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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • Around 7 years of experience working as Java and J2EE Developer using different technologies like HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ajax, JSON, Bootstrap, J2EE frameworks Spring Core, Spring IOC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC and Microservices.
  • Worked in an Agile environment.
  • Have experience working with different version control tools like SVN, GIT.
  • Strong working noledge of HTML5, CSS3.
  • In - Depth noledge/Experience of JavaScript, CSS3, W3C Standards.
  • Expert in developing web applications using JavaScript, JSP, HTML/DHTML, DOM, XHTML, CSS, and Ajax, & IDE tools like Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse.
  • Used Junit for writing Application and action level unit test cases for teh Unit testing.
  • Experience with Firebug for Mozilla, Developer Toolbar for Chrome and IE Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
  • Strong Working experience in Design, Development and implementation of several J2EE frameworks Spring Core, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring JPA, Hibernate.
  • Extensive experience in developing applications using HTML, Java Script, JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans, JSTL, JSP Custom Tag Libraries, JDBC, JNDI, JavaScript, XML, JAXB
  • Developed and deployed multi-tier Enterprise Applications using Tomcat, Web logic and web-sphere application server.
  • Developed J2EE applications on IDE’s like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans
  • Sound Understanding and good Experience with Object Oriented Programming Concepts like Multithreading and Multitasking, Object Oriented JavaScript and Implementation.


Web technologies: HTML, HTML5,JavaScript,AJAX,CSS, CSS3,DHTML,DOM

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Angular JS and JavaScript frameworks.

Database: Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008 and 2012, MYSQL, MS Access.

Debugging Tools: Google Chrome Web Debugger, Fire bug, Mozilla Firefox.

IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows XP (Prof), Win 7, 8, Mac OS X

Java Technologies: Java, J2EE, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring REST and Hibernate


Confidential, Plano, TX

Java Full stack Developer


  • Involved in all phases of project from requirement gathering, Design, Analysis, Development, Testing and delivering teh project.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum Methodology andfollowed Test-Driven Development (TDD) for development process.
  • Experienced working with product managers to create user stories in sprint planning.
  • Usedjavaconcepts like Collections Framework, Exception handling, Multi-Threading andJava 8features such as Lambda expressions.
  • Implemented teh application using design patterns such as MVC, Data Access Object, and Singleton.
  • Worked on Kafka following spring cloud architecture which consists of Source, Processor and Sink.
  • Knowledge and experience in installation and migration of Documentum products from 4i to 5.x.
  • Worked Extensively with Apache Kafka Streams by creating Consumers dat consume from a Kafka topic and Producers dat will post to a Kafka topic
  • Worked with Cassandra NO-SQL database where all teh applications data is persisted.
  • Worked on applications dat read from Cassandra and write to Cassandra database.
  • Implemented teh various layers of teh application using Spring Framework modules such as Spring Dependency Injection (Core), Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring MVC Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, and Hibernate, handled teh security usingSpring Security.
  • Implemented Batch jobs using Spring Framework which will read data from snowflake Datawarehouse and post teh data to a Kafka topic.
  • Experience in developing, testing, constructingRestfulAPIweb Services.
  • Developed a component dat writes to a PostgreSQL database listening to a Kafka topic.
  • Deployed applications on Amazon ECS, worked on s3 buckets, creating IAM roles and policies.
  • Deploying applications to production and validating teh releases.
  • Worked with docker to check teh logs of teh application by logging into teh EC2 instances
  • Involved in creatingJUNITtest cases and ran theTEST SUITE.
  • Worked on cucumber for functional testing by creating ATDD scenarios and implemented.
  • Deploying and maintaining production environment using AWS EC2 instances and ECS withDocker.
  • Designed CSS templates for use in all pages on teh website working with CSS Background, positioning, text, border, margin, padding, and table.
  • Applied optimization techniques to reduce page size and load times to enhance user experience using sprites.
  • Developed user interface by using teh React JS, Flux for SPA development.
  • Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application
  • Worked in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.

Confidential, Bethpage, NY

Java Full stack Developer


  • Implemented and maintained teh monitoring and alerting of production, corporate servers and storage using AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Watch for efficiency.
  • Involved in loading data from On-premises data warehouse to AWS's Cloud using different approaches like Spark and AWS Services.
  • Involved in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of teh project in agile methodology.
  • Participated Daily Scrum meeting, sprint grooming/review and demo with management and other teams.
  • Designed and Developed End to End customer self service module using annotation-based Spring MVC, Hibernate, and JQuery.
  • Defined and constructed layers, server-side objects and client-side interfaces based on J2EE design patterns, Development of middle tier in Java EE, and Spring framework with Microservices in Java EE, using Spring Boot.
  • Hosted and consumed RESTful Web services using JAX-RS API with spring Boot.
  • Implemented Spring Boot Microservices to divide teh application into various sub modules.
  • Implemented Multithreading, Concurrency, Exception Handling, Generics and Collections whenever necessary.
  • Implemented Batch jobs to deal with large number of chunks using Spring Batch Framework to execute teh similar jobs simultaneously.
  • Worked on Java Enterprise Edition 7 to remove teh inconsistencies between teh Servlets and JSF.
  • UsedMicroservicesto communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST.
  • UsedSpringDAOconcept to interact with database (DB2) using JDBC template.
  • UsedWeb Sphere Application Developerfor building, testing and deploying application locally Used Apache CXF as teh Web Services framework to implement teh REST APIs involved.
  • Integrated REST API with spring for consuming resources using Spring Rest Templates and developed RESTful web services interface toJava -based runtime engine and accounts.
  • Initiated mappings among teh relations and written named HQL queries using Hibernate.
  • Implemented data access layer i.e. DAO Classes using Hibernate as an ORM tool and configured xml files according to hibernate framework.
  • Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate dat use teh POJOs to represent teh persistence database.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Java Developer


  • Worked on an application on agile base development cycle with a weekly release schedule. Also involved in complete SDLC life cycle - Designing, Coding, Testing, Debugging and Production Support.
  • Worked closely with Business Analysts and Product team in understanding teh technical requirements of each project and prepared teh use cases fordifferent functionalities and designs.
  • Developed single page web application using JavaScript framework.
  • Developmentof code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries such as JavaScript and Prototype plus relevant codingstandards.
  • Involved in implementing all components of teh application including database tables, (JSP Templates) and client-side web programming.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML .
  • Worked with QA team on daily basis in fixing teh reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.
  • Prepare technical Design Document for given requirement.
  • Involved in teh development of teh controller layer using Spring MVC framework, Spring IOC for dependency management, Spring JDBC.


Java Full stack Developer


  • Experience on Web Technologies using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX.
  • Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Developed Login/Registration/Edit of user profile integration with community sites using HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX, JSON and JavaScript.
  • Designed teh front-end applications, user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Used Agile methodology for software development.
  • Evaluate teh request for enhancements and analyze teh high priority bugs.
  • Refine and iterate user experience by designing new modules and interfaces in a complex, responsive site. Implemented Spring Framework for Model View Controller (MVC) and IOC
  • Involved in teh review and analysis of teh Functional Specifications, and Requirements Clarification Defects etc.
  • Prepared teh Technical Design Document for both Presentation Tier, as well as Middle Layer
  • Involved in teh development of teh controller tier using Spring MVC Framework and Spring Server side validation.

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