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Sr. Android Application Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 7 years of professional experience and latest 6 years of android development experience.
  • Knowledge and exposure to full Software Development Life Cycle including design, data modeling, software implementation, and documentation.
  • Developed multiple android application in different types of version from Android 2.0 to Android 9.0.
  • Strong expertise in building blocks of android: Activity, Intent, Content provider, Services and Broadcast Receivers.
  • Extensively worked with Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Android ADT plugins, and also Android studio.
  • Expertise in developing well design custom View, SQLite, JAVA and HTML.
  • Strong expertise in creating responsive UI for various screen resolutions.
  • Expertise in implementing multithread technologies such as Handlers, AsyncTask, Threads.
  • Experience in developing application using Fragments, Activity work flow, Custom Action Bar navigation and design and implemented launcher Menus.
  • Strongly experienced in Android Webservices implementation like REST and SOAP.
  • Designed GIU and Interfaces with Services for mobile application and Asynchronous programing in android (such as Thread pool, Tasks and services).
  • Expertise in integration in Google analytics, GCM push notification andGoogle Maps as well.
  • Extensively worked on Memory - leaks, Offline line Data save and sync to server, content providers, and multi-screensupports.
  • Refactored the legacy code with Dagger dependency injection library to create reusable, testable interchangeable modules.
  • Experience in consuming web services (REST/SOAP) and processing data (XML/JSON).
  • Sloid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms and optimization techniques.
  • Expertise in integration payment Gateways like PayPal,Pay zippy, and Braintree payment Gateway.
  • Used Android SDK, Android Studio,Core JAVA, Native Android Development and Kotlin to develop Android apps.
  • Experienced in using DOM and SAX parser to process, validate, parse and extract data from XML files.
  • Experience with Cloud tech as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, AWS EC2.
  • Expertise in Implementing Intent Service and its communication with Activity/ Fragment.
  • Expertise in implementation of AIDL Inter process communication.
  • Familiar with android location-based services and implemented Google maps.
  • Good experience in ExoPlayer library which is used for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (HTTP DASH).
  • Experience in various control systems like GIT, SVN and application sever like Tomcat.
  • Hand-on experience in complete project life cycle, with domain knowledge in mobile application development and basic implementation of PHP Web services.
  • Good knowledge on Android Material designing (creating Ripples, Paper transformation).
  • Experience working on Android frameworks and contents likeCloud interface, Bluetooth, sensors,E-mails, SMS, GPS and REST web services.


Android OS: Android 2.x to Android 9.x

Operating Systems: Windows98/XP/7/10, Android, Linux

Languages: Java 8, J2EE, C, C++, Python, Kotlin, HTML, XML.

Android Tools: OpenGL-ES, PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, layout design, fragments, multi-threading, NDK sensors, Beacons, JenkinsOpenGL-ES, multi-touch, profiling NFC, Retrofit, Gradle.

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server, AWS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Frameworks: Spring (MVC, AOP, ORM, Web Services, DAO, Social, Security, etc.), Hibernate ORM 5.0.2, Bootstrap, Struts, Tiles, DWR (Direct Web Remoting).

IDE: Eclipse 4.4/ 4.5/ 4.6, IntelliJ, NetBeans, IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD)

Web Development: JavaScript, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XSD, AJAX, GWT, JAX-WS.

Design Patterns: Data Access Objects, object-oriented design, Model View Controller Architecture and Front Controller.

Testing Frameworks: Application Unit Testing, Android Unit Testing, Robotium, Espresso, JUnit, Mockito

Web Servers: JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, Jetty, Apache.

Other Tools: Swing, Agile, RUP, Subversion, Jasper, JMock, Microsoft Visio.

