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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Louisville, KentuckY


  • Overall, 8 years of experience in working with the web - based applications, hands on experience in the analysis, design patterns, development client and server applications, implementing and testing with the use of Java, and Core Java.
  • Experienced in all phases of Software development life cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, coding and testing, expertise in integration using J2EE architecture.
  • Have very strong inter-personal skills and the ability to work independently and with the group, can learn quickly and easily adaptable to the working environment.
  • Experienced in developing applications using Spring boot and with various modules in Spring framework like core, data, web, AOP etc.
  • Experience in User Experience (UX) design and development, User Interactive (UI) Web Pages and visually appealing User Interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, DOJO, XML, XSL, XSLT, b.JS, EXT-JS, bootstrap.
  • Used Struts MVC framework and WebLogic Application Server for APIs.
  • Designed fronted web-based form using Angular 8/7/6/5/4 with Ajax controls CSS and HTML5.
  • Experience in working with Spring MVC based applications using Rest based web services to handle JSON data formats.
  • Designed user interfaces using JSF, HTML and Java Script and initiated backing beans used in JSF application and stores them in a scope.
  • Setting up Angular 8 framework for UI development. Developed HTML views with HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, JSON, and Java Script.
  • Excellent knowledge on On-premises Active directory & Cloud's Azure AD, Azure AD Domain Services.
  • Good knowledge of Spring's IOC, AOP, Spring MVC and spring's integration with Hibernate and Struts technologies.
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS, Flux/Redux for SPA development.
  • Experience in Microservices Architecture with Spring Boot and Docker.
  • Hands on experience in GCP services like EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, SQS, EBS, VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation GCP Config, Autoscaling, Cloud Front, IAM, R53.
  • Implemented REST Microservices using spring boot. Generated Metrics with method level granularity and Persistence using Spring AOP and Spring Actuator.
  • Have in depth knowledge on the Java/J2EEDesignPatterns. Implemented various design patterns like MVC, Command Singleton, Data Access Object, Value Object Patterns.
  • Solid Hands-on experience in end-to-end implementation of CI and CD (Continuous Delivery), DevOps processes using AWS Code Commit AWS Code Deploy, AWS Code Pipeline, Jenkins, and Ansible.
  • Have good experience in writing the SQL queries, PL/SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers and Cursors.
  • Worked in React JS for creating interactive UI's using One-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, concepts.
  • Have hands-on experience working with source control tools such as CVS, Clear Case, SVN, GIT and Surround SCM.
  • Set-up databases in GCP using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket. prototype CI/CD system with GitLab on GKE utilizing kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD systems to build and test and deploy.
  • Experienced in the deployment of the ear, jar and war using Jenkins, ANT and Maven deploy tools and performing other configuration changes for setting up the application in the integration testing environment.
  • Expert in writing SQL queries and using Hibernate framework with Spring ORM in interaction with the RDBMS and familiar with Non-Relational Database like Mongo DB.
  • Expertise in using Java IDE tools of Rational Application Developer (RAD), Web Sphere Application Developer (WSAD), Eclipse, WebLogic Workshop, RSA and Net beans to develop dynamic web applications.
  • Have strong exposure to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) such as Web Services and hands-on experience in developing and registering web services using JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, SAAJ, JAX-RS, SOAP, RESTful, WSDL, UDDI registry.
  • Experience in using build/deploy tools such as Jenkins, Docker and OpenShift for Continuous Integration & Deployment for Microservices.
  • Experience in writing Build Scripts using Shell Scripts, ANT, MAVEN and using CI (Continuation Integration) tools like Jenkins.
  • Used JIRA for defect tracking system, GIT for version control and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Vast knowledge of utilizing cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Extensive experience in Unit Testing, System Integration Testing, Integration Testing and Performance Tuning.
  • Extensive experience in UML Modeling developing use case diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Experienced in using Junit, Testing for unit testing &log4j and log back for logging.
  • Vast knowledge of utilizing cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Experience in Designing, Architecting and implementing scalable cloud-based web applications using AWS and GCP.
  • Set up a GCP Firewall rules in order to allow or deny traffic to and from the VM's instances based on specified configuration and used GCP cloud CDN (content delivery network) to deliver content from GCP cache locations drastically improving user experience and latency.
  • Experienced in various XML technologies like SAX, SAX JAXB, XSD, XPATH, XSTREAM etc.
  • Instructed teams on best practices around PCF and Spring Boot.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle and SQL databases and automated testing frameworks like Selenium.
  • Have experience web servers and applications like Tomcat, Apache and platforms as UNIX, Solaris and Windows 2000/XP
  • Cloud monitoring project to handle product alerts/errors more efficiently for a better troubleshooting through parsing the logs, and a Cloud computing project to analysis services usage.
  • Developing or maintaining a production-level cloud-based architecture in AWS and GCP.


Java Technologies: JDK (1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8), Servlets 2.5,3.0, JSP 1.2/2.0, HTML, EJB 2.0/3.0, JDBC 2.0, JNDI, ANT, JMS, Swing, XML (DTD & Schema), Java Beans, JAXP (DOM-SAX), Web services (SOAP, WSDL), AJAX

Frameworks: Struts 1.2/2.0, JSF 1.2/2.0, Spring 3.0/4.1, Hibernate 2.0/3.0

Development Tools: Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Toad 8.5, SQL Developer, Web logic Workshop 8.1, My Eclipse 8, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1, RAD 6.0, Log4j, JUnit, WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit, WebSphere MQ, JIRA

Web / Application Servers: IBM Web sphere Application Server (8.1), Web logic (10x), Tomcat 7.0, JBoss 7. Apache.

Front End UI: Angular-JS, Angular 6/7/8, HTML 4.01/5, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS 2/3, Bootstrap, AJAX, SASS, Selenium, Cucumber

Database: Oracle 10g/9.x/8.x, DB2, SQL Server, My SQL, Mongo DB

Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Azure

Operating System: Windows, Linux ((Ubuntu), Unix

Version Controls: CVS, SVN, GIT


Confidential, Louisville, Kentucky

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application developed using AGILE SCRUM methodology.
  • Architected, designed and implemented a SPA (Single Page Application) in Angular 8/9 which consume JSON from a Spring MVC and used Spring Security to secure the Application.
  • Implemented nested views and routing using Angular Router as per the requirement and implemented module wide routing to speed up the initial load of the application.
  • GUI was developed using HTML, TypeScript, NGRX, Bootstrap, CSS3, Angular-Material and used Angular CLI to create, build and package the application.
  • Designed and Implemented SPA (single page application) using Angular 8 Module, Component, Template, Metadata, Data Binding, Directives and Dependency Injection.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using component-based architecture provided by Angular 8.
  • Creating generic service which have async capability and details description about observables.
  • Extensively worked on front end, business, and persistence tiers using the struts frameworks.
  • Designed and developed Service layer using Struts framework.
  • MaintainedInterfacecompatibility andconcurrencyin the project usingJava 8new features like default, static methods and Concurrency API.
  • UtilizedJava 8features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Exposed RESTful web services using JAX-RS. Implemented Angular 8/9 promises to handle asynchronous communication with our Restful API for various requirements.
  • Created solutions for service-to-service security in PCF
  • Created standards and patterns for deploying a spring boot data micro-service architecture to PCF
  • Experience in Microservices Architecture with Spring Boot and Docker.
  • Worked on google cloud platform (GCP) services like compute engine, cloud load balancing, cloud storage, cloud SQL, stack driver monitoring and cloud deployment manager.
  • Setup GCP Firewall rules to allow or deny traffic to and from the VM's instances based on specified configuration and used GCP cloud CDN (content delivery network) to deliver content from GCP cache locations drastically improving user experience and latency.
  • Used node.js as a proxy to interact with RESTful services and interacting with PostgreSQL Database. nvolved in designing and implementation of MVC design pattern using Struts framework for Web-tier.
  • Developed presentation layer using struts tag libraries like logic, html, bean, etc in JSP pages.
  • Implemented web page lay out using struts tiles libraries, and performed struts validations using Struts validation framework.
  • Worked with Mongo DB write concern to avoid loss of data during system failures and implemented read preferences in Mongo DB replica set.
  • Hands-on experience in building Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using Git, Jenkins, Groovy.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker/ Kubernetescontainer clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on GCP
  • Designed and developed rich and enhanced web applications using MVC 5.0, C#, Entity Framework, MVP, JSON, HTML 5, CSS 3, AngularJS, Knockout JS, Backbone.JS and jQuery in Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Created ant build files to create the WAR files and involved in development of the system using the Spring MVC framework. Involved in development of Hibernate objects in order to persist data into the database.
  • Responsible in writing SQL scripts and creating backend database table for complex business operations. Participated in consuming web-services using SOAP that allowed integrating the business application with the legacy applications and also facilitates for future applications.
  • Developed queues using AWSSQS with JMS for services to subscribe and listen events. Implemented logic to listen and to subscribe events.
  • Worked on Mongo DB concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, sharing, replication, schema design.
  • Worked on Configuration of Internal load balancer, load balanced sets and Azure Traffic manager. Managed Docker orchestration using Docker Swarm and also responsible for the containerization of applications using Docker.
  • Hands on experience on Azure VPN-Point to Site, Virtual networks, Azure Custom security, end point security and firewall.
  • Set-up databases in GCP using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket. prototype CI/CD system with GitLab on GKE utilizing kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD systems to build and test and deploy.
  • Worked on Functional interfaces and Lambda expressions to in corporate them in the Streams API of Java 8 to perform filtering and grouping of the collections.
  • Used Log4j API for logging in development, testing and production environments, configured to send email notifications.
  • Implemented version controlling using GIT and used Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Configure REST controllers, view resolver components and implemented transaction management using Spring declarative transaction management with Spring AOP concepts.
  • Wrote build & deployment scripts using Maven on UNIX environment and integrated using Jenkins.
  • Used GIT for version control and used eclipse as the IDE for developing the application.
  • Co-ordinated with QA lead for development of test plan, TDD, test cases, test code and actual testing responsible for defects allocation and resolution of those defects and used selenium.

Environment: J2EE, Java 1.8, JDK, HTML 5, CSS 3, Ajax, jQuery, React Hooks, ExpressJS, JavaScript, Angular 7/8, Node.js, GCP, Bootstrap, Spring, Hibernate, PL/SQL, AWS, Web Services (SOAP), JMS, RESTful, Multithreading, WebSphere 8, Apache, Maven, MongoDB, JMS.

Confidential, St Paul, MN

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for designing web application layout and form.
  • Design and developed web pages HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and Client-side scripting using JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and Angular 6.
  • Worked on local Storage to store & retrieve insensitive user data during transition between the different pages.
  • Responsible for developing the UI pages using Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PrimeNG and Bootstrap.
  • Responsible to Style, look and feel of the web page with SASS that extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variable, mixing, operations and functions.
  • Used various Angular 6 custom directives and developed reusable components and templates that can be re-used at various places in the application.
  • Worked with Angular 6 to develop single page applications, worked with ngrx for managing Angular applications.
  • Involved in designing the webpagesusingHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Sencha EXT-JS, SASS, Mongo DB.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, materialized views, procedures and packages using oracle tools like Toad, PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.
  • Highly experiences with Spring framework modules such asSpring Core, Spring MVC 4.0, Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring REST, Spring Cloud, H2.
  • Developed the application following MVVM architecture by developing models, view models in the application.
  • Prepare the Azure cloud infrastructure Azure Resource Manager Templates.
  • Developed the views using various EXT-JS layouts and used various components such as grids, panels, inputs etc.
  • Configured Ajax requests to load the data from the server using EXT AJAX and took part in testing the application.
  • Responsible for refactoring existing jQuery/Ajax front-end web application into EXT-JS.
  • Build servers using GCP, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection.
  • Involved in the continuous enhancements and fixing of production problems. Designed, implemented and tuned interfaces and batch jobs using PL/SQL. Involved in data replication and high availability design scenarios with Oracle Streams. Developed UNIX Shell scripts to automate repetitive database processes.
  • Developed Angular-JS components such as controllers, Services, filters, models.
  • Migrated applications to the PKS, GCP cloud.
  • Worked in Building application platforms in the Cloud by leveraging Amazon Web Services, open-source technologies & best engineering practices of CI/CD.
  • Developed PHP based server-side API using Zend framework and implemented MVC architecture.
  • Experience in NoSQL databases like Apache Cassandra, Mongo DB, Dynamo DB, Couch DB and Redis. Hands on experience with JUnit in performing the unit test and Log4J in determining the application functionality.
  • Developed Spring Data Mongo repositories for performing data retrievals from Mongo db.
  • Experience in using J2EE Application Servers such as Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish and JBoss.
  • Performed Java Classes to Mongo dB collection and document mappings using Spring Data.
  • Used Bootstrap front-end framework for faster and easier web development with MySQL database, Node.js as the backend.
  • Configure and monitor numerous MongoDB and NoSQL instances. MongoDB Schema Design using DB Ref, Manual Ref, Embedded Data Model Design.
  • Performed end to end testing using Selenium web driver, Jbehave and Testing.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Worked in designing and implementation of Microservice based applications usingJava 8,JDBC,JSP,HTML5,Spring Boot 2.x,Angular 6.0,Servletswith Eclipse.
  • Implemented search engines by using Angular 6 filter to make the data searchable and sortable.
  • Used Angular build-in directives such as ng-controller, ng-repeat, ng-if, ng-switch, ng-init, ng-model and ng-grid for binding the data from server side.
  • The application was built onmicro-servicesarchitecture and was implemented usingSpring Boot 2.0.
  • Involved on design and developCRUDRESTful APIsbyusingSpring boot 2.X, tested onPostman.
  • Extensively usedJava 8features such as lambda expressions, Parallel operations on collections, multithreading and for effective sorting mechanisms.
  • Used Streams and Lambda expressions available as part ofJava 8to store and process the data.
  • Developed scripts for build, deployment, maintenance, and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker, and Maven. Used GitHub as a version control, and JIRA for tracking bugs.
  • Took part in setting up builds and deployments using Team city.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, EXT-JS 5, MongoDB, Agile, SASS, React Hooks, Firebug, REST webservice, Spring, Web Matrix, HP Quality Center, AWS, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, GitHub, Jira

Confidential - Eagan, MN

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Followed agile methodology and involved in daily SCRUM meetings, sprint planning, showcases and retrospective and used JIRA as a tracking tool for the sprints.
  • Involved in design of application framework using J2EE guidelines and different J2EE used Design patterns and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodologies.
  • Implemented the Graphic User Interface GUI by coding in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, J Query, and jQuery UI.
  • Used JDBC connectivity for querying, inserting, updating, deleting data from Oracle database and involved in translating functional requirements into technical requirements.
  • Involved in document analysis and technical feasibility discussions for implementing new functionalities.
  • Designed Single page web applications object-oriented JavaScript Framework like Angular.JSand created prototypes in HTML, JavaScript and CSS for different UI pages.
  • Used Spring MVC Model View Controller to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the Backend tier of the application.
  • Configured the XML files for Open-Source Spring Framework to fulfill the Proxy Pattern and for Spring Security injection to ensure the back-end security by discriminating the role of users as well as access authority for the URIs and Server-side assets.
  • Developed the backend server withSpring Boot 2.0, involving different layers of the application including entity/model, DAO/repository, Controller, Service, Business, and Persistence.
  • Experience in buildingMicro Services Architectureand integrating with the help ofSpring Boot 2.x
  • Extensively worked on Spring Bean Wiring, Spring DAO and Spring AOP modules and Implemented Spring AOP in exception handling, which it reduces the development time to handle the exceptions.
  • Integrate the dynamic pages with Angular6and J Query to make the page dynamic. Used Backbone.JSfor passing on data from HTML forms.
  • Used Log4JAPI for logging and debugging as well as developed UNIX shell scripts for performing administrative tasks.
  • Implemented design patterns like Session Facade, Singleton, Factory, Service Locator and DAO and have written Hibernate configuration files to enable the data transactions between POJO and Oracle Database.
  • Developed the application using Agile methodology and used SVN for version control.
  • Worked on Java Messaging Services (JMS) for developing messaging services and used JERSEY framework to implement the JAX-RS (Java API for XML and RESTful Service).
  • Built DAO package as well as DAO IMPL package to implement the data access logic and using Hibernate Annotation to do the data mapping.
  • Worked with Eclipse as the IDE to develop, test and deploy the application and used Ant for building and deploying the war file into application server.
  • Created test cases using JUNIT and used Selenium to create automated test cases.

Environment: Java, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Web services, Oracle PL/SQL HTML, React Hooks, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery, Servlets, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, SOAP, MongoDB, WebSphere, SOA, JBoss, Spring MQ, Spring MVC, Web Services, SOAP, REST, JSF, SQL, Eclipse, GIT.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Performed analysis for the client requirements based on the developed detailed design documents.
  • Involved in analysis, design and development of project and implemented OOPS concepts.
  • Involved in designing the user interfaces using JSP and used the Spring MVC framework for developing the web applications.
  • Implemented Spring for cross cutting concerns and IOC pattern and also configured Hibernate 2.0 for the application.
  • Designed application with HTML, JSP, Ajax/jQuery, Struts Tag-libraries. Designed custom JSP tags for role-based sorting and filtering.
  • Implemented apache Kafka on Cambria (UEB) services.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database and used Hibernate Query Language (HQL) to query the database for complex data.
  • Developed server-side services using Java multithreading, Struts MVC, Java, Springs, Web Services (SOAP, AXIS).
  • Configured hibernate with spring and used Spring JDBC while dealing with the database.
  • Used Soap UI for load testing the Web services and involved in creation of various DOA (Data Access Objects)
  • Deployed the application on to Web sphere application server.
  • Used AJAX4 JSF components for AJAX functionality in UI screens and Used JMS (JAVAMessaging Service) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information.
  • Used log4jAPI for logging application flow and debugging.
  • Used CVS for version control across common source code used bydevelopers and Developed J-Unit test cases for all the developed modules.Used Tortoise CVS as a code repository to manage project code and used JIRA as a defect tracking system for the application.
  • Responsible for application setup and configuration in the development, QA and Production environment and preparation of the timely builds using ANT, releases, and deployment on Tomcat Server for web applications and web portals respectively.
  • Extensively involved team player in troubleshooting, bug fixes, change requests and enhancements for the webservice.

Environment: JDK 1.5, Hibernate 2.0, Struts, Spring 2.0, JSP, Servlets, JMS, XML, SOAP, WSDL, JDBC, JavaScript, UML, HTML, JNDI, CVS, Angular JS, log4j, Web sphere Application server, Oracle 10g, Rational Rose, Eclipse.

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