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Member Of Technical Staff Resume

Warren, NJ


Software Engineer/Architect with 19+ years’ experience and a strong foundation in Java/J2EE, Web technologies and Oracle. Extensive SDLC experience - planned, designed, implemented, tested and maintained several telecommunication and financial applications with a variety of systems, tools and languages. Special skills comprise n-tier application architecture, systems performance tuning, concurrent programming, synchronous/asynchronous messaging and Network Architecture with strong organizational and problem solving abilities.


Languages: Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Unix Shell, PL/SQL, Perl, HTML, Assembly (IBM 3270, SPARC, DLX), FORTRAN, GPSS/H.

Web Technology: JSP, Servlet, XML, XSL, XSLT, Cloud (AWS), JSTL, EJB, CGI, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery, RESTful, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS.

Design Patterns/Principles: GOF Patterns, J2EE Patterns, SOLID, DRY.

Frameworks: Spring, Struts, Castor, JDBC, Coherence, Log4j, JSON, Moustache, JUnit.

Web/App Server: Websphere/RAD, Eclipse, WebLogic, Aptana.

Database: Oracle (6 - 11g), Raima, MySQL, Access, Paradox, Dbase-IV.

Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, ATT (System V), CICS, MVS/ESA, DOS.

Config Mgmt: AccuRev, Clearcase, HP Quality Centre, Sablime, PVCS, Endevor, WinCVS.

Methodologies: Agile, VLSS, CMM, Waterfall, UML.

Software Security: PCI, CPNI, CIA, SPI, SOX.

Misc Tools/Libs: Toad, Eclipse, Fortify, Wireshark, Putty, Teradata, Lotus Notes.

Kowledge of: Hadoop, OAuth, SAML, Ext JS, AngularJS, MQTT.


Member of Technical Staff

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Tools: Java, Spring, Struts, XSL, HTML5, JSP, Ajax, jQuery, CSS, Oracle11g, UML, Castor


  • Lead development efforts for small, medium and large projects with high functional and technical complexities and subject matter expertise illustrating in-depth technical and business knowledge. Project Management activities include resource planning, scheduling, LOE estimation, WBS creation, project tracking and new-hire interviews and orientation.
  • Design, develop and architect new applications and provide technical solutions for existing My Verizon Mobile applications on Spring with MVC, AOP, AspectJ, JSON and RESTful web services.
  • Working as a primary contact for MVM Domain Separation efforts by coordinating changes and testing with network, security and IT teams with international vendors in Poland, Israel and India.
  • Replaced vendor functionality and saved large operating cost and reduced VZW network traffic by designing and implementing solutions to purchase Mobile Web for daily and monthly plan prepaid subscribers. Coordinated planning, implementing and testing efforts among multiple systems include WAP gateway, EPS and Surepay.
  • Architected MVM re-design to support several new features and better look and feel and improved performance. Provided clear separation of business and presentation layers for better re-usability. Used best practices and principles of software engineering.
  • Developed Hybrid version of My Verizon Prepaid application to support prepay smart phones by leading design, implementation, testing and deployment efforts. Introduced Castor framework. Design patterns include Factory, Workers and DAO.
  • Architected Tablet version of My Verizon Prepaid application to support prepay tablets by leading design, implementation, testing and deployment efforts. Researched rich-client, thin-client and web based architectures. Introduced new thin client hybrid architecture with HTML5, CSS3, sprite and AJAX technologies.
  • Developed high volume 3G router application for routing requests from WAP gateway to destination applications. Implemented 168-bit Triple Digital Encryption Standard (DESede) Cryptographic Algorithm using JCA (Java Cryptography Architecture) with 1024-byte Secure Random Initialization and RSA Lab standard Padding - PKCS5Padding.
  • Implemented several business projects related to customer’s price plan, payment, usage and store locations supporting different device platforms by redesigning and refactoring prepay applications. Used design patterns including Composite, Visitor and Interpreter patterns.
  • Worked as MSS Enterprise Release SPOC interfacing between Operations Implementation Support, MSS QA Lead, MSS Development and the ERM Command Center Bus. Advocate.
  • Regularly perform Fortify scan on MVM applications to proactively find security issues. Provided solutions for numerous types of security issues including XSS, SQL injection, privacy violation, denial of service, log forging and XML entity expansion.
  • Regularly monitor self-service KPIs. Prepare and distribute monthly reports.
  • Work with Infrastructure team to ensure the architecture supports high availability, performance & Iconic Launch requirements.
  • Closely work with Business, QA, Analyst and external systems to create requirements, track projects and resolve issues.

Senior Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Applications: EDR (Enhanced Data Rater), My Account. My Account is the self service application and EDR handles rating of data usage in VZW network.

