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Senior Android Developer Resume

Miami, FL


  • 7 years’ experience in Android development.
  • 5 Android apps published to Play Store.
  • Overall combined Software and Android experience covers 16+ years.
  • 6 published apps.
  • Skilled coding new Android mobile apps from scratch as well as refactoring, transitioning, and revising existing apps.
  • Demonstrated skill in Android mobile app IDE coding in Java and Kotlin.
  • Experience converting Java arrays to mutable and immutable lists to reduce code overhead and provide consistency.
  • Experience refactoring Java code to Kotlin, eliminating null pointer exceptions.
  • Experience implementing new features in Kotlin.
  • Apply Retrofit and GSON to retrieve information from an internally programmed APIs and make teh conversion between teh JSON and POJOs using GSON Convertor wif Retrofit.
  • Use RxJava to handle teh responses from teh web services.
  • Use sync adapters to load changed data from server and to send modified data to server from app.
  • Use intent services and Retrofit wif OkHTTP3 to handle calls and process JSON objects wif GSON converter.
  • Generate a Material Design ready codebases, including views in teh design support library.
  • Develop UI for both landscape and portrait screen orientations using qualifiers.
  • Use of Android JetPack for Data Binding to communicate between ViewModels and UI components.
  • Implement JetPack LiveData to display most current data locally available.
  • Simplify database back - end using JetPack Room Database.
  • Use of Reactive-X RxJava and RxAndroid.
  • Demonstrated hands-on ability working server-side software.
  • Create robust automated test suites and deployment scripts.
  • Hands-on wif relational databases MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Hands-on development in full software development cycle from concept to launch; requirement gathering, design, analysis, coding, testing. and code review.
  • Current wif latest developments.
  • Experience using version control tools Subversion SVN, Source Safe VSS, Git, GitHub, etc.
  • Optimize performance, battery and CPU usage and prevent memory leaks using LeakCanary and IcePick.
  • Proficient in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, working wif multiple-sized teams from 3 to 10 members often wif teh role of Scrum Master, and mentor to junior developers.
  • Implement customized HTTP clients to consume a Web Resource wif Retrofit, Volley, OkHTTP and teh native HttpURLConnection.
  • Implement Dependency Injection frameworks to optimize teh unit testing and mocking processes (Dagger, Butterknife, RoboGuice).
  • Experienced wif third-party APIs and web services like Volley, Picasso, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Player, and Surface View.
  • Android app development using Java and Android SDK compatible across multiple Android versions.


IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio

RESTful Web Services: Retrofit, RxJava, Volley, OkHTTP, REST, SOAP, JSON, GSON, XML

Threading: Event Bus, Intent Services, Handlers, Loopers, Loaders, AsyncTask, Kotlin Coroutines

Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript

Architecture Patterns: MVC, MVP, MVVM

Design Patterns: Singleton, Builder, Decorator, Dependency Injection, Façade, Visitor, Proxy, Mediator, Interpreter, Command

UX Design: Google Material Design, TextViews, WebViews, Navigation Drawer, Floating Action Button, Widgets, Compound View, Custom View, RecyclerView, View Pager and Tab Layout, Fragments

JetPack Components: Room, VIewModels, LiveData, Download Manager

Project Tools: JIRA, Kanban, Confluence, Trello, Slack

Repository/Versioning: Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bit Bucket, SourceTree

Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis, Hudson

Databases: SQLite, Firebase, Realm, MongoDB


Confidential, Miami, FL

Senior Android Developer


  • Collaborated wif a team of 6 Android Developers, 5 iOS Developers, and 5 QA Testers in a crossover platform.
  • Followed Agile methodology wif 3 weeks of Sprints, including a week for retrospective.
  • Contributed wif a code coverage of 85%, enforcing PR approvals wif unit testing for every merge.
  • Utilized tools such as JaCoCo for defining code coverage and increase track in PR merges approval.
  • Collaborated wif backend developers to debug and track network issues and delays in connections.
  • Followed TDD methodology wif Red-Green-Refactor, defining and implementing use cases and increasing teh scalability and robustness of teh code.
  • Created branching approach to maintain code stability.
  • Closely collaborated wif UI/UX developers to create look and feel similar in multiple cross-over platforms.
  • Created several Custom Views and Compound views to follow seamless UI/UX.
  • Refactored code base to implement Kotlin functional programming.
  • Created and refactored utility classes to make use of Kotlin Extension Functions.
  • Refactored network classes to make use of Kotlin suspended functions coroutines
  • Utilized network debug tools CharlesProxy and CamillaProxy.
  • Utilized a combination of Observables and Suspended functions to implement asynchronous operations.
  • Refactored Repository Layer to follow MVVM Android Blueprint design pattern.
  • Implemented Master Detail flow and created several locale assets to support portrait and landscape mode.
  • Configuring Notifications channels to give different options to use and customize teh information details.
  • Implemented Exoplayer for supporting playing videos in different formats.
  • Used Espresso for teh automated UI testing RecyclerView interactions and Mockito was used wif Retrofit for mocking teh API call (Mockserver).

