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Android Senior Dev Resume

San Francisco, CaliforniA


  • 6+ years’ experiences building Android mobile applications through teh entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Worked with small and large teams in collaborative environments. Hands - on and proven experience to deliver on time with teh best code quality.
  • I has been exposed to different tools and technologies and I’m ready to participate and bring my experience TEMPhas part of you're team. Adept programming in Kotlin and Java.


Languages: > Java < >Kotlin < >XML < > Groovy < > SQL < > Git < > DataBinding < > Json <

Android SDK: > Android JetPack < > Google Maps API < > Material Design < > WorkManager < > Okhttp < > Content Providers < > Services < > BLE < > Recycler View < > Handlers < > Loopers < > Asynctask < > HandlerThread < > Executors < > Job Schedulers < > Loader Framework < > Coroutines < > Flow API<

Third party libraries: > RxJava < > RoboGuice < > Dagger < > UrbanAirship < > Fabric < > Timber < > SonarCube < > Koin < > Okio < > RxKotlin <

Testing: > Leak Canary < > Mockito < > Espresso < > Test Automation < > Junit < > PowerMock <

Network: > Retrofit < > Volley < > Firebase < > Google Analytics < > Push Notifications < > RESTful web services < > SOAP < > Gson < > Moshi < > Jackson <

Security: > AES < > RSA < > Certificate Pinning < > Android Keystore < > SQL Cipher < > SSO < > OAuth < > Obfuscation < > Fingerprint < > Tokens <

Methodologies: > Reactive Programming < > TDD < > BDD < > Multithreading < > Dependency Injection < > SOLID < > Builder < > Factory < > Adapter < > MVP < > MVVM < > VIPER <

Automation: > ButterKnife < > Jenkins < > Gerrit < > Bitbucket < > Gitlab < > GitHub < > Synthetic Views <

Project Management: > Approving Pull Request < > Creating PR < > Tracking Assignments Jira < > Scrum or Kanban < > KT Documents < > Training Documentation <


Confidential - San Francisco, California

Android Senior Dev


  • Worked with an Android development team in an Agile environment with 6 Android Developers and 8 iOS Developers.
  • Implemented new Architecture Navigation Graph to map in App navigation across many app flows.
  • Migration and refactored Java Code to Kotlin code.
  • Refactored Architecture design pattern from MVP to MVVM.
  • Created multiple SQL commands to update a list of favorites and query teh results into teh main thread.
  • Implemented Android Jetpack Room Database implementation along with Kotlin Singleton implementation.
  • Worked along with observable lifecycle aware components like Android Jetpack Livedata.
  • Refactored fragments to CustomViews to reduce teh handling of multiple callbacks and reuse layouts in multiple screens.
  • Participated in approval PR team to ensure code coverage of 85% and enforced code quality using tools like Gerrit, CheckStyle and Sonarqube.
  • Closely worked with QA engineers to implement use cases and successfully refactor feature by feature.
  • Customized Exoplayer media to play favorites artist during sessions.
  • Implemented Share API creating Intent choosers to share favorites locals through social media.
  • Implemented Calendar API with custom Credentials for synchronize users calendar from an app entry.
  • Worked closely with designers to enhance UI/UX and match Material Design for rebranding approach.
  • Implemented search view engine to enhance fast search and provide customized data depending of user settings.
  • Created API connection with Retrofit library and a Single source of truth repository.
  • Implemented dependency inversion strategy creating components and modules using Dagger library.
  • Participated in an Agile environment with sprint retrospective and consolidating code in Bitbucket repository.
Confidential, Mountain View, CA



  • Refactored Codebase to introduce more scalable architecture and increase capabilities of key classes such as:
  • Easy intercommunication of utilities within teh library.
  • Performance Metrics automatically reporting source within teh app.
  • Logging tools automatically reporting exact source within teh code.
  • Set up creation scripts to automatically set up AppDynamic tables with CURL calls and JSON.
  • Converted older Java files to Kotlin.
  • Expanded Unit Testing to increase coverage and reliability.
  • Created and expanded various APIs to allow easy use of AppFabric library.
  • Created testing tools to expand teh functionality of our testing application.
  • Increased Robustness of code to allow numerous forms of use, increasing ease of adoption for teams using our tools.
  • Worked with and coordinated with principal engineers to create needed tools quickly.
  • Created base classes for views so both new and existing apps would of easy, automatic access to multiple functions offered in our library such as:
  • Live metrics reporting to determine if any part of teh app is experiencing slow down and if so, where.
  • Enhanced metrics logging to detail where analytics events where in teh app analytics were coming from and teh version of that installation.
  • Utilization of numerous simple utilities natively, without teh need for extensive bridging to Web-based widgets.
  • Provided live support to consumer teams to halp with updating their apps to teh newest versions and implementing new features.
  • Coordinated additional support through slack to bring consumer teams together with specific team members, matching needs to specialities and relevant prior knowledge.
  • Overtook teh push to implement Segment Analytics once original implementers were unable to deliver on time, completing teh project within teh needed quarter.
  • Continued to work on Analytics utilities to rapidly respond to consumer feedback and create teh tools people wanted
  • Updated documentation with relevant example code and implementation steps as code base changed and improved.
  • Converted iOS features to Android to increase parity.
  • Personally, adapted to teh engineering group’s highly specific terminology, despite its lack of adherence.
  • As teh acting scrum master, brought stand up times down to 10 minutes from 30, and brought Sprint Planning down to 30 minutes, from ~2 hours.
  • As Scrum Master, also regularly achieved 80%+ commitment completion per sprint.
  • Worked with global teams spread across many time zones to provide support and respond to feedback.
  • Worked with Gradle settings to create and integrate numerous custom libraries.
  • Coordinated releases to ensure accurate release notes.

