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Lead Java Developer Resume


  • Overall 12+ years of experience developing robust and scalable business web applications for the private sector using Java/J2EE technologies in industries like Banking, Telecommunications and Retail.
  • Extensive expertise with Java 6 (12 years), Java 7 (3 years) and Java 8 (3 years), J2EE (12 years), JSP (12 years), JDBC (12 years), Servlets (12 years), Java Beans (12 years), WildFly (3 years), JBoss (3 years), JavaScript (10 years), Angular 7 (3 years), jQuery (8 years), CSS (10 years), Ajax (10 years), JSON (10 years), XML (10 years), Webservices (10 years), Struts (12 years), Spring (5 years), Microservices (3 years), Spring boot (2 years), PostgreSQL (3 years) and Oracle PL/SQL (8 years).
  • Expertise in cloud technologies using AWS (3 years).
  • 3+ experience with Java 8, with solid knowledge of introduced capabilities like Time API, Lambda Expressions, Java Stream API, JAVA IO and Collection API improvements and new concepts like functional interfaces and default/static methods in interfaces.
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Enhancement, Production Support and Change Management of business applications, even used methodologies like Agile, Waterfall and TDD development; Involved in all the phases of SDLC from requirement analysis, designing, coding, UAT, documentation & implementation.
  • Worked with SVN (8 years), GIT (6 years) and GITHUB (3 years) for version control and Jira.
  • Strong Core Java with strong understanding of Multi - threading, Collections, Exception handling, Garbage Collector (10 years).
  • Expertise in projects developing enterprise web applications using Core Java (12 years), Java 1.6 (12 years) 1.8 (3 years), Java EE (12 years).
  • Experience in consuming SOAP (10 years) webservice using Apache CXF and Axis frameworks.
  • Experience in developing RESTful (JAX RS) (10 years) web services using JSON (10 years).
  • Proficient in RDBMS (8 years) concepts, queries, PL SQL (8 years), stored procedures (3 years), functions using Oracle (8 years), PostgreSQL (3 years), MySQL (3 years).
  • Experience in Web/Application Servers such as Tomcat 6 (6 years), OAS (8 years), JBoss (3 years) and Apache server (8 years) for deploying and configuring web applications.
  • Proficient using cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (3 years), Docker (2 years)
  • Expertise in web development using HTML (10 years), XHTML (10 years), CSS (10 years), Ajax (10 years), Angular (3 years), JavaScript (10 years), JSP (12 years), Servlets (12 years).
  • Experience with jQuery in web presentation layer with servlets, JSP, Spring MVC at the web controller layer.
  • Expertise with development tools like Eclipse (12 years), Spring Tool Suite (3 years), My Eclipse (12 years), TOAD (8 years), NetBeans (12 years), SQL developer (8 years).
  • Expertise in using Object Oriented design (4 years), Design patterns (4 years), UML (4 years).
  • Expertise in different open-source frameworks like Spring 4 (3 years).
  • Experienced in deploying J2EE applications on Apache Tomcat (12 years) web server and WebLogic (2 years), JBoss application server (3 years).
  • Experience implementing design patterns like DAO (10 years), DTO (10 years), Abstract Factory SDO (10 years), BO (10 years), Singleton (10 years), Interface (10 years), TO (10 years), Business Delegate (10 years).
  • Robust design and development experience with best practices and well-done coding standards (12 years).
  • Experience in using text editors like Sublime Text (12 years) and Notepad++ (12 years)
  • Experience in integrating REST, SOAP services using SOAP-UI and Postman (3 years).
  • Used Maven and Gradle (4 years)
  • Scrum Master / Agile lead roles (3 years).
  • Experience on UNIX (8 years), Linux platforms (8 years), developed shell scripts and configured CRON jobs (8 years).
  • Good Working experience in using different Spring (5 years) modules like Spring Core Container Module (5 years), Spring Application Context Module (5 years), Spring MVC Framework module (5 years), Spring boot (3 years).
  • Expertise in writing JUnit (3 years) test cases for system testing.
  • Expertise in mobile applications using Java Android (5 years) and Swift (4 years), Objective C (8 years) for iOS


Front End Technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, Angular, ExtJS, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, JSF, Java Android, Swift 4

