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Sr. Mobile Developer Resume

Reston, VA


  • Around 9 years of experience in teh entire software development life cycle. Strong working experience in Design, Development and implementation of several Mobile and Web platforms. Experience in various industries including financial, brokerage, and transfer agent and excellent communication, organization and time management skills. Responsible, efficient, cooperative and eager to learn new technology. Strong analytical and problem solving skills wif excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Positive work attitude and self motivated to work independently and as well as in a team. Good Understanding of both Business processes and technical development. Master of Science and Engineering from


Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, WindowsPhone7, cloud, ArcGIS, mobile tablet, Mobile - Web, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium Appcelerator, iPhone, iPad, JQTouch, JQuery Mobile, Obj C, Flash, Flex, Action Script, Blackberry, Silverlight, ActionScript, CorelDraw

Java platforms: Java, Hibernate, Strut, JQuery, JPA, SQLLite, JSP, EJB, WinCVS, JavaBeans, MVC Framework, Oracle 10g, iBatis, JSTL, DojoUI platforms: LDAP, JSON, Node.js, Subversion/Clearcase, GIT, XHTML, CSS, Clearcase, MXML, XML, XSD,Jav a script, Log4jSDLC methodologies like: Agile Extreme, Programming (XP), SCRUM, and RUP

Database & Database Development Tools: Oracle, MYSQL, DB2, SQL Server, SQL, PL/ SQL, Toad, DBVi sualize

Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, RAD, WSAD.

Application servers: JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, and Glassfish, WebSphere Portal

Webservices & Web services frameworks: REST, SOAP, Apache CXF, and APACHE AXIS2

Version control systems: CVS, Subversion


Confidential, Reston, VA

Sr. Mobile Developer


  • Architected a customized network protocol used by client applications including Android, iOS and
  • Windows Phone 7 to communicate wif cloud architectures.
  • Developed and implemented mobile tablet solution wif ArcGIS for field personnel to improve customer service and efficiency on future project planning and to prevent missing paper tickets and field re-work Mobile-Web, Enyo R&D, created 8 PhoneGap Android, iOS, Window-Mobile plug-ins Developed a multi-platform mobile application to visualize gene expression database using Sencha
  • Touch
  • Developed Mobile App in Titanium Appcelerator IDE using JavaScript, Obj C and Java. Used JavaScript & Titanium tools. Implemented teh entire Prototype of email app, including SQL
  • Lite database schema and query design, JS based HTTP request to fetch email data and UI design implementation
  • Worked on Securing WebSphere Portal wif LDAP and DB2, WebSphere wif LDAP. Consumed Web Services using Apache CXF framework for getting remote information Design and
  • Developed using WebService using Apache Axis 2 on JBOSS. Acquired JSON data feeds from different repository APIs and teh internal Wiki. Developed a Filter View & back-end components wif teh Spring MVC, iBatis, JSTL, Dojo, JQueryPrizeTags JSTL Introduced to clustered and non-clustered indexes in Oracle Used JPA wif Entity Beans for interacting wif
  • Persistence Layer for CRUD operations. MySQL to access data in teh database at different Levels. Optimized UML design using patterns like DAO, Factory, Service Locator and
  • Business Delegate Used Netbeans for development and WebLogic Application Server for deploying teh web application. Coding, maintenance and enhancements to iPhone Application.
  • Develop hands-on in-seat, online, & iPad curriculum colege wide. Developed on a team of four paid wif a research grant to produce an Android application (currently under non-disclosure agreement).
  • Port existing iPhone demo application to teh Android platform. This application utilizes JavaJQTouch. Redesign part of an existing web application that was meant for desktops to work on mobile phones using JQuery Mobile Designed and developed multi-protocol telecom Single-Page Architecture application using
  • Node.js, Express and Jade on teh backend,
  • Migrated teh code base from Subversion/Clearcase to GIT.

Environment: s: Titanium, Phonegap, Sencha Touch, HTML, CSS, Jquery Mobile, Backbone.Js, FlashCoreldraw, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Tablet, Spring, Hibernate, MYSQLAPACHE CXF, REST, Eclipse, Weblogic, Subversion (SVN), Agile, JSP SERVLET, MAVEN, Web 2.0, SOAPHP, Ruby

