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Junior Ios Mobile Applications Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Software Engineer with over ten years of professional experience developing software solutions, managing projects for high end clients, validating quality assurance and third tier support and issue resolution.
  • I am looking for a junior to mid - level software engineer, software developer, project manager, or quality assurance position.
  • Professional and al experience with software engineering/design, software processes, metrics/measurement, real time systems, OOP/OOD, multimedia applications, and computer architecture, LAN/WAN.
  • Hardware and software installation and maintenance: including hands on hardware installation, added modems, FTP, video/audio & I/O cards, CD-ROMs, Flash ROM, harddrives, motherboards, memory chips, and desktop/laptop setup.


Tools: & Platforms: Visual Studio, Borland Builder C++, Xcode, UNIX/Linux, Windows and Apple (iOS).

Programming Languages: C/C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, GW Basic, Pick (Universe) Basic, Pascal, XNA, SQL, PHP, HTM, Java.

Software Applications: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat, WordPerfect, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Antivirus/Security (Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, AVG, McAfee), WinRar, WinZip, Norton Ghost.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Junior iOS Mobile Applications Developer


  • Developed iOS applications in Objective C using Xcode 5 under iOS 7.
  • Project Manager and Developer/Owner for Comic Nerds Application, completed on time, 100%.
  • Tester/Debugger for Calendly Phonegap application and for Born Together social media application both of which completed on time, 100%.
  • Used SDLC - Agile/Waterfall with all applications.
  • Used Parse D Confidential base with my Comic Nerds Application.
  • Used Core D Confidential in various applications and when to use/not use.
  • Worked with various APIs; MapKit, Facebook/LinkedIn/Comic Vine APIs.
  • Used GitHub for version control for applications.
  • Creation of Project Management Plan
  • Testing all functionality and reporting bugs.
  • Assisted in creating SRS, SDD, and Test Plan, User Guide.
  • Provided Status Reports to professor on project activities/completion.



  • Part 1: Did an initial analysis of the system using the CRC technique.
  • Part 2: Used Case Diagrams and Use Case Flow of Events.
  • Part 3: Use the UML and the Rhapsody CASE tool to create Class Diagrams, Class Specifications, and State Transition Diagrams.
  • Part 4: Use Rhapsody and real-time UML to create Class Diagram with classes, attributes, methods, collaborations, and all capsules.
  • Part 5: Improved our design by using sequence diagrams and included boundary classes in our class diagrams.

Software Engineering Consultant


  • Taking online courses on Udemy and other sites.
  • Updating technical knowledge, skills and experience.

Confidential, Duluth, GA

Lead Project Owner


  • Programmed forms/screens/calculations using Pick Basic in a Linux environment, supporting a Windows d Confidential base written in VB.
  • Developed new general coding guidelines with other project owners for more efficient and effective programming standards, which led to increased customer satisfaction and sales.
  • As part of a large team, converted existing programs from an old application’s code to new standards developed for the new application. Increasing quality, maintainability, and flexibility of product.
  • Provided effective and timely support for field personnel and customers leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  • Worked with OEMs and vendors to ensure all their specifications were met for projects involving coding new software for them. Increased reliability of receiving current specifications for new projects and customer satisfaction with products.
  • Developed new coding standards for credit insurance application, which lead to updating over 1400 individual programs in less than 12 months by the project team. Resulted in less user errors and less credits for improper insurance claims.
  • Worked up from Customer Support Specialist to Senior Programmer and finally Lead Project Owner.
  • Received numerous customer service s including Employee of the Month in December 2007 and Confidential Appreciation in 2005 for a successful project completion.
  • Testing/Quality Assurance on the Calendly Phonegap application. https://calendly.com/
  • Tester on Born Together Application
  • Comic Nerds Application (not published yet by Apple) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6da7jlc5aam6ff7/AAC2Nqw IfA1Y8FevTZOcxwoa?dl=0
  • My Github repository: https://github.com/rsimmerm
  • Initially learned C/C++ programming under BSCS degree.
  • Refreshed C++ under MSSWE degree.
  • Worked with various d Confidential structures (Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees)
  • Learned Class structure, encapsulation, OOP/OOD.
  • Coding course work / projects for academic studies.
  • Programmed code in Linux G++ compiler, Visual Studio, Borland Builder and C++ Dev compilers.

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