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Java, Full Stack Developer Resume

Quincy, MA


  • Result - driven IT Professional with 6+ Years referable & strong experience in designing web-based enterprise applications with Object Oriented, J2EE and Client Server technologies.
  • Well versed with all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation.
  • Highly skilled in Core Java concepts such as Multi-Threading, Generics, Exception Handling, Collections Framework, etc.
  • Expertise in object-oriented design methodology and large-scale application development in Java
  • Experience in developing applications using Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, IOC, Micro Services and AOP working with tools such as Maven, Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Experience with Spring Security, including configuration of JWT and OAuth 2
  • Experience in TDD Test Driven Development writing test cases using Junit and Mockito and utilizing Postman and Swagger to create API documentation.
  • Experience in developing SPA using Angular Front end framework by utilizing Routing, Components, Services, Angular Material, Observables, guards, and Forms.
  • Well experienced in creating Single Page Applications using Angular5, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript and Bootstrap and implemented solutions to consume RESTful Web Service from Java Spring Boot.
  • Strong skills in securing Angular 2+ applications through Authorization and Authentication
  • Strong experience in AWS Cloud platform such as EC2, IAMs, EBS, RDS, AWS SQS and AWS S3.
  • Expertise in managing applications on Tomcat, AWS EC2 and Bitnami servers as well as distributing the load using load balancing, auto-scaling and API gateways.
  • Versatile team player with excellent analytical, inter-personnel and presentation skill with ability to quickly adapt to new technologies & project environments.


Languages: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, TypeScript

Backend Tools & Frameworks: Spring Security, Spring Core

Micro Services/Web Services: Tomcat

Databases/ORMs: MySQL, PL/SQL, MongoDB

Frontend Technologies: Angular, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

IDE Tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio Code

Project Version Control: GIT, Jira

Deployment/AWS: AWS EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, IAMs, Jenkins.io, CI/CD Infrastructure


Confidential, Quincy, MA

Java, Full Stack Developer


  • Effectively involved in all phases of the project design, testing, and deployment of integrative functionalities in prod
  • Optimized code for performance and code maintainability using regular code and Code Refactoring in agile methodology.
  • Developed a web application by utilizing the following technologies: Angular, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Security, and Hibernate.
  • Developed various helper classes needed, used advanced concepts of Core Java like Collections, Streams and lambda expressions, Functional interfaces
  • Implemented application architecture of the System based on Spring MVC.
  • Used Spring MVC architecture to implement Spring Rest Controllers for handling the created models, views and required Design Patterns.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate ORM.
  • Used Spring Beans at Server side to write business logic and interaction with persistence layer developed using Hibernate Persistent logic.
  • Used Hibernate in Data Access Layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Consumed JSON formatted data through API call and used JQuery for DOM manipulations, developing and managing RESTful API applications using micro services.
  • Developed frontend interface using Angular components, HTML, CSS, JPA, JSTL, typescript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Implemented template driven forms custom directives using Angular’s Forms Module and Typescript.
  • Implemented data manipulation between Angular views and inherited components in order to pass data between components using local variable and View Child.
  • Managed Angular modules with Angular CLI and secured routes using Guards. Consumed Rest API using Angular services and populated UI pages with received information.
  • Leveraged AWS SDK to send simple email notifications through Amazon SES.
  • Used GIT for Version Control and Jira to manage any changes at application’s final stages to apply adjustments to applications as user requirements are updated.
  • Used JUnit and Mockito framework for testing of theapplication.
  • Extensive development of Micro Services with Spring Boot using highly cohesive and loosely coupled methodology.
  • Optimized database performance in PL/SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and AWS, Dynamo DB and wrote queries, triggers, procedures and normalization of database tables.
  • Optimized RDBMS by normalizing tables, indexing tables, using views, foreign keys, joins, triggers, and stored procedures.
  • Optimized Spring Boot applications using Micro Services Architectural Design and used the advantage of zero XML configuration files to reduce the time of development.
  • Designed dynamic loading in Angular using variable interpolation, property binding, event binding, and 2 way binding, Ng Directives, life-cycle hooks, and dependency injection to create reactive and template driven forms.
  • Collaborated in Teams using JIRA Software in an AGILE environment to track software bugs
Environment: Java 8, JSON, OAuth2, Spring boot, JPA, Spring security, hibernate, Spring Rest, Spring MVC, Hibernate, MySQL, JUnit, Mockito, Swagger, HTML5, CSS3,Typescript, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite

Confidential, Cranford, NJ

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Effectively involved in Agile Software Development Life Cycle, participated in weekly stand-up meetings and sprint planning.
  • Responsible for the full stack development of the budgeting module from frontend development application Iogic to back end with Spring Boot MVC for business logic and data persistence using MySQL database.
  • Helped design the ManyToMany relationships between Java Bean entities and configure the output of the JSON data to be consumed by React.
  • Created Spring MVC framework Components for Controllers to Inject dependencies, through Spring Loc containers, from Models, Persistence classes, Repositories and Services.
  • Extensively used MVC, DAO, POJO, and Factory Method Patterns.
  • Configured Spring Bean for Data Source to connect to MySQL providing customers' transaction history for budget calculation.
  • Utilized DAO design pattern with Spring Data JPA repositories implementing Hibernate framework and invoked stored procedures for complex queries.
  • Created RESTful Web Services to provide statistics for budget tools and configured OAuth authentication to secure APIS.
  • Developed services, from production to consumption, SOAP and JAX-WS to publish WSDL endpoints.
  • Designed React modules that consumed RESTful endpoints using Axios Async/ await.
  • Integrated client module using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, NPM, JQuery and Spring MVC views with JSP and JSTL.
  • Incorporated JWT and authorization to the components that I was specifically involved in using oAuth2.
  • Streamlined the use of functional components from class-based components to improve performance with React Hooks.
  • Integrated Materialize framework to improve the styling of the Navbar.
  • Assisted in converting SVG to JSX and adding high-definition icons used in the Navbar component in React.
  • Involved in the deployment to AWS for backup services using EC2 instances, specifically helping to configure Bitnami servers.
  • Also created a Linux server where we set up MySQL, Tomcat and other dependencies.
  • Developed AWS Lambda functions for automated, event-driven data backup to S3 Buckets, server-less notification services with SNS.
  • Created mock objects and services for testing based on designed test cases using JUnit, Mockito framework and used GIT for version control and JIRA for bug tracking and project management.

Environment: Java 8 & 9, Spring Core, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, MySQL, JAX-RS, JAX- WS, React, Node.JS, NPM, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, GIT, Maven, AWS, Lambdas

Confidential - Edison, NJ

Java UI Developer


  • Created an Appointment Booking Module and integrated it with billing module working with multiple managers to design and implement this application with Spring MVC, Angular, Mongoose, MongoDB, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and TypeScript/JavaScript.
  • Utilized Spring Dependency Injection (DI) in order to maintain code flexibility and minimize code reuse and made use of Caching/Handling exceptions.
  • Implemented Micro services using spring boot and Deployed micro services with Docker in AWS.
  • Developed a dynamic, secure web application launched visually appearing, user-friendly, service using Java Spring-MVC Architecture.
  • Created in Angular Custom form input Validators for Angular Forms Module and implemented Angular Event Binding, Property Binding and Two-way data binding.
  • Implemented and configured routing in Single Page Application using Angular router module and various route guard like CanActivate, CanDeactivate, CanLoad, CanActivateChild, etc. of Angular framework.
  • Used Spring ORM with Hibernate to develop entities, DAO and services to manage the databases.
  • Implemented the project's models and repositories using Spring Annotations.
  • Developed friendly Front End User Interface in Angular using TypeScript and created dynamic Single Page Application.
  • Created functions using HTTPCLIENT service module to inject services for Angular Consumption.
  • Used Angular as a framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) to bind data to speci c views and synchronize data with the server.
  • Deployed application using AWS creating EC2 instances.
  • Creating AWS Lambda function AWS Server less Services to be invoked for S3 Bucket and RDS event and user AWS notification services.

Environment: Java, Spring, RESTful Web Services, Hibernate, Node.JS, Mongoose, MongoDB, MySQL, Angular, Typescript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and GIT

Confidential, Taunton, MA

Full Stack Developer


  • Effective Involved in SDLC - Requirements, Design & Analysis, Development and Deployment of the Application.
  • Analysis and debugging of existing code in response to customer and internally-identified issues
  • Implemented applications with Spring MVC, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Utilized Spring Dependency Injection (DI) in order to maintain code flexibility and minimize code reuse
  • Designed and Developed RESTful APIs using Spring Boot, Spring MVC and Spring Data JPA to get the API exposed and consumed by the mobile app and web applications.
  • Responsible for developing the module for user authorization/authentication using Spring Security and JWT
  • Used Postman to test the API endpoints to ensure the right functionality.
  • Implemented Angular services for connectivity between a web application and back end APIs by consuming REST Web APIs using Angular Http Services to get the required data.
  • Implemented Angular HttpInterceptor to handling adding authorization token in the header
  • Used Angular Auth Route Guard to prevent users from navigating to parts of an app without authorization.
  • Involved in writing complex queries and modifying the existing queries in the MySQL server.
  • Used AWS SDK to perform crud operation on s3 buckets
  • Maintained pre-existing projects and helped develop new features as required by clients.
  • Implemented the required configuration classes and overriding some methods to customize the security of Spring Boot Security
  • Used Angular, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS to design the frontend, which consumes the RESTful APIs.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing, Used BitBucket for Version Control. Used Trello to manage any changes

Environment: Spring boot, Spring security, Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC, MySQL, JUnit, HTML5, CSS3,Typescript, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, Trello, GIT, BitBucket, Eclipse

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