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Sailpoint Developer Resume

New, YorK


  • Experienced on Design, implementation, code migration build processes and source control use.
  • Experienced on designing and implementing customized solution for connector, LCM workflow, Roles, Policies and Reports.
  • Experienced in SailPoint lifecycle Manager, compliance Manager and Access Governance modules.
  • Highly involved in cross communication across functional teams, managing Stakeholder’s expectation.
  • Worked on designing and implementing the SailPoint connectors like Active Directory, LDAP, JDBC, Delimited, Oracle EBS, Oracle DBS.
  • Worked on designing custom forms, quicklinks for contractor onboarding from SailPoint.
  • Good experience working on Agile Methodology.
  • Experience in developing custom SailPoint Rules and workflow as per the business requirement.
  • Worked on developing LCM event in SailPoint based on the client’s requirement.
  • Experience on setting up SAML applications in OKTA.
  • Good experience working with Certification provided by SailPoint.
  • Good experience working with SailPoint patch and version upgrade.
  • Extensive experience of writing and editing scripts using BeanShell, PowerShell and Java.
  • Worked on integrating SailPoint with ServiceNow Service Desk Integration and portal integration.
  • Design and developed rules like Build Map, Preliterate, Post Iterate, Correlation, Customization, Exclusion, Identity Creation etc. based on the client requirement.
  • Experienced working on customization and configuration of workflows for provisioning and de - provisioning accounts across various internal and external systems in SailPoint.
  • Good communication skills with an exceptional ability to plan and organize work and lead the IAM team.


Scripting Languages: Java, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, JSP, JavaScript

Database: Oracle, MySql, mysql

Identity and Access Management: SailPoint IIQ 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, Okta

Operating Systems: Window, Linux

Application Servers: Tomcat, Web sphere, Web logic


Confidential, New York

SailPoint Developer


  • Worked on the accelerator pack framework provided by SailPoint.
  • Worked with accelerator pack framework for rapid application boarding to onboard applications such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, JDBC application, Oracle EBS.
  • Worked on several custom workflows which includes of multi-level of approvals.
  • Developed technical design document on SailPoint System configuration, lifecycle events, application onboarding, deployment process.
  • Worked with Azure DevOps for version control and code management.
  • Developed a custom form in the SailPoint UI so that admins can create user accounts manually through UI and provision users.
  • Provided use cases and business processes for support groups on role, entitlement, provisioning and deprovisioning
  • SSB (Service standard build) process for customizations developed during the implementation phase.
  • Design, implement, and educate on IAM build processes, code migration, and source control use.
  • Provide knowledge transfer and postproduction support activities, as necessary.
  • Performed Installation and configuration of SailPoint IdentityIQin different client’s environment DEV, QA, PROD and DR
  • Supported operations & maintenance of SailPoint and LDAP connectivity.
  • Triggering custom mail notifications to manager when company or department or manager of an Identity updated in IdentityIQ.
  • Configuring different Lifecycle events features such as JOINER, LEAVER, REHIRE, LOA, RLOA, MOVER, ATTRIBUTE SYNC using the Accelerator pack.
  • Worked on Provisioning and Identity Workflows, Access Management, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and Authentication and Authorization in SailPoint IIQ.

Confidential, Ohio

IAM SailPoint Developer


  • Worked on creating an enterprise governance model across roles, policies, and risk.
  • Implemented solution automatically route access review reports to the appropriate certifiers.
  • Worked on OOTB connectors provided by SailPoint to integrate with various applications such as AD, LDAP, JDBC and Flat File, SAP applications.
  • Implemented solution to track the full history of each certification item, including delegation, forwarding, challenge and review decisions for all entitlements and roles.
  • Worked on Provisioning and Identity Workflows, Access Management, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and Authentication and Authorization in SailPoint IIQ.
  • Worked on Provisioning use case development, role definition, building to meet compliance controls, and IAM governance.
  • Worked with Information Security team to integrate with applications and Role Lifecycle Management.
  • Troubleshooting, root cause analysis, identification and design of solution, coding that does bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Centralized identity data, roles, business policy and risk modeling to support compliance initiatives and user lifecycle management.
  • Created test environment using different managed systems like Active Directory, Oracle, JDBC, and ensured the timely resolution of the defects interacting with the development team to locate the root cause.
  • Worked on customizing connectors, workflows, forms, rules, policies, report etc. in IIQ for testing purpose.
  • Involved in Application connector configurations like delimited, JDBC, AD etc.
  • Re-certification, Connector Development process using SailPoint IIQ.
  • Readiness for Microsoft Office 365 and salesforce applications rollout on Okta (AD attributes review).
  • Provisioning of users on Okta, monitoring the O365 / salesforce application assignment.
  • Worked on different out of the box and custom connectors like Active Directory, UNIX, Delimited, JDBC, RACF, LDAP, etc.
  • Deploying SSO across all member company domains involved establishing the firewalls.
  • Used Okta administration for SSO solution.
  • Involved and Assisted team in Design, Development and Deployment.
  • Created Custom tasks and Custom Reports.