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Mobile Developer


  • Develop prototype application on Android handset and tablet for viewing editing, sharing, and creating montages of photos, videos, events and albums which can be transferred wirelessly across other devices.
  • Developed iPhone and Android mobile app using Sencha Touch and Phonegap framework Mobile application development utilizing Sencha Touch Javascript API Framework Working on mobile development platform using Titanium Appcelerator. Developing a multi platform phone app for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 using
  • PhoneGap and Sencha Touch.
  • Update Titanium wif latest features and resolve existing bugs in teh platform Worked on WebSphere Portal integration wif WBISF in getting Work Items raised by teh process flows from WBISF. Involved in teh deployment of Web-Service End-Points using Apache CXF Auto-Generation of client side code using APACHE AXIS2 wif JAXB-RI binding. Designed and developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML, JSON, JQuery and CSS Developed teh User Interfaces using Struts, JSP, JSTL, HTML and Ajax, JavaScript. Oracle is used as teh persistence layer, configured and optimally indexed for searches Developed HQL queries for CRUD. Worked in RDBMS implementation using SOAP, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL on Oracle database. Mentored a team of 5 junior to mid-level developers in Java/J2EE Development using UML design documents. Creates GUI builder using NetBeans. Worked wif Core
  • Location and MapKit framework for teh purpose of showing current locations on a map on iPhone applications. Provide recommendation for app purchase for iPad use. Implemented live video broadcasting from Android camera to streaming server Designed and implementing a mobile application interface using JQuery, JQTouch, and PHP for navigating contacts in
  • One's mobile application to be used in an upcoming update. Develop a real time sports management web platform using WCF Services, T-SQL Stored
  • Procedures, JQuery Mobile and Flex.
  • Designed and implemented teh web application in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, HTML5 and JQuery from initial concept development to beta launch. Responsible for build and release teh code from Clearcase, Subversion and Perforce. Actively assisting wif teh conversion from Longs Drugs to CVS. Extensive experience using framework APIs like Struts, Spring, iBatis and Hibernate. Developed Add, Edit and profile view web pages for teh monitor module using JSP, JSF HTML, JSF
  • CORE tags library.
  • Developed teh UI panels using JSF, XHTML, CSS, DOJO and JQuery.

Environment: s: Phonegap, Jqtouch, Sencha Touch, Html5, Css3, Dojo Mobile, Node.Js, Backbone.JsFlash, Flex, Silverlight, Actionscript, Iphone, Android, Windowsphone7, Blackberry, SpringHibernate, Oracle, Apache Cxf, Rest, Json, Web Services, Eclipse, Weblogic Selenium, Scrum, JspServlet, Gwt (Google Web Toolkit), Jms, Php, Ruby, Wordpress, Drupal, .Net, Asp, C, C++

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Mobile Application Developer


  • Development mobile web application for Android, iOS and BlackBerry Device Developed Remote Tablet application for IBM Thinkpad; Provided a remote graphical user interface into
  • AIC for scenario interaction through a wireless encrypted connection. Created cross-platform mobile application prototypes wif Adobe Air and PhoneGap Used Sencha Touch to create
  • Android and iOS applications to support RoR app Developed teh majority of teh app as teh only developer. Utilized a cross platform javascript framework Appcelerator Titanium to minimize porting effort between platforms, and minimize development time. Mobile application development wif Titanium SDK. Installed, configured and administered IBM WebSphere
  • Application Server, WebSphere Portal
  • Server, IBM HTTP Server on AIX, and Red hat Linux Environment.
  • Implement web service components using Apache CXF framework Designed and Developed teh input/output data formats in XSD for teh WSDL files and accordingly implementing services using Apache AXIS2 Dealing wif JSON data feeds. Developed teh front end using JSP JSTL, AJAX and Display Tag libraries. Worked wif Transaction Isolation levels in
  • Oracle Developed teh CRUD API for teh POSEngine using Restful Webservices. Data modeling using Database development skills in Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Designed teh UML, created class, sequential diagrams using Borland Together Architecturemodified code, configured WebLogic server and project in Oracle. Proficient use of developing applications using
  • Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD, NetBeans and ANT. Coding, maintenance and enhancements to iPhone Application. Develop step-by-step resources for iPad, IOS technology use; Developed on a team of four paid wif a research grant to produce an Android application (currently under non-disclosure agreement). Developed mobile app for selling medical devices using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, jQTouch, and
  • PhoneGap.
  • Develop a real time mobile web application using JQuery Mobile, MVC and web services. Software is built as a web app on Node.js wif Backbone.js. CSS is compiled wif LESS and HTML template engine is Jade. Supported teh enterprise-wide SCM tool Subversion, including check-out, check-in, merge, buildand release. Place orders for and fill prescriptions for mail order pharmacy through CVS Caremark. Wrote complex reporting applications wif Ext JS and Sencha Touch for Windows Azure and Amazon
  • Web Services, Linux and Windows servers.
  • Setting up Java/J2EE development environment using Eclipse, Maven and Weblogic.

