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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Denver, CO


  • Around 6 years of experience in full life cycle development involving analysis, design, development, testing, documentation, implementation & maintenance of application software in Web - based environment, Distributed n-tier architecture
  • Expertise in the design and development of various web and enterprise applications using Java programming J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, JMS, JSF, RMI, XML, AJAX and Web Services
  • Experienced in using Ajax Libraries like jQuery, AngularJS.
  • Experienced in working on Responsive Design for the Mobile devices.
  • Expertise in OOA, OOD, SDLC, Software Development, Java Application Development,
  • UtilizedJava 8features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Distributed Application Development and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Expertise in XML and related technologies like XSL, XSLT, XPath and parsers like JAXP (SAX, DOM) and JAXB
  • Learned and understood Amazon Web Service of deploying the applications.
  • Extensively experienced in using various design patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), Singleton, Session Facade, Service Locator, Factory and Business Delegate in the development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications
  • Experienced with various frameworks like Struts, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, JPA, Spring Web Flow.
  • Experienced in using Java IDE tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, RSA, Net Beans.
  • Set up, configured, and maintained multiple web/application servers like Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, JRun, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic
  • Developed Microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Excellent in databases like IBM DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Experience in Database module analysis, design and development using SQL, PL/SQL and other tools under Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Has experience on java web services using JAX-RS and Apache CXF.
  • Has experience on Restful web services using Angular JS.
  • Designed and developed REST based Microservices using the Spring Boot.
  • Has experience on java web services using Apache Axis2.0. Has good experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation.
  • Implemented data persistence of application by using Hibernate to persist java objects to the relational database.
  • Implemented RESTful Web services in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to retrieve data from client side and made REST API calls from AngularJS and parsed the data to client and handled the security and Authorization using Spring Security and OAuth authentication protocol respectively
  • Good Experience in process Improvement and Continuous Integration by using Jenkins.
  • Hands on experience in writing light weight NodeJS, Express server, and using technologies like Ajax.
  • Knowledge of Multithreading/synchronization, NoSQL Database: MongoDB.
  • Experience in handling, configuration and administration of databases likeMySQLand NoSQL databases likeMongoDBand Cassandra.
  • Experience with messaging systems like Kafka, Kafka event sourcing.
  • Hands on experience on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB, RDS, VPC, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS etc.
  • Experienced in working with different operating systems Windows, UNIX, LINUX, MAC
  • Expert in writing complex SQL Queries and PL/SQL blocks
  • Wrote build/deployment scripts using ANT.
  • Wrote unit tests using Junit.
  • Experience onSDH, GSM, MVNO/MNO, IPVPN, IP Multimedia Solution, VoLTE, DTH Solution.Experience in theCOTS productslikeOracle OSM, ASAP/IPSA, Concept Wave, Cramer/Comptel NIM.etc.
  • Experience order management worked on variousmodules Order entry, order capture, statuspro, order life cycleandOrchestration.Experience oneTom, SID, TAM, OSS/JandITIL specifications.
  • CI/CD using Jenkins, Ant, Maven, GIT, DevOps, Gradle, Artifactory, Docker, Vagrant, AWS ECS
  • Shell script experience with Linux, Unix
  • Good working knowledge on SVN and GitHub for version control
  • Expertise working on Application Servers and Web Servers like WebSphere 6.x/7.x, WebLogic 8.x/9.x/10.x, Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x. Experience in using Integration tools like Jenkins, Cruise control.
  • Extensive experience in Database Development using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, SQL Developer & TOAD, Triggers and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Experience in developing test cases and test plans besides involving in Unit testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance testing extensively.


J2EE Technologies: Java, EJB 3.0/2.1, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, JMS, Java Server Faces (JSF), JDBC, JAX-WS.

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5,CSS/CSS3,JavaScript,XML,Ajax,jQuery,PHP,JSON,Bootstrap4.0, Angular 2, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, RXJS (Reactive programming),Golang, GraphQL

Frameworks: Angular, Apache Kafka, Hibernate, Junit, Spring4, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Beego, Selenium, TestNG

Web Services: SOAP, RESTful

Application Server: JBOSS, IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat 8, Apache Kafka

Web Server: Java Web Server, Apache Web Server, ANT, Tomcat

Languages: C, C++, JAVA

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, Oracle8.x/9i, MS-SQL Server 2008/2005, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, Dynamo DB.

