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Sr. Php Developer Resume

Burbank, CA


  • 9+ years of experience as PHP professional in Open Source Web Technology, Areas of expertise include object - oriented PHP, SQL SERVER, ORACLE, MYSQL (LAMP / WAMP stack).
  • Built PHP applications to meet product requirements and satisfy use cases using MVC architecture, Codeigniter Framework and Drupal CMS.
  • Experienced with LARAVEL, ZEND, CakePHP MVC Framework and different templating engines like Blade, Twig and Smarty. Worked on PHP which a server-side is scripting language designed for web development.
  • Used all aspects of MySQL/PHP Programming (object oriented PHP), ZendFramework in LAMP environment.
  • Experienced in PHP5, MySQL, Python, OOPS, Design Patterns, HTML5and CSS.
  • Built the website with a team of two supervisors using ProcessWire, Git, Sass, Gulp, PHPPlates.
  • Experienced on developing web services like REST, RESTFUL API'S, SOAP with the help of WSDL and JAX-WS, MongoDB and AWS.
  • Experienced in using various jQuery UI controls and corresponding Event handlers and Specialized in developing Web 2.0 Apps using core JQuery along with AJAX/JavaScript.
  • Good communication skills, Interpersonal skills and strong ability to excel through collaboration with team members.
  • Web application development for backend system using Backbone.JS and Node.JS.
  • Extensive experience in design, analysis, development, Version Control and Production Support of full life cycle or SDLC experience, multi-tier, database and script-based in web-based & desktop applications.
  • Experienced on developing web services like REST, RESTFUL API'S, SOAP with the help of WSDL and JAX-WS, MongoDB and AWS
  • Built the website with a team of two supervisors using ProcessWire, Git, Sass, Gulp,PHPPlates.
  • Experience on developing web services like REST, RESTFUL API'S, SOAP with the help of WSDL and JAX-WS, MongoDB and AWS.
  • Web application development for backend system using Backbone.JS and Node.JS.



Confidential - Burbank, CA


  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap framework and testing the functionalities using PhpUint
  • Developed and implemented search feature using PHP, Ajax patterns using asynchronous script loading.
  • Application maintenance and enhancement using PHP Framework, Object-Oriented Design Patterns (OOD) and MVC methodologies
  • Used WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) for Development using Laravel/Symphony.
  • Experienced in working with different IDE's like PhpStrom, Sublime, Eclipse, IntelliJ.
  • Used laravel to built with testing with support to testing with PHP Unit is included out of the box, and a phpunit.xml file is already setup for your application.
  • Designed to program the cloud platform behaviour related to your application lifecycle for automating frequent tasks, complex CI/CD flows and clustering configurations.
  • Worked on cloud image factory which is Google cloud platform application which is based on python, terraform, Ansible playbook, PostgresSQL.
  • Configured and Networking of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Written CloudFormation templates and deployed AWS resources using it.
  • Developed organized SQL and MySQL databases optimized for Laravel use.
  • Designed against scalability, availability and security specifications following the SLIM/SDLC methodology.
  • Researched Symfony, Drupal, and Laravel to ascertain the effectiveness of Code Ignitor.
  • Experienced in Web application development using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Google Script, Ext JS, Angular JS, Vue.js JSON, JSF validators, jQuery, GIT, SVN and DOM.
  • Worked on Cloud Applications, Polymer and heavy on Google Script and Google Maps.
  • Implemented static and dynamic UI pages in Symfony framework.
  • Developed website and created graphics for website using HTML, CSS, React.JS, Redux and Node.js.
  • Developed front-end using Html5, CSS3, Javascript, React, Redux and Bootstrap.
  • Designed and implemented RESTful and SOAP Microservices in Java for trading partners.
  • Implemented intranet applications using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSql on Cloud Packages and Triggers on databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.
  • Designed and Implemented MongoDB Cloud Manger for Google Cloud.
  • Designed and developed the REST based Microservices using the Spring Boot, Spring Data with JPA.
  • Used IDE's like Eclipse, Netbeans and version control tools like Mercurial, SVN, and Git.
  • Used Acquia Cloud for active passive configuration of software load balancer (nginx) and a reverse proxy cache.
  • Configured automation and maintaining build and deployment CI/CD tools Git/GitLab.
  • Configured Selenium Webdriver, Maven tool, TestNG and created selenium automation scripts in java.
  • Used SonarQube for continuous inspection of code quality.
  • Used Chrome Developer Tools to inspect and diagnose HTML, CSS and JavaScript bugs quickly.
  • Incorporated agile methodology and SCRUM techniques to manage requirements and enhance the application.
  • Worked on Linux based systems administration skills in a Cloud Computing and Virtualized.
  • Used GIT and JENKINS for continuous integration and deployment.
  • Worked on a Java RESTful API application (based on Jersey framework) into a Docker container.
  • Developed Docker container based micro services using Spring Boot and deployment on Kubernetes.
  • Used tools such as TeamCity, Octopus and TFS for a continuous integration continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Created Cloud Formation template stacks to automate for building new VPCs using JSON files.
  • Integrated Git/Bitbucket with JIRA to monitor the commits in Git.
  • Designed and developed API-based microservices that integrate with Slack bots.


