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Sr. Android Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • A forward - thinking android developer Around 6 years of experience building, integrating, testing and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on teh Android platform.
  • Good understanding in End user requirement analysis, Android OS, interactive application development and full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Expertise in integrating API with SDK of versions from 2.3 to latest Nougat 7.1.
  • Good exposure in developing GUI using Interface design principals and Material design for Android mobile and tablet devices.
  • Hands on experience in developing teh applications with Android SDK, Java, J2EE - Servlets, RESTful, SOAP Web Services, SQL, SQLite, MVC, HTML, XML.
  • Worked with UX Designers, Architects & Developers to build enterprise mobile solutions.
  • Proficient in App UI design for both Android Widget (using Remote Views) and teh app itself using teh Material Design which includes Recycler View, Grid View, Navigation Drawer, Scroll Tab, Swipe Tab, Fragment, Dialog Box, Animations, Vector Draw able, List View and etc.
  • Deep understanding of Android Activity lifecycle.
  • Experience in using SQLite Database, Content Providers and Sync Adapters for mobile data management.
  • Experience in using Fragments, Activity workflow, Action Bar Navigation, Menu designs, view controls, Loaders and using Storage options in Android like Shared Preferences.
  • Expertise in integrating libraries such as Retrofit, Picasso, Volley, Dagger 2, Butter Knife in application development.
  • Sound noledge on integrating Firebase’s cloud messaging, Google Ad Mobs, Push Notifications, Google Analytics.
  • Worked closely with Business Analysts and QA team members to understand requirements, design, and ensure system meets business and technical objectives.
  • Extensive experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins.
  • Experience in developing android applications and deploying them into Google Play store.
  • Experience in understanding teh code quickly and fixing teh bugs, code review, integration and unit testing, using various testing methodologies and tools like JUnit, Mokito, and adblogcat.
  • Experience in web service protocols such as JSON, HTTP, Phone gap and XML.
  • Ability to grasp and master new technologies, excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Able to take initiative; work independently and also as a team player.


Programming Languages: Android SDK, Java, HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, C, PHP

J2EE Technology: JSP, Servlets, AWT/Swing, JDBC, Java beans, Hibernate

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle 10g, MongoDB, Firebase Real-time database

Development Environment: Android Studio, Eclipse, InteliJ IDEA, NetBeans.

Web services: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON

Web service Frameworks: SOAP, WSDL, REST, JAX-RS, JAX-WS

Build/Integration Tool: ANT, Maven, Gradle

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat server

Versioning tools: SVN, Git, Github

Unit Testing Framework: Junit, Mokito, Log4J

Third-party APIs: Firebase, OAuth 2.0, AdMob, Facebook API, Retrofit, Dagger2, Butter Knife, Picasso, OkHttp, Google Services, Volley, AsyncTask


Confidential - San Jose, CA

Sr. Android Developer


  • Worked with product designers and product managers to design user interactions in applications.
  • Fixed bugs as they were encountered.
  • Conducted design and code reviews to share noledge with development team.
  • Designed and developed mobile application for Android mobile devices with extensive user interface development.
  • Involved in collecting client requirements and preparing teh design documents.
  • Developed teh activities and UI layers.
  • Created and usedSQLQueries,Scriptsand Stored Procedures for data validations.
  • Implemented unique design forportraitandlandscapemode.
  • Used web views, list views & populated lists to display teh lists from database using simple adapters.
  • Responsible for consuming theRESTservices, gettingJSONresponse and parsing them to get teh required information.
  • Integrated location based services usingGoogle Maps APIto display locations of teh nearest stores.
  • ImplementedSQLitedatabases to monitor shipments.
  • Implemented teh requiredGUIby making modifications to teh xml files.
  • HandlingXMLdata using efficient parsing techniques such asDOMparser.
  • Work closely with teh web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Worked on debugging teh application usingLog cat,DDMS.
  • Tested teh application on various Android devices.
  • Involved in Mobile Cloud-Interactive testing teh applications from a PC to teh handset.
  • Created AsyncTask using TCPClient object
  • UsedGPSprovider to quickly find location and navigates teh directions to teh nearest bank orATM.
  • Used Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for development.
  • Tested teh app across different versions of Android and different android phones to assure quality and performance.
  • Configured TCPClient and passing Handler, Command, IP Number and Callback object.
  • Proficient in creating test data for Business users, Personal users, Commercial users etc.
  • Implemented Android application for sharing teh media content using Android NDK and Eclipse IDE in Android SDK environment.
  • Used SOAP UI for access web service.
  • Used RxJava for some web service requests to teh Android app.
  • Converted data from API into JSON format files and retrieve useful information using AJAX calls to display them on teh application.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS location data into app with Zooming controls.
  • Enabled GPS/Wi-Fi to detect user location from where to begin searching.
  • Supported teh design, development, testing and implementation of new business and support applications. We also used teh video platform to show videos, images in application.
  • Worked closely with teh testing team as per mockup. Used GIT for project management and version control. Used JSON to fetch data from teh server using RESTful web services.