Methodologies: SDLC, Agile (Scrum/Extreme Programming)

Design/Version Control: Rational Clear Case, CVS and Tortoise SVN and PVCS.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Android Application Developer


  • Involved in the full life cycle of the project including planning, designing, development, testing and deployment.
  • Discussed the requirements with the client and analyzed the requirements.
  • Designed the screens using MVC pattern for the application with Eclipse IDE.
  • Designed and developed network frameworks to consume REST APIs using Retrofit to fetch user profile and daily transaction details.
  • Developed custom Java and Kotlin UI libraries for use by third-party apps.
  • Implemented Notification Manager to display updates on the notification bar.
  • Utilized GPS location-based services and Google Maps API to enable Google map search for locations in close proximity.
  • Used RESTFUL web services to communicate with the server for android.
  • Implemented Kotlin with Android content for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc. from the app.
  • UsedSQLiteto cache the data received from theRESTfulweb services.
  • Used third party libraries like Dagger 2 andButterknife into the Gradle and using them for improving performance of the applications, views injectionand loose coupling.
  • Refactored the legacy code with Dagger 2 dependency injection library to create reusable, testable interchangeable modules.
  • RESTFUL web service interaction utilizing Oauth 2.0 authentication and JSON
  • Utilized Kotlin for higher order functionsand delegate design pattern.
  • Used Retrofit to facilitate data communication over network requests.
  • Key resource for layout and UI work utilizing xml, Views, WebView, List View, Menu Item, Activities, Fragments, Frame, Animations, Notifications, Push Notifications, Loaders, AsyncTask, handler etc
  • Experience in XML parsing on client side using JSON, implemented DOM-based implementation of feed parser.
  • Implemented the Kotlin with Android studio for smooth functioning of the location based services GPS, Bluetooth on Android
  • Integrated the Payment Gateway in the app for processing Credit Card Payments.
  • Worked on cross platform Xamarin forms for developing web application on mobile.
  • Refactored the code base to optimize start-up time and memory usage.
  • Perform code reviews with Crucible tool, create checkstyle with Jenkins as CI tool
  • Took care of Code Review, Code Fixes and bug Fixes.
  • Tested the app across different versions of Android and different android phones to assure quality and performance.

Environment: Android SDK, Android 7.0/ 8.0/ 8.1/ 9.0 , Eclipse IDE 4.6/4.7/4.8, Java, Gradle, Dagger 2, Android API's, Retrofit, Android NDK, RX Java, Android Studio 3.4/ 3.2, OAuth 2.0, Kotlin 1.2/ 1.3, Android design library, Jenkins, JUnit, JDK, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQLite 3.27/3.30, GPS service, Log cat, Git, Espresso.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

SR. Android Application Developer


  • Worked in different phases of project life cycle like design, development and testing of application for Android mobile devices.
  • Developed App screens and its workflow using Activity and Fragments associated with view groups, using views such as Recycler Views and Scroll Views.
  • Implemented web views, list views & populated lists from database using simple adapters.
  • Worked on Cloud interface, Bluetooth, sensors, and REST web services.
  • Led integration of Kotlin into codebase and documented training and performance observations
  • Constructing Http requests, fetching server response and parsing feeds wherever required.
  • Used Retrofit to make an Interface to automatically handle the error function, and caching to API.
  • Led integration of Kotlin into codebase and documented training and performance observations
  • Used Android Framework APIs such as Google Maps, Camera, Resource Manager, Fragments, Location Manager, and Notification Manager.
  • Developed the UI screens usingAndroid SDKand Eclipse plug-in to support Portrait and Landscape modes.
  • Used Retrofit to make a parent Callback Interface to automatically handle the error function, and caching to API.
  • Implemented OAuth along with JWT tokens using Firebase for secure authentication and communication.
  • Utilized tools such as Gradle to streamline build automation and testing.
  • Used Eclipse and Android Studio for developing, debugging, coding and deployment of the applications
  • Used Android Kotlin integrated Push Notifications to notify user updates for Account information.
  • Experience using AWS to store and retrieve huge data by Client-Server interaction.
  • Improved the current data model architecture by using MVP pattern and also used Dagger 2 dependency injection to avoid hard coupling.
  • Integrated Google Cloud Messaging (GMS) for sending notifications to registered users about new exciting offers, deals and discounts coupons.
  • Used Android Kotlin integrated Push Notifications to notify user updates for Account information.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app with zooming controls.
  • Integrating the application with analytics to log User Sessions and Touch Gestures.
  • Involved in development and enhancements of features to restrict the usage based on Authorization and Authentication tokens.
  • Experience in the required GUI by making modifications to the XML files.
  • Worked on Continuous Integration and code version using GIT.
  • Debugged application using ADB, Trace View, DDMS and Log Cat.
  • Worked with JSON library to parse JSON files.
  • Experience with authenticated sessions using OAuth 2.0 and authentication tokens.
  • Integrating libraries such as Retrofit, Dagger 2 in application development.
  • Implemented TDD testing mechanism and build Unit test cases using JUNIT
  • Managed development with a team of Android developers, back-end and front end developers.