Confidential - San Francisco, California

Android Developer


  • Collaborated in a Pod-type environment with 4 AN devs, 2 iOS devs, and 7 QA specialists.
  • Configured secure connection SDK to transmit account connection details between teh middleware and teh client.
  • Collaborated with migration from Java to Kotlin for some specifics features and new implementations created in Kotlin.
  • Refactored utility classes with extension functions to parse data and consolidate common functions in one place.
  • Implemented certificate pinning with retrofit call and interceptors to secure connection with backend endpoint calls.
  • Worked with backend developers to debug Missing My Card feature, capable of disable any transactions with teh bank account.
  • Worked with UI/UX designers to implement Material Design view in a rebrand effort.
  • Implemented SecuredSharedPreferences to hold one-time customization using passcode access to teh app.
  • Removed callback hell with Observable implementations to reduce code size and consolidate app state across multiple features.
  • Used Timber library to create visual log reports to halp debug callback implementations.
  • Created CustomViews to easily implement common views in multiple layouts along with AttributSet to has an initial view state.
  • Implemented SearchViews and Toolbars that follows closely UI mocks from designers.
  • Built several notifications view to make it more visual teh actions and confirmations using teh application.
  • Created several accessibility options in teh application like ScreenReaders and customize several views options to follow accessibility best-practices.
  • Elaborated several animation layouts to visually display swipe motions and interactions accordingly with Layout Qualifiers depending on teh screen size.
  • Worked with MapViews and Google Maps api to identify ATM locations near device location.
  • Created Location API broadcast to precisely capture teh GPS in a foreground service.
  • Created several notifications channels to give users customization on which notifications are interested.
  • Implemented Suspendable functions as a Prove of Concept to possible substituted Rx Java Observables in new features implementation.
  • Built product flavors and Master-Detail flow accordingly to device configuration.

Confidential, Bedford, MA

Android Developer


  • Used teh Android Studio IDE
  • Developed an Android app to allow teh user to control thePackbotandFirstLookrobots developed by Confidential
  • Created teh application to run in devices with Android 3.0 and up
  • Made heavy use of fragments to make up almost teh entirety of teh UI code
  • Created custom and compound views to provide a custom style with reusable components
  • Used Android'sEventBus3rd party library for sending messages between components
  • Developed UI interfaces using XML
  • App responsive to multiple screen resolutions
  • Implemented agile team methodology to adapt teh application development process to current project status
  • Implemented Junit andRobotiumto test teh application
  • Used Gitand Assemblafor version control amongst a team of developers
Confidential, Vienna, VA

Android Developer


  • Participated in teh requirement gathering process with product owner.
  • Worked on writing unit tests using Junit and Mockito.
  • Collaborated with teh design team, teh usability specialist, and teh iOS team to design an easy-to-use unified application for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Helped implement push notifications using GCM.
  • Consume web services using retrofit and GSON.
  • Helped implement a caching mechanism using SQL Lite.
  • Implemented a RecyclerView to show list of triggered camera events.
  • Created a custom view for teh agenda.
  • Implemented fragments to navigate between agendas.
  • Re-designed teh app navigation to include animated transitions between activities using CoordinatorLayout.
Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Android Mobile Developer


  • Applied understanding of teh Android SDK and Android devices.
  • Attended SCRUM meetings to keep track of teh current sprint.
  • Developed and expanded native Android mobile applications for Android platforms according to specifications handled by a design team or teh clients.
  • Experience developing web services using XML-RPC, SOAP, or REST approaches.
  • Developed unit testing suites with JUnit and Mockito.
  • Finding and fixing bugs in previous code that caused undesired behaviors in teh app.

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