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Sr.java Developer Resume

Wilmington, DE


  • me have 7+ years of experience in analysis, development and testing of Web based, Client/Server and Distributed applications across the entire Software Development Life Cycle usingJavaand J2EE Technologies.
  • Experience in Object Oriented (OOP), J2EE and Client & Server - Side technologies.
  • Expertise in developing GUI using Swing, HTML, DHTML, DOJO,JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Apache Cassandra, Full Stack JSF, XML, REST, jQuery and AJAX scripting.
  • Versatile IT Professional Experience in Azure Cloud Over 3 years’ experience in Azure.
  • Experience in Analytics and Data Warehousing, with Azure knowledge.
  • Experience in frameworks like Spring MVC and Struts (MVC architecture, interceptors, action mappings and resource builders).
  • Expertise working with Web services, SOAP, Apache Axis, AJAX, XML, Maven, TOAD, HTML and Java Script.
  • Experienced in messaging systems like IBM MQ, Kafka.
  • Experienced in parsing (DOM and SAX) XML using JAXP API.
  • Professional experience in using java frameworks like Spring, Struts, JSF and Hibernate.
  • Experience with RESTful Web APIs and microservices.
  • Experienced with event-driven and scheduledAWSLambda functions to trigger variousAWSresources.
  • Excellent Exposure to Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) for development and deployment of Microservices.
  • Experience in Microservices Architecture with Spring Boot and Docker.
  • Experience in setup CI/CD build automation using Azure DevOps pipelines for standard software lifecycle process.
  • Experienced in developing web-based applications using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Experience with working in development of web-based enterprise applications using Spring framework with Microservices and Spring Boot.
  • Experience with DevOps methodologies, implementing CI/CD Pipeline using tool sets like GIT, Jenkins, Docker and AWS.
  • Extensive experience in developing Microservices using Spring Boot, Netflix OSS (Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix) and followed domain driven design.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries in PL/SQL, Triggers, and Stored Procedures in Relational Database management systems like Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and DB2.
  • Experience in speeding up Existing Applications with a Cache services using Redis Cache, Gemfire.
  • Experience in Patterns spanning Cloud Configuration (Spring Cloud), Resilience (Circuit breakers, Request Collapsing), Service Registry, Confidential, API documentation (Swagger) and Cloud deployment.


Sr.Java Developer

Confidential, Wilmington, DE


  • Involved in the requirement analysis and designing the system to in corporate those requirements and coming up with the design to utilize existing systems and services.
  • Building server-side infrastructure, microservices and APIs for business processes and use cases
  • Designing, developing and implementing systems and microservices with localization and internationalization capabilities in a multi-instance, multi-tenant architecture
  • Developed numbers of Typescripts (ES6) objects including Components, Ng Modules, Providers, Services, Interfaces and classes utilizing arrow function and optional types.
  • Responsible for developing data pipeline by implementing Kafka producers and consumers and configuring brokers.
  • Developed a process to migrate data from on-premises to cloud through DevOps engineering by utilizing CI/CD pipeline.
  • Developed web application using Angular 5, Angular CLI, Web pack, Type Script, Node.js, SASS and CSS3.
  • Designed configuration XML Schema for application and used JavaScript for client-side validation.
  • Developed Web GUI involving HTML and JavaScript under MVC architecture.
  • Develop various screens for the front end using Angular6/8 and used various predefined components from NPM.
  • Involved in provisioning and Automation servers on Public Cloud like AWS, and Kubernetes.
  • Responsible for creating an instance on Amazon EC2 (AWS) and deployed the application on it.
  • Installed, secured, and configured AWS cloud servers and Amazon AWS virtual servers (Linux).
  • Utilized Jenkins to setup CI/CD environment which automate building testing and deploying.
  • Developed end to end data processing pipelines dat begin with receiving data using distributed messaging systems Kafka.
  • Worked with AWS Code Pipeline and Creating Cloud formation JSON templates which is converted to Terraform for infrastructure as code.
  • Created AWS Lambda architecture to monitor AWS S3 Buckets and triggers a thumbnail create event whenever a user uploads a new picture.
  • Worked on extracting event data from front end using Kafka REST proxy.
  • Implementing or exposing the Microservice architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Used Kafka frameworks for messaging and queuing.
  • Automated all builds using gradle in Jenkins for CI/CD.
  • Designed, developed and test HTML, CSS, ES6, jQuery and React JS, dat meets accessibility of web browser.
  • Creating Azure Pipelines. triggers, Pipeline data flow, Blob storage etc.
  • Designed and currently supporting Bigdata ETL pipeline in Azure utilizing Azure Data Factory, Blog Storage, Azure, Databricks, ADLS, PowerShell and Azure VMs.
  • Used GIT as source control, Maven as build tool and Jenkins for CI/CD
  • Scalable data design for MongoDB and Redis, caching in MongoDB with Redis Cache Using Spring Boot.
  • Utilized severalJava8 concepts like Stream, Optional, Functional Interface, and Collection API to migrate / develop the application.