Confidential - Atlanta, GA


  • Designed and maintained Web forms and Banners using PHP and Laravel Framework
  • Used Heroku for hosting PHP application, Data exchange with third party using PHP5/XML
  • Used PHP5, HTML and JavaScript webpage coding integrated with MySQL using Apache HTTP and Optimized PHP project running on Symphony framework
  • Experienced in PHP OOP, Magento, Eloquent, Model View Controller (MVC) and Repository Pattern. Worked on IDE's like PhpStrom, Eclipse and Sublime Text.
  • Wrote end to end unit test cases, integration test cases and acceptance testing of the system using the frameworks PHPUnit for PHP, Jasmine for AngularJS and Mocha for JS.
  • Developed Laravel based Dashboard application's login page integrating Laravel framework's authentication.
  • Performed maintenance/addition to PlayerAPIs written in Laravel/Lumen.
  • Developed Google Sheet and Google Script based program management tools to track training progress easily, revamped the out-dated website, developed HTML email templates, and oversaw social media and responded to program inquiries.
  • Development and maintenance of website using HTML 5, JavaScript, Google script.
  • Used Visual Composer to update sites and make design changes.
  • Used Yii Framework to implement MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • Worked on building a custom cms to move off of wordpress being built using NodeJS, Redux and ReactJS.
  • Developed UI with HTML5,CSS, ReactJS, Redux, Redux forms and material UI for more interactive web pages.
  • Worked with AJAX data consisting of JSON responses, parsing the same and presenting on the UI layer.
  • Involved in making the application Responsive using Bootstrap, and used LESS pre-processor.
  • Wrote code using Javascript, Coffeescript, Angularjs, Bootstrap.
  • Developed back-end stored procedures and triggers using Oracle PL/SQL, to communicate with MongoDB database and involved in database objects creation, performance tuning of stored procedures, and query plan.
  • Developed architecture design in VISO, DOJO, Data Conversion using Stored Procedures and triggers for Oracle.
  • Used NoSQL Databases such as Hive, Installed MySQL Databases and performed data load from MySQL to Hadoop.
  • Involved in creating, and consuming Web Services using JAX-RS API and other technologies like HTTP and REST.
  • Worked on the WCM design and delivery to meet the business needs.
  • Created mockups using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery & JavaScript, Git and GitHub.
  • Selenium tool was used for testing methodology.
  • Worked with development teams which included daily audits of source code using SonarQube.
  • Developed fully functional, cross browser compatible websites on DRUPAL platform utilizing Agileand Scrum.
  • Environment for and experience in implementing new and migration of AWS systems.
  • Worked with Docker/ Kubernete for creating containers, images and shipping them.
  • Documented the progress of the daily stand-ups with the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Rally, Confluence, HipChat)
  • Built and Configured Linux Servers in AWS Cloud Environment.


Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Enhanced exiting website using PHP5, MySQL, RESTful APIs, HTML, XHTML, Oracle, jQuery, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and XML etc.
  • Implemented a caching feature to cache static web pages in memory using XML and PHP
  • Integrated and configured the Lucene search engine for PHP application
  • Designed and basic functionality development of Code Ignitor based web applications.
  • Designed and developed application based on Magento framework.
  • Developed PHP code using the ZEND STUDIO
  • Completed Coding Test Classes using PHPUnit for unit testing, Performed functional integration system and validation testing.
  • Worked on Zend module development and customization.
  • Developed application using AngularJS, NodeJS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS and AJAX, Struts technologies, which communicated with java, SPA (Single Page Web Application) using Restful web services plus AJAX and Angular, UI panels using JSF, XHTML, CSS, DOJO and JQuery.
  • Worked on making the pages responsive by using the SASS version of BootstrapJS.
  • Experienced on Angular JS framework and involved in the development of Applications.
  • Developed code in Java which creates mapping in ElasticSearch even before data is indexed into.
  • Worked on framework APIs like Struts, Spring, iBatis and Hibernate.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, materialized views and packages using oracle tools like PL/SQL developer.
  • Developed, and design in VISO & ERD Schema for data conversion from DB2 and flat files to Oracle, UDB DB2/SQL.
  • Used Webservices to Connect, Save and Retrieve data in winforms using VB.Net.
  • Automated Testing using Java, Junit/TestNG, Selenium (IDE/Webdriver)
  • Conducted full remediation of the code base using SonarQube.
  • Involved in Agile Methodology that includes daily scrum with team and followed Test Driven Environment following OOD.
  • Deployed cloud stacks using AWS CloudFormation, Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Used HipChat for internal messaging.
  • Worked extensively in Agile Development process and Jira.
  • Worked on reliability, manage liability and performance improvements for Linux enterprises.


Confidential - Charlotte, NC


  • Develop End User web pages using PHP in a laravel framework on wamp.
  • Developed WordPress plugins and modules to embed into the active pages using PHP
  • Developed PHP routes and Authentication to extend the functionality of the server
  • Used GIT for version control. Wrote Automated Unit Tests for new and existing features with PHPUnit.
  • Worked on various no. of frameworks such as Wordpress, symfony, and codeignitor, smarty.
  • Developed backend web services using Drupal Services.
  • Responsible in implementation of the presentation layer for the application using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT
  • Used Ajax, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the websites.
  • Developed web services, SOAP message envelopes and headers using WSDL, UDDI, XML and JAXP.
  • Redesigned and re-implemented services using Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB, and MySQL.
  • Worked on IDE’s like Eclipse, Netbeans and version control tools like Mercurial, SVN, and Git.
  • Development of J2EE based application deployed on Jboss Application Server with MVC architecture using Struts2 MVC, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, and Hibernate.
  • Used AJAX to reduce page reload. Used CVS version control.
  • Responsible for testing, debugging, bug fixing and documentation of the system. Use Git for version control and Waterfall methodology was used.
  • Able to create scripts for system administration and AWS using languages such as Power Shell and BASH.


Confidential - Trumbull, CT


  • Developed the application using PHP, HTM, JavaScript, MySQL and Apache server
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using Grunt, Jasmine, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, RESTful API Services, JavaScript, Git, JSON
  • Designed the front-end applications and user interactive web pages using web technologies like JavaScript.js, Jasmine, HTML5
  • Created Java servlets with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses.
  • Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design utilizing MVC architecture (Struts Framework), Hibernate and EJB deployed on Websphere Application Server connecting to an Oracle database.
  • Involved in writing optimization techniques for more accuracy of Macros in C and C++ routines and Oracle SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit test using PHPUnit, Jasmine Tested application using Firebug and Xdebug..
  • Worked on major bug fixes, which included UI issues and functionality issues as well.

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