Tools: MyEclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Jenkins, Log 4J, ANT, WSAD, Maven, Kibana, Grafana, Docker, Kubernetes MS-Office, MS Project, MYSQL, TOAD

Operating Systems: MS Windows, UNIX Scripting, Windows NT, Windows 95/ 98/2000.

Cloud Services: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Version Control Tools: SVN, Git, Source Tree


Confidential, Denver, CO

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Designed and developed the application using Agile methodology and followed SCRUM meetings.
  • Implemented Spring Web MVC, which included writing Controller classes for handling requests, processing form submissions and performed validations using Commons validator.
  • Created custom, self-contained, reusable and testableAngular 8 modules, controllers, directives andservicesto implement key functionalities for customer account summary.
  • Developed application using Java 8 to implement its feature like Lambda Expressions for array operations, collections. Enhanced concurrency methods etc. throughout the application for well-defined programming.
  • Developed Microservices for different applications using Spring Boot Framework. Implemented Netflix OSS components like feign client, eureka, Zuul and Ribbon in the development.
  • Create and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying Microservices and lambda functions using CI/CD Jenkins server.
  • Developed Restful webservices they are to be consumed by other applications.
  • Used Maven and Ant for creating EAR, WAR and JAR file to be deployed in application servers and integrated with git, Jenkins, and Jenkins Jobs.
  • Used ApacheKafka for reliable and asynchronous exchange of information between business applications.
  • Worked with Container service Docker with build port and other utilities to deploy Web Applications.
  • Installed, secured, and configured AWS cloud servers and Amazon AWS virtual servers (Linux).
  • Worked on REST APIs, and Elastic Search to efficiently handle and searching JSON data.
  • Used GIT for version control and Jira for project and defect management.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based microservices Docker container using AWS EC2 container services and AWS admin console.
  • Excellent working knowledge in configuring multipleWeblogic domains including machines, manage servers, andcluster environments. Configured WeblogicJDBC connection poolswith databases likeOracle 9i/8i, My SQL.
  • Experience in administration of Oracle WebLogic which include providing support for development, testing, staging and production environments.
  • Involved in batch processing usingSpring Batchframework to extract data from database and load into corresponding Loan App tables.
  • Used Jenkins and pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes.
  • Postman was extensively used to test the request and response of the JSON based backend applications.
  • Used SQS(Simple Messaging System) to trigger Lambdas based on message in the queue and added redrive policy to avoid multiple Triggers.
  • Worked on Swagger UI to interact with the API’S. Designed and documented APIs using Swagger.
  • Added alerting using SNS(Simple Notification Service) to send alerting Message in case of any Critical Errors and where Manual Intervention is needed.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Expertise validating the UNIX logs using Putty and Super Putty for different Integration applications.
  • Writing Complex SQL queries and performed backend testing verify data integrity.
  • Secured the REST API’s by implementing OAuth2 token-based authorization scheme using Spring security.
  • Used S3 Bucket to store Credential from where the NON-PCI Lambda will Access the Bucket to verify the Credential to give Access to Authorized User.
  • Wrote a program to use REST API calls to interface.
  • Involved in fixing defects in the production in existing legacy application and also developing microservices.
  • Involved in various meetings like scrum daily standup meeting, sprint review, sprint retrospective, sprint showcase, weekly grooming sessions with clients and sync up with other stake holders who consume or provide the services, knowledge transfer to production support team etc.

Environment: Agile/Scrum Methodology, Java 8, Angular 8, Spring Boot, Spring Inheritance, Spring JPA, AWS Lambda, SQS, EC2, MySQL, SNS, React JS, RESTful, Docker, Junit, Mockito, API Implementation, Swagger API, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Maven, Postman.