Environment: Android SDK, Android 7.1/ 8.0/ 8.1, SQLite 3.15/3.23, JAVA, Eclipse IDE 4.4/4.6, Android API's, JDK, XML, CSS, JSON, Android Studio 3.1/ 3.2, Rx JAVA GPS, OAuth 2.0, ADT Plug-in, CVS (version control), Espresso, Kotlin 1.2, GMS, Gradle, TDD, JUNIT, Dagger 2, JSON, JNI, Logcat.

Confidential - Plano, TX

Android Developer


  • Utilized advanced functions of the android software development kit (SDK) in order to optimize the flexibility of apps to different mobile devices.
  • Involved in prototyping, analysis, specification, design, and implementation phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Designed and developed User Interface with all Material design guidelines and patterns provided by Google Android.
  • Design screens using MVC pattern for the application with Android Studio ID.
  • Using Kotlin extensions to work with views from the UI.
  • Embedded user login functionality with client server and Third party login API.
  • Used Android services to deal with Bluetooth communication.
  • Included Drawer layout for ease of navigation throughout the application.
  • Involved in designing the logical flow for the application for different components.
  • Integrated ZXing Library to scan barcode for tracking
  • Developed app screen and its workflow using Activities and Fragments which has views such as list view and scroll view.
  • Played a key role in writing application logic using Eclipse IDE andAndroidSDK.
  • Worked with Dagger 2 for dependency injection to develop clean, maintainable code.
  • Used Android to realize camera/video application, familiar with RESTful webservice and httpconnnections, liking JSON, HttpClient.
  • Performed on device debugging using ADB and tested application in device using Logcat, DDMS.
  • Used the Wi-Fi Manager of the Android API to establish the connections between client and server.
  • UsedOAuth tokenfor http Communication to access Translate APIs.
  • Integrated the camera features using the Camera API.
  • Analyzing the application with Trace view tool to improve the performance.
  • Test and error logging on different version and devices of Android.
  • Implemented and error reporting system for future development support.
  • Provided the support as part of post implementation support.
  • Utilized Retrofit library with OkHttp for network calls.
  • Has worked on continuous integration automation server like Jenkins to build and test the app and check updates in the source control system
  • Provided the KT to the testing team on android framework.

Environment: Android SDK, Android 5.0/ 6.0/ 7.1.2 , Location API's, JSON,Oauth, Kotlin 1.0, Eclipse IDE 4.4, JAVA, Jenkins,Web view, GPS service, JSON, Dagger 2, Google Maps, Broadcast receivers, Git-Hub, SQLite, Multi-threading, HTTP, Logcat, Wi-Fi manager.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Developer