Tools: Java, Struts, C/Unix, Oracle9i, Mobile Portal, Toad, UML, XHTML, XSLT


  • Worked as SME (Subject Matter Expert) for My Account application by leading and implementing J2EE applications with the result of YOY increases in various KPI’s.
  • Implemented business projects related to customer’s price plan, payment, usage and store locations supporting different devices with different screen sizes. Major devices include Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG and Palm devices.
  • Researched and analyzed accelerometer support in LG Dare device and implemented mechanism for displaying different screens for landscape and portrait orientations. Went through technical challenges to complete project in a very aggressive time line.
  • Researched and analyzed IBM WEMPE (Websphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable) for Javascript support. Opened and followed up PMR resulting in inclusion of enhanced Javascript support in newer version of WEMPE.
  • Lead mobile application development on BREW platform.
  • Went through security reviews of applications and implemented changes for security compliance for CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability), PCI, CPNI, SPI and SOX standards.
  • Developed UNIX shared objects for plug-in components for Rating Engine using C programming language.
  • Developed low level functions to handle IPC synchronization by acquiring, initializing and releasing semaphores and shared memory segment. Used POSIX standard API.

Developer / Analyst

Confidential, East Brunswick, NJ

Tools: Java, Oracle9i (PL/SQL, Oracle Transparent Gateway, Data Mirror), Data Warehouse, Toad, UML


  • Developed analytical GUI application using Java2 and JDBC with Oracle to reduce days’ analysis work to seconds’ runtime.
  • Developed PL/SQL programs to implement object changes in staging databases.
  • Analyzed PL/SQL codes in ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) procedures to perform data mapping for Chordiant, COC TN and Marketing Data Mart applications.
  • Analyzed fact, dimension and summary tables in Enterprise Data Warehouse / Data Marts for mapping data elements in 3rd tier applications to Oracle data dictionary and AS/400 files.
  • Performed impact analysis on tables, views and procedures of staging databases PStage and PHAStage for proposed changes in ICOMS to meet newer features and application architecture.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Developer / Analyst

Tools: C++, Java, Perl, Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), UNIX Shell, Pro*C, Eclipse2.1, JDBC, UML, WinCVS


  • Involved in resolving numerous business and technical issues.
  • Prepared Detailed Design and data mapping documents for Geneva - CTM and Geneva-RIPS-U interfaces.
  • Developed driver software to link to 3rd party tax package. Created 32-bit and 64-bit dynamically linked shared object libraries to integrate COBOL and C/C++ object codes on Solaris for Geneva and CTM Integration through USTI (US Tax Interface).
  • Developed PL/SQL package, package body and procedures to extract customer and event related bill data from Geneva Database.
  • Implemented Geneva - RIPS-U interface in PERL and Pro*C to extract compliance and regulatory data. Used DBI and DBD to call PL/SQL procedures.
  • Developed JSP pages and servlets and deployed in WebLogic server to implement tax calculation functionalities.
  • Enhanced Geneva - RIPS-U interface for better portability.
  • Wrote Java classes with JDBC to extract usage data from Oracle9i database.

Sys Analyst/Programmer

Confidential, IncMetuchen, NJ

Tools: C, C++, TCP/IP, UNIX Shell, SQL, Pro*C, P-thread, Rogue Wave, UML, Clear case


  • Developed Unix processes as RTNS and LPM server components to perform tasks including prepare, multiplex and de-multiplex messages to meet client-server protocol. Used C, C++ and Pro*C as programming languages. Resolved fundamental concurrent programming problems (race condition and starvation) in existing codes while developing single and multi threaded UNIX processes. Designed and documented with Rational Rose, Visio and Word on NT.
  • Parsed stories to extract news components from wired market data containing Equity and Fixed-income securities (Moody’s and S&P ratings) info, balance sheet and quarterly reports.
  • Implemented telnet protocol in C++ to have communication between Vax and Unix systems for LPM.
  • Implemented SOCKET based multi-threaded client simulator in C++ to send and receive messages.
  • Performed network level debugging using snoop, truss, proctool and workshop to capture and analyze TCP, IP, Ethernet and application level packets. Used Rational PURIFY to find memory leaks.
  • Designed and developed user-friendly utility tools using UNIX shell, C, C++ and SQL.
  • Documented in UML with Rational Rose to create collaboration, sequence and class diagrams. Configuration management was performed using Rational Clear Case in UNIX and NT environment.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ

Developer / Analyst

Tools: C, C++, UNIX Shell, Oracle, Sablime, Perl, Java, JavaScript


  • Developed monitoring tool with NIPC to monitor key tables on Oracle database and send e-mail messages to specified users using C, C++ and Pro*C.
  • Developed reporting tools to extract data from Oracle database using UNIX Shell, C and SQL*Plus and SQL*Net. Wrote Oracle functions, procedures and triggers for Oracle servers.
  • Supported call processing testing in the Integrated Test Network (ITN) with 4ESS/5ESS switches and 2NCP (#2 Network Control Point). Analyzed TCAP and AIN messages in the 4th layer of OSI model.
  • Setup NIPC based system test environment including preparing and loading test data using SQL*Loader with Oracle 7.3.3 on HPUX10.20 platform.

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