Participated in Agile Scrum Methodology for application development and involved in analysis, design, coding, and unit testing of business applications in a fast paced environment.
  • Provided technical guidance to business analysts, gather the requirements and convert them into technical specifications.
  • Architected, Designed and Implemented SPA (Single Page Application) using Angular Module, Component, Template, Metadata, Data Binding, Directives and Dependency Injection.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using component-based architecture provided by Angular.
  • Created Angular components, implemented Binding, Bootstrapping, component decorator interpolation and binding to the hidden property.
  • Designed, Debugged and Developed applicationsusing Integrated Development Environment (IDE)IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Customized the build process to suit enterprise needs by developing custom Maven plugins, lifecycles and archetypes and Used Git as a version control to save the code.
  • Used Apache Camel routes to build customized routes and Spring XML and Camel blueprint to integrate with other Enterprise applications.
  • Configured the xml files for Spring Security injection to ensure back-end security by discriminating the role of users as well as access authority for the URIs and server side assets.
  • Used Spring JDBC Template to connect to Database.
  • Made the integration of data in several applications in favour JSON documents with dynamic schemas using Mongo-DB (NoSQL) database.
  • Used JIRA to track the progress of the project and wrote test cases and Used JUnit as a testing framework in a Test Driven Development environment.
  • Developed complete Business tier with stateless and Stateful session beans with JPA and involved in writing JPA named queries and to fetch data from Oracle database.
  • Used Spring MVC for implementing web tier and developed web based application service components and configured beans using Spring IoC.
  • Installed, Configured and Deployed the Enterprise applications on browser and diagnosed the issues withJavaapplications running on JBoss.
  • Used Spring MVC Model View Controller to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the Backend tier of the application.
  • Build Restful API web services using Node JS and Express JS and used afullcomplement of Express, Angular JS, Node.js, and Mongo DB to store and present assessments.
  • Exposed Restful Web Services using JAX-RS and Implemented Angular promises to handle asynchronous communication with our Restful API for various requirements and rewrote the services.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and Go for continuous delivery/deployment of the applications.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Hands-on experience on developing AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins and chef.

Environment: Spring MVC,Spring Framework,Rest Web Services, JDBC,Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Apache Camel, Jenkins, Mongo DB, Oracle,JUnit, JIRA, GIT, Maven, Log4j, JAXB, HTML, CSS, Jersey, JavaScript, Angular 2, JPA, JBoss,Elastic Cloud Compute(EC2).


Jr. Java Developer


  • Involved in the Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing of SoftwareDevelopment Life Cycle (SDLC) of the project.
  • Assisted the analysis team in performing the feasibility analysis of the project.
  • Designed Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams and Object Diagramsin the detailed design phase of the project using Rational Rose.
  • Developed presentation layer of the project using HTML, JSP, JSTL and JavaScript technologies.
  • Developed complete Business tier using Stateless and Stateful Session beans with EJB standards using Web Sphere Studio Application Developer.
  • Used various J2EE design patterns, like DTO, DAO, and Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade, Singleton and Factory patterns.
  • Consumed Web Service for transferring data between different applications.
  • Used Object/Relational mapping Hibernate framework as the persistence layer for interacting with Oracle.
  • Extensively used IBM Web Server while writing code and for creating Data Sources.
  • Written complex SQL queries, stored procedures, functions and triggers in PL/SQL.
  • Configured and used Log4J for logging all the debugging and error information.
  • Developed Ant build scripts for compiling and building the project.
  • Used IBM Web Sphere 5.0 for deploying the application.
  • Used CVS Repository for Version Control.
  • Created test plans and JUnit test cases and test suite for testing the application.
  • Participated in the production support and maintenance of the project.

Environment: Java, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, EJB, Struts, Hibernate, IBM Web Sphere, XML, XSLT, XML Schema, JUnit 3.8.1, Rational Rose, Ant, Oracle.


Jr. Java Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design, and development and testing phases of Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC).
  • Designed Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Object Diagrams, using Rational Rose XDE to model the detail design of the application.
  • Developed the application front end using Jakarta Struts Framework: developed action classes, form beans and Java Server Pages using WSAD.
  • Designed and implemented Business Delegate, Session Facade and DTO Design Patterns.
  • Deployed the applications on IBM Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Extensively worked on JMS for sending data to IBM MQ Series in terms of XML Objects.
  • Wrote JAXBXML parsers for XML Schema Validation and used SOAP for sending and getting data from differentapplications.
  • Extensively used JDBC in data access layer to access and update information in the database
  • Used XSLT to transform my XML data structure into HTML pages.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer information to the Credit Monitoring Systems.
  • Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Used JDBC to invoke Stored Procedures and database connectivity to ORACLE.
  • Written and debugged the ANT Scripts for building the entire web application.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for all the developed modules.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixing the problems.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Corejava, Struts, XML Web Services, JSP, Oracle, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, IBM WebSphere, JDBC, SOAP, CVS, JUnit, ANT, Log4J.

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