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL

Sr. SailPoint Engineer


  • Deploy existing code and configuration files in the Tomcat server in Dev, Test and Prod environments.
  • Extensively worked with SailPoint APIs to develop custom functionalities to suit business requirement.
  • Worked on OOTB connector provided by SailPoint IIQ and Web Services to integrate with target applications.
  • Good experience working on requirement gathering. Hands on working with client post implementation for user testing, debugging, support, and maintenance.
  • Experienced working with postman while working on web service connector.
  • Good experience working with REST APIs and SOAP APIs.
  • Fix issues and bugs resulting from the upgrade testing and from previous analysis phase.
  • Scheduling and implementing various type of User Entitlement Reviews for applications and databases in a timely manner to all the business areas across the organization.
  • Performed attribute mapping on Okta and provided support for OKTA service/help desk queue - Identifying and troubleshooting issues.
  • Experience in installing Okta’ s Lightweight agent to integrate with Active Directory.
  • Design, implement, and educate on IAM build processes, code migration, and source control use.
  • Provide knowledge transfer and postproduction support activities, as necessary.
  • Worked on developing various Lifecycle Events, configuration of Lifecycle Manager, Compliance Manager and the password manager services.
  • Customized the desktop password reset functionalities in the customer environment that involved many complexities in authenticating at the enterprise directory.

Confidential, Oklahoma City

SailPoint Developer


  • On-boarding complex application to satisfy business requirement also Design SailPoint deployment and solution architectures.
  • Perform Integration with multiple applications such as AD, Exchange, RDBMS, and Flat File & LDAP.
  • Communicate the functions, capabilities, and processes of proposed enterprise IAM programs with clients and users.
  • Build and Configure SailPoint in-built tasks like aggregation, ID refresh, schedule tasks, correlation, etc.
  • Have done customizations in business process/workflow, reports, in IIQ console to add new commands.
  • Worked on migration project from Sun IdM to SailPoint IIQ.
  • Development of key modules and custom requirements in the project. Perform User Access Administration using Active Directory. Implementing the provisioning feature of SailPoint IIQ by using various connectors.
  • Manage User Access/Login Security to SailPoint Applications.
  • Modifications were done in their existing active sync process to manage the users.
  • Coordinating with the Clients / on-site team for gathering enhancement requirements, status updates and issue handling.
  • Developed workflows and Application Connectors
  • Involved in test cases preparation and setting up test environment.
  • Used IQService as part of IdentityIQ for Active Directory (AD) provisioning.
  • Responsible for training new team members in the project.
  • Conducted internal and external training in SailPoint IIQ for new projects.
  • Worked on configuring SSL for tomcat and worked on setting up TLS for Active Directory.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Software/IAM Engineer


  • Implemented boosting mechanism to achieve improved relevance of auto recommendation for every user profile so that he gets more personalized results.
  • Application on-boarding and Implementation of applications and identities.Implementation of Password management ofSailPointIIQ.
  • Developed Maven build scripts and involved in deploying the application on Eclipse IDE.
  • Engaged in developing the UI by using HTML, JSF, jQuery, and JavaScript and in some places used AJAX to make calls to other services and involved in developing the CSS sheets for the UI Components.
  • Managing concerns and queries raised by business through helpdesk.Deletion of dormant accounts and orphan accounts based on risk assessment.
  • Creation of manual identities inSailPointIIQ for temporary/contract staffs. Create identity Life Cycle workflows, defining life cycle events.Develop and customize workflows in the SailPoint Identity IQ for Role Creation, Identity Events, Identity Refresh and Policy Violations.
  • Experience on Build Map rules Pre-iterate rules and Customization rules (Bean Shell Script) for incorporating Business Logic during application on boarding and customization of data.
  • Developed workflow for importing the roles and creating default role assignments.
  • Used JSP, Java Script, HTML, and CSS for manipulating, validating, customizing, error messages to the User Interface.

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