  • Designed UI using views provided by Android and created custom views when required. Involved in updating the application UI and application data structure.
  • Configure MixPanel SDK with GCM to enable push notification services.
  • Used MVC pattern for developing application withAndroidStudio IDE.
  • UsedAndroidNDK to create the library files to be used by Services.
  • Write code to configureWi-Fi connections, pair with Bluetooth devices, network access and receive data from Internet.
  • Designed the SQLite database to store the user information to provide the offline functionality
  • Used JIRA to keep track of outstanding bugs, participated in daily standups, sprint reviews, Kickoffs.
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Implemented Payment gateway using PayPal.
  • Make asynchronous HTTP requests, handle responses in anonymous callbacks and streamed JSON uploads using Android Asynchronous Http Client library.
  • Worked on backend Mango DB API services asynchronously and display list in RecyclerView
  • Using PhoneGap to access device APIs such as camera and geolocation to deploy an Android app.
  • Experience in using dependency injector called Dagger to test the classes.
  • Implement the user interface by using Custom Views, AndroidSlidingUpPanel, Paging indicator, SlidingMenu, RecyclerViews, Coordinator Layout.
  • Involved in user meetings to gather the requirements of the application and worked on application designing, testing, deployment and maintenance.
  • Experience in using dependency injector called Dagger and Android Integration framework tools like Gradle.
  • Implement a full native keyboard into the application, replacing their bugged custom one.
  • Map tests to requirements in order to track test coverage and support for data-driven test cases.
  • Involve in fast prototyping of user interactions and iteration based on feedback from peer.
  • Work collaboratively with a team in an Agile and CI/CD environment
  • Redesigned the cart checkout process with enhancements such as the accordion-style interface that acts as guide to complete user purchase.
  • Implemented widget plugin project using Search API, Content Providers, and Database API.
  • Developed business logic along with connecting the application to the server with REST web services.
  • Implemented Location based service using Google Maps API that enables to search the nearest store located.

Environment: Android SDK, Jenkins, XML, CSS, OAuth, Android7.1/ 8.0, Java, SonarQube, JIRA, SQLite, GIT, Eclipse IDE 3.8/4.2/4.3 Splunk, Espresso, Dagger, Android Studio 2.2/2.3


Jr. Android Developer


  • Planned the application design and database, and executed server back end.
  • Developed the User Interface layers for Activities and implemented Fragments within User Interface.
  • Integrated location based services using Google Maps API to display locations of the nearest stores.
  • Used Implicit Intent Functions to enable access for the application to use media, and other pre-built applications.
  • Implemented the payment gateway operation in the application for leads exchange and purchase transaction using Java plugins.
  • Used shared preferences to store and retrieve persistent key value pairs across user sessions.
  • Inserted suitable code to capture the various Button and Text field events and implemented the desired action for each of the applications.
  • Used AndroidNDKto create the library files to be used by Services.
  • Designed various User Interface layouts using custom layouts, buttons, dialog boxes and Widgets.
  • Followed agile technologies in front-end development life cycle of application.
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON and AndroidSDK.
  • Implemented Notification Manager to display updates on the notification bar.
  • Used custom Views and Adapters in various scenarios during project.
  • Registered the Broadcast Receivers for the Androidsystem announcements.
  • Worked with Notification Service to notify the user and automatically log out for security purpose and update the apps version.
  • Understood business requirements and translated them into technical requirements.
  • Implemented Notification Manager to display updates on the notification bar.
  • Implemented JSON web service calls for server interaction.

Environment: Android Studio, Android SDK,Android 5.0/ 6.0,Core java, Bugzilla, Eclipse, Agile Methodology, JSP, SQLite, CSS 3, GIT, MVC, SQLite, Eclipse IDE, JSON, XML, JavaScript, RESTful web services, Android SDK, Linux.


Java Developer


  • Responsibilities include understanding requirements, analysis, design, development and unit testing of web applications.
  • Involved in designing the application. Prepared UML Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams to in corporate in the technical design document
  • Designed application using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed Spring Hibernate components for backend data retrieval and persistence.
  • Used Struts Validator Framework for validation from server.
  • Developed Interactive GUI Screens using HTML, JSPs and performed Data validation using JavaScript
  • Created different modules using Action classes.
  • Writing PL/SQL Queries to get schedule of policy payment and defaults.
  • Used Front Controller action servlet that handles the entire Http request coming to the server.
  • Developed the application using industry standard design patterns like, Service Locator, Singleton, Business Delegate, MVC, and Factory Pattern for re-usability.
  • Implemented Web services components SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI to interact with external systems.
  • Secured the REST services using Spring Security and OAUTH framework and created documented REST services using Swagger.
  • Created standards and patterns for deploying a spring boot data micro-service architecture to PCF
  • Implemented Hibernate (ORM Mapping tool) framework.
  • Created Web Services for Client using WSDL which builds SOAP messages for agents.

Environment: Java 1.4, Java Script, CSS, HTML, SOAP, MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Struts, Rest, PL/ SQL, Spring Boot, Spring, OAUTH, PCF, ORM.

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