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Senior Software Engineer/consultant Resume

Charlotte, NC


Enthusiastic, results - driven, full-stack Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Architect with over 15 years of professional experience, architecting, designing, testing, deploying, utilizing Design Patterns, JAVA, J2EE, C++, C, REST, SOAP, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), UML, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Spring, Struts, Servlets, ORM, Hibernate to develop full-stack (front-end/back-end), object-oriented, distributed-computing, enterprise-class web applications, web services, toolkits, frameworks, and web APIs, offering my professional qualifications to add value to the business operations of a customer-focused organization.


Prog. Languages: JAVA, C++, C, Lisp, XML, SQL, JSP, UML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScriptJQuery;

Web Technologies: Design Patterns, J2EE, SOA, SOAP/RESTful web services, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Servlets, Jersey, JSP, EJB, XML, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, HTML5, CSS, SSL, TLS, JUnit, JAXP (DOM and SAX parsing), JAXB (JAVA Architecture for XML Binding), WSDL, Ontologies, OWL, NLP; Exposure to Apigee Platform/Apigee Edge, and the concept of web APIs.

Web Servers: Apigee Edge API Proxy, Apache Web Server, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty HTTP server;

Development Tools: Eclipse IDE, Sublime, Notepad++, VersionOne, JIRA, Maven, Ant, Jenkins;

Databases: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, and Neo4J No-SQL Databases;

Testing Technologies: Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), PMD, McCabe, Selenium, Jenkins, JBehave, Continuous Integration. Exceptional understanding of unit testing, mock objects, JUnit test cases/suites, path coverage, cyclomatic complexity, black-box, white-box, closed-box, open-box tests;

Version Management: Subversion (SVN), Tortoise (????), IBM Rational ClearCase;

User Interfaces: Responsive Web Development, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, UI internationalization, localization for Arabic, French, and Portuguese;

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Edition, Ubuntu);

Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Adobe Illustrator;

Mentoring: Mentoring of senior/junior software engineers. Instructed JAVA classes;

Communication: Excellent communication skills, experience writing technical briefs, white papers. Works very well with remote, local teams, internal and external customers;

Foreign Languages: Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Knowledge of French, and Italian;


Senior Software Engineer/Consultant

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Architects, designs, develops, tests, and deploys front-end, back-end, UI, JAVA, J2EE, Python, full-stack, SOA, object-oriented, web services, and web applications.
  • Leverages JAVA, Python, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JSP, Responsive Web Development, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate technologies, and best-practices to support all phases of the client’s SCRUM-based Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Provides J2EE solutions that exceed customer expectations of time/budget.
  • Participated in trade studies/design sessions to evaluate and determine adoption of the Apigee Enterprise platform and Apigee Edge API proxy for the architecture, design, implementation, publishing, exposure, and management of risk-related APIs for future/target-state initiatives.
  • As part of the study, investigated issues related to API analytics, rate limiting, traffic shaping, securing APIs using OAuth, response caching, global distribution, and API transformations (e.g. SOAP to REST), etc.

Technologies Used: JAVA, J2EE, Python, Vaadin, Apigee Edge, Responsive Web Development, Design Patterns, SOA, SOAP, REST-styled web services, Servlets, Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Apache Web Server, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cloudera Impala, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC Template, EHCache, AngularJS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, REST JUnit, XML, JSON, API development, publishing, and consumption, etc.

Tools: Used: Eclipse, Apigee Enterprise, Apigee Edge, Toad, VersionOne, JIRA, IBM WebSphere J2EE app container, Tomcat, IBM Quality Center, JAVA Monitor Profiler, VisualVM, Microsoft SQL Studio, Oracle, MongoDB, Quartz Platform, InTrader.

Staff Software Engineer

Confidential, Orlando, FL


  • Designed, developed, tested, integrated, and deployed J2EE, front-end, back-end, SOA, object-oriented, SOAP/REST-styled web services, and web applications.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the JSF-ALIS and the F-35B Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing Variant Program.
  • Designed, developed, tested, integrated, and deployed JAVA, back-end, mission-critical applications.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the DDG-1000 Zumwalt-Class Destroyer;
  • Staff member of a large-size distributed team of software engineers developing the UK-CATT Product Line Architecture Framework/Specification (PLAF/PLAS).
  • Responsible for the architectural archeology effort to capture the architecture of the existing UK-CATT baseline.
  • Documented the existing UK-CATT architecture, identified changes required to evolve it to a product line.
  • Developed hardware-intensive products, sub-products, components, and services for the product line.
  • Single-handedly developed the Architectural Description (AD) document describing viewpoints, views, and perspectives of the SPL.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the UK-CATT Product Line Architecture.
  • Lead developer for the Warfighter’s Simulation (WARSIM) User Interface (AUI) Team.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented the system internationalization/translation, developed wargaming SOAP-styled web services capabilities to the Saudi Arabia Land Forces.
  • Developed the Generic Language Translator to provide the CEWGS UI into multiple languages.
  • Provided IS&GS technical advice in their IDD and WSDL conceptualization and definition for the multiple CEWGS web services;
  • Single-handedly designed, implemented, tested the Radio Communications
  • Developed the J2EE messaging solution from EPLS to the US Marines radio network.

Technologies Used: JAVA, J2EE, C++, Design Patterns, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SOAP, REST-styled web services, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, JAXB data binding, JBoss Messaging (JBoss MQ) JMS, JBoss, JUnit, Oracle, Ant, ClearCase, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Web Server, JSON, Software Product Line (SPL), etc.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Tinton Falls, NJ


  • Designed, developed, implemented, integrated and tested the PASS Data Disseminator (PDD), a full-stack, multi-tiered, multi-threaded system to replicate large data sets in distributed PASS servers across organizations over wide-area networks.
  • Designed PDD to replicate topics in PASS servers to support bandwidth management.
  • Developed the PASS Random Data Generators & Simulators to assist development and test of PASS
  • Developed the PASS Client SDK to enable participants of the ABCS to produce/consume PASS data.
  • Evaluated PASS against conformance, stress, latency, and burst handling requirements;

Technologies Used: JAVA, Design Patterns, SOAP, XML, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, JSSE, JCE, JAXP, JAXB data binding;

Software Enginee

Confidential, Tinton Falls, NJ


  • Designed, developed, tested, integrated, and deployed multiple components for the Common Tactical Picture IPT. Conceptualized, designed, developed the Near-Real Time Server (NRTS) Client Framework.
  • Implemented multiple messages for the Autopost Multiple Message-Baselines Manager (EI-MMB) system.
  • Developed interfaces for clients requesting the most recent/relevant common tactical picture.
  • Developed NRTSCF framework.
  • Developed the Developer’s Guide for the Confidential Application Programming Interfaces and the Confidential User’s Guide to assist clients of the Confidential to develop data providers and handlers.

Technologies Used: JAVA, C++, C, Design Patterns, CORBA, UML, TCP/IP, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, socket programming, compression, cryptography, encryption/decryption, manipulation of TCP/IP, UDP packets.

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