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Android Application Developer Resume

Louisville, KY


  • 7+ Years of real time experience on Java, JavaScriptand Kotlin based applications and Android applications.2 years of experience in developing React Native applications.
  • Got knowledge on developing Application server, Web, Android, JavaScript applications using Kotlin.
  • Experienced in Android App Development with Android SDK(Software Development Kit)/ NDK(NativeDevelopment Kit)Eclipse IDE and Android Studio. I have good understanding on Android Front - End and Back-End guidelines.
  • Had Strong foundation in Object Oriented Programming Concepts, SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle).Had strong knowledge on Android architecture including Frameworks, Libraries.
  • Had experience implementing Functional Programming, Lambda Expressions using Kotlin and Java Programming languages.
  • Got proficient work experience in developing different Activities, Dialogs, Fragments, Fragment Manager, Fragment Transaction, A sync tasks, Intents, different kind of views, Menus, Services, Containers, BroadcastReceivers and Shared Preferences in the applications.
  • Have good knowledge in debugging and Tracing by using tools like DDMS, LOGCAT.Implemented MVP, MVC, MVVM architectures to run test cases.
  • Experience in Android Jetpack, which helps toreduce boilerplate code, and write code that works consistently acrossAndroidversions
  • Got proficient experience in using Android UI Framework tools like Status Bar, notifications, Dialogs.
  • Extensively worked on memory leaks, Push notifications, Content providers, Content Resolver and developed many static and dynamic applications. Hands-on experience on Handlers, Threads, Background Services, Custom Toast and Third-Party Notifications.
  • Got fluency in constructing different layouts like linear, relative, custom and constraint. Had good experience to tackle different kind of Exceptions and errors.
  • Have experience and knowledge regarding webservices like RESTful, SOAPto fetch the data and parse JSONresponse to front-end UIusing GSON.
  • Developed applications using the databases SQLite, MySQL, ORACLE.Developed applications using third-party libraries Retrofit, Volley,Picasso, Active Android, Butter Knife, Event Bus, Lottie’s.
  • Expertise in implementing Material Design and optimizing techniques using List Views with View Holder pattern and Recycler Views.
  • Had good working experience in front end developer tools like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.Used Espresso, Junit to run UI tests. Worked on Espresso API’s because it provides automatic synchronization of test actions with UI of the app testing.
  • Used Git version tools for tracking changes in computer files and for communicating with multiple people. Used different version controls like Git hub, Bitbucket, Source tree, Jira, SVN.Had good experience with Agile and waterfall methodologies.


Programming Languages: Java7/8, C,JAVASCRIPT,HTML5, Kotlin, RxJava.

Version Controls: Git, Source Tree,SVN

Tracking Tools: Jira, Zen Hub

Databases: MYSQL, SQLite

Software Tools: Eclipse, Android Studio, Android SDK.

Operating Systems: Windows(XP,7/8/10), Mac, Android, Linux

Web Services: Restful API’s, SOAP

Parsing Technologies: XML, GSON

Debugging/ Testing Tools: DDMS, Logcat, Espresso, Junit

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Test Driven Approach

Design Patterns: Singleton

3rd Party Libraries: Retrofit, Butter knife,Picasso, Volley, Dagger.


Confidential, Louisville, KY

Android Application Developer


  • Design and develop advanced applications for the Android platform using software languages C++, Kotlin, Java.
  • Develop and maintain software for Android applications. Ensure Software Development Process is followed, and appropriate documentation produced.
  • Work with Confidential hardware Ruixin camera and capture video which converts to series of images with the help of JPEG encoder on board.
  • Working with Tensor flow Lite models for image processing and detection of refrigerator bin and crop it accordingly to send and store the processed images on Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Work with cloud team to establish connection between Amazon S3 bucket and mobile applications. Integrate with Confidential appliances integrated team and get authenticated.
  • Architects, designs, and implements embedded application software and application interface &middleware for Linux and/or Android in cross-platform development environment
  • Develops and enhances embedded Linux drivers for various peripheral devices and system components such as input/output devices, wired/wireless communication & sensor devices (e.g., Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT, etc.), and IC-level technologies like I2C, SPI, SDIO, PCIe, and USB.
  • Participates and leads as a subject matter expert in integration of Linux & toolchain, BSP & OS abstraction, and application framework (e.g., JVM/JNI and Qt API) on multi-threaded real-time embedded platforms.
  • Work in a cross-functional team to architect full end-to-end Confidential smart appliance solutions. Implement responsive app design principles.
  • Work from UI/UX requirements, APIs, mockups to build functional, high-performance Android applications.
  • Update the applications with the latest changes of Android Operating System fundamentals. Work with android lifecycles using LiveData and Observer classes to create MVVM development patterns.
  • Maintain and review the code using versioning tools like git. Generate and deploy the applications using Continuous Integration.
  • Develop detailed design and test specifications with the use of Test-driven Development (TDD). Perform automation testing using Mockito and UI testing using espresso. Test and develop the application using different simulators and software analysis tools.
  • Participate in project planning work closely with QA and design team for bug fixes and ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications. Work with formal software development process (such as Agile).