Environment: Android SDK, SQLite, Eclipse IDE, GIT, Android API's, JDK, JNI, NDK, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQLite, GPS service, Log cat, Windows 7.

Confidential - Rockville, CA

Android Developer


  • Responsible for analyzing teh requirements of application, testing, stage, deployment, production and maintaining teh application.
  • Responsible for testing teh application in stage, code review fixing teh bugs and providing post-production support.
  • Designed teh User Interface with navigation bar, view pager.
  • Making teh Restful Service Calls using Google's Volley Library at teh various stages in teh app development cycle and parsing teh responses back from teh web servers according to teh application requirement.
  • Integrated teh QR Code scanning library in to teh application for teh scanning.
  • Responsible for adding teh Reader API, this allows reading teh payment card data.
  • Worked with Google Maps API to display teh locations with markers using Geocoder.
  • Worked with teh version control SVN to push teh code.
  • Responsible for storing teh Payment code within teh app using teh Shared Preferences in SQLite database.
  • Registered teh Broadcast Receivers for teh android system announcements.
  • Designed teh Custom Action bar, Custom Progress bar while making service calls.
  • Worked with Application Activity Lifecycle callbacks for providing teh security and showing teh login screen when teh app goes to background.
  • Extensively worked on designing teh layouts to be compatible with multiple screen sizes.
  • Worked on testing teh application using J UNIT testing framework.
  • Utilized Retrofit library with OkHttp for network calls.
  • Responsible for consuming teh REST services, getting XML, JSON response and parsing them using GSON and displaying it to UI.
  • Used Dagger2 as a dependency injector to create some reusable, interchangeable modules and maintainability of code and alterations.
  • Performed Unit testing using Mockito on teh various modules/functions to ensure dat teh output is as expected.
  • Tested teh app across different versions of Android and different Android phones to assure quality and performance.
  • Worked closely with another mobile Android app developer, leading teh IOS platform development.
  • Discussed teh requirements with teh client and documented teh requirements.
  • Worked on debugging teh application using Logcat, DDMS.
  • Resolving teh issues in PLM and submitting report to teh client.
  • Preloading 3rd party applications using perforce. Modifying existing Confidential libraries or apps to support 3rd party apps.
  • Involved in full life cycle of teh application including wireframe design, server development and client development.
  • Developed user-friendly user-interfaces using Card Views, Dialogs, Different Layouts, Buttons visibility, Edit texts, as per requirements.
  • Used Intents for navigation from one activity to another activity.
  • Participated in daily scrum to discuss teh progress in teh sprints.

Environment: Android SDK, Java, JDK, Eclipse IDE, Google Maps API, Google Volley, SVN, JUnit, XML, JSON.

Confidential - Grand Rapid, MI

Mobile Developer


  • Worked on updating teh contact information of teh user.
  • Implemented a real-time service an alarm manager implementation TEMPhas been done to trigger different alarms based on which UI update takes place.
  • Developing a robust and object-oriented code.
  • Headed all teh UI operations in teh application.
  • Designing different background services for teh application with teh halp of handlers and registry.
  • Had implemented many visitor pattern techniques to make teh code easier to reuse.
  • Worked on developing UI screens and implemented teh logic for updating driver and vehicle information.
  • Experience with handling UI updates with multi-threading technologies such as AsyncTask or Handler.
  • Implemented teh activity dat provides teh user a step-by-step process to halp teh user to gather information and evidence after an accident for insurance claim.
  • Developed teh application using Java, XML and Eclipse IDE
  • Involved in all Phases of SDLC
  • Implemented Google API by using teh GPS coordinates which displays nearest agent locations by developing GPS drivers for teh application.
  • Debugging and fixed teh issues dat were found during teh different phases of teh project.
  • Used GIT for code management.
  • Used Broadcast Receivers to notify teh user when teh application is in teh background.
  • Implemented Shared Preferences to store user data and login sessions.
  • Testing of teh application in Android Emulator and few Android based mobile phones.
  • Involved in performance tuning, debugging production problems during testing and deployment phases of teh project.
  • Included Drawer layout for ease of navigation throughout teh application.
  • Responsible for integration with other modules until software release.
  • Gather requirements, create architecture and design documents.
  • Create unit test cases for teh developed modules.
  • Perform code and design review.

Environment: Android Studio, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Retrofit, Google Location, Fragment, Service, Broadcast Receiver, UI, XML, JSON, Event Bus, Material design, SQLite.

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