Confidential, Middletown NJ

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Application Development, System and Integration Testing, Support for several Federal Government projects.
  • Involved in development of enterprise, GUI and WEB applications using frameworks like Spring, JSP, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, MySQL and performed Unit Testing using Junit.
  • Developed a Single Page Application (SPA) for client to perform risk analysis and predict the impact of fraud, abuse using Angular 6 and React 14. Used multiple features from Angular JS like data binding, custom filters, and directives whereas in React JS we used React-Router for routing and reflux and several others based on requirements.
  • Hands on experience in developing Rapid application in Angular 2 with TypeScript and implemented RXJS (reactive extension) for using Observable sequences to allow async data streams with out of the box RXJS operators.
  • Responsible to maintain Maven Build Scripts and tweak if changes in the requirements.
  • Used Spring Kafka API calls to process the messages smoothly on Kafka Cluster setup. Knowledge on partition of Kafka messages and setting up the replication factors in Kafka Cluster.
  • Developed application using ReactJS components, Virtual DOM, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept and implemented various Frontend GUI screens.
  • Experience on Redux Saga with React with experience in creating Root Saga, setting up Instance Saga to middleware, Applying Saga Middleware to Redux
  • Developed new RESTful API services that work as a middleware between our application and third-party APIs using Golang with experience in writing data APIs and multi-server applications to meet product needs using Golang.
  • DevelopedREST API'susingSpring MVCandSpring bootand hosted all micro services onPCF.
  • UsingPCFdidsmoke tests, which are functional unit and integration tests on all major system components.
  • Worked on creating a Database and connect the database with Hibernate (ORM). Provided Hibernate configuration file and mapping files.
  • Used AWS S3 as storage for store to the files and images and accessed via S3 REST API.Used JIRA to assign, track, report and audit the issues in the application.
  • Used GIT to maintain the version of the files and took the responsibility to do the code merges and creating new branch when new feature implementation starts.
  • Worked on CI/CD pipelines and integration testing.
  • Worked extensively on SQL queries to modify/retrieve data, SQL Store Procedures, Materialized Views, Functions, Triggers using MySQL and TOAD tool.
  • Worked on creating new Linux Cron Jobs, Shell Scripts for SQL procedures.
  • Experience in Kibana in data visualization and monitoring Cluster and performance through X-pack. Build visualization and Dashboards using Kibana and Grafana.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline withDocker,Jenkins,andGitHub, whenever a new GitHub branch gets started. Jenkins, our Continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it.
  • ManagedDocker orchestration and Docker containerizationusingKubernetes.
  • Used Gradle build tool to automate the process of generating Docker files, building Docker Images, and pushing them to Docker Private Registry.
  • Migrating the existing project to Microsoft Azure with Azure services. Prepared the Azure cloud infrastructure Azure Resource Manager Templates and finally Research the REST APIs of Azure and integrate them with current code.
  • Used Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to deploy, update, or delete all the resources in a single, coordinated operation.
  • Responsible in fixing the production issues which are tagged to Releases and took new initiatives to resolve production ticket quickly.
  • Expertise in Junit5, and Selenium Testing.
  • Onshore Team Leader reported to scrum master and carried out sprints with offshore team.
  • Worked in Agile/Scrum methodology environment including Test Driven Development, Unit Test, code review, Continuous Integration/Delivery and Daily Meeting.
  • Managed source repository using Git, Source Tree and SVN for version control tools.
  • Co-ordinated with QA lead for development of test plan, test cases, test code and actual testing responsible for defects allocation and resolution of those defects.

Environment: Java 8, J2EE, JDK, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Spring4, spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Angular 2, RXJS (Reactive programming), ReactJS, Responsive design, RESTful, Golang, Multithreading, PCF, GCP, Apache Tomcat, Apache Kafka, Kibana, Grafana, Docker, Azure, Junit5, Maven, MySQL, Linux.

Confidential, Dallas TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in developing the Domain Model and Business Model from the Business Requirements
  • Used Spring MVC framework to develop multi-layer for the application
  • Validation of SSH connections, ports, vulnerability tests and performing root cause analysis for any failures
  • Designed and developed asynchronous Restful Micro services using spring boot, Couch base and RXJava that are consumed by other micro services with an average response time of 30 milliseconds.
  • Development in Staples B2B e - commerce site on domains like Cart and Checkout and List Pages using Open source development (Web Sphere Commerce to Micro service Architecture).
  • Experience in Micro services Architecture with Spring Boot
  • New library development with micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot and pivotal cloud fundry.
  • Migrating existing application into micro services architecture using Rest APIs, spring boot, Spring Cloud config Netflix oss (eureka, zuul, hystrix) and AWS.
  • Created Server instances on AWS. Tomcat, Swagger and hawtio are installed and used for deploying Micro-services.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services.
  • Experience on AWS Deploying, managing and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems and managed continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
  • Experience with tools like Experience with Docker Images/containers and kubernetes.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based micro services Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services and using AWS admin console.
  • Worked with Terraform to create AWS components like EC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, Security groups.
  • Used Java multithreading for concurrent feed processing to achieve system performance
  • Developed and enhancing middle ware components using Collections, Generics, and Object Serialization and using java
  • Securing the web server by maintaining Security patch updates for the host machines
  • Implemented the REST based web services (Request/Reply) for external system integration to consume the data
  • Has Good experience on modularized programming for building scalable applications. Has good understanding on React concepts like props, state, ref, context, routing, higher order components etc.
  • Used ReactJS for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Performing integration testing of APIs, functional testing, load testing and performance testing for various RDK devices and its applications
  • Configuring secure HTTPS communication, proxy redirect between the hosts in Linux environment
  • Creating jobs and executing in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery models

Environment: Java1.8, J2EE, Agile, spring, hibernate, Microservices, PCF, Kubernetes, Web services frameworks (SOAP & REST) Other Technologies used: HTML, JavaScript (for client validations), Angular JS, Maven, Ant, WebSphere Application Server, JUnit (testing), Log4j (logging), MongoDB, NoSQL, Clear Case, ClearQuest.

Confidential, SFO, CA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as requirement gathering, data modeling, analysis, and development.
  • Involved in the development of presentation layer and GUI framework in JSP, HTML, CSS Client-Side validations were done using JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Implemented entire application using Core java, java Collections, Struts and Spring 3.0 MVC design framework.
  • Involved in injecting dependencies into code using spring core module concepts like IOC of Spring Framework.
  • Developed GUI interface using GWT by replacing old design of the application and Used AJAX for request response processing without reloading the complete page.
  • Mainly involved in development and maintenance of the website using HTML5, CSS, Ajax, and jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS and Node.js.
  • Involved in developing, and testing of J2EE components like Java Beans, Java, XML, Collection Framework, JSP, Spring Integration, Struts and Hibernate.
  • Design and Implemented XML/WSDL/SOAP/RESTFUL Web Services to provide the interface to the various clients running on both Java and Non-Java applications.
  • Extensively involved in developing core persistence classes using Hibernate 3.0 framework, writing HQL queries, creating hibernate mapping files.
  • Worked on MongoDB concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, replication, schema design. Involved in configuring WebSphere servers, database connections and participated in back-end Database programming using Oracle and developed SQL Queries using Toad for SQL Server.
  • Involved in writing SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Views for Oracle 10g database, mapping done through Hibernate.
  • Prepared Test Cases to perform Unit, Integration and System Testing. Tested the developed components using Junit.
  • Worked in Agile/Scrum methodology environment including Test Driven Development, Unit Test, code review, Continuous Integration/Delivery and Daily Meeting.
  • Used Log4J components for logging. Perform daily monitoring of log files and resolve issues.
  • Involved in installing and configuring Eclipse IDE, Ant, Web Logic and Maven for development.
  • Designed and deployed applications on both UNIX and WINDOWS environment.

Environment: Java1.7/J2EE, Struts Framework 2.0, Spring 3.0, JSP 2.0, Web Services, Hibernate 3.0, JPA, HTML/HTML5, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, GWT, MongoDB, Oracle 10g, AJAX, Eclipse IDE, SOA, Java Beans, Log4j, CVS, WebLogic, Rational Rose, Junit, Jasmine, TDD, Maven, UNIX


Java/J2ee Developer


  • Participate in the designing and development of various server-side components JSP, Servlets, EJBs etc.
  • Developed the User interface Templates using JSP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and DHTML
  • Developed the Java Code using Eclipse as an IDE.
  • Participated effectively in the full life cycle development of the project including the testing of the project.
  • Study the impact of the requirement and prepare the Requirement Analysis document.
  • Developed JSPs and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML and display the data to the client side. Extensively used JSP tag libraries.
  • Worked with Struts as a unified MVC framework and developed Tag Libraries.
  • Used Struts framework in UI designing and validations
  • Developed Action Classes, which acts as the controller in Struts framework.
  • Involved in developing User Interface using JSP's, JavaScript for the pages.
  • Gave on call support to the integration testing for any technical problems Involved in Designing of User Validation Process through JSP.
  • Implemented forms classes to interact with the client & middle tier.
  • Coded the business logic using the Enterprise java Beans (Session Beans) and used Session Façade Design Pattern.
  • Designing and developing the JMS objects and used MQ Series as a provider
  • Used PL/SQL to make complex queries and retrieve data from the Oracle database
  • Used ANT scripts to build the application and deploy on Web Logic Application Server
  • Designed, written and maintained complex reusable methods which implements stored procedures to fetch data from the database
  • Prepare the Unit Test Case the document / user handbook for test cases.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, EJB, SQL server, Tiles, Web Services, Web Logic 8.1, Eclipse, JDBC, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Junit, XML, ANT, Red Hat Linux.

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