Back End Technologies: Java J2EE, Spring

IT Security tools: Wireshark

IT Security: IBM QRadar, eAudit, Checkmarx

Cloud Technologies: AWS

CI CD and Dev Ops: Docker, Maven, Jenkins, Gradle

Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Information: JSON, XML, Jasper

Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, Wildfly, OAS

Other: Enterprise Architect, Project, Visio

Versioning: SVN, GitHub

Documentation: UML

Methodology: Waterfall, Agile SCRUM

O.S.: Unix, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS



Lead Java Developer


  • Defined and implemented the rules and best practices to use in the Tiendas Neto IT area.Designed and developed the architectures of a new self-made WMS using java core, java android and oracle.Led a 10-developer team to build a new platform on the cloud to manage the process when opening new stores.Led a team responsible for tasks allocation, mentoring, best code practices, issue resolutions, pair programming and architecture design.Designed and implemented the architecture on AWS focusing on the high availability using ELB, EC2 and RDSDesigned, implemented, and developed API using spring boot and PostgresWorked as a java developer, defining, and managing the activities of the team.
  • Developed API interfaces to be consumed by android and angular apps
  • Developed views using java android and Angular 7
  • Developed components to connect to the Spring Boot API from the android and angular app
  • Designed and implemented a cloud environment using AWS to allocate the Internet page for Tiendas Neto (www.tiendasneto.com).
  • Coach a team to migrate an old java jar version to connect to a new Oracle version.
  • Lead the deployment of new components in production systems through team concert
  • Developed WMS applications using Java Android and SOAP services which were connected to web services on AXIS.
  • Led a 4-developer team to migrate from Manhattan platform to a self-made WMS
  • Developed a mobile application using Swift 4 to show the sales of the company per day/month/year using external frameworks like alamo to connect to SOAP services.
  • Developed a mobile application using android to control the inventory in the stores using Java android.
  • Developed views on a web platform using java struts 2
  • Developed unit test using JUnit to test java core applications as batch applications
  • Developed stored procedures in oracle to get information to feed the web platform on java struts 2
  • Developed functions on Postgres to set and get information about the geolocation of users using an android App
  • Created reports using jasper reports and java core.
  • Developed batch java core programs to send information to external providers using java core and SOAP.
  • Defined the basis to migrate from a monolithic model to Microservices.

Environment: Java 6, java 8, Spring boot, Spring, Java EE, OAS, Struts, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 11g, Eclipse, SQL Developer, Swift 4.


Java/iOS Developer


  • Worked with a team of 8 developers to build a new POS made on objective C in iPad
  • Developed API on rest to communicate with the iPad using java and axis
  • Developed a new application using maps in iPad to organize the agenda of the store managers
  • Developed applications to control and managed the products in the stores
  • Developed clients in objective c to connect to SOAP services
  • Developed stored procedures on Oracle to get and set information
  • Implemented unit test using JUnit and postman to check and prove the functionality on the iPad
  • Made some PL/SQL scripts to prepare unit test
  • Defined the best practices used to develop applications on the iPad
  • Managed JBoss server on the DEV and QA environments
  • Created reports using jasper reports and java 6 core.
  • Developed java 6 batch programs using thread and applying different design patterns

Environment: Java EE, OAS, Struts, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 11g, Eclipse, SQL Developer, Objective-C, Swift 3.


Java Developer


  • Developed a web application to control the sales using struts and Java EE
  • Developed reports to print information using iReport and Oracle stored procedures
  • Developed stored procedures to get and send information to the database in Oracle
  • Created reports using jasper reports and java 6.
  • Managed WebSphere DEV environment to test the applications before QA


Java Developer


  • Developed backend applications using java 1.6 in the billing area of the company
  • Used java and shell programming on Unix to register scheduled tasks.
  • Developed a Java web application using struts to emulate user data consumptions.
  • Developed reports to print information using iReport and Oracle stored procedures.

Environment: Java EE, OAS, JBoss, WildFly, Struts, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Spring, Spring boot, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 11g, jQuery, Eclipse, SQL Developer.


Java Developer


  • Developed several front-end components using JSP, Servlets and Struts into the Java EE platform. The applications were deployed into WebSphere servers
  • Developed Java web components in struts to support client operations into the bank.
  • Developed reports in pdf using iReport
  • Developed stored procedures to register bank operations and to make reports using the database data to print on a pdf.

Environment: Java 1.6, Java EE, OAS, JBoss, Struts, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Spring, Spring boot, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 11g

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