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Java Fullstack Developer Resume



  • Over 7 years of Java experience certified spring boot development professional adept at implementing ERM system and IDE capabilities as part of supporting multiple data sources.
  • Documenting tech code inline using JS Doc or other convention.
  • Strong communication, capable of working independently and as part of a team
  • Closely work with other NestJS, Kubernetes development API teams regionally in enhancing and integrating into the local platform and trading requirement
  • Highly skilled in designing and Jenkins, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch node.js, Elastic Search developing web applications be ensuring compliance with business requirements.
  • Proficient in AWS streamlining process for, Java Script delivering projects as per the targeted SLAs.
  • Having worked closely with clients like, Kafka, Java 8, Golang, Confidential have involved in all phases of SDLC from inception, planning, design, coding and testing to project closure.
  • Experiencein architecture, planning, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Logging - Grafana, Prometheus developing, implementing IT solutions Microservices in financial industry and lead cross functional teams with diverse technical backgrounds
  • Experienced incore spring boot, Jenkins, Golang Logging - Grafana, Prometheus Java developmentwith good hands-on inwriting /analyzing SQL, backend Java Development, NestJS AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch writing stored procedures, triggers, functions.
  • Experienced in AWSobject oriented, Kubernetes, Java 8, node.js,data structures, spring boot, collections frameworkAPIfor framework design in Java.
  • Experienced working inmultithreaded, Java 8, Automated Unit Testing, Java Script, node.js Elastic Search Java applicationsand tuning applications for performance optimization and Jenkins synchronization.
  • Experience with Object Oriented Development, Kafka, concepts
  • Experience with Relational Database Systems, Oracle, SQL and JDBC
  • Demonstrated ability to learn AWS, Jenkins, Microservices, MongoDB, backend Java Development Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, node.js Logging - Grafana, Java 8, Kubernetes Prometheus, Elastic Search spring bootAutomated Unit Testing and become MongoDB API productive in new technologies quickly


Languages: Java, XML, C/C++, CSS, PHP

Web/Application servers: JSP, AWS, Servlets, Java Script. CSS, AngularJS

CSS Frameworks: SAAS, LESS

Java Frameworks: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JPA

Application & Web Servers: Jboss (LAE, CAE), WebLogic, Apache Tomcat.

Enterprise Technologies: J2EE,, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, EJBs, JDBC, JNDI, JSTL, Java Beans, Kafka, RabbitMQ

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac-OS.

IDEs: STS, Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans.

Web services: Rest (JAX-RS), SOAP(JAX-WS)

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, Java 8, Kafka, MySQL, PL/SQL, MS Access

Markup Languages: HTML, Automated Unit Testing, NestJS, node.js, XHTML, MongoDB, XML, DHTML.

Build & Management Tools: MAVEN, SVN.

Methodologies: SDLC, OOAD, Agile.

JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

Java unit testing: Junit, Mockito

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PL/SQL, MS Access

Build Tool: Ant, Maven

Development IDE: STS, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA

Version Control Systems: Bitbucket, GitHub

Frameworks/ Open Source: JUnit, Test NG, MVC, Cucumber

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari



Java fullstack Developer


  • Established a cloud-based Electronic Records Management (ERM) system to support multiple sources
  • Implementing an Intelligence Jenkins Data Extraction (IDE) capability for the extraction of written material from paper forms.
  • Debugged existing software Kubernetes and rectified defects for improving code performance.
  • Identified, troubleshoot, and resolved bugs Java 8, in software programming code that arise during field testing.
  • Interaction with business users Microservices on daily basis Java 8, Microservices, for gathering of new Requirements.
  • Responsible for maintaining, AWS implementing critical bug fix and supporting the application.
  • Working in multithreading, AWS Serverless Lambda, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch environment for execution Golang of multiple orders in the trading platform.
  • Responsible for architecture, planning, Microservices, API, NestJS, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes Java Script, node.js, development and implementing IT solutions for the application.
  • Building a modern, reliable and, Logging - Grafana, Automated Unit Testing, Golang Prometheus, Elastic Search, flexible system to process e-commerce payment transactions including pick-up
  • Composing, coding, and testing AWS, Java 8, API, AWS Serverless Lambda, node.js Jenkins, spring boot custom applications for various departments, Microservices, Kubernetes, Java Script while, Kafka, backend Java Development, Automated Unit Testing, documenting the same.

