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Application Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Around 5 years of overall experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Software Design, Analysis, Coding, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Support using technologies related to Java, J2EE frameworks, Web related technologies, Web services, testing tools and my strengths includes the following.
  • Excellent proficiency in core java concepts such as OOPS, Collections, Threading, generics, Exception handling, Thread pools.
  • Experience in building modular applications with Spring Boot and Strong background with Spring and Spring related projects.
  • Good Knowledge and experience working with applications using Frameworks like Spring DI, Spring DAO, Spring MVC, Spring Core and ORM frameworks like Hibernate, Spring Data JPA.
  • Experience in designing Front - end pages using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and React JS.
  • Stong knowledge in developing micro services using Spring Boot framework.
  • Extensive experience in using Hibernate core interfaces, different mapping strategies, annotations and Hibernate template to integrate with other frameworks.
  • Good knowledge in developing the API documentation using Swagger framework.
  • Good work experience of Web/Application Servers like Tomcat, JBoss application servers.
  • Proficient in working with presentation layer, screen validations, navigation to other layers, handling JSON responses using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Building automated CI and CD pipeline with Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Deployed Spring Boot based Microservices in AWS EC2 container using Docker
  • Strong experience working with various databases like MySQL, SQLServer, MongoDB and PostgreSQL and expertise in developing queries and creating tables, indexes, triggers, views, functions, packages and stored procedures.
  • Expertise in developing applications using different IDE’s like IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans and JBOSS.
  • Proficient in using GIT for Version controlling.
  • Experience in Software methodologies like Agile, Scrum and Waterfall approaches.
  • Experience in working with Log4j2, Log4j, SLF4J logging frameworks to log messages.
  • Experience in developing unit test cases using Junit, Mockito and automating end-to-end acceptance tests using cucumber.
  • Good experience in working with software project management tools like Maven, ANT for building and managing applications.
  • Good experience in deploying and Managing applications across cloud environments using amazon Elastic Container Services.
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins for Continuous Deployment.
  • Good experience with Operating System like Windows, LINUX, MAC.


Languages: Java, J2EE, Python, C, C++, MATLAB

IDE: IntelliJ, Web Storm, PHP Storm, Eclipse, NetBeans, JBOSS

Frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Data JPA, Apache Kafka, Hibernate, Log4j2, Swagger.

Testing Framework: Junit, Spock, Mockito, Cucumber, Jmeter.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, JSP, Servlets, SOAP Web Services, REST Web Services, XML, JSON.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven.

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, JBOSS EAP.

Version Controls: GIT

Methodologies: Agile, SDLC.

Cloud Platform: Amazon Web Services.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Application Developer


  • Worked on documenting the metadata into Nebula where all the data set registration and metadata capture related to business, technical and data classification was stored
  • Worked on resolving White source and container vulnerabilities
  • Updated PostgreSQL database by removing avoidable tables for better performance
  • Worked on pop token authentication for Angular and Spring Boot microservices
  • Monitor system performance metrics and identify potential risks/issues
  • Implementing the new message retry mechanism using Kafka in the event of any failure in the downstream systems.
  • Development of new listeners for producers and consumer for both Rabbit MQ and Kafka.
  • Worked on the backend using Node JS, Express
  • Used POSTMANRest client to test RESTful web services
  • Worked on updating the performance and functional testcases according to the requirements
  • Worked on SLF4J for logging errors, messages, and performance logs
  • Used Maven tool for dependency management and building the application
  • Used GIT for code management
  • Used Apache Tomcat server to deploy the Spring Boot application
  • Used IntelliJ IDE for designing, coding and developing applications
  • Used Swagger Framework for documenting and consuming the Restful web services
  • Troubleshoot and debug complex issues and implement solutions to resolve the identified issues in Spring Boot microservices

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, Swagger, Kafka, Log4j2, RESTful API, micro services, Maven, GIT, IntelliJ, Junit, JMeter, Jenkins, AWS Elastic Container Services, SonarQube, Docker.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Application Developer


  • Collaborate in an Agile scrum team with Product Owners, Business Analysts and fellow software developers to understand the requirements and develop code as per the business requirements.
  • Participate in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Software Design, Analysis, Coding, Development, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance and Support.
  • Document design decisions and develop modular software components.
  • Develop new applications, maintain and enhance existing enterprise services, applications and platforms using domain driven design and Test-Driven Development.
  • Work closely with software architects and technical leads to ensure decisions meet long term enterprise growth needs
  • Develop modular components using Java/J2EE, Spring Boot Framework, JPA and RESTful API.
  • Develop applications using Micro services architecture to improve reusability, scalability, and availability of code.
  • Experience in Building automated CI and CD pipeline with Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Deployed Spring Boot based Microservices in AWS EC2 container using Docker
  • Implement Object Relational Mapping Tools Hibernate and Spring Data JPA to map Java objects to relational database.
  • Developed custom SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Involved in batch processing usingSpring Batch framework to extract data from database, process data and post messages to Apache Kafka.
  • Develop web services using RESTful Architecture.
  • Use Apache Maven build tool for dependency management and building the application.
  • Provide active mentorship/guidance to fellow members of the agile tech team and participate in internal and external technology conference & communities.
  • Create SQL queries and maintain complex stored procedures.
  • Work with SQLServer and PostgreSQL databases to develop applications that writes and retrieves data to and from the database.
  • Migrated Python application developed using Pandas library to Java code.
  • Configure Logging Frameworks like Log4J2, SLF4J in applications to write log messages to console and files.
  • Build/implement container-based solutions using Docker and CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.
  • Deploy and Manage applications across on-premises and cloud environments using amazon Elastic Container Services.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Python, Spring Batch, Apache Kafka, MyBatis, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Swagger, Log4j2, RESTful API, micro services, Maven, GIT, IntelliJ, Junit, JMeter, Cucumber, Jenkins, AWS Elastic Container Services


Java Developer


  • Involved in migration of application from Struts to Spring framework.
  • Implemented Inversion of Control using Spring dependency injection framework.
  • Used Hibernate ORM framework for database interactions.
  • Used Spring core annotations extensively to get rid of XML configuration files.
  • Created JAX-RS RESTful web services for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests.
  • Used POSTMANRest client for chrome to test all the services.
  • Used Maven tool for building the application.
  • Deployed the application in Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Developed unit test cases using Junit framework.
  • Used SVN for source code management.

Environment: Java 1.7, Struts 2, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, JUnit, Log4j, Maven, Agile, SVN, Restful API, XML, JSON, Postman, Apache Tomcat.

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