Environment: s: Jqtouch, Phonegap, SenchaTouch, HTML, CSS, Dojo Mobile, Node.Js, Backbone.Js, FlashFlex, Silverlight, Actionscript, Iphone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Spring, HibernateMYSQL, APACHE CXF, REST, JSON, Web Services, Eclipse, Weblogic, Selenium, Scrum, JSP, SERVLET, GWT

Confidential, Reston, VA

Mobile Developer


  • Designed and developed using C# .Net and MVC patterns. Agile methodology was adopted in teh development, and used Scrum method of project management. Implemented UI layer using Flex and business layer using Spring MVC and developed persistence layer using Hibernate. Designing Flex UI components as well as development of Flex custom components.
  • Developed eye catching MXML view components using Flex Builder. Used Cairngorm MVC Architecture to handle teh events and to retrieve teh data from teh server. Responsible for design and development of user interface using Flex Layout and Navigation, Data grid menus, and skinning components. Integrated Flex wif BlazeDS to communicate Server side Objects which was build using Spring
  • Framework and Hibernate.
  • Extensively used RemoteObjects to retrieve data from teh remote server and perform required business functionalities from teh front end. Used spring framework modules like Core container module, Application context module, Spring AOP module, Spring ORM and Spring MVC module. Configured Spring Application-Context.xml used by spring container to inject dependencies to java classes to optimize memory resources. Implemented Spring IoC (Dependency Injection) and Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) for teh Business as well as
  • Lookup Service Layer development. Developed / modified teh model components to in corporate new business level validations. Responsible for teh oracle schema design, generating various POJO objects and generating their corresponding Hibernate mappings (.hbm) files. Consumed WebServices for getting teh credit card information from third party application.
  • Used Singleton and DAO design pattern. Test Driven development is done by maintaining teh Junit and FlexUnit test cases throughout teh application. Log package is used for teh debugging. Used ClearCase for version control. Ensuring adherence to delivery schedules and quality process on projects. Involved in teh development of reports using iText tool.
  • Completed back end testing and data mining using SAP GUI and extensively used Oracle ECM
  • (Enterprise Content Management) to contribute content, links, marketing banners and test live on teh portal.
  • Participated in developing web pages using JSP, JavaScript and Google Web Toolkit, DWR (Ajax
  • Framework) for better user interface experience.
  • Provides support in teh analysis and troubleshooting of production issues which are tracked through JIRA. Designed and implemented Report Portlet (using Jasper Report framework) in phase-II. This involved exporting repot to PDF, XLS file and print functionality to take print of teh report. Decomposed Functional Rules and ILOG / Fair Isaacs Blaze Rules for various categories

Environment: s: Phonegap, SenchaTouch, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, Actionscript, Jqtouch, AndroidWindows Phone 7, Java, Spring, Hibernate, MYSQL, APACHE CXF, REST, JSON, Web Services, EclipseWeblogic, Selenium, Scrum, JSP, SERVLET, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), JMS, PHP, Ruby, WordpressDrupal, .Net, ASP, C, C++

Confidential, Reston, Virginia

Software Engineer


  • Written and executed stored-procedures on SQL SERVER back-end through JDBC API. Installation and configuration of Development Environment using Eclipse wif Weblogic
  • Application server
  • Deploying job of resolving any external dependencies and customizing these deployed enterprise bean in this specific Banking application. Finally deployed teh jar files in teh EJB Container and WAR files in teh Web Container on to teh Weblogic server. Maintained and modified triggers for ClearCase using Perl. Experience in writing Shell and Perl scripts for database connectivity and to retrieve data from different sources
  • Involved in detail design developing use cases, use case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and high level activity diagrams using UML from teh requirements. Developed web pages using JSPs and JSTL to help end user make online submission of rebates. Also used XML Beans for data mapping of XML into Java Objects. As a Senior Programmer involved in designing JSP and developing teh Servlets Implemented a prototype to integrate PDF documents into a web application using iText PDF library Developed teh Login Module and Reimbursement Module.
  • All modules developed wif teh framework design patterns and DAOs, Hibernate for persistence layer, Spring Framework for Application layer. Designed and developed user interface using Flex Components: ViewStack, Checkboxes, RepeaterTitle Window, Text Area and others. Worked on a proof of concept on Internationalization in flex.
  • Developed Action Script functions for event handling response handling and error handling Implemented Singleton Service Locator design patterns in Cairngorm MVC architecture to interact wif backend. Involved in modifying, updating and testing of teh component. Involved in group meeting wif teammates and made substantial changes to teh architecture to improve performance of teh Application. Maintained Struts architecture throughout teh application. Developed teh bean classes for better data exchange between teh MVC layers
  • Successfully differentiated presentation from code. Used multi threading and socket programming. Deployed teh application on WebLogic Application Server. Created connection pools and data sources. Modified JavaScript to read client side activities (events) and data and event validations.

Environment: C#, jQuery, Entity Framework, SQL Server, TFS, MVC

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