Environment: Agile/Scrum Methodology, AWS, Golang, Windows XP, Microservices, Kafka, STS IDE, Java Script, Spring boot, Pivotal Cloud foundry, Microsoft office, SQL, PL/SQL, Web Services, spring boot, Ajax, JSON, Oracle 10g, Tomcat App Server 7.0, JUNIT.

Confidential, NJ

Java Full stack Developer


  • Involved in support of the existing application by providing bug fix and application support.
  • Involved insoftware architecture, API, Microservices detailed design, coding, testing and creation of functional specs of the application.
  • Developing the API web applications MongoDB spring boot usingCore Java (Threading and Collection).
  • Performance tuning of the application Java 8, Kubernetes, and using Spring batchfor the bulk transaction processing.
  • Performing Code reviews with spring boot, Docker, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, AWS Serverless Lambda, Golang, NestJS, Node JS, S3, Microservices, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, node.js, Logging - Grafana, Prometheus, AWS the team, design API reviews with the Architects.
  • Preparing builds, deploy and Co-ordinate, Microservices, backend Java Development, Automated Unit Testing, Kafka, Java Script Jenkins Elastic Search with the Java 8, release management team to ensure that the proper process is followed during the release.

Environment: Java, Spring, Spring batch, Java 8,, API, iBatis, Docker, node.js, DB2, Flex, JavaScript, SOAP Web Services, XML, JMS, ETL, RAD, Flex Builder, Synergy, IBM DB2 Data Studio, Visio, Release and build management tools like Encore.

Confidential, PA

Java Fullstack Developer


  • Worked in enhancement for the application involving development and deployment of new functionalities.
  • UI changes and enhancements were done using dream weaver and JSP
  • Involved in Analysis and, Logging -, Java Script, API, Grafana, Prometheus design phased. Prepared analysis and design documents as per the client’s requirement and Jenkins got reviewed spring boot and approved by client.
  • Prepared test case document AWS, Golang, Java 8, Docker, Java Script and test case review documents. Created test suites in JUnit and integration test plan documents.
  • Configured the application in RAD for, MongoDB, API, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch development. Golang Visual source safe was used for version control.
  • Coding and performing unit testing Automated Unit Testing of Elastic Search modules for enhancement. Validation of the UI components as per business logic backend Kubernetes Java Development and the, node.js Jenkins requirements.
  • Develop a tool that generates, NestJS, Java Script spring boot test cases API, AWS based on the fields found in pages.

Environment: Java/Servlets, JavaScript,, Logging - Grafana, backend Java Development, Prometheus, Elastic Search, Oracle 10G, AWS, Tomcat 5.0, Eclipse 3.2, JSP, HTML, CSS, VSS

Confidential, NJ

Java fullstack Developer


  • Experienced working in AGILE SCRUM methodology.
  • Prepared the impact analysis and design documents for the new enhancement in the system.
  • Responsible for the bug fixes of the existing system. Used internal tracking tools to track and resolve the bugs in existing system.
  • Developed unit test cases in, Golang, AWS Serverless Lambda, Node JS, S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch Junit and Integration test plans for the enhancements and documented them.
  • Wrote stored procedures involving Java 8, Jenkins business Microservices logic to reconcile the order with the invoice.
  • Modified the system to accept and Elastic Search, Jenkins, spring boot reconcile orders from Asia pacific region. There by the system Jenkins was used, Logging - Automated Unit Testing Grafana, Prometheus across various business regions.

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Java/JSP,, Logging - Grafana, NestJS, Prometheus, spring boot, WebLogic Server 5.0, SQL Server 7, Uni

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