Environment: Redis Cache,Redis Spring Cloud, RESTful, Java1.8, Python, Apache Tomcat, Spring 4.0, Spring IoC, Jersey, Hibernate, Kubernetes, Docker, Drools, AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Kinesis, EBS), Angular6/8, HTML5, CSS3, XML Bootstrap, JSON, NodeJS, NoSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, WebLogic, Maven, Jenkins, selenium, karma, protractor, GitHub, Tomcat 8, Log4J, JUnit.

Java Developer

Confidential, Oaks, PA


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, design, development and testing.
  • Designed and developed user interactive screens using UI technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS and NodeJS.
  • Application was built on MVC architecture with JSP, CSS, HTML and DHTML acting as presentation layer, Struts framework as business layer.
  • New library development with micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot and pivotal cloud foundry.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) for SQL server development and java applications. Worked with Octopus, Kubernetes, Kafka and Ansible for CI/CD.
  • Worked on AWS services to deploy static websites and dynamic Web Apps on EC2 using Elastic Beanstalk and Elastic Container Service-Docker.
  • Worked on migrating data to Amazon AWS. Used AWS products like EC2, IAM, RDS, Log Monitor, Lambda, REST API Gateway etc
  • Used Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to deploy, update, or delete all the resources for you're solution in a single, coordinated operation.
  • Participated in AWS, GCP and Azure implementation and configuration of the components for development of Web application.
  • Used AWS Cloud Watch to monitor the application and to store the logging information.
  • Migrating existing application into micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot, Spring Cloud config Netflix oss (eureka, zuul, Hystrix) and AWS.
  • Create high performance custom Redis.io adapters for node for pub n sub and NoSQL persistence.
  • Developing E-trading web application using React Js and Redux with Redis.
  • Created TypeScript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • Maintained Interface compatibility and concurrency in the project usingJava1.8 new features like Lambda expressions, default, static methods and Concurrency API.

Environment: Agile Methodology,Java1.8, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Rest API, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, JSP, NodeJS, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Spring MVC security

Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Followed Agile Methodology in analyze, define, and document the application, which will support functional and business requirements. Coordinate these efforts with Functional Architects.
  • Developed the application using J2EE Design Patterns like Business Delegate, Factory, Singleton, Session Facade, Service Locator and DAO and also implemented JMS API in J2EE.
  • Developed the UI using HTML, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript for interactive cross browser functionality and complex user interface.
  • Involved in designing the client-side module architecture based on new Angular Framework.
  • Used Node JS to run Angular JS on server with mock JSON data and completed the UI development independent of server.
  • Configured Spring Container to implement IOC/DI of the Spring Beans, and to manage the beans' life circle.
  • Used Hibernate, object /relational mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with an SQL-based schema.
  • Used Jersey to implement Restful Web Service and used XML API form to transfer the data.
  • Used Rest Controllers to replace the existing operations layer, which acts as bridge between business layer and the UI.
  • Designed and implemented services for storing, updating and retrieving user data using MongoDB database and communicated with remote servers using REST enabled Web Services.

Environment: JAVA, J2EE, JSE, JMS, HTML, XML, CSS, Ajax, JSP, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Spring, MVC.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Boise, ID


  • Developed Service layer classes to support the business functionality with spring.
  • Involved in designing and developing the front end of the application using JSF, Struts Tiles, JSP, Java script, HTML and CSS.
  • Developed JSP custom tag libraries, and associated support in the Action Servlet, dat assists in creating interactive form-based applications, which is the one of the primary areas of functionality using Struts Framework.
  • Used SPRING framework to support Hibernate tool and Struts.
  • Created the Application Context file in the Spring Framework for injecting beans.
  • Used Action Dispatch Section, Action Forms, and Struts Configuration from Struts.
  • Implemented JavaScript Client-side validation and some server-side validation with java code as per the requirements.
  • Involved in implementing JUnit Test Cases.
  • Made use of Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern for designing data access layer.
  • Involved in invoking the Web Services by making using of Axis, SOAP.
  • Designed Test Scenarios for the functionality testing.
  • Developed programs for accessing the database using JDBC driver to execute queries, stored procedures and to manipulate the data in the database.
  • Developed Struts forms and actions for validation of user request data and application functionality.

Environment: SQL, MySQL, XML, SOAP, JSF, Struts Tiles, JSP, Java script, HTML and CSS.

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