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Senior Android Developer


  • Developed this new Android mobile app in Android Studio coding utilizing 3rd-party frameworks and libraries.
  • Use Git and Jenkins to assist in integration.
  • Created an exported Content Provider to share color findings wif other applications.
  • Architected teh Android app on MVVM architectural pattern and utilized Singleton, Façade, and Decorator design patterns.
  • Performed Automated testing wif Espresso.
  • Consumed Web Services using a Retrofit instance wif a built-in GSON converter to parse JSON objects using Google GSON.
  • Developed new features in Kotlin to reduce codebase wif data classes and extension functions.
  • Implemented Android Support Libraries for backward compatibility.
  • Used Firebase Cloud Firestore and Firebase Cloud Functions beta.
  • Enabled notifications wif Google Cloud Messaging.
  • Performed work in alignment wif Agile Scrum project management methodology.
  • Participated in daily stand-ups and sprint meetings.
  • Used Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration wif Firebase Test Lab.
  • Used Firebase Performance Monitoring to monitor app performance.
  • Implemented Firebase real-time database for storage and persistence during sync events.
  • Managed user image uploads and gallery using Glide.
  • Maintained Android app quality in development through continuous integration process using GitLab.
  • Used Jira for documentation, task tracking, backlog management, and meeting prep.
  • Used custom views to easily re-use UI components built to UI/UX design specifications.
  • Applied Dagger 2 as teh library for dependency injection for readability and clean code.
  • Involved in Cipher encryption secured data process as it was being passed to teh server and watch, staying in compliance wif security standards.
  • Collaborated wif teh web application development team to ensure proper integration between teh Android mobile application and web application.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Android Developer


  • Worked in Android Studio and coded teh Android app using Java and Kotlin.
  • Extensively used Dagger 2 for dependency injection andRxJavafor high performance wif multithreading.
  • Architected teh appwif MVParchitectural pattern, and various design patterns such as Abstract factory, Builder, Façade, and other behavioral patterns as well.
  • Implemented inline input validations and custom error messages natively in Android.
  • Implemented a new fingerprint login library provided by vender.
  • Attended design meetings to review UI/UX flows for teh newtouchID(fingerprint login) library.
  • Redesigned teh splash screen flow to separate signup/ login items from splash screen logic.
  • Assisted web wif automatic/ manual QA, and helped QA write Cucumber/ Ruby tests for web as well as for Android.
  • Designed teh UI enabling fingerprint registration to user account and display confirmation “enrollment success” screen
  • Trained a new Android dev in relation to theTouchIDstories me worked on.
  • Used Timber for error handling and logging. Used Leak Canary andAppBoy, but all teh logs were added to tech debit which were never touched.
  • Appium andSauceLabsused forforUI/UX tests.
  • Use of Regex for Java and Cucumber/ Ruby.
  • Utilized Rally for storyboards.
  • Rubyminesused to aid in teh development of making/ debugging tests.
  • Utilized Espresso for testing.

Confidential, NEWPORT BEACH, CA

Android App Developer


  • Maintained high unit test coverage and continuous integration principles.
  • Diagnosed and fixed bugs dat caused unintended product behavior.
  • Used Picasso Image Loader for image loading and caching..
  • Provided alerts and notifications wif Firebase Cloud Messaging and EventBus.
  • Involved in development and enhancements of features to restrict teh usage based on Authorization and Autantication OAuth tokens.
  • Used Retrofit and GSON to retrieve information from an internally programmed API and make teh conversion between teh JSON and POJOs.
  • Communicated wif RESTful web services information using Retrofit, RxJava, and use of threading.
  • Worked wif Dagger and RoboGuice for dependency injection to develop clean, maintainable code.
  • Used private GitHub repositories to host internal code.
  • Utilize Continuous integration and automated testing throughout teh mobile app development process.
  • Worked wif Hudson continuous integration server for continuous integration.
  • Used NewRelic to optimize and improve teh Android app performance.
  • Used Jira for defect tracking and, project planning, and task assignment.
  • Incorporated push notification wif MixedPanel for sending messages to users.
  • Consumed teh RESTful Web Services using a Volley client.
  • Work in an Agile development environment wif peer engineers to scope, develop and deliver a software experience dat realized teh product strategy.
  • Implemented layouts using teh latest RecyclerView and CardView combinations to improve teh User Interface (UI).
  • Used teh View Pager Indicator to provide feedback to teh user about teh background processing status.
  • Incorporated Android Wear to notify teh user on teh Smart Watch.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Android Mobile App Developer


  • Performed technical work following an Agile process wif teh practice of Scrums.
  • Divided teh application into three different layers and took most of logic out from teh activities so dat we could test it wifout using instrumentation tests in MVP architecture.
  • ConfiguredMixPanelwif Firebase API to send push notifications, record events and stored User Profiles.
  • Worked and optimized teh feature Easily create and manage a Confidential profile’.
  • IncorporatedPhotoViewimageViewlibrary to perform zooming, multi-touch, double-tap, and updated UI based on teh current zoom/scroll position.
  • Performed instrumentation/UI testing, simulated user interactions, and asserted what happens afteruserinteractions.
  • Improved Payment module to allow consumers to pay via credit card using Stripe and Braintree SDK.
  • Pair programmed to implement 128-bit encryption to protect customer data in transit and on device using Java Cryptography Architecture and Android Crypto API.
  • Created paid version product flavour and build variants for paid customers to expose advance features.

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