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Sr. Application Developer For Ios And Android Resume

Signal Hill, CA


To work as a Sr. Application Developer (App)/Architect using Objective C, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion and MS SQL Server.


More Than 15 years of programming and application development experience. Majority of my experience is in web application development. For the Last 4+ years I have been working exclusively on mobile app implementation and deployment for iOS and Android.


Primary area of expertise: Objective C for developing Apps for iOS with Core Data, Core Audio, Archiving and Web Service (REST and SOAP).Flash 6.0 - 12.0 (ActionScript 3.0 & 2.0) with Flash Remoting. ColdFusion 4.5 to 9.0 (Implementing ColdFusion Components (cfc) and CFML).Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS.

Secondary area of expertise: JAVA (over 3 years of experience).Advanced Concepts In JAVA: Event Driven Programming, Applets, Using Data, Multimedia and Networking, JDBC, Java Beans, Servlets and JSPs, Swing, Collections, Internationalization, java2d API. Visual Basic.Net (1 year of experience). Time/HTML (Windows Media) (2 year of experience).

Other known software, languages and used platforms: CSS, CGI, Mac OS, Windows NT, Windows 7.0, Web hosting (IIS), browser compatibility testing and optimizing web applications, setup LAN and client server applications, installed and managed Interactive Video Chat system. Modify and test hardware drivers using Visual Basic and C++.

Other Non Technical Skills: Can speak and read 3 different languages fluently, I have great communication and management skills. I have self-taught myself most of the programming languages and skills that I currently know and use. I can easily learn new skills and tools really fast.


Confidential, Signal Hill, CA

Sr. Application Developer for iOS and Android


  • Developed and coded multimedia flipbooks for use as Apps on iOS and Android.
  • These Apps use Confidential custom highlight technology to sync audio and text.
  • These apps are currently deployed to Apple’s App Store, Android Play Store, Amazon App Store and Chrome Web Store.
  • Also built Subscription Management App using objective C with Core Data and ColdFusion (web service) for managing Confidential ’s subscribers.

Tools: used: Objective C for iOS, Flash CS6 and Adobe Air for Android and Flash CS6, CFML (oauth & openid) and JavaScript for Chrome Web Store.

Senior programmer, Application developer, Site design and DBA



  • Designed, Developed and currently administrating Confidential website.
  • This site is an online portal for young kids to learn to read using technology/tools that were researched at Confidential.
  • These tools include delayed phrase highlighting to sync with voice reading of the book, changing the highlighting speed and audio timings to match the kids reading ability.
  • Also designed and developed the database and backend tools for Confidential.
  • Created various online and offline tools such as text highlight tool for eye tracking, measuring kids reading level, online recorder, teleprompter, sound and printer driver, video chat rooms, etc., for Center for Education Technology & Learning, Confidential .

Tools: Used: Macromedia Flash 6.0 and above (AS2), Flash Remoting, Macromedia Communication Server, ColdFusion, MS SQL, JavaScript, CSS & Time/HTML, VB.Net and C++.

Project Leader/Senior programmer, developer, DBA



  • Developed, created and administered the online class for the Confidential .
  • It allowed the students to communicate with their instructor.
  • Instructors used a backend data manager to keep the site up to date and grade the students’ assignments, tests and monitor their performance.

Tools: Used: Flash 7.0 (AS2), Flashing Remoting, ColdFusion, SQL Server, HTML and JavaScript.

Project Leader/Senior programmer, developer and DBA



  • This web site was recreated using ColdFusion and SQL Server.
  • This was a 100% dynamic website that was highly customizable by the student to suit their needs.
  • Created software tools such as smart class schedule picker, online chat room, students account manager, etc.

Tools: Used: ColdFusion Server, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JAVA.

Senior programmer and developer



  • Developed, programmed and managed this project. Using API data from the state of California for schools, to display the performance information for each and every school using graphs and tables that are more user-friendly and easy to understand by generating graphs and other graphical info.

Tools: Used: ColdFusion Server, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JAVA.

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