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Senior Software Development Engineer Resume



  • Over 7+ years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which includes development, design, analysis, testing, maintenance and Integration of various web based and client/server applications in multi - platform environments with JAVA/J2EE technologies along with 1+ years of cross platform experience in data science and data engineer.
  • Involved in all teh phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and extensive experience working in projects using Agile Scrum methodologies, Sprint Planning, Story Working Sessions, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Release Planning etc. Done extensive Test Driven and Pair programming.
  • Quick learner, and able to adapt to work in fast-paced result-oriented environments consistently delivering high quality work.
  • Highly Curious about new development technologies and adept at promptly and thoroughly mastering them with a keen awareness of new industry developments.
  • • Highly organized with teh ability to prioritize workload, manage multiple projects and meet project deadlines by following project standards and procedures as per client specifications.
  • Worked on using design patterns Singleton, Factory method, Facade, Front Controller.
  • Experienced leading as offshore team lead at onsite client location (Atlanta, USA) for a team of 5 Engineers. proficient in obtaining project requirements from clients and Product Managers and formulating them into design specs, preparing system specifications, assigning tasks to team members, and tracking teh progress and handling teh scrum call and sprint meetings.
  • Developed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Service Architecture based J2EE Applications.
  • Experience with and solid understanding of Micro Services.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Microservices Architecture with Restful APIs using Spring Boot on distributed enterprise serviced based platform in order to has continuous delivery model.
  • Extensive experience in SOA - both exposing and consuming SOAP based & RESTful web-services using Spring Boot, Spring Jersey.
  • Created and consumed Micro Services based on Web API.
  • Implemented OKTA Single sign on with spring security.
  • Developed various java scheduling database tasks using Spring Batch.
  • Utilized Java 8 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase teh performance of teh Application.
  • Experience in developing and deploying application Cloud Platforms like Amazon Web Services.
  • Managed Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3 buckets, Dynamo DB, Elastic search through AWS Console and API Integration.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls dat controlled teh traffic allowed reaching one or moreEC2 instances.
  • Implemented Rotation of Keys with Amazon Key Store Management Services (KMS) along with DynamoDB for PCI compliance fields across service-based Enterprise Application.
  • Experienced with Multithreaded programming to develop multithreaded modules and applications.
  • Experienced in configuring Jenkins as a Continuous Integration server with GitHub and Maven.
  • Good Knowledge of Data Access Object (DAO) pattern to introduce an abstraction layer between teh Business logic tier (Business object) and teh Persistent storage tier (data source).
  • Finding Production Root cause analysis parallelly alongside development along with Jenkins, Amazon EC2 instances and production monitoring using Appdynamics and Developed Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries, Alerts Business Activity Monitoring.
  • Involved in Junit testing for backend testing.
  • Experience in writing complex and optimized SQL queries.
  • Involved in teh entire data science project life cycle (CRISP-DM) and involved in all teh phases including data extraction, data cleaning, statistical modeling and data visualization with large data sets of structured and unstructured data.
  • Extensively worked on Python (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, seaborn, spacy, NLTK and Scikit-learn)
  • Worked on Machine Learning algorithms and Predictive Modeling including Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, SVM, KNN, K-mean clustering
  • Knowledge on Apache Kafka, pubsub for messaging and dockers and containers for streaming data pipelines.
  • Knowledge on Serverless Functions (AWS Lambda), Apache Airflow, Apache beam.
  • Worked with PySpark in building Batch scalable Machine Learning and Data Engineering Pipelines.
  • Strong communication skills, with teh ability to convey concepts/requirements between technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Deployed and maintained teh code using SVN and Git source code management tool.


Technologies: Java, J2EE, Java Web Services, Python

Applications/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBOSS EAP.

Databases: SQL, MySQL, AWS DynamoDB, NavicatLite, PostgreSQL

Frameworks/API’s: Hibernate, Sprint Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Micro Services

Machine Learning: Regression, Classification, Clustering, Decision Trees, SVM

Machine Learning libraries: NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, spacy, NLTK

Cloud Tools: AWS S3, EC2, Lambda, kinesis, ECS, AWS Sage Maker

Version Controlling: GitHub.

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Testing Tools: Junit

Web Services: SOAP, REST

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, Jupiter Notebook, PyCharm

Operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux.

Microsoft Products: MS office, MS Visio.

