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J2ee Developer Resume

Fayetteville, AR


  • 4 years of experience as a Java/J2EE Developer in analysis, design, implementation, integration, testing and maintenance of applications using Java/J2EE and Object - Oriented Client - Server technologies.
  • Expert in Various Agile methodologies like SCRUM, Test Driven Development (TDD), Incremental and Iteration methodology and Pair Programming as well as implementing Waterfall model.
  • Proficient in programming with Java/J2EE and strong experience in technologies such as Java 7/8/11, JSP Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Cloud Netflix OSS, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JDBC and JNDI.
  • Expertise in back-end/server-side java technologies such as Web services, Java persistence API, Java Messaging Service, Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).
  • Experience on working with Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon SQS, AWS Identity and access management (IAM) and AWS Cloud Watch
  • Significant experience in web development tools like Spring Tool Suite (STS), Visual Studio, and Eclipse.
  • Strong working experience Object Relational mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate (Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Hibernate Caching, Transactions).
  • Experience working with various data sources like web services (REST, SOAP), unstructured data files, flat files, message queues, xml-based events, databases.
  • Experience in database modelling, design and development of PL/SQL stored procedures, packages in relational databases relational databases Oracle, SQL Server.
  • Experience in developing test cases with Junit and logging with Log4j.
  • Experience in designing, developing, and deploying J2EE applications on Web sphere, Web logic, Apache Tomcat and JBoss application Servers.
  • Expertise in tracking bugs and issues using JIRA and well versed with version control tools like GIT, GITHUB.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a very good team player with excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills.


Languages: Java 7/8/11, SQL, PL/SQL

Tools: & Framework: Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Data, Spring Transaction, Spring JDBC, Spring IOC, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, JSF, Log4J

Web Services: Soap, WSDL, UDDI, JAX-RS, REST-Jersey, JAX-WS, AXIS

Cloud: AWS

Web/App Servers: Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, WebLogic Server

Development Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio and Spring Tool Suite (STS)

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Cassandra and Dynamo DB.

Version Control: Tortoise SVN, CVS and GIT

Build Script: ANT, Maven

OS & Environment: Windows, iOS, Android


Confidential, Fayetteville, AR

J2EE Developer


  • Developed Application in a highly dynamic AGILE environment and participated in Scrum and sprint meetings.
  • Enhanced Design and API-development on Java 11 of multi-tier applications involving J2EE technologies like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring AOP.
  • Implemented Micro services Architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through REST.
  • Used Spring Data JPA (Java Persistence API) framework and JPA Specification criteria builder to work with dynamic queries in java.
  • Used HTTP methods extensively to retrieve the data from the Rest API and used that data to update the page dynamically
  • Designed, configured and deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a multitude of applications utilizing the AWS stack (Including EC2, S3), focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Generated Metrics with method level granularity and Persistence using Spring AOP and Spring Actuator.
  • Used Visual Studio Code for developing the Application and installing on Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Involved in creating various Data Access Objects (DAO) for addition, modification and deletion of records using various specification files.
  • Used JAX-RS for creating RESTful web service where the request and response are in JSON format.
  • Created tables and worked on SQL and PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures functions and packages for complex Inserts and updates in the database.
  • Used GIT/Jenkins as Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) software.
  • Developed all custom processes, workflows and schemes within JIRA to accommodate the organization’s needs.
  • Participate in daily stand-up, sprint planning, end of sprint retrospectives, and demos.

Environment: Java 11, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, Spring Data, Spring DI, Spring Security, Spring MVC, AWS, JAX-RS, OAuth 2, Jenkins, Maven, Apache Tomcat Server, Jira, Spring Tool Suite, JSON, Agile, Windows.

Confidential, Houston, TX

J2EE Developer


  • Planning, analysis, design and implementation of different modules using Agile (Scrum) Methodology.
  • Developed the application using Spring Framework Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Spring Boot and handled the security using Spring Security.
  • Used Java 8 Method References feature to point to methods by their names and used functional Interfaces.
  • Used Spring to implement Dependency Injection (DI) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Developed several RESTful API web services which generates XML and JSON to perform web and mobile application tasks.
  • Using AWS EC2 to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems to handle unexpected load bursts.
  • Integrated Spring Security to provide security features like Authentication/Authorization.
  • Developed and designed REST APIs (Restful End Points) and integrated with other subsystems using REST Web Services.
  • Configured Spring OAuth 2 with Spring Security to perform authentication and authorization for micro services for Eligibility modules.
  • Implemented Generic DAO using Spring JDBC to handle database operations on Similarly Constructed Tables.
  • Migrating existing application into REST based Micro services to provide all the CRUD capabilities using Spring Boot.
  • Setup source code management in GitHub and developed and documented best practices for managing and releasing code and Jira for Project Management.

Environment: Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, Spring JDBC, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Batch, JAX-RS, AWS, XML, Oracle, Apache Tomcat Server, GITHUB, Jenkins, Visual Studio, Jira, Agile, Windows.


J2EE Developer


  • Involved in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the project using Agile methodology.
  • Worked with Spring IOC for implementing the future of DI across different layers and implemented Spring AOP for logging and auditing.
  • Developed Data Access Objects DAOs and business delegates for accessing data.
  • UsedHibernateORMframeworkas persistence engine and wroteHibernateQueries to automate the mapping betweenOracledatabase andObjectsinJava.
  • Developed Server-side components based on Spring MVC and the persistence layer build on ORM framework Hibernate.
  • Effectively worked with Jenkins Integration Server is used to perform Continuous Integration and Continuous Development.
  • Created a framework for all the backend calls and used JAX-B for customized XML parsing.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for developing code modules in the development environment.
  • Worked on Log4J to validate functionalities and Mockito framework JUnit for Unit testing and executed TDD framework.
  • Responsible to finish Jira Tickets assigned on time and update their status on regular basis

Environment: Java 7, Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, JSP, JMS, JAX-WS, JAX-B, GIT, Log4j, Jenkins, Jira, Windows.

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