Confidential, Chicago, IL

React NativeApplication Developer


  • Used Visual StudioCode as IDE for code development and test environment. Developed the Reactnative application in JavaScript programming language and used Java and Swift for native modules development.
  • Implemented Redux architecture for handling data of the application. Responsible for handling the memory leaks and bug fixing. Used Android Studio and XCode IDEs to develop native modules and build APK’s and IPA ’s respectively.
  • Implemented AWS amplify and Graph QL to handle network operations. Used State, Props, Reducers, Actions, Hooks extensively throughout the code.
  • Implemented Firebase Cloud Messaging for Push notifications and implemented Local notifications to display event/ classroom check in.
  • Used Jest framework to write test cases.
  • Worked in Agile methodology environment attending Scrum, daily stand up, product manager meetings and sharing my ideas for better outcome of the project.
  • Used various work environment tools like Jira, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Git, confluence, share point, Hip chat, Stride, Outlook, Jama for communicating and documenting the work done.

Confidential, Lincolnshire, IL

Android Developer


  • Using Android Studio as IDE for code development and test environment. Developing the code in Kotlin programming language which has benefits like Null Safety, Data Classes, Smart Cast, Java Interoperability, Extension functions, Type Inference, Checked Exceptions, Coroutines, Inline functions and many other.It helped us to write safer code and easy to maintain with fewer lines of code.
  • Developing the application using android components like Activities, Fragments and various UI components like Layouts, Views, Menus, Dialog boxes.Used tools like Zeplin to prepare UI/UX of application.
  • Implementing various technologies like WebSocket connection, Push Notifications, MQTT messaging protocol, different notification channels.Worked with portrait and landscape modes.
  • Using programming concepts like Async task, Services, Intents, Handlers, Threads, Containers, Shared preferences, Content providers, Broadcast receivers and third-party libraries like Butter knife, Paho MQTT library, Retrofit.
  • Working with network protocols like TCP/IP, HTTPs, SSLcertificates for establishing secure connection with the server. Worked mostly in implementing various communication APIs.
  • Used different kind of Adapters to hold the different kind of Views like Grid, Recycler, Slider, List. These views really helped to run the application smoothly and manage large amount of dataeffectively.
  • Implementing Indoor locationing maps with the help of BLE beacons information and by using different map tile APIs like MAPBOX and google maps. Working on implementing location services with the help of location APIs like GPS.
  • Implemented AIDL using IPC interface communication between applications. Implemented NFC card tap and getting authenticated using third party app IMPRIVATA.
  • Implemented Singleton Design pattern for smooth run of the application. Responsible for handling the memory leaks and bug fixing.
  • Using the databases like SQL, MongoDB for storing the data. Implemented content providers to retrieve huge amount of data analytics data. Worked with androidcontact manager to store and delete contacts.
  • Using the testing tools like Logcat, Junit, DDMS for our Integration tests and debugging. Used TDD approach for testing using Espresso.
  • Worked with various MDM technologies like Air Watch, stage now.Worked with tools like Swagger and Postman to make requests to different APIs.
  • Working in Agile methodology environment attending Scrum, daily stand up, product manager meetings and sharing my ideas for better outcome of the project.
  • Using various work environment tools like Jira, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Git, confluence, share point, Hip chat, Stride, Outlook, Jama for communicating and documenting the work done.

Confidential, Chicago

Android Developer


  • Implemented Kotlin programming for developing the application.Developed Web Services using REST framework and used Kotlin code to convert to JavaScript and ran it on webserver built on NodeJS.
  • Developed code implementing RxJavaframeworkfor composing asynchronous and event-based tasks by using observable sequences. RxJava also helped to effectively implement MVVM architecture by reacting to user interactions and exposing results via stream of events in ViewModel.
  • Used Dagger for implementing dependency injections, which improved apps performance and helped us to write efficient test cases.
  • This application is heavily built on Fragments with feel good user experience and excellent UI design. This application is designed for mobiles and tablets in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Used Zeplin tool for UI/UX design requirements.This tool helped us to know exact measurements required to build the application precisely for excellent user interface.
  • Used different kind of Adapters to hold the different kind of Views like Grid, Recycler, Slider, List. These views really helped to run the application smoothly and manage large amount of dataeffectively.
  • Effectively used the Retrofit library for requesting and posting the data for makingdifferent API calls to the server. Used JSON Web Service to get the response from API, which made things run smoothly for making backend network calls.
  • Used SQLite Database to store the large amount of data in the application and used Shared Preferences to store the data locally in the application. Used OkHttp client to store the response of the network.
  • Implemented Push notifications which provides information on the products of users wish listed and preferences provided. Used Vector images throughout the app for better performance.
  • Written test cases using Espresso testing tool for automatically recognizing the errors and exceptions. Extensively used tools like Logcat, Android debugger servicesintegrated in the android studio for recognizing errors and solving them.
  • Used GitHub as our version tool to track and update our progress regularly. Used tools Zen hub for creating issues and assigning to developers. Used TDD approach for testing using JUnit
  • Worked in Agile methodology and involved in discussions with QA team and provided valuable suggestions for better performance of the application.

Environment: Android Studio, Java 7/8, Android SDK, JSON Web Services, Retrofit, SQLite, DDMS, XML, Google Maps API, DDMS, Log Cat, GitHub, Zen hub, Espresso, OkHttp, Fragments, Zeplin, NodeJS, REST, RxJava.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Android Developer


  • Worked in different phases of the project life cycle like design, development, and testing. Created different layouts for the bank for better user experience and providing business solutions.Developed the application to adapt the various resolutions based on the device.
  • Developed user-friendly User interfaces using widgets like Menus, Dialogs, Buttons, Edit Boxes, and selection widgets like view and scroll as per client needs. Built the application on React native and JavaScript for better UI design and fast recompilation.
  • Worked on XMLparser for the XML response returned by the SOAP web service. Integrated Telephony API in the application to send SMS to the user regarding bank account alerts.
  • Used RESTFul webservices to get the response from the network and parse them into JSON data format.
  • Worked in providing permissions for location, contact, camera, and USB storage whenever needed.
  • Designed SQLite database for the application i.e., Managed Object model. Used Dagger tool to inject dependencies in the application. Used Dagger for creating instances for entire applicationwhileimplementing MVP architecture.
  • Designed UI view using a Tab Bar Controller, UI WebView, Table View Controller, Fragment Manager and Split View Controller for the Corresponding tabs.Extensively used AndroidUI Framework tools and components.
  • Involved in send text and numbers to handset using PC keyboard, stimulating hand click events in single click like SMS, capturing screenshot/modify reports, created, and used SQL queries.
  • Used third party libraries like Retrofitfor providing powerful framework for authenticating and interacting with API’s and sending network requests, Butter Knifeused to inject views.
  • Used Firebase SDK in the application for real-time data storage and synchronization, user authentication. Firebase acts as service in backend which provides API for the data to be synchronized across clients and stores on Firebase cloud.
  • Used ADB logcat and DDMS tools for testing and debugging purposes. Used Espresso and Junit tools for testing. Espresso can run commands at the appropriate time, to improve reliability of tests.

Environment: Android Studio, Java 7/8,Android SDK, SOAP Web Services, Retrofit, SQLite, SQL Queries, Butter Knife, Java tools, DDMS, XML, GPS, Google Maps API, DDMS, Log Cat, Lottie, DAGGER,Telephony, Jira, Git, Firebase.

Confidential -Boca Raton, FL

Android Developer


  • Developed the application to adapt the various resolutions based on the device. The application is compatible almost all devices having API level from 16 to 25.
  • Implemented ‘Store Locate’ feature to find nearest store, by considering the location of the user using Google Maps API.Integrated Facebook SDK in to the application.
  • Implemented ZXing barcode scanner to read the product bar-codes.We implemented Material Design for customization of status bar and color palette.
  • Used Java 7/8 programming for the back-end development of the application like to store user details and extract and display their total shopping cart balance.
  • Used RxJava API in the application to run different operations on different threads and reduce the number of Async tasks in the application. RxJava simplifies programming because it reduces level of abstraction around threading, which makes life easier while programming.
  • Used Jenkins instance for continuous integration builds and used Retrofit library for making network calls.
  • Designed UI with proper themes, icons, colors. Used Butter knife library for flexibility in developing a code. Event Bus is used for simplifies the communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads and Services.
  • Used Bluetooth API’s in the application to establish RFCOMM channels, connect to other devices through service discovery and to transfer data to and from other devices.
  • Used Active Android to save and retrieve SQLite database records without ever writing a single SQL statement.Used TDD approach for testing using JUnit.
  • Used SQLite database for caching the data received from web services. Used Shared Preferences extensively in the application to store the data locally.
  • Designed application with multiple layouts for convenient purposes. Implemented Compound, Recycler and Custom views. Used Git Version tools for project management and sharing the code
  • Used ADB logcat and DDMS tools for testing and debugging purposes. Implemented test cases using Espresso Junit tests.

Environment: Android Studio, Java 7/8, Android SDK, RESTful Web Services, JSON, Retrofit, SQLite, Butter Knife, Java tools, DDMS, XML, GPS, Google Maps API, DDMS, LogCat, Zxing,RxJava, Material Design, Event Bus, Active Android, Bluetooth.

Confidential, Baltimore,MD

Android Mobile Application Developer


  • Involved in gathering of the information and designing of the application.Developed the application in a manner where the user had good experience with at most quality in delivering the service as requested.
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Used Node JS, to build scalable network application since it is event-driven and non-blocking I/O model to deliver data through email for health Insurance customers.
  • Implemented the Photoshop tool for manipulating the graphics in the UI of the application. Used draw 9-patch tool to resize the images automatically.
  • Integrated location-based services using Google Maps API to display locations of the nearest stores.
  • Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode. Used Volley Library to make network calls.
  • Implemented SQLite databases to know the information of the doctors located nearest to the users.
  • This application is designed for the user to interact with live agent regarding any queries in Health Cards.
  • This application in tract with the servers, so that the user can download their Health ID cards. Implemented Adapters at different stages of application.
  • Implemented Agile team methodology to adapt the application development process to current project status.
  • Implemented lot of Fragments for the better performance of the applications. Used different methods for better experience of the Fragment Managing.
  • Took part in focus group demo sessions and modify application functionality based upon those feedbacks. Provide important changes and ideas to be implemented.
  • Work closely with the QA, Testing, Web Application development teams to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Tested the application on various Androiddevices using the popular testing tools like Junit.

Environment: JDK 1.6, Google maps API’s, Android Studio, REST API’s, JSON, GCM, Fragments, SQLite, Web Services, Log Cat, GPS, Views, Volley, Photoshop.


Android Mobile Application Developer


  • Designed and developed mobile health application for Android mobile devices with extensive user interface development.
  • Responsible for design of user interface using various custom layouts, buttons, dialog boxes, alert boxes and different form of widgets.
  • Used web views, list views&populated lists to display the lists from database using simple adapters.
  • Used Android content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Used services, A Sync tasks and Alert Notification API to implement event reminder feature into the mobile app.
  • Embedded Google Maps API, GPS Location Data into app with zooming controls.
  • Saved data such as personal healthcare facilities, diseases, medications, insurance information, and health plans in the SQLite database.
  • Experience in developing apps handling XML data using efficient parsing techniques such as DOM parser.
  • Modified Android manifest XML file to include all use permissions such as GPS, SMS READ /SEND / RECEIVE. Used Volley library to make network calls.
  • Implemented the required GUI by making modifications to the XML files.Experience with REST and SOAP web services.Worked on debugging the application using Logcat, DDMS
  • Participated in all the phases of SDLC from design, development through testing, porting, and support of application.

Environment: Android SDK 2.2, SQLite 3.6, Eclipse IDE 3.5, Android API’s, JDK 1.6, XML,GPS, ADT Plug-in, CVS (version control), Logcat, DDMS console, DOM, Google Maps, Web Views, Volley.

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