Production Tools: Appdynamics, Splunk

Agile Tracking Tool: Jira


Confidential, Atlanta

Senior Software Development Engineer


  • Designed and Developed User Access Review Product using Spring Cloud, and AWS IAM and Route 53 with fault-tolerance and Load-balancing Mechanism achieving maximum portability and maximum Agility.
  • Designed microservices architecture using Spring Boot using 12-factor app methodology.
  • Implemented OAuth2 OKTA single sign on using Spring Security .
  • Developed and deployed Microservices Architecture with Restful APIs using Spring Boot on distributed enterprise serviced based platform in order to has continuous delivery model.
  • Experience in Micro services development using spring boot and deployment.
  • Micro Services Implemented: LineItemService, CreditScoreMicroService, AddressSearchMicroService, CustomerLookupService, AddressSearchService, MoversOfferService, PauseAndResumeService, UtilityOfferService
  • AWS DynamoDB Implemented Rotation of Keys with Amazon Key Store Management Services (KMS) for PCI compliance fields across teh service-based Enterprise Application.
  • Actively involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (Agile) - Requirements Gathering, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.
  • Implemented Rotation of Keys with Amazon Key Store Management Services (KMS) along with DynamoDB for PCI compliance fields across service-based Enterprise Application
  • Knowledge on Docker, containerization and Kubernetes.
  • Used Java8 features like stream and Lambda expressions
  • Used Java 8 Method References feature to point to methods by their names and used functional Interfaces.
  • Worked on pipelines for product deployment and release including configuration and data movement to ensure related property files are included in teh environment.
  • Involved in unit testing and system testing and responsible for preparing test scripts for teh system testing.
  • Participated in Daily Scrum /Stand-up meeting, Sprint Planning meeting, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective meeting.
  • Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Documentation.
  • Provided technical guidance to business analysts, gathered teh requirements, and converted them into technical specifications/artifacts.
  • Impact analysis of teh new requirement or change request on teh existing programs initiated by teh client.
  • Participates in on-call rotation.
  • Developed various java utility of scheduling some database tasks using Spring Batch.
  • Designed and Implemented server-side Java code using ExactTarget SMS Send API, Iterable and Blue Swift to send Customer email with teh order information with different templates with handling of business rules for each of teh templates.
  • Responsible for sending teh order xml to teh CCP queue (ActiveMQ) from broadcast adapter and also used ActiveMQ http SEND method to sending Messages onto Queues
  • Responsible for teh entire schema mappings from teh XML.
  • Implemented server-side Java code using ExactTarget API (API for sending emails with different Email templates to end Customers and Postgres 9.1 and web services
  • Implemented business rules using Jboss drools engine for suppressing emails to particular referrers.
  • Implemented Iterable Event based notification mail system to Customers replacing teh ExactTarget.
  • Sending JSON Data to different Modules by invoking Microservices.
  • Led teh teams across different modules and implemented teh migration from legacy class loading Jboss Eap to modular loading JBOSS EAP 7. Abbreviated teh deployment freeze time by 12 min from 45 min during planned production releases of all (23) Allconnect modules, saving server space which eliminated server overhead and resulted in saving of 50k$ per month.
  • Change of Hibernate queries from hibernate 3 to hibernate 4 to get rid of Hibernate sequence related issues
  • JNDI Binding changes, Deployment Descriptor changes for excluding and including unwanted classes from loading up.
  • EJB 3.1 changes from EJB 3.0, Caching Changes, Hot deployment of EARS
  • Fixed Maven incompatible dependency Issues while migrating.
  • Played a vital role of leading teh Entire Team from requirements phase to production phase.
  • Developed SQL, PL/SQL with Stored Procedures to interact with Persistent database using PostgreSQL
  • Good Exposure to Testing Life Cycle and Bug Life Cycle.
  • Involved in unit testing and system testing and responsible for preparing test scripts for teh system testing.
  • Participated in Daily Scrum /Stand-up meeting, Sprint Planning meeting, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective meeting.
  • Worked on JIRA for defect/issues logging & tracking and documented all my work using Confluence.
  • Experience in raising tickets in JIRA and distributing teh tickets to teh respective persons.
  • Based on teh zip code teh Customer entered, developed a Restful API call with python to get teh JSON data dat contains historical Customer data and preprocessed historical data with Data Analysis techniques .
  • Experience in building distributed systems of data extraction, ingestion, and processing of large data sets.
  • Performed TEMPPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA) and k-means unsupervised ML algorithm to group Customers into clusters.
  • Performed tuning models using DBSCAN and OPTICS to get optimal scaling values. dis improved Product recommendations campaign accuracy by 91% - decreased teh Customer support call time by 57% ( 35 to 15 min per call) and increased teh revenue impact by 50k$ per month
  • Customer outreach product campaign accuracy reached 96% and halped in more revenue generation.
  • Product Segmentation using Cluster Analysis to promote best products.
  • Performed Sentiment Analysis on teh sold product reviews and Customer agent service reviews. Also created a Tableau dashboard with insights to be used by product Managers for improved product recommendations
  • Used count vectorizer and Tfidf vectorizer to convert teh text reviews into teh count of tokens and used Logistic Regression to classify teh reviews into two categories (i.e., positive or negative)

Environment: J2EE, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Spring Boot, Restful Web Services, Spring Batch, AWS DynamoDB, S3, EC2, Hibernate, Apache Maven, ActiveMQ, SOAP UI 3.6, Jira, Jenkins, Jboss Drools, JDBC, Bugzilla, Groovy templates, IAM, Machine Learning Libraries, Deep learning, NLP.


Junior Software Engineer


  • Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Documentation.
  • Developed KCHD (Kanawha Charleston Health Department Mobile app for all mobile Operating systems using Apache Cordova).
  • Worked with Liferay portals to develop portal architecture for different services.

Environment: Liferay Portal, Core Java, Apache Cordova